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LGBTQ Law Passed

Today Congress was able to come to a agreement with the Senate on weather or not the LBGTQ Resolution #12 was to based, it won the majority 42-32 in the congress and 53-49 in Senate

Resolution #12 prohibits employers from discriminating against applicants and employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, and national origin including membership in a Native tribe. It also prohibits employers from retaliating against an applicant or employee who asserts his or her rights under the law.

Resolution 12 prohibits discrimination in all terms, conditions, and privileges of employment, including hiring, firing, compensation, benefits, job assignments, promotions, and discipline. Resolution 12 also prohibits practices that seem neutral but have a disproportionate impact on a protected group of people. Such a practice is legal only if the employer has a valid reason for using it.

Launch of the Dreamchaser 3

Dreamchaser 3 is a joint space observatory by Nacata, Yor and Kasmiyland designed for astrometry: measuring the positions and distances of stars with unprecedented precision. The mission aims to construct the largest and most precise 3D space catalog ever made, totaling approximately 1 billion astronomical objects, mainly stars but also planets, comets, asteroids and quasars among others.

The spacecraft will monitor each of its target objects about 70 times over a period of five years to study the precise position and motion of each target. The spacecraft has enough consumables to operate for approximately nine years, and its detectors are not degrading as fast as initially expected. The mission could therefore be extended The Dreamchaser 3 targets represent approximately 1% of the Galaxy population with all stars brighter than magnitude 20 in a broad photometric band that covers most of the visual range. Additionally, Dreamchaser 3 is expected to detect thousands to tens of thousands of Gas Giant-sized exoplanets beyond the Solar System, 500,000 quasars and tens of thousands of new asteroids and comets within the Solar System.

Yor Isles Sentences Nacatan Al-Jaheed Soldier

A Nacatan national convicted of being an Al-Jaheed fighter has been sentenced to death by a criminal court in Dorchester, Yors High Judicial Council announced Tuesday.

This is the first time that a foreign Al-jaheed fighter in Yor has received a death sentence. The man was arrested by South Yor forces during an operation to retake the eastern bank of Dorchester the country’s second largest city from Al-jaheed earlier this year. The man was accused of being member of the al-Zinoaw brigade, an armed wing of Al-Jaheed, and confessed to “carrying out several terrorist operations against the security services since the start of the civil war,” Judge Hurtoe Korkensky, the High Judicial Council’s spokesman, said in a statement. He has been sentenced to death by hanging in accordance with article four of Yors anti-terrorism law, Korkensky said. It is unclear exactly how many Al-Jaheed fighters, including foreigners, have been captured by Yor and GXE forces as they’ve recaptured territory from Al-Jaheed during the start of the war.

Women and Daughter fall into Mt.Jobroto Volcano, Dies

An 11-year-old girl died after she fell into a volcanic crater in Sanataro and her parents also died when they tried to help her, police said.

The incident happened Tuesday at the Mt. Jobroto Crater in Sanataro, a popular tourist attraction near St.Delanor. Sanataro police told YIN the family of four was visiting from Crania, and the 11-year-old girl wandered into an area that is off-limits to visitors.The Jobroto, a dormant volcano, emits sulfurous fumes. The area around it is known for a type of quicksand, which makes the ground unstable. “It’s not known if the girl lost consciousness because of the fumes or if the quicksand pulled her in. But when his parents tried to rush to his rescue, they too were were sucked in”, police said.
Another child, 7, survived.

AU protest: ‘Incompetent, dysfunctional, disunited’: James Tords tears into Entsky Gotfrid government

Thousand of anti-AU protesters have taken to the capitals streets, as the People’s March for ACA rally kicks off what some supporters have dubbed the “Winter of discontent”. Pro-AU supporter Sazonov Nil Antonovich, actor Kapitsa Gavrila and Dyrbova Bella former Foot-doctor, Filipova Mariya, are among those who have backed the event, which terminates Parliament Square, and where Vice President Umsky Elie will address the crowd.

