When Darkness Falls

“Glendale! Glendale! You must get up! They are coming! Hurry!” Glendale heard in her sleep, it was almost like a far away echo but it made her come out of her deep sleep.

Slowly, she sat up in her bed and looked around with all of her senses on high alert. No body was in her room, the only person close to her room was her guards, but she could feel where they where at.

She moved from her bed and noticed that it was raining and lightning. ‘How odd, the forecast didn’t call for rain this week,’ she thought to herself as she moved to look out the window.

Glendale looked around and was about to go set in her desk, when something in the sky caught her eye. “What is that…” she said before she realized what it was, “what is a fleet of ships doing landing in Eastrovia…”

At the exact time her bedroom door busted open, “Glendale, we have to leave this place! The city is being invaded!” said her aide, June, with other staff and guards right behind her.

“Invaded! Why aren’t we fighting them off?” Glendale said as she looked out the window again.

“They are what we fear and we have no weapons against them,” June said as she grabbed Glendale by the arm and started to pull her away.

“We have to warn the people June! They have to flee this place!” Glendale said, moving to her desk and pressed a few keys on it. A few seconds later alarms started to go off all over East Malaysia.

“We must hurry Glendale! The other monsters of the night will be here soon! We cannot stay…” June stopped speaking and looked towards the door way with everyone else looking too. “Glendale.”

“I know June, they are here. I can almost hear their screeches in my mind. They are in the palace…we cannot go in the hall way…” Glendale spoke and she covered her ears. With her mind she slammed the door and locked it.

“Quickly, this way,” one of the guards spoke and everyone started for the emergency passage but the door was broken in and the screams started.


Glendale shot up from her bed in a cold sweat, breathing hard. She’d been having the same dream for the last six months and each time it felt real to her.

“You had the same dream again? Didn’t you?” spoke the man she had fallen in love with, Damien Briggs, as he pulled himself next to her.

“Yes…yes it was the same dream and I’m sure it only means on thing…it is only a matter of time before the monsters of our dreams become a reality. It feels so real, each time, but when I wake up I know their is no way it could have been real. Nothing fit in right. We both know I am not the only one having dreams of this nature. I can feel it…the mental stress of the strongest,” Glendale said and then sighed.

“I’m sure everything is going to be all right…” Damien said but ended abruptly when Glendale said, “She calls to me in my dreams, Damien.”

“No. That can’t be happening…” Damien spoke with a look of horror on his face.

Glendale finally looked over at him, “I know I may sound crazy, but she calls to me…she warns me…it is only a matter of time before we are found…we have the aliens that have already invaded this land and others who are waiting to strike and we have a legendary enemy looking for us. Only thing we have is hope and her on our side.”

They continued to talk for a while before they both has to get ready for their long day full of various task that they must complete in order to keep the nation running smoothly after such a long time of hardships and times.

It had been many months since the storm had come in such force.

The land was dead, deader by far than any wasteland could ever be. In a valley that had once produced hundreds of thousands of tons of grain for shipment out of Characoi port to the wider world, not one blade of grass grew. Not one beetle. Not the least little germ. All that remained of those fields were the withered, dry husks of the few hardiest plants, torn by the howling wind.

Here and there, something different grew in their place. Jagged towers of iron dotted the blasted caldera, each hundreds of meters in height. Between them crackled the voices of unnumbered millions, shrieking and chittering in unending concord and discord and all in between. Many a psychic had gone mad listening in on that chorus, their minds flayed as thoroughly as the hurricane wind flayed the last stalks of wheat.

Above, the sky thundered, groaning as invisible strands of power arced through it, leaping from spire to spire. They leapt and capered from one peak to another at random, but slowly and surely the storm crept towards its eye. In the valley’s heart, one nest of spires rose far above all the others, an iron fang jutting out of a cavity that dropped into infinity. The strands of power coalesced here, like countless strings of the most terrible of all spider’s webs spiraling about the most terrible of all spiders.

