2023 WIHC World Championship


Hockey fans rejoice! The World Ice Hockey Confederation World Championship is here! 36 countries from around the globe competing for the chance to be crowned as world champions.

The tournament format will consist of three divisions, the Championship, Division I, and Division II. The championship composed of 16 teams, split into 2 groups, and Division I & II composed of 10 teams each. The top four teams in each group in the championship division will compete in a playoff for the world championship, the bottom team in each group is relegated to Division I next tournament. Top two teams from Division I are promoted to the Championship next tournament and the bottom two relegated to Division II. Top two teams from Division II are promoted to Division I.

What comes first will be an assortment stage, all 36 teams will play 4 games against random opponents, but cannot play the same more than once. Regulation wins are worth 3 points, overtime wins worth 2, overtime losses worth 1, and regulation losses worth 0. The top 16 teams will be assorted into the Championship division, teams placing 17-26 assorted into Division I, and teams placing 27-36 assorted into Division II.


— Gameday One —

Zemeprievadai 4 - 2 Aduraszna
Tarelia 3 - 2 Ă„lemsi Negdel
Celanora (OT) 3 - 2 Asendavia
Castralanza 0 - 3 Rusanru’a
Pledonia 2 - 1 Nystatiszna
Alksearia (SO) 4 - 3 Tavaris
Mizore 1 - 4 Astela
Almodaria 3 - 1 Piorunpreria
North Dveria 1 - 2 TaiyĹŤ
Korćetta 0 - 1 Nagato
Viratia 3 - 4 Wealden
Augustia 1- 3 Veria
Southern Coast 1- 3 Viviane
Vesienvä 7 - 2 Asilica
Valokchia 3 - 0 Gamlevinland
West Borea 6 - 0 Nakosa
Kurandia 2 - 4 Volkia
Aikthudr’zhur 4 - 2 Cryria

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— Gameday Two—

Astela (OT) 4 3 Zemeprievadai
Piorunpreria 4 1 Tarelia
TaiyĹŤ 1 5 Celanora
Nagato 1 3 Castralanza
Wealden 0 5 Pledonia
Veria 1 2 Alksearia
Viviane 0 6 Mizore
Asilica 3 5 Almodaria
Gamlevinland 3 0 North Dveria
Nakosa 1 2 Korćetta
Volkia 6 3 Viratia
Cryria 1 4 Augustia
Aduraszna 1 4 Southern Coast
Älemsi Negdel 1 2 Vesienväl
Asendavia (OT) 4 3 Valokchia
Rusanru’a (SO) 3 2 West Borea
Nystatiszna 2 3 (SO) Kurandia
Tavaris 2 0 Aikthudr’zhur

idk how to center the table

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— Gameday Three—

Zemeprievadai (SO) 3 2 Viviane
Tarelia 2 0 Asilica
Celanora 2 3 (OT) Gamlevinland
Castralanza 1 2 Nakosa
Pledonia 4 2 Volkia
Alksearia 3 1 Cryria
Astela 4 2 Aduraszna
Piorunpreria 3 1 Ă„lemsi Negdel
TaiyĹŤ 2 4 Asendavia
Nagato 2 3 (OT) Rusanru’a
Wealden 2 0 Nystatiszna
Veria 5 3 Tavaris
Mizore 2 3 (SO) Southern Coast
Almodaria 4 2 Vesienväl
North Dveria (OT) 4 3 Valokchia
Korćetta 1 5 West Borea
Viratia 5 1 Kurandia
Augustia 7 0 Aikthudr’zhur

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— Gameday Four—

Southern Coast 1 2 Zemeprievadai
Vesienväl 6 1 Tarelia
Valokchia (OT) 3 2 Celanora
West Borea 1 2 (OT) Castralanza
Kurandia 1 0 Pledonia
Aikthudr’zhur 2 1 Alksearia
Viviane (SO) 2 1 Astela
Asilica 3 1 Piorunpreria
Gamlevinland 2 1 TaiyĹŤ
Nakosa (OT) 5 4 Nagato
Volkia 2 1 Wealden
Cryria 2 3 (OT) Veria
Aduraszna (OT) 3 2 Mizore
Ă„lemsi Negdel 2 3 Almodaria
Asendavia 1 2 North Dveria
Rusanru’a 1 3 Korćetta
Nystatiszna 1 3 Viratia
Tavaris 5 1 Augustia

