3rd Urthvision Songfestival

Welcome to the third edition of the Urthvision Songfestival, hosted by winners of the second edition: Hama. The Urthvision Songfestival is the foremost international cultural event, bringing together people from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities through a common passion for music. Through this platform nations can share the culture of music, poetry and prose of their nation and the talented singers who will deliver the songs. This stage is unique in that it is open to all nations.

Hama is a country located in northwest Yasteria Major. It has a mixed climate and geography of deserts in the south, mountains in east, forest in the north, savannah and wetlands in the west. Naturally there is a great deal of biodiversity and natural wonders to visit. Similarly, you can enjoy the diverse and vibrant culture of our nation ranging from arts, music, entertainment and shopping.

With a thriving and stable financial sector and strong economy, you can know that your stay will be first class and all your financial transaction needs are in safe hands. With a strong and competent judicial and police system, your safety is assured and due process, fair treatment and expedient resolution of any problems you might face is guaranteed. We thrive to make Hama a destination for all people, regardless of origin to enjoy.

The city of Komodu will be the city in which the competition will be held. Further information on attending and accommodation is available in the section “Venue”.

The event will be hosted in King Radu Indoor Arena. The arena has a capacity of 40,000 attendees. It is a world-class venue, catering for a diverse number of sports such as athletics and association football, and cultural events such as concerts. This arena is built with the capacity to harness natural light and thermal management to make your stay comfortable. A VIP section is available, catering to our highend visitors. Food stalls and souvenir shops are available throughout the ground floor near all entrances.

You will land in the Komodu International Airport. Taxis are available, but the nearest train station, Southpoint Terminal is located a few minutes from the airport. Eastway Bus Services has buses running on all routes and will be available at the station and airport and designated bus depots and stops. There are numerous hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and guest houses in the area. There are a number of shopping centers. Aladdin Waterpark is located to the very north of the city in Aladdin’s Bay. Please check with your nation’s embassy for information on visas. Bureaux de Change are available throughout the city, particularly in the airport and shopping mall.

Our host is Zara Muhammadu. She is a model and spokeswoman for several notable brands particularly in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. She has a loving husband and three children. She is intelligent, and was educated at the University of Komodu’s Faculty of Commerce School of Marketing, receiving a degree. She frequently appears on the Ibrahimu Show as a guest host, and has gone on to give motivational talks in a number of venues.

Each nation that wants to attend must submit the title of their song, the performer thereof and a link to the accompanying music video. The following methods are available to you:

[li]+701 300 000
[li]Hama Postal Service, P.O. Box 1277, Southpoint, Komodu, 23100[/li][/ul]

Submissions are open until 26 February 2018*.

*OOC: 1st week of March

With which to change the world!
With which to unite all nations!
To bind all wounds



February 2018
Komodu, Hama
28 February 2018
There was a quiet energy in the stadium. There was a buzz that filled the air and extended from each person to the next like little threads that connected every person to another. Everyone could feel that gentle, but powerful, pull. Something big was happening tonight. The screens flashed with numbers, counting down the seconds until the beginning of the Urthvision Songfestival. With each number plumes of fire jetted certificate into the sky at each of the corners of the stadium. When they reached that “1” for which everyone had been waiting, a ring of fireworks, burning colour, flashed around the circumference of the stadium like a snake travelling quickly.

Then the words flashed across the screen that established this night as a congregation of nations and people of different colours and sounds and wonders to celebrate the diverse and vibrant musical tastes of the world. And tonight the nations came in full force. They were prepared to dazzle the world, not only with elaborate costume and special effects, but with the music of their nations. And each one was given only one song with which to do it.

The host, a beautiful lady wearing incredible robes that looked like she was dressed in a colourful flowing river. She was carried aloft through the air by invisible cables. She was like the incarnation of sunrise - beautiful colours scattered by the clouds and moisture in the air to create some sort of majestic lady.

As she descended to the stage the fireworks broke forth in increasing brightness and force like the embers from a burning wood. As she descended she received a resounding applause from the excited and mesmerised audience. People around the world were watching this spectacle, drawing from the screens what they could not in person.

