WA General Fund

WA General Fund
A resolution to increase democratic freedoms.

Category: Furtherment of Democracy

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Omigodtheykilledkenny

Description: This Assembly,

Committed to providing for a stable, reliable source of funding for the World Assembly and its operations;

Convinced, however, that a program of solicited donations from national and private benefactors would serve the WA’s purpose much greater than a coerced taxation scheme;

Disappointed by the previous practice of continually establishing programs and imposing mandates upon member states without stipulating how they will be funded;

Concerned by the possibility of corruption and wasteful spending, and determined to prevent such practices in the establishment of WA funding,

  1. Declares that the World Assembly shall be funded by donations from member states; the WA will not levy taxes directly upon the citizens or residents of any nation;

  2. Establishes the WA General Fund, which shall be the central source for the funding of WA operations, and the monies from which shall be spent only on maintaining the administration of the WA and missions established by a vote of the World Assembly;

  3. Establishes the WA General Accounting Office (GAO), to collect donations to the General Fund, calculate available and projected funds for each fiscal year, publish an annual budget for the World Assembly, and certify that all appropriations therein are disbursed and utilized in a responsible manner;

  4. Provides that national donations to the General Fund shall be assessed annually by the GAO, according to donors’ national wealth and ability to give;

  5. Further provides that annual surpluses in the WA budget shall be returned to national donors, in equal proportion to the amount of their contribution;

  6. Further instructs the GAO to submit to regular audits from outside agencies;

  7. Forbids the WA from engaging in deficit spending; and,

Recognizing that donations given to the World Assembly by member nations are likely to originate from public funds,

  1. Affirms the right of member nations to maintain full authority over domestic taxation policies, barring those that may include unfair discriminatory practices;

  2. Strongly encourages member states to provide for an appropriate degree of public accountability and transparency in decisions made regarding budgets and taxation.

Once again, nothing wrong with this one. I vote for.

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Last Decision

The resolution WA General Fund was passed 5,258 votes to 3,273, and implemented in all WA member nations.