VOTE: Admission of Encurage to the Magisterium

Encurage has taken the Magister’s Oath

In accordance with the Public Official Disclosure Act, Encurage has posted their public disclosure

A thread has been started in the Plaza to ask questions to the potential Magister

Voting shall begin on September 12th and shall last a period of 168 hours. It will end on September 19th.

Voting Choices:

  1. Vote AYE or FOR if you are in favor of Encurage becoming a Magister.
  2. Vote NAY or AGAINST if you are against Encurage becoming a Magister.
  3. Vote ABSTAIN or PRESENT if you cannot make a decision in good conscience.

It is required that you supply both your nation residing in the East Pacific and its World Assembly Status. Only Magisters whose nation both resides in the East Pacific and is in the World Assembly will have their vote counted as legitimate. If you are currently an active member of EPSA, then you are exempted from this rule.

Eligible Voters (10):

  • Davelands - PROVOST

  • Bachtendekuppen - DEPUTY PROVOST

  • Brotherlandprez1

  • Escade

  • East Malaysia

  • Funkadelia

  • Libertanny

  • Marrabuk

  • Tim

  • Todd McCloud

Bachtendekuppen (WA/TEP) votes AYE.

TEP/WA: Marrabuk


[nation=East Malaysia] (TEP/WA)

Brotherlandprez1 (WA/TEP: [nation=Brotherland]) votes AYE.

TEP\WA: Escade

(asked some questions in the thread as well to follow up, this vote may change)

TEP/WA: Funkadelia


Contingent on responses to some questions in the thread.

TEP / WA - Davelands


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This vote is now closed

FOR: 4 (67%) Bachtendekuppen, Brotherlandprez1, East Malaysia, Marrabuk
AGAINST: 2 (33%) Escade, Funkadelia
Present/Abstain: 1 (Davelands)
Not Voting: 3 (Libertanny, Tim, Todd McCloud)

7 of the 10 (70%) eligible members, pursuant to provisions 5.1 and 5.2 of the Standing Orders of the Magisterial Assembly are present, therefore 1/2 quorum was met.

Encurage  is hereby confirmed as a member of the Magisterium.