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Group Stages | Gameday One


Zemeprievadai 3 1 Celanora
Augustia 1 2 Almodaria
Astela 3 1 Tavaris
Valokchia (SO) 2 1 Vesienväl
Viratia 2 1 West Borea
Alksearia (SO) 3 2 Rusanru’a
Volkia (OT) 5 4 Gamlevinland
Veria 3 4 (OT) Pledonia

—Division I—

Aikthudr’zhur 4 1 Tarelia
Southern Coast 4 0 Piorunpreria
Asendavia 2 1 Korćetta
Viviane 0 3 Mizore
Wealden (OT) 5 4 Castralanza

—Division II—

Nystatiszna 0 4 TaiyĹŤ
Ă„lemsi Negdel 5 1 Kurandia
Asilica 5 1 Aduraszna
Nagato 2 4 North Dveria
Nakosa 2 3 (SO) Cryria

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Group Stages | Gameday Two


Celanora 3 1 Valokchia
Tavaris 3 1 Augustia
Vesienväl 6 3 Astela
Almodaria 5 1 Zemeprievadai
West Borea (OT) 4 3 Veria
Gamlevinland 3 1 Alksearia
Pledonia 4 1 Volkia
Rusanru’a 4 1 Viratia

—Division I—

Tarelia 3 2 Wealden
Piorunpreria 2 1 Aikthudr’zhur
Korćetta 3 2 Southern Coast
Mizore 5 0 Asendavia
Castralanza 3 1 Viviane

—Division II—

TaiyĹŤ 3 2 Nakosa
Kurandia 4 2 Nystatiszna
Aduraszna 3 4 Ă„lemsi Negdel
North Dveria 4 1 Asilica
Cryria 1 0 Nagato

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Group Stages | Gameday Three


Celanora 1 4 Almodaria
Zemeprievadai 4 0 Tavaris
Augustia 2 3 Vesienväl
Valokchia 2 3 Astela
West Borea 3 1 Rusanru’a
Viratia 2 0 Gamlevinland
Alksearia 3 1 Pledonia
Veria 4 3 Volkia

—Division I—

Tarelia 5 6 (SO) Piorunpreria
Aikthudr’zhur 2 1 Korćetta
Southern Coast 4 2 Mizore
Asendavia 4 5 Castralanza
Wealden 2 4 Viviane

—Division II—

TaiyĹŤ 5 2 Kurandia
Nystatiszna 2 0 Aduraszna
Ă„lemsi Negdel 3 1 North Dveria
Asilica 3 2 Cryria
Nakosa 2 1 Nagato

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Group Stages | Gameday Four


Almodaria 2 3 Valokchia
Tavaris 4 2 Celanora
Vesienväl 3 0 Zemeprievadai
Astela 2 3 (SO) Augustia
Rusanru’a 4 0 Veria
Gamlevinland 2 3 (SO) West Borea
Pledonia 2 1 Viratia
Volkia 2 6 Alksearia

—Division I—

Piorunpreria 1 6 Wealden
Korćetta 2 4 Tarelia
Mizore 4 2 Aikthudr’zhur
Castralanza 2 3 Southern Coast
Viviane 4 5 (SO) Asendavia

—Division II—

Kurandia 3 2 Nakosa
Aduraszna 4 1 TaiyĹŤ
North Dveria 0 4 Nystatiszna
Cryria 4 2 Ă„lemsi Negdel
Nagato 3 1 Asilica

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Group Stages | Gameday Five


Almodaria 2 5 Tavaris
Celanora 0 4 Vesienväl
Zemeprievadai 5 1 Astela
Valokchia 3 2 Augustia
Rusanru’a 4 1 Gamlevinland
West Borea 5 1 Pledonia
Viratia (OT) 3 2 Volkia
Veria 1 2 Alksearia

—Division I—

Piorunpreria 3 0 Korćetta
Tarelia (OT) 3 2 Mizore
Aikthudr’zhur 2 3 Castralanza
Southern Coast 1 2 Viviane
Wealden 3 1 Asendavia

—Division II—

Kurandia 5 2 Aduraszna
TaiyĹŤ 3 4 (OT) North Dveria
Nystatiszna 2 4 Cryria
Ă„lemsi Negdel 2 3 Nagato
Nakosa 1 4 Asilica

