Yet another newby introduction


I’m Katkinkate (Kate) of the People’s Republic of Katkinkate. I’ve had several invitations to join other regions, but I figured I’d stay around for a while to check out the weather here first. Hope to talk to you all again soon.

Hey there, welcome to the forums! Good to hear you decided to stay - one nation told me they received over a dozen telegrams telling them to go to a different region. But TEP has pretty much everything here for any players, which is kind of neat. So what got you into playing NS?

Well, It was completely by accident I found the mention of a country from a fanfic story I read a while ago in a search for something else. I was curious whether if it was a real country or not and followed the link to NationStates. On investigation I decided to join up and have a go for a while and see if I like it. It seems quite interesting so far. I like the forums.

Well, first off welcome to TEP! shakes Katkinkate’s hand we are honored to have you with us and I look forward to getting to know you better. Also as a newer member you might want to apply for Citizenship in the applicable thread which our Viceroy Kurogasa will adress after Magisterium elections (they should be over shortly).

welcome to the forums, TEP is a great place to be, and I hope you stay around for a long time :lol:

Mornin’. Do you like maps? Cause I sure do!

Anyway, I’m the guy who’s responsible of updating the map. However currently I’m on vacations and I don’t have access to the photoshop, so feel free to start roleplaying and what-not. Also claim a spot on the map, I’ll make sure to add you after 16th of current month.