Vote McStooley!

Good morning, Citizens of the East Pacific, the Best Pacific.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am McStooley. The founder of the nation of McStooley in TEP.

First off, I’d like to say that I’ve spent the vast majority of my activity of NS within the region of TEP. It’s a great place. I’m glad I started out in this region.

My plan for TEP? My plan it to increase activity on the forums. How will I do that? Well, probably with the help of the RMB. People seem to like to use that. Other plans include attempting to get more people into the TEP Evolved RP sections.

Most of you already know me, so I am prepared for a bombardment of questions about how I will do certain things.


If a question from a non-voting citizen may be entertained[note]Should the other candidate post a campaign thread, the same rough questions will be asked. [note], would you please outline your rough Legislative agenda? Does your platform include any policies beyond the promised activity increase or rp boosts?

Do you have an outline of which qualified citizens you wish to appoint to Executive Departments?

My Executives / Advisers?
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Xor
Minister of Culture and Education: Ram
Head of EPSA: Greyghost
Along with advisors, such as Raven, Bach, ASBS, and other important figures that know the ins and outs that would be helpful.
I would like to see some new names in positions, but we’ll see about that as time comes up.

As for my agenda? I don’t particularly have one.