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Group Stages | Gameday Six


Valokchia 2 4 Tavaris
Vesienväl 5 0 Almodaria
Astela 0 2 Celanora
Augustia 5 1 Zemeprievadai

Tavaris & Vesienväl have clinched a playoff berth.
Vesienväl clinches the top seed in Group A

Veria 4 2 Gamlevinland
Pledonia 5 1 Rusanru’a
Volkia 4 2 West Borea
Alksearia 2 4 Viratia

—Division I—

Korćetta 4 1 Wealden
Mizore 2 1 Piorunpreria
Castralanza 3 5 Tarelia
Viviane 5 3 Aikthudr’zhur
Asendavia 3 1 Southern Coast

—Division II—

Aduraszna 4 1 Nakosa
North Dveria 5 0 Kurandia
Cryria 1 2 TaiyĹŤ
Nagato 4 2 Nystatiszna
Asilica 0 2 Ă„lemsi Negdel

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Group Stages | Gameday Seven


Tavaris 3 2 Vesienväl
Almodaria 3 2 Astela
Celanora (SO) 3 2 Augustia
Zemeprievadai 4 2 Valokchia

Zemeprievadai & Almodaria have clinched a playoff berth.

Gamlevinland 4 0 Pledonia
Rusanru’a 1 0 Volkia
West Borea 4 1 Alksearia
Viratia 1 3 Veria

West Borea, Rusanru’a, Alksearia, & Viratia have clinched a playoff berth.


—Division I—

Korćetta 1 3 Mizore
Piorunpreria 3 2 Castralanza
Tarelia 4 1 Viviane
Aikthudr’zhur 3 2 Asendavia
Wealden (OT) 3 2 Southern Coast

—Division II—

Aduraszna 3 2 North Dveria
Kurandia 4 2 Cryria
TaiyĹŤ 5 2 Nagato
Nystatiszna 2 3 (OT) Asilica
Nakosa (SO) 3 2 Ă„lemsi Negdel

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Group Stages | Gameday Eight

—Division I—

Wealden 3 4 (OT) Mizore
Castralanza 3 1 Korćetta
Viviane 3 5 Piorunpreria
Asendavia 2 3 Tarelia
Southern Coast 2 3 (OT) Aikthudr’zhur

Mizore & Tarelia have clinched promotion to the Championship Division

—Division II—

Nakosa 2 1 North Dveria
Cryria 3 2 Aduraszna
Nagato 3 2 Kurandia
Asilica 1 3 TaiyĹŤ
Ă„lemsi Negdel 2 1 Nystatiszna

TaiyĹŤ has clinched promotion to Division I

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Group Stages | Gameday Nine

—Division I—

Mizore 6 1 Castralanza
Korćetta (OT) 4 3 Viviane
Piorunpreria 2 4 Asendavia
Tarelia (SO) 3 2 Southern Coast
Aikthudr’zhur 0 5 Wealden

—Division II—

North Dveria 3 2 Cryria
Aduraszna 2 4 Nagato
Kurandia 3 4 (SO) Asilica
TaiyĹŤ (SO) 4 3 Ă„lemsi Negdel
Nystatiszna 1 6 Nakosa

Ă„lemsi Negdel has clinched promotion to Division I


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Knockout Stage | Quarter-Finals

—Vesienväl vs. Viratia—

The first game of the knockout stage was surely not one to miss. The top ranked Vesienväl takes on Viratia and almost immediately, chaos ensues. Less than ten minutes into the first period, Viratia takes not one, not two, but THREE penalties. First for hooking, last two for interference, spending about three minutes down two men on a 5 on 3 PK.

Miraculously they’re able to kill it all off without conceding a goal, even with some good attempts from Samuli Tuomela and Jani Yrjölä on the Vesienväller powerplay. The rest of the first remained somewhat uneventful, but Vesienväl come out swinging in the second.

Enea Testa, the Viratine goaltender, played what may have been the best game of his career. Stopping a total of 18 shots in the second period, many of which were prime scoring opportunities for Vesienväl. However as the period came to a close with Vesienvällers having dominated, Viratia gets a rush off of a turnover in their defensive zone and Mario Morelli beat Rauni Kuoppala over his glove and gives Viratia the lead.

