A flag for the predecessor of Staynes; the Kingdom of Staynnica

Hey amazing people,

I was wondering whether it be possible for a flag to be designed for the Kingdom of Staynnica. It’s the predecessor kingdom before Staynes. Simple but effective. If possible I’d like to incorporate the rose I have on the Staynish flag. Blue and red colours like the Staynish flag. I’m open to new design ideas but as a fallback something that resembles the Staynish flag today.

Here’s the flag of Staynes as it is today. http://nswiki.org/images/THE_AWESOME_STAYNISH_FLAG.png
Inspiration in the form of some detail of Staynnica is found here. Staynes - NSWiki

I’d like full rights to it. Many thanks.

Couple versions for you.

I like Nim’s :smiley:

But I took the approach that the current flag is based on a previous flag with similar elements. I changed up the rose because I felt it would have been different so many years ago. Just very basic.

Thank you very much to both of you, once I migrate all my pages from nswiki over to tepwiki I’ll be using the flags!

I aimed to make a significantly different flag, using the argent fretty sable from your CoA.

If you want to use it, please check the Ownership / Licensing - The East Pacific - Tapatalk thread.