Vultucan National News

Today on 12:24 Vultucan Standard Time 3 groups of 5 terrorist attack 3 schools, Pineville High , Yuria Middle School & Yuahka High all big famous school in vultuca, in the end, killing 63 adults and 352 Students the biggest attack on a school in vultucas history the shooters retreated and were on a high speed chase 1 of the groups hid in vulk city until forces tracked and attack them the other 2 went to northern vultuca to catch a boat but were stopped in Yuahi City but one group escaped to the remote part of vultuca but 3 of the 5 members were found after a DNA test confirming, dehydration and animal attack the last 2 members are still in hiding but, at 4 pm VST the 2 remaining robbed and killed all the workers at a gas station killing 5 workers and 3 customers.

Update: They’re still in hiding