The third period proved to be a slugfest, with Vesienväl attempting to even the score and Viratia attempting to desperately defend it. However in the end Vesienväl just could not get past the brick wall of Enea Testa. Viratia defeats Vesienväl, 1 - 0. Enea Testa gets his second shutout of the tournament.

—Lunsesara vs. Zemeprievadai—

Game number two of knockout round, two equally performing teams in the group stage, this game was clearly not going to be an easy one. Less than a five minutes into the game, Mili Zyomin picks up a rebound in front, sliding it by AuksÄ— UrbonienÄ—, giving Lunsesara the early lead.

An unideal start for the Zemeprievadains seemed to have had them spooked, as they were unable to generate almost any offense for the first period, but luckily, Lunsesara seemed to suffer the same offensive ailment, and the first concluded relatively uneventful.

The second period started similarly, neither team able to penetrate the other’s defensive structure, but Dovilė Zagorskytė woke everyone from that trance after his open-ice collision with Lunsesaran captain Cheita’a Murasdrei.

This check allowed Zemeprievadai to gain possession, and set up an offense, which they were able to capitalize on after a scrum in front of the crease. Romualda Augaitė picked up a loose puck, flicking it over Lara Kazakova’s pad, tying the game up at one.

Entering the third it seemed this game may have been destined for overtime, but that was not meant to be, as Nanud Suzil’a deked around Urbonienė, for an easy breakaway goal to give them back the lead. All period, the Lunsesarans continued to pepper Urbonienė, but he would not budge until the late third. Nikita Tamarkin fires a pass to an open Zyomin, who buries it before Urbonienė had time to react. Sealing the game, Lunsesara defeats Zemeprievadai 3 - 1.

—West Borea vs. Almodaria—

In the third game West Borea, takes on Almodaria. This one back and forth for a lot of the game, rush after rush after rush. Neither team was able to possess the puck for long, and while there were some opportunities that came from these quick rushes, nothing came of it.

It was clear both teams would need to change their tactics, and Almodaria seemed to have done the better job. After an aggressive poke check in the neutral-zone they were able to get a shot off. George Yurisimo picked up the rebound, and was able to tuck it away to give Almodaria the lead.

Almodaria continued their push deep into the third, eagerly looking to extend their lead by any means necessary. And they very well could’ve, had it not been for West Borean goaltender Jerun Rulas, making an incredible glove save to keep the deficit only one.

It would unfortunately be for naught, as Harry Jameson scored an empty net goal after a late push by West Borea with the extra attacker. Almodaria defeats West Borea 2 - 0.

—Tavaris vs. Alksearia—

The fourth and arguably most anticipated game of these quarter finals, rivals Tavaris and Alksearia went head to head and they did not disappoint. The most physical game of all so far, it was a surprise we had to wait only 8 minutes for the first big hit. Georges Boissonade was leveled by Sergei Popov. Boissonade was slow to get up and eventually left the ice with an injury, put a pin in that as that will be important later.

Not soon after, Otan Oren Kantodar on a breakaway danced around the Alkari goaltender Arnaud Levett to open the scoring for Tavaris. But quickly afterward Benoît Giraud evened the score after a 2 on 1 rush after winning the faceoff immediately after the goal.

Tied going into the second period, things started off with a bang as well. Sergei Popov, clearing the puck out of the defensive zone was elbowed and subsequently boarded by LĂ©onard Bittencourt, most likely in response to his hit on Boissonade in the first. Bittencourt recieved a five minute major for boarding and a game misconduct, now leaving Alksearia with two less skaters than normal.

Tavaris would quickly make Bittencourt pay, scoring less than a minute into the powerplay. Cestar Lanash Bendri, receiving a pass from behind the net by Tevri Nevran Qetti, scored in the top right corner of the net to give Tavaris the lead.

In the third Tavaris continued to put pucks on the net, pressuring the Alkari defense. It seemed only a matter of time until they scored. But unfortunately, Orand Nabren Tenda was called for tripping after trying to poke the puck away from an Alkari defender. This was just what the Alkari needed, as Jean-Philippe Devillers, with a slapshot from the blueline scored on a screened Veshtar Nuvo Dandri to tie the game. However, as overtime drew nearer, it was ripped away after a fatal puck battle in the Tavari zone gave the Alkari a prime chance to take the lead, which they did. Benoît Giraud wide open in front recieves a pass and taps the puck in to give Alksearia the lead with less than two minutes to go. They would hold on and Alksearia defeats Tavaris 3 - 2.

