A Country Divided

For 200 years, the Republic of Trukya had remained in place as a bastion and hope for the Trukyan people. Now, overzealous and corrupt politicians take center stage. So called “presidents” are dictators in disguise. Governors of Trukyan prefectures have more power than the actual leaders. The strong governors no longer had to listen to any Trukyan authority. Powerful men were no longer those who deceived the common man, but rather it was now he who could have the common man work for him. Great power now belonged to the almighty governors of the land, and so governor turned to daimyo. Ultimate lords who ruled over vast amounts of private land. The government was losing more and more power. The people of Trukya no longer turned to the government in times of crisis, but instead turned to their respective daimyos. People no longer served in a national army, but instead the government called upon the daimyos to gather people who lived on their lands to fight. By the end, the government was no more than a whisper in the political life of Trukya. The time had come for a new, powerful ruler to rise from the ashes of this once great land. The time had come for Trukya to be reborn.

By the time that Alexei Nakashima had taken power, Trukya had seen the oppression of 32 other leaders before him. All claimed to be “presidents” of Trukya, but none had won their seat of power through the power of democracy. Bribery, corruption, lies. This was the game of political life taking place in Chang’li. But now, the dictators were nothing more than paper tigers. The hate and fear spread over the country of Trukya held no merit, but knew no bounds. Widespread rebellion, food shortages, and unfair rations of needed items. The Trukyan landscape was on the constant brink of civil war. Alexei had done little to stop what was coming until it was too late. He surrounded himself with fools and idiots until the very end. It was known that Trukya would soon fall into war. Daimyos hungry for power were soon to turn on each other in an attempt to gain power.

There was no strong, unified culture of Trukya. Although a national language had been adopted, few used it and even fewer used it well. Arts, musics, and other forms of entertainment were vastly different in different parts of the country. This divide cast a long gap between the Trukyan people. No one political party was supreme, no one view was held above others. The only way to broadcast a view was through violence. And violence would be coming.

Several powerful clans had risen in Trukya. The Sendo Clan had risen to be supporters of a National Shogunate to be put in place. Led by the fierce Sendo Kenshi, the Sendo Clan was one of the largest in Trukya. The Senni Clan wanted to follow the path of an Emperor being put into place within Trukya. The Akisogo Clan wanted a more socialized economy for Trukya. The Tenshi Clan wanted a state focused government, with only 1 group above all. The Seifu Clan wanted the current government to stay in place. All were bitter rivals of each other. Not all clans, however, showed completely different values. The Namatsu Clan also supported a Shogunate, the Tatsu Clan was in support of an Emperor, and the Konsegu Clan was in support of a socialized economy. These were only some of the clans of Trukya. Many more had arisen, but were small or supported many of the same causes over again that they are not important. These overmighty clans were the backbone of the Trukyan economy and life. Without their support the government would soon fall, and the first of the clans were beginning to withdraw.

Now political tensions had grown too strong. A rushing wave of political tensions was too high to break before shore. A tsunami of war was soon to hit Trukya.