The storm was excited, curious, resolute, dissolute. Kin were coming, this it knew - kin long thought lost to the ancient past. Kin would be welcome here, would be made welcome if not. They were coming, and they needed to be prepared and made to know everything.

The storm was coming.

Alien Culture Research Group (Department of Alien Eradication)
1 Jefferson Way
Eastrovia, EM

“You may ask yourselves, “why are you here?” at the ACRG. Of all the places the EMIA could have assigned you to, they put you here. Well, now you are about to hear the truth to why you are here. This is the secret headquarters of the Department of Alien Eradication, we call it DAE for short. Well this is no tick boys and girls, you are here because you are the best at what you do.”

“We need people that can track, hunt down, and eradicate what I am about to show you,” the unknown man turned on the view screen behind him and continued talking, “about ten years ago it was discovered that an alien race of killers had found themselves in almost all parts of East Malaysia. Today we have been able to push them back to the forest of the mainland but at a high cost. The government has decided not to communicate this information with any other foreign government, but as we learn more about these creatures we know that they are resourceful. It wont belong before our government must ask around on the top level channels.”

"About a month ago, we found one of the rare native human tribes, and they are a prime target for food and in our line of fire. We try not to get close to these hunters but we track them down and fire from a safe distance. Now if you will please watch this video and meet me to the room to the right, he spoke as he walked of the stage, “if you still wish to join; room to the left if it isn’t what you are looking for. Just remember tell any body, we will find out and terminate.”

With that he disappeared into the room to the right and the video started to play and everyone looked shocked.

Imperial Palace
Office of the Empress

“Glendale, Dr. Bloomingdale is here for the appointment,” June said through the intercom on Glendale’s desk.

Glendale looked up, “Send her in,” and a few moments later in walked Dr. Annielynn Bloomingdale, an expert on East Malaysian history, legends, and prophesies.

“Nice to see you again Doctor, I’m glad you could have made it,” Glendale said smiling.

Annielynn, smiling back, took the seat to Glendale’s left. “I’m glad you wanted to see me again. Is this meeting for what I think it is for?” Dr. Bloomingdale asked.

“Yes and as you know this is classified,” Glendale said as she pulled a book from her side and placed it on the desk and Annielynn was on the edge of her seat.

“Where did you get this? I’ve never seen a Malaysian book like this. May I see it?” Annielynn asked and Glendale handed it over.

“It was found on dig on Malay Prime. We can’t translate it because it isn’t in Malaysian and you are the only expert that I can trust and the best,” Glendale said with frustration.

Flipping through the book Annielynn spoke, “It is in Malaysian, just a different version, and I only know theories on it. This book is in great condition for its age…Glendale…in fact my expert opinion is that it predates anything known. This put Republicism to destruction…”

Glendale was looking at Annielynn with some confusion, “Excuse me?” she asked.

Annielynn was on the last page of the book and she read it out loud.

"…and they come for us…our friend, the Dabloxi. They have taken the capitol and they have taken the people. When they return, they are different; we can no longer speak through thoughts. We can no longer hold up against them…our only legacy we leave is with the Kur-Malaysians and The Lost Tribe…

They come for us…city walls have been breached…they come and we have no power against them. They drain us of our power…they come for us…they come…they come…they come…"

Glendale stood up, “Are you sure?”

“Yes…the last of it is written in ink. If you look at the words, they are pre-Malaysian words and you can tell…I’m sure even without this new information we will find it would still have developed as it is today…it’s very simple.” Annielynn said…placing the book back on the desk.

“I want you to translate this whole book and until further notice you are on the DAE board and on the advisory board to me. I want you to try and see if anything in your research can tell us about our current infestation and pending problem.” Glendale said as she moved around her desk to hand Annielynn her new assignment and information on her staying at the palace.

Imperial Palace

Annielynn sat at one of the five desk in the large palace library, translating the ancient book by taking voice notes.

“The rise of the Derkenlay Family marked the first hundred years of recorded history at peace after the Kur-Malaysians where banished from civilization ages ago. The Derkenlay Dynasty rose to power after the Eighth Tribal War ended ten years prior. King Hyrwenata Derkenlay, Queen Marata, Prince Kewata, and,” Annielynn paused before saying the last name in the list, “Princess Azahata.”