—Knockout Round Bracket—

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Knockout Stage | Semi-Finals

—Viratia vs. Lunsesara—

Viratia comes into these semi-finals off of a tighly contested upset with what was arguable the best team in the tournament, Vesienväl having finished second in the Assortment Stage and first in their group during the Group Stage. However, with a shutout performance from Enea Testa Viratia was able to steal the game and advanced. Lunsesara on the other hand is coming off a very convincing victory against Zemeprievadai, Mili Zyomin leading their offense this tournament, scoring twice against Zemeprievadai.

First period was a back and forth affair a majority of the period, both teams looking for any openings they could, none were found. Enea Testa made one big stop on a two on one rush about five minutes into the game, but the first goal would be scored about ten minutes later. Miruris Afverul, with some precise passing from Kai’afr Raran and Arska Tass finds the top left corner to give Lunsesara the lead.

The rest of the period mimicked the beginning, and Lunsesara went into the first intermission up by a goal.

In the second, there was finally offense to be had as Viratia began an aggressive press, forcing multiple turnovers. One of these led to a four on two rush, and Raffaele Valentini gets a pass, open in the middle and buries it to tie the game.

Less than four minutes later, after a mishap handling the puck, Viratia gave up a key turnover and lead to Cheita’a Murasdrei getting a breakaway. Murasdrei, who is known for his breakaway skills was stopped by Enea Testa, who continued his exceptional performance this tournament.

The players’ ferocity only grew, after another period of back and forth hockey, the physicality beginning to increase, a few big hits here and there, but Nanud Suzil’a got a bit too carried away, boarding Cristian Mariani to give Viratia their first powerplay of the game. Viratia absolutely unloaded on Lunsesara’s penalty kill, never once did they even gain posession, this led to a puck battle behind the net, which Simone Gallo won, and was able to wrap around the back of the net and sneak the puck in to give Viratia the lead.

The third period would not bring good tidings for Lunsesara, with momentum completely on their side, Paolo Minnella was able to beat Lara Kazakova glove side and extend Viratia’s lead to two.

Viratia would keep up the pace, with Paolo Colombo not long after picks up a rebound off of a shot and easily puts it away, making the score 4 - 1 Viratia.

But, Lunsesara wouldn’t go quitely, as they would bounce back a few minutes later, with a beautiful dislpay off of a faceoff, Zenaide Kashirina finds himself open backdoor and gets an easy tip it to reduce the deficit to two.

Lunsesara would keep up the pace almost the entire period, Viratia would was completely unable to keep possession because of a devastating forecheck Lunsesara was employing. While they were able to keep up the pressure, Enea Testa would hold strong, keeping the puck out of the net. After thirteen minutes of a Lunsesaran onslaught, the clock struck zero. Viratia defeats Lunsesara 4 - 2. and advances to the final.

—Almodaria vs. Alksearia—

Almodaria comes into the semi-final after placing 4th in their group, but with an impressive victory over West Borea in the quarter-finals. They’re a very deep team, anyone could be a threat and generate offense. Alksearia on the otherhand is very physical, that was made very clear in their game against Tavaris.

Right away Almodaria was able to use their speed to counter anything Alksearia could throw at them. Its hard to hit someone if they can just skate past you. This led to a very quick rush from Almordaria, and with a quick pass to a wide open Vlad Glasimov to give Almodaria the early lead.

While Almodaria was faster, the times when the puck was along the board, Alksearia was able to use their strength to win the puck. Alksearia was quick to capitalize on this, as they were able to set up on offense, and Gervais Popelin scored to tie the game.

The game ran back toward Almodaria’s favor, once again using their speed to generate opportunity. They were able to get a few rushes in, but weren’t able to capitalize on any chances, until one shot from the blue line was deflected in front of the Alkari goaltender Arnaud Levett, who still was able to mordaciously make the save, even though he had dived in the other direction.

But it was unfortunately for naught, as Franjo Guvanitz was able to pick up the rebound there and give Almodaria back the lead at the end of the first.

