General Information

Official Name: The United States of Vesica
Informal Name: Vesica / The US / The United States
Motto: Strength Through Unity
Capital: Philadelphia
Official Language: English
Denoym: Vesican
Government Style: Federal Constitutional Republic
President: Kaitlin Young
Vice President: Marcus White
Population: 360,385,767 as of 2011 Federal Census
Currency: United States Credit


The United States of Vesica, is the youngest federation on the planet to date. Officially recognized as the United States of Vesica, after the collapse of the Dominion Empire and the inept leadership of Supreme Commander Chris Kontuk and his final and last successor acting Supreme Commander Ivan Silva. In order to protect the nation, a member of the General Staff, Alexander Tanner, lead a democratic reform throughout the nation, leading the final evolution of the Dominion Empire into the United States.

The Vesican Federal Government is divided into three branches, the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judical.
The Executive branch consists of the President, the Vice President, and his chosen cabinet, the Lesislative branch of the Congress and Senate, and the Judicial is the law division of the government, headed by the Attorney General, followed by the Supreme Court.
Durham House, the residence and workplace of the President of the United States of Vesica, in downtown Whiteblade City. Durham House was the residence of the Supreme Commander during the Dominion Era. Every President since President Tanner has lived here, along with every Supreme Commander other then Supreme Commander Michael and Chris Kontuks.

The Vesican Capitol Building is the meeting of the Senators and Congressmen of the United States of Vesica’s various states. This is the second building of its kind, the original Imperial Congress building in Siegfried still standing today.

Vesican Supreme Court, and office of the Attorney General, this is the headquarters of both the Judicial branch of the Vesican government as well as the Department of Justice
The Imperial Palace in downtown Siegfried. The building dates back to the Imperial Era in Vesica’s history, but no one has stayed in it since the death of Emperor Siegfried IV, in exception for Supreme Commander Michael and Chris Kontuk.
The original Imperial Congress building, which hasn’t been used since the early 1930s in any official capacity.

Vesican Leadership

President: Kaitlin Young
Sixth President of the United States of Vesica. Member of the Patriot Party. Former Secretary of Defence and Director of the Office of High Command’s Section Four. Almost all of her military career is classified and will likely remain that way giving very little to her past. What is known she was the youngest officer and women ever to achieve General rank, achieving Brigadier General at 31.

Vice President: Marcus White
Fifth Vice President of the United States of Vesica. Member of the Patriot Party. Retired Major General from the Dominion and later United States Air Force. Served initially as a Fighter Pilot,making his way up through the ranks eventually taking command of the Sixth Air Force. Entered politics shortly after his retirement.
Secretary of Defence: Scott Irvine
Head of the Vesican Department of Defence, the civillian oversight department overlooking the Office of High Command. Irvine is the first SecDef not to have previously hold a military position, which considering President Young and Vice President White’s own service records is surprising. Despite his lack of activity in the military, he is an amazing bureaucrat and worked in the Office of High Command’s Section One’s civilian branch.
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Nick Jessop
Head of the Vesican Department of Foreign Affairs. A well known international politician, who has been kept on by every President to date in their cabinet, for his overwhelming ability, and his history in international politics since before the Dominion’s Collapse. Even President Young has noted his talents and is one of few Freedom Party politicians to remain in the Executive.
Secretary of Internal Affairs: Alan Grant
Head of the Vesican Department of Internal Affairs. He is personally responsible for all internal matters to the state, the Department of Justice doesn’t handle, including Immigration, internal security, among other things. He is the oversight advisor to the Bureau of Federal Intelligence . He was a former Agent of the Department of Justice Enforcement and head of the Bureau of Federal Intelligence.
Secretary of Commerce: Erik Prince
Head of the Department of Commerce. Effectively serves as civllian liason between the various Vesican “Hyper-Corporations” and the Vesican government. He personally abolished the Senate Committee on Corporate Practices and is former head of Phoenix International, one of the world’s largest mercenary firm. Much of his background is shrouded in mystery.

Attorney General: Lance Patton
Head of the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court.

Chairmen of the Office of High Command: General Richard Price
Heads of the Office of High Command as its Chairmen, serving as the military liason between the Office of High Command and the DoD, along with the Executive, as well de-facto commander in chief of the United States Armed Forces. Served for a long time in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt and in Eithopia during their Civil War. Eventually ascended into the Office of High Command in Section Two coming to command it.
Vesican Ambassador to the United Nations: Doctor Elizabeth Weir
New US Ambassador to the United Nations. Although she hasn’t been at the job long her charisma, experience from time as Assistant Secretary of Foreign Affairs and well known reputation have proven to make her a powerful voice for the nation.

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