World Psychoactive Drugs Act

Believing that drug criminalisation, as previously declared by this chamber, has been an ineffective policy, which, instead of actually reducing drug addiction and use, punishes victims and causes harm to society writ large,

The World Assembly enacts as follows, subject to past World Assembly law still in force.

In this resolution, a "psychoactive drug" is a substance consumed recreationally in order to induce psychoactive effects.

No member nation may prosecute, punish, or penalise any individual for their possession of a psychoactive drug, except where

    said drug is used, and can be successfully used, to incapacitate another individual as to facilitate the commission of violence against that individual, and the individual possessing said drug is demonstrably aware that they are possessing said drug; or

    that member nation can provide clear and convincing evidence that the possession of said drug is for the purpose of providing or otherwise distributing said drug to another individual or entity.

No member nation may prosecute, punish, or penalise any individual for their consumption of a psychoactive drug, so long as such consumption occurs in private and does not pose a clear, specific, and imminent danger to the health or safety of other individuals.

The confiscation of a psychoactive drug from an individual shall not be prohibited under this resolution. Any conviction, punishment, or sentence which violates the terms of this resolution must be immediately rescinded; and no member nation may commence, continue, or resume enforcement of any such conviction, punishment, or sentence. Political and administrative subdivisions of member nations must comply with this resolution as member nations.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

World Psychoactive Drugs Act was passed 9,668 votes to 4,397.