A Day of Infamy



On June 27th, http://www.nationstates.net/nation=the_dourian_embassy, Sixth Pharaoh of Osiris, lost an election of unprecedented competitiveness to his competitor, Cormac Stark in a runoff vote, losing 11-15.

Rather than concede gracefully to the new Pharaoh, Treize declined to surrender his seat, opting instead to hand his nation to Nevadar of Gatesville, who then claimed Osiris as a protectorate. This move, reminiscent of Chairman Milograd’s “socialist revolution” this past April, comes on the heels of his now chilling threats about what might happen to the region should it choose to flex its democratic muscles.

As delegate of Osiris, Treize had managed to attain an endorsement count of unprecedented heights, a fact which had raised concerns among many in Osiris and which he carefully sidestepped during his campaign for reelection. It is now apparent that he knew exactly where his endorsements were coming from - indeed, that this attack had been planned even before elections began.

The Osiran people and government are severely disappointed that Treize has colluded with enemies of Osiris to overthrow the legitimate government, and that he did so by lying to and deceiving the people who had placed their trust in him as a leader. We are saddened that he saw legitimate democratic processes as something to be supported only as long as they served his interests, and not the interests of the region. And we are distressed that rather than raise his grievances through legitimate channels or even speak publicly about his actions, Treize has instead maintained radio silence and surfaced only to resign his assorted citizenships.

Osiris now finds herself in a time of need, betrayed by one we had trusted to lead. We call upon all of our friends and allies to come to our aid, both diplomatically and militarily, and help us regain control of our region - and we offer heartfelt thanks to those who have already deployed. It will not be an easy road, but with your assistance, we will prevail. Osiris will never surrender to those who violate our sovereignty and seek to tyrannize our home.

All military assistance should be coordinated by regional leadership through NationStates | Not Found, the legitimate Pharaoh, http://www.nationstates.net/nation=detective_figs, the legitimate Kai Repat, and NationStates | Not Found, commander of the Osiran military.