Vulshainian Commonwealth OOC

This is basically an ooc thread for my Vulshainian Commonwealth RP Thread.

The RP is basically describing how the Vulshain is working on establishing a Commonwealth (actually it has since a while back Vulshain and its allies defeated the military junta dictatorship of Rigard which was also a former Vulshainian colony and has elected to become a commonwealth nation which in turn resulted in the need of a COmmonwealth of Vulshain. So…a Constitution is needed)

Also, Vulshain had an election a while back (recently in game time), and one of the issues was making changes to the Royal Constitution.

The thread is to see how people will react to the changes and the creation of Vulshainian Commonwealth. I’m trying to make it dramatic, so that when the changes and the Commonwealth Constitution is shown, it will create some tension and shakeup things with Vulshain’s current allies (Laiatan and Vekaiyu are Vulshain’s strongest allies), but at the same time might even create new alliances and relationships with other nations.

So, go on over and post!