Welcome to the East Pacific!

Hello and welcome to the East Pacific! I’m Free Pacific States, Regional Viceroy, and Village Idiot.

You’ve entered one of the most respected regions within NationStates. Part of this comes from our being a feeder region that has remained stable for over four years. That is to say that we’re a region that hundreds of new people enter into every day…that nonetheless has kept itself in good governmental condition.

If the above paragraph has interested you, I’d suggest you check out our government forums, where you can learn about the operations of the East Pacific. There are any number of ways to get involved in regional politics. You can become a member of the Magisterial Assembly (our legislature), become a Barrister of the Regional Court (a lawyer), or even an Ambassador to another region. Just apply on any of the threads in the correct forums, and, someone will be sure to find a place for you!

Honestly, though, the East Pacific is not best known for its government (stable and respectable though that institution is), but rather, for its roleplaying. By far, the East Pacific is the most active of the feeders in this respect, something demonstrated greatly by the fact that numerous members of other regions actually come here for story writing.

If the above paragraph more draws your interest, I’d suggest you check out our RP forums. Now, as a warning, those forums can look a little scary, especially Inwardly Angled Hostilities. But, really, there’s nothing to be afraid of…we don’t bite, I promise (with a couple of exceptions). Really, as long as you’re willing to write, you can just start a thread up, or jump in on an already existing thread at anytime! If you are having problems getting involved, no worries, we understand…just contact one of the leaders of our region (I’d specifically direct you to Kandarin, the RP Administrator), and I’m sure they’d be more then willing to help you along.

Now, if neither of the above ideas have interested you, I’d warn you not to go running quite yet! The East Pacific does have an excellent game section and a wondrous, comfortable lounge. So, if you’re just looking for a place to hang around, talking with some people…hey, we work for that, too!

With that, I’ll leave you, and wish you luck here in the East Pacific. Hope to see ya around!

I too welcome you, I am Megalocyothus, resident Octopod.
I encourage all new potential citizens to go http://z1.invisionfree.com/forums/The_East_Pacific/index.php?showforum=375, where you may view the Articles of Confederation, Bill of Rights (upon it’s ratification) and Charter of The East Pacific, and read them, then if you choose to become a Citizen and gain the right to vote, as well as see a few select forums I would like to direct your attention http://z1.invisionfree.com/forums/The_East_Pacific/index.php?showforum=376 where you may Ratify the Charter by posting.

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I, Your name Here  hereby [re] Ratify this Charter of The East Pacific, and swear to uphold and defend both it and the Articles of Confederation, as well as the Bill of Rights, until the day my nation Ceases to Be.

Your Name here

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