1st annual Welshlend Ball

Welshlend Presidential Mansion
I saw the imperial ball thing so I thought about throwing one at the Welshlendian Presidential Mansion. Every one is invited! Just reply saying if you are going or not and you will be put on the guest list. The Ball starts March 11th. Once it starts post some role-playing stuff I guess lol. Have fun!

I´m going! :slight_smile:

ok I I hope drakkengard isnt the only one coming come on people lol everyone is invited to roleplay!

OOC; Might I suggest differentiating between OOC and IC? I’m not sure on the policy of Welshlend, but if it sent an invitation to the Warreic government, they would surely send an operative or ambassador forth.

Agreed. Try an IC invitation (like EM did). Might get more people to join as it will give the feel that things are already starting.