Host: "Welcome to the 2018 February Urthvision Songfestival!, a boisterous applause followed, then she continued, "A month ago, Hama was given the opportunity to host this massive event, to welcome the world into our beautiful home and share beautiful music with the rest of the world. We thank you for giving us that chance. I would like to introduce our first performance of the evening.

Sapphire Faith with the song 'Till I’m Done’ from Staynes! (OOC: Paloma Faith – 'Til I'm Done. The Graham Norton Show. 26 Jan 2018 - YouTube).

That was marvelous Miss Sapphire! Up next is Eddie Cochrane with 'Summertime Blues’ from Xagrurg! (OOC: https://youtu.be/In7z7B87Puc).

Thank you Mr Cochrane for that lovely rendition. Please welcome Emily Sand from Blueacia with the song, 'Next to Me’! (OOC: Emeli Sandé - Next To Me (Official Music Video) - YouTube).

Wasn’t that wonderful, ladies and gentlemen? Next up is 'O Fortuna’, sung by the Imperial Fortunan Choir from Fortuna! (OOC: Carl Orff - O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana - YouTube).

What a unique performance! Just wonderful! Next is Vinny the Nose from Absurdistan with the 'Pasta Song’! (OOC: Sesame Street - "The Pasta Song" - YouTube).

That was delightful! Up next is Mike Falemadi and Cara Nerik with 'Man in the Rain’ from New Leganes! (OOC: https://youtu.be/iSPuztg4fiE)

What a beautiful song! Here comes Rike from Asendavia with the song 'Take Me to Church’ (OOC: Hozier - Take Me To Church - YouTube)!

Lovely voice! Next up is the Gee Bees with 'Closer than Close’ from Caltharus! (OOC: Bee Gees - Closer Than Close (Live in Las Vegas, 1997 - One Night Only) - YouTube or Bee Gees - Closer Than Close - YouTube)

THSLVC from Furnifold are coming up next with the song 'A Boost’! (OOC: Heaven’s Gate - YouTube!

Certainly a lively track! With the rap stylings of Lil Durk, Kuthernburg is represented with the song “Cross Roads”! (OOC: Lil Durk - Cross Roads (Official Audio) - YouTube).

Something different is always good! Boogie With Day Hoodie from Lokania will perform ‘Drowning’ (Boogie With Da Hoodie I'm Drowning (Clean) - YouTube).

Next up is Gretta Salomé from Ostaria with the song 'Hear them calling’. (OOC: Hear Them Calling - YouTube or Greta Salóme - Hear Them Calling (Iceland) Live at Semi - Final 1 at Eurovision 2016 - YouTube)

How wonderful. Such a pleasure! Next up is Heartstrings from Free Syllvin performing 'Sunrise’! (OOC: Sunstroke Project - Hey Mamma (Moldova) Eurovision 2017 - Official Music Video - YouTube)

Up next is a rendition of the national anthem of Trukya - 'Nightcore’ - by Jeff Santiago! (OOC: National Anthem of USSR - Nightcore - YouTube)

In a very unique twist, the head of state of Verdrassil, Lady Al’Ameth, will be singing 'Nightsong’. (OOC: Laurie Ann Haus - Nightsong - YouTube).

That was gorgeous! Up next is Bemuse from Axdel performing 'Psycho’! (Muse - Psycho [Official Lyric Video] - YouTube).

Coming all the way from The Oan Isles is Raona Katea with 'Rise Up’! (OOC: Andra Day - Rise Up [Audio] - YouTube)

To close off the show is Shara with 'Waka Waka’ from Hama! (OOC: Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Song) - YouTube)

We have received many wonderful performances tonight. This range of genres and styles and talents and interpretations is reflective of the diversity and vibrance of all the cultures and music that we have on Urth. Now we are going to go to the voting stage.

