Yet another flag request

Well, the title pretty sums up what I would like. Anyway, now for particulars: As you can see by my nation, region and avatar, I am a fan of the 80s-90s Disney cartoon show Chip N’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers. I also think that and would make a good couple, and would like to seem them (romantically) together on my flag.

While I do want them together on my flag, I also want my flag to look like a normal flag (no uberfancy shadings or anything).

I also request that the flag be 107x71.

For some help here’s some pictures of the two:
God bless,

The Federation of Maplewood

Ill see what I can do, I like the last image of Gadget, mercy she was a hot toon, I think she ranked like 30 in the to 50 hottest or cutest cartoon characters of all time,

ok here is the first one,
it is kinda small, I can make it bigger and make it fit the 6 k limit

and her eis a retake on your avatar one, I moved them closer together with looks like they got on their faces they wer eoriginally setting to far apart.