Earlier crowds gathered at Norftor Park corner to hear speakers including Green Tea leader Yeryomin Leontiy Gennadiyevich, who described the event as " a really great demonstration of our support for Yor participation in Aurora. We’ve got to absolutely stop the AU which this rather incompetent, disfunctional and disunited government are trying to force upon us," he continued. “We continue to demand that the public have a choice. Do we want to rush ahead, jump off a cliff, or do we want an exit from the AU?” Marchers will be hoping to sway YPs set to vote on the vexed issue of the government’s proposed AU Withdrawal bill in the Chamber of Deputies, with a second reading set for early next week.

The vote is seen as a key test of President Entsky Gotfrid already shaky authority, having drawn vocal criticism from with members of his own party within the past few days.Today’s march coincides with a number of other events planned to take place across Yor ahead of party conference season - at a time when Yors increasingly fraught negotiations with the AU have been making headlines. The event in Dorchester is being echoed in St.Delanor, where demonstrators will march to a conference center hosting the first day of the Right Wing Democrats annual winter gathering.

It comes at the end of a week in which pro-AU Conservative YPE Menshchikov Roman revealed he had obtained an Staynish passport, and admitted he was “ashamed to be York in many ways” following the declaration on August 24th, 2017. Mr Victorovich, who represent Dorchester in the Auroran Parliament, lashed out at some fellow RWDs for what he termed their “arrogance, hubris, petty nationalism and triumphalism”.

Mr Victorovich has accused high-profile Leavers of misleading voters in the run-up to this summer’s historic referendum, and claimed a second vote would result in a win for Remain. He said: “The Leave campaign was filled with disinformation and one huge falsehood, the 150 million YDs that was going to find its way into the AU. That 150 million YDs never existed. The people of Yor Isles were misled. Monthly reports are published on the economic impact of leaving the union and they are all negative.”

An event spokesman said: "From soft to hard-core Remain, from ordinary citizens to YPs, the anti-AU movement has one common goal - No Auroran Council. "We firmly believe Yor is better off in the ACA, we don’t want to see the erosion of our civil rights, and those of future generations. "We will get our voices heard on the international stage.

“With leading organisations, politicians and public figures behind our cause, we will show that the York people will not be led blindly over a cliff’s edge.”

Secretary General and President discuss NSTO-Yor cooperation

NSTO Secretary General Vladimar Sechnask and Yor President Entsky Gotfrid met on Monday to discuss ongoing security challenges in Yor, international efforts to find a settlement to the crisis, and the partnership between the Alliance and Dorchester. Mr. Sechnask reaffirmed NSTO’s strong political and practical support for Yor.

The Secretary General stressed that NSTO Allies remain concerned by the ongoing violence Xagurg, including recent incidents in certain areas of the nation. NSTO calls on all parties to honor their commitments under the Auroran Treaty, and Xagrurg has a special responsibility in that regard.‎

Mr. Sechnask also encouraged Yor to continue implementing key reforms, including in the defense and security sector. He stressed that NSTO Trust Funds are helping to modernize Yor’s defense sector, as part of the Alliance’s strong support to Yor sovereignty and territorial integrity.

KOK & NSTO Partners Conduct Training in Yor

Yor joined with the Kingdom Of Kuthernburg, Nacata, and Lessau this month to bolster defenses and strengthen security across the greater Southern Auroran region in a five-day, live-fire combat training exercise at the York Air Defense Firing Range here. The York Multinational Joint Live Fire Exercise runs January 3rd-8th and features KOK Army units together with air force, army, and naval units from Lessau, Nacata, and Yor. It is one of several training exercises taking place this month in conjunction with Golden Shield 2018, an exercise that KOK Auroran Command and several NSTO partner nations participate in together under NSTO Auroran Command’s Joint Exercise Program.

Golden Shield training events engage multiple air, land and naval forces in a variety of coordinated activities throughout the exercise joint operations area. The York training event’s focuses on short-range missile capabilities. In some York drills, troops from all four countries will launch surface-to-air rockets from stationary launch pads and vehicles at aerial targets deployed by York helicopters and jets overhead. In other drills, York fighter jets will fire missiles at targets floating on the sea.