Only participating countries may vote. Participating countries may not vote for their own nation’s songs. Voting details are available on the screen below. I would like to explain the voting procedure. Voters will choose a list of eleven performances and give each one a number of points in order of preference. So the highest listed country gets 16, the second one gets 14, the third one gets 12, the fourth one gets 10, the fifth one gets 8, the sixth one gets 6, then positions seven to eleven get points from 5 to 1. Here is an example:

— Begin quote from ____

1 - First Country - 16
2 - Second Country - 14
3 - Third Country - 12
4 - Fourth Country - 10
5 - Fifth Country - 8
6 - Sixth Country - 6
7 - Seventh Country - 5
8 - Eighth Country - 4
9 - Ninth Country - 3
10 - Tenth Country - 2
11 - Eleventh Country - 1

— End quote

This is slightly different from the previous system used in the past edition. This was done for technical reasons and to reflect the number of nations participating. There are prizes up for grabs for the best performances. These are:

— Begin quote from ____

FIRST PLACE - gets 2 million KRB and their country gets a chance to host the next edition.
SECOND PLACE - gets 1.5 million KRB
THIRD PLACE - gets 1 million KRB
The rest of the contestants will get prices valued at 200,000 KRB from our sponsors.

— End quote


OOC: Voting closes on Friday 9 March 2018

Hello Komodu, This is Labia Cue calling.
What a wonderful show and so much good performance, and I want to compliment you for making this a big show.
Here are the points from Blueacia:
1 point goes to Axdel
2 points go to Caltharus
3 points go to Hama
4 points go to Kuthernburg
5 points go to Fortuna
6 points go to Xargurg
8 points go to Oan
10 points go to New Leganés
12 points go to Furnifold
14 points go to Ostaria
And finally our 16 points go to
Blueacia ??. No thats wrong we can’t do that
Our 16 points go to the epic sax man from Free Syllvin[edit_reason]Made a reading mistake. Gave Verdrassil Axdel’s points[/edit_reason]

Gwen Scott of The New Furnifoldian Times settled in the cushy Komodu stadium to listen to the Songfestival competitors. She, being fairly young, was keyed-in on social media, and was aware of each nation’s competitors before the competition. She had scouted them out before the festival, and was ready to critique their performances.

During the first performance, Gwen really appreciated the vintage sound of Sapphire Faith, but was more impressed with the backing vocals than the lead singer. Eddie Cochrane evoked a similar feeling, but she found the lyrics of his performance to be quite lacking. Listening to the Imperial Fortunan Choir brought tears to her eyes, for she remembered her choir days and performing this masterpiece, but the modernity of the festival had been apparent, and this was too… 13th century. Scott then wondered what the heck Absurdistan was doing with this pasta chef singing a song about pasta, but found his honest attitude about his dinner item of choice to be interesting. She took notes during the performance to order the various pastas for later.

Scott took a quick break, then returned to hear the end of Mike Falemadi and Cara Nerik’s work. She enjoyed the synthesis of the entire performance, but wondered if there could have been more intensity from the duo. Rike’s work was the exact opposite to Scott; all intensity and emotion, little synthesis. Scott had been listening to the Gee Bees on her music player for a few weeks, and really enjoyed getting to hear them live. She was up and swaying to the beat for their bit. However, she had to sit back down to listen to THSLVC’s performance, as she was in awe. She whispered to her friend from Furnifold, “that lead singer has such a soul voice!” Of course, the previous runner-up, Panic on the Beach, also had a soul voice, and Scott wondered if her compatriot would be compared unfavorably to the previous competitor. Listening to Lil Dirk was invigorating for Scott, but she wondered if the entire audience would need to get high to listen to the song for it to be more effective. Boogie With Day Hoodie was a fun listen, and Scott felt ready to hit up the club after that.

Gretta Salomé’s atmospheric piece mellowed her out, and she felt the connection to the artist that she figured was Salomé’s intention. “Heartstrings” tugged at her heartstrings, as the saxophone guy was fun to listen to. But, she had a feeling that she had heard the song in a previous competition, some weird deja vu of sorts. Jeff Santiago’s work was well-designed, but to her played second fiddle to the previous classic piece “O’Fortuna.” The Lady Al’Ameth of Verdrassil was a welcome surprise, as Scott only had her speeches to go off of, and not her actual signing voice. Scott felt ready to go on some epic quest while listening to the Lady’s rendition.

Scott was getting antsy, hoping to be raised to her feet like before. Bemuse’s piece did just that, though she found the lyrics, especially, “your ass belongs to me,” very bizarre, based on who it was coming from. The song was definitely a rocking hit, though. Raona Katea’s song was the perfect molding of intensity and passion, heart, synthesis of material, and lyrical masterpiece that Scott was looking for. She was very impressed with the penultimate song. So, when the final song came out, she felt it was quite lacking, perhaps Shara was catering to another region? She also was confused as to what an ‘Africa’ was, for even though she was pretty well studied on the regions of Urth, ‘Africa’ seemed to have escaped her memory.