“The family brought peace to Malayiprime and established the city of Lembattca…Computer pause,” the computer made a confirmation noise.

“Cross reference Lembattca, Dabloxi, Azahata, and Derkenlay with the rest of the book and elaborate on relevant information.”

“Cross referencing…standby…” the emotionless computer voice said.

“Lembattca grand capitol of the Derkenlay Kingdom; Lembattca is where the Dabloxi landed; Lembattca, becomes a powerful center of trade between off-worlders; Derkenlay Kingdom unites the eastern part of the planet, Azahata becomes Queen of East Derkenlay, and makes Lembattca the capitol; Viceroy Javen of Dabloxi marries Queen Azahata in the Grand Lembattca Hall; Lembattca becomes the center of a war against the Dabloxi; Siege of Lembattca; Lembattca, last Derkenlay stronghold,” their are more than three-hundred other…

“Alright, translate the rest of the book, and send the results to my PADD. Send the information cross referenced to Empress Jung, and get the Chancellor of Tau Cygna Archive in my office now,” without waiting to hear the computer confirm she rushed to her office to get more background information on the recorded beginning of the Malaysians.

Office of the Empress

“…by your estimates, how many of us are Dabloxi-Malaysian Hybrid descendants?” Glendale asked the Director of EMgen, Ross Mason.

“From the research we have been able to gather it is in between 18-30 million in East Malaysia, 350-750 million throughout the Malaysian family tree, and about 16% of the East Malaysian margin are Caven-East Malaysia-Dabloxi,” Ross Mason said looking down at one of his PADDs.

“This is a very interesting fact. Who would ever think that their was a relationship between our people long enough to have children, only to convert them. Do we have any information that would help us figure out who are the descendants of the Derkenlay Family? Malaysian or hybrids?” Glendale asked looking around at her staff.

The room was silent until Annielynn spoke up, “Most where killed during the fighting but we do believe that some still live on within 4% of the entire Malaysian population and…” she stopped speaking at she sensed something and so did everyone else. “Do you feel that?”

Glendale stood from her chair, “Yes…I have no clue what that was but something is not right…it is as if the universe stood still for a moment and then continued…they…are…” Glendale did not finish what she knew.

Dabloxi System

“We have awoken the rest of the system with the energy we gathered from the Al’Zirr resources. It is time for the hunt to begin once again. This time no body will stand in our way,” Commander Gerran said to his officers.

“Have you forgotten about me so soon Gerran?” spoke a womans voice in everyones mind.

“Ah, Queen Azahata, I thought you already went through the awakening process and would not be joining us so soon again. You may have stopped us last time in finding your “children” but we already have found some of them and we will find the rest this time.” Gerran said looking around.

Suddenly a bright light appeared in front of him and everyone covered their eyes as a beautiful woman stepped into view. “I wouldn’t even try,” she said and raised her hand up and disarmed everyone, “Gerran, I will stop you again and your whole civilization. Do not underestimate me for I am powerful and if you or anyone of your kind step foot near my people, I will be ready.”

“Azahata, you may be powerful but we have advanced as you have. We can do much of what you can. Your kind where made for us to last forever, you cannot deny us what is ours.” Gerran spoke and gave Azahata a evil smile.

“What would the true creators of the Al’Zirr have to say about that? If I could find them, I would tell them and they would come for you. You will not have them if I use all my powers in doing so.”

Garren laughed, “They will not know that we are coming.”

“I know where they are and they are in the first stages of being awakened. They found my research and a cure to the genetic blocks you put in place,” with a smile she said, “please tell my husband, I said hello and I will be seeing him soon. Oh and I will be warning them now.” Azahata turned back into a rift of light that formed behind her. Suddenly as she entered it a blast of light flew outward and for a moment it seemed as if time stopped itself.

Gerran with a mad look, “Get Viceroy Jarven as soon as he awakens. He will not be happy to hear this.”