A Gloomy Demise

Nassad Headquarters,St.Andrews, Nacata
9:00 AM, October 18th 2017

“We must not let those communist bastards succeed dammit!!” Dagon Landau a high ranking Nassad member says.

“Well, sir I have the perfect idea, we could find the best civilian pilot in Nacata and give him a plane and let him do the work for us. We could then simply pay him some money for of course quitting there job and to keep there family fed, we could also directly give the El Telvadon those stolen assault rifles from Prussia we never use.” Lt. Israela Ben-Shahar replies to the commander with a smirk on her face. " I’m sure we will have problems with the local agencies, which is why we should stay under the radar because geesh you never know when you might have to kill a cop." She starts to chuckle with the rest of the group before taking her seat.

" Alright Lt.Israela we will let you lead the mission, you get those damn weapons and cash to those rebels and you do fast’ He pauses for a second “Niech cie Bog blogoslawi” he says looking at her. “Im not a damn Kasmiy” she chuckles before replying in Nacatan “E se eka molimo a ka ba le uena”. The group left out of the office a fellow agent walks up to Israela “Goodluck mate im off to that hell hole of Imperial Fandom one of our agents is stuck in the safe zone by those stupid PKFU workers”.

While sitting at the desk she decided to look the different profiles of the citizens when she noticed one that stuck out, Zayit Mattuck “Perfect” she thinks to herself. “The 2nd Youngest pilot ever to fly for Nacanta Airlines and a experienced flier, hmm 1 son name Yehudah Mattuck and his wife Edna Mattuck. Perfect Collateral” she proceeds to print out pictures of his family and grabs her purse. She walked to her car and proceeded to drive to the airport “im coming for you Zayit” she says while driving.

The President Palace, Duelland City, Duelland
2:00 PM, October 18th 2017

“Let send some damn troops over there then!” President Franklin says as he learns about Drug War in Atiland. “I want about 700 of our troops over at West Atiland in 3-4 days” he says as he drinks his coffee.

“Right away sir anything else?” His advisors says smiling.

“Can you get me the President of Nacata on the phone please” he says.

(Wohoo Joint Post By The Amigos Ian and Rico)

30 Minutes outside of Beshvlon Rouge, Nacata

Israela boarded her aircraft and was about 30 minutes from Beshvlon Rouge when she decided to call Torfinn Magnussen " Salom Magnussen, its Israela " she says in her regular Nacata Accent. Torfinn was in the middle of doing absolutely nothing when his phone rang. He quickly glanced from side to side and then answered the call. “Hallo. What is it, Israela?” he asked.

“We seem to have a little problem, West Atiland has a communist problem and we want to put a stop to it. I’ve found someone of interest a man by the name of Zayit Mattuck, I have pictures of his family and we are going to use him for our dirt work” She replied with a firm voice.

Torfinn frowned. “Filthy commies. So, what do you need me for?”. “More or less we need to start some trouble,we can supply weapons to the rebel group there. We stole 240 KA-49s from Prussia that way we can’t be traced back, do you think you can get ahold to some weapons from some other countries” she replies while drinking her Orange Juice.

“Ja, I believe that i can get a hold of some weapons” Torfinn replied. " I will privately email the photos of him and his family by tonight, I’m currently heading towards his location. This Operation is to be kept secret even from federal agencies, if he’s caught we bail him out." she says just as the aircraft starts to descent onto Beshvlon Regional Airport.

“Sounds good,and ill make sure that I don’t tell the higher-ups. Now go give him hell.” he joked. " Ill cut a limb and mail it to you" she replied laughing before hanging up. Torfinn chuckled to himself as she laughed. After she hung up, he returned to doing absolutely nothing. Israela walked off the aircraft and headed towards a bar, she knew this was a place Captains and Co-Pilots usually go after there flights.

Operation Atiland Freedom
West Atiland, Atiland
December 12th 2017

The bitter cold of the arctic started to set in as the days grew shorter and the firefights grew longer, the 42nd Artillery Corps of the Nacatan army started there shelling of the Defacto capital of West Atiland, Nugelas. 4 Nacalur-190 GPS-guided Artillery Rockets started to bombard the city edge, the sounds of the rockets shooting were almost silent as if they installed a oversize silencer on them. 6 Miles downhill 1100 Nacatan soldiers pushed forwards through 4 feet of snow, blood stained the snow from the deaths of the rebels. “Fck shoot that mfer, i’m Changing mags!!" a Pvt screamed as they were ambushed by a group of rebels. Lt. Ichabod Ussishkin who led the Joint forces of about 300 Duelland soldiers and 120 Nacatan soldiers through the city edge, sound of gunshots in the distant could be heard as they quietly moved throughout the city. "What the Fck is this, we have to flank them on that side.” the Lt said to a group of his men , just as they entered the city a RPG flew pass them blowing up a car next to them. 6 NDF Hulk’s HAPC quickly pulled up and deployed a smoke screen around the men, allowing them to enter the vehicles and also form behind a protective barrier. The 6 HAPCs quickly returned fire shooting there Machine guns in the direction of the rocket fire, " Get us some Air support down here immediately!! Were the hell are the Kutherns with the Air support?" a Officer screamed through the inside of the vehicles. “Deploy the smoke so they can see were there aiming for, we have 2 Bombers about 5 mins out just over the horizon, Sir”! a Radio officer replied back to him.

High above West Atiland 2 B-57 bombers closely guarded by 3 NF-52s were approaching the LZ, the doors open and out came a