As Scott left the stadium to go back to her hotel room, she had to stay up-to-date with how her home was reacting. Luckily, The New Furnifoldian Times had been doing a live feed for the Songfestival, and people in Furnifold were really excited! She could tell a good number were happy to be represented by THSLVC, though some wished for more of a culturally significant artist and song. Scott agreed with those sentiments, especially after listening from the submissions from Kuthernburg and Verdrassil. She knew she wouldn’t get any sleep over the entire voting period, so as the hours went by, Gwen was able to get a firm handle on how Furnifold was to vote:

1 - Mike Falemadi and Cara Nerik of New Leganes - 16
2 - Raona Katea of The Oan Isles - 14
3 - The Gee Bees of Caltharus - 12
4 - Gretta Salomé of Ostaria - 10
5 - Emily Sand of Blueacia - 8
6 - Heartstrings of Free Syllvin - 6
7 - Lady Al’Ameth of Verdrassil - 5
8 - Bemuse of Axdel - 4
9 - The Imperial Fortunan Choir of Fortuna - 3
10 - ManamaJeff Santiago of Trukya- 2
11 - Rike of Asendavia - 1

“Well, I guess this is what happens when you have anyone vote,” she said to her friend when she figured out the way Furnifold would vote. “Let’s see how different, or similar, Furnifold is to the rest of Urth.”

Free Syllvin’s Territorial Census Committee has been co-opted for the purpose of gathering the opinions of our citizens.
After a net and tele-link poll was conducted, these results display how voters have weighed in.


[li]16 points have been awarded to Staynes.

[li]14 points have been awarded to Ostaria.

[li]12 points have been awarded to Trukya.

[li]10 points have been awarded to Hama.

[li]8 points have been awarded to Verdrassil.

[li]6 points have been awarded to Absurdistan.

[li]5 points have been awarded to New Leganes.

[li]4 points have been awarded to Axdel.

[li]3 points have been awarded to Caltharus.

[li]2 points have been awarded to Fortuna.

[li]1 point has been awarded to Asendavia.


“Greetings, everyone. I am Ferithan D’Ashir, Executive Ambassador of Foreign Relations on behalf of Verdrassil here to cast the nation’s vote for our fellow participants. They are bestowed as follows:”
[ul][li]16 pts. awarded to Free Syllvin
[li]14 pts. awarded to Furnifold
[li]12 pts. awarded to Asendavia
[li]10 pts. awarded to Fortuna
[li]8 pts. awarded to Trukya
[li]6 pts. awarded to Xagrug
[li]5 pts. awarded to Ostaria
[li]4 pts. awarded to New Leganes
[li]3 pts. awarded to Caltharus
[li]2 pts. awarded to Staynes
[li]1 pt. awarded to The Oan Isles[/li][/ul]"With that order of business complete, the Exalted Sylvan Realm would like to extend its thanks to the City of Komodu for hosting such an exemplary international convention. It has featured some of the greatest cultural talents we Vel’dorei have ever had the pleasure of witnessing perform. On that note, we hope that our beloved head of state’s performance was equally satisfying to all the other parties present, and I personally thank Lady Al’Ameth for taking my advice and deciding to participate.

Congratulations in advance whomever might find themselves the victor of this fine competition. Verdrassil will look forward to attending the fourth Urthvision Songfestival, wherever that may take place!"

After a nationwide poll was conducted by Asendavia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, Viktor Zharkov, the Asendavian Minister of Foreign Diplomacy, released the results of the poll.

16 - Verdrassil

14 - Free Syllvin

12 - Fortuna

10 - Lokania

8 - New Leganes

6 - Xagrurg

5 - Trukya

4 - Hama

3 - Axdel

2 - Blueacia

1 - Absurdistan

The Urthvision Songfestival was a first for many Fortunans. Never in their lifetime have they been able to actually participate in such a large competition, especially on an international scale. Millions of eyes were glued to their televisions as singers from around the world performed their songs. When the Imperial Fortunan Choir went next, the nation went wild with excitement at seeing their own countrymen perform. As the last song came to the end, the votes began flooding in. After a few hours, the votes were tallied and submitted.