The second period was mighty uneventful. Defense clamped down hard on both ends, neither team was able to really to anything on offense. There were a couple chances, but they were easy saves for both goalies. Not much else of note in the second.

While the beginning of the third resembled the second, Alksearia would quickly get back on track to try to generate anything to even up this game. They got a ton of quality chances, but Michael Belosevina stood firm, making save after save to keep Almodaria up by one.

As time winded down, Alksearia pulled the goalie with five minutes left, in a last ditch effort to tie the game. Even still with their relentless onslaught, the defense held firm, and soon after Franjo Guvanitz was able to take a shot from his defensive zone into the empty net to seal the game away. Almodaria defeats Alksearia 3 - 1 and advances to the final.


Knockout Stage | Finals

—Alksearia vs. Lunsesara | Third Place Game—

One more game before the final, the third place consolation up for grabs between Alksearia and Lunsesara. Alksearia once again made their physical play known, attempting to control the flow of play using their size. A quick turnover after a hit led to a good chance for Alksearia, but Lara Kazakova was able to make the save.

This aggression however, led to them taking a number of penalties throughout the game. The first of which being in the middle of the first, a charging penalty on Georges Boissonade gave Lunsesara a powerplay. Cheita’a Murasdrei found himself open with the puck in front of the net, fired on net and beat Arnaud Levett shortside to give Lunsesara a 1 - 0 lead.

While afterward Alksearia was able to regain the advantage, they would not be able to score for the remainder of the first period. And Lunsesara would enter the first intermission up by one goal.

The second resembled the first, with Alksearia seeming to ramp up their aggresive and physical play, but it would not pan out well, as they would take three penalties this period. Two for holding and one for interference respectively. The first two there were able to kill off, but the third, the Lunsesarans were able to beat Levett once again, Teszrus Kiu scoring in the top left corner on the powerplay to give Lunsesara a two goal lead.

Afterward Lunsesara would take control of the game, and get a few great opportunities to score, but Levett would not budge for some time, making some incredible stops in front to keep his team in it. But, eventually the dam broke, as Nanud Suzil’a was able to score and give Lunsesara a three goal lead.

Throughout the third period Lunsesara would continue that domination and would not let up. While Levett was trying his absolute best, he couldn’t do it all. The complete collapse of the Alkari defense late in the third led to a fourth goal, Murasdrei scoring once again, making it a four goal game. Lunsesara degeats Alksearia 4 - 0 and places third in the tournament.

—Almodaria vs. Viratia | Championship Game—

Now its the main event, the solid depth of Almodaria coming against a white-hot Viratine underdog. Almodaria throughout the knockout stage has had two convincing wins, with everyone playing solid, Viratia has played in a form not seen previously this tournament, Enea Testa playing otherworldly these past few games. But very quickly he would be brought down to earth. Less than thirty seconds into the game Franjo Guvanitz takes a shot and beats Testa and right away Almodaria has an advantage.

A wake up call to be sure, but nothing to be concerned about, as a few minutes later Viratia would get their chance and Raffaele Valentini would tie the game, evening the playing field. Or, that what they hoped. Once again only thirty seconds later Harry Jameson finds the back of the net and reestablishes the lead for Almodaria.

Once again Viratia found themselves on the backfoot, as they again attempted to even the score, even going on a powerplay, but to no avail. After the powerplay, a turnover in the defensive zone led to a break for Almodaria, who capitalized, Dusan Porjinov slides it in to give Almodaria a 3 - 1 lead.

Almodaria would get another chance very quickly after, which would’ve surely meant disaster for Viratia, but Enea Testa was able to make a fantastic save and hold on to end the first.

The second would be a back and forth slug and both teams tried to get possession, Viratia needed to get back into this game, while Almodaria tried everything to keep the puck away from the Viratine. But Viratia would get their chance, a breakaway halfway through the second, that could get Viratia back in the game, was stopped by Michael Belosevina.

Not long after Almodaria would punish Viratia for their failure to score, and Vasvo Horzic would find the back of the net to make the score 4 - 1.

The third period led to a desperate Viratine team doing everything in their power to get back in the game. They came very close, multiple times. With multiple powerplays, but still Almodarian goaltender Michael Belosevina held firm and would not budge. Almodaria defeats Viratia 4 -1 and are world champions!