Well Hello TEP!

Hello all! I am Yy4U, a transplant from The West Pacific(where I was born). This is a very friendly region here, with a lot of older players, helpful players in abundance. I consider this home now, and it seems I have a lot of wonderful neighbors here! I hope that I can bring a positive and productive presence here and being an “older” player here as well, offer any help,answers,services(I love to make flags, lol) that I can to others here and in the game. I tend to inhabit the RMB mostly, in an effort to keep it clean and to provide humorous banter…

Thank you for your time great citizens of The East Pacific


Sir! Welcome to the forums!

Welcome! :smiley:

throws cheese at you
Enjoy your stay…

Don’t forget that you entertain us daily with your amazing flags!!!


So glad to have you join our community!