  • 16 points to Verdrassil
  • 14 points to Hama
  • 12 points to Free Syllvin
  • 10 points to Ostaria
  • 8 points to Caltharus
  • 6 points to Furnifold
  • 5 points to New Leganes
  • 4 points to Staynes
  • 3 points to Blueacia
  • 2 points to The Oan Isles
  • 1 point to Xagrurg

The First time for Ostaria in the contest had been magical. Our people had heared great music and had enjoyed the contest overall. When Greta preformed, a sense on national pride was felt across the nation. A national jury had been chosen to give the points for Cojedes this year and here is how they decided to vote:

16 points for Asendavia
14 points for Verdrassil
12 points for Hama
10 points for Furnifold
8 points for Caltharus
7 points for Staynes
6 points for Blueacia
5 points for The Oan Isles
4 points for Axdel
3 points for New Leganes
2 points for Lokania
1 point for Kuthernburg

The Oan Isles votes as follows:
1 - Furnifold -16
2 - Blueacia - 14
3 - Asendavia - 12
4 - Staynes - 10
5 - Free Syllvin - 8
6 - Ostaria - 6
7 - Verdrassil - 5
8 - Kuthernburg - 4
9 - Axdel - 3
10 - Lokania - 2
11 - Hama - 1

Hama is votes as follows:
1 - Furnifold - 20! 16
2 - Blueacia - 14
3 - Verdrassil - 12
4 - Staynes - 10
5 - Free Syllvin - 8
6 - Ostaria - 6
7 - Caltharus - 5
8 - New Leganes - 4
9 - Xagrurg - 3
10 - Absurdistan - 2
11 - Fortuna - 1

“And the Axdelian votes are finally in! They go as follows:”

1 - Asendavia - 16

2 - Free Syllvin - 14

3 - Blueacia - 12

4 - Furnifold - 10

5 - Staynes - 8

6 - The Oan Isles - 6

7 - Caltharus - 5

8 - Absurdistan - 4

9 - Hama - 3

10 - Verdrassil - 2

11 - Fortuna - 1

Kuthernburg vote us as following :

1 - Blueacia - 16
2 - Furnifold - 14
3 - Staynes - 12
4 - Ostaria - 10
5 - Free Syllvin - 8
6 - Verdrassil - 6
7 - Caltharus - 5
8 - New Leganes - 4
9 - Xagrurg - 3
10 - Absurdistan - 2
11 - Fortuna - 1

¡Yásunen, alafáni Úrthle scón!
¡Hola, queridas naciones de Urth!

Hello, dear Urth peoples! This is Gálaleq Nofréi, from Privetia Taurillien. The contest has been wonderful, Mike and Cara have done a spectacular performance, and Cukishes are really enjoying the first Urthvision Songfestival New Leganes is taking part in. I’m sure that it hasn’t been easy to vote, as all the perfomances have been magnificent.

But now is time to announce the Cukish votes. Here they are:

1 point for Kurthenburg
2 points for Hama
3 points for Verdrassil
4 points for Fortuna
5 points for Staynes
6 points for Asendavia
8 points go to…Blueacia
10 points go to…Ostaria
12 points go to…Furnifold
14 points go to…Caltharus
16 points go from New Leganes to…Free Syllvin![edit_reason]Minor changes[/edit_reason]

1 - Free Syllvin - 16
2 - Verdrassil - 14
3 - Asendavia - 12
4 - Fortuna - 10
5 - Furnifold - 8
6 - New Leganes - 6
7 - Ostaria - 5
8 - Xagrurg - 4
9 - Staynes - 3
10 - Absurdistan - 2
11 - Caltharus - 1

1-Asendavia 16
2-Hama 14
3-Fortuna 12
4-Free Syllvin 10
5-Staynes 8
6-Absurdistan 6
7-Furnifold 5
8-Ostaria 4
9-Verdrassil 3
10-New Leganes 2
11-Oan Isles 1

Zara Muhammadu (Host):There have been many twists and turns tonight. Each performer did their best and may we please give a round of applause to all our contestants! And may we please give a round of applause to all the organizers who made this magnificent event possible! Our voting lines are now closed unfortunately. No more submissions for votes will be accepted. The monitors will count the voting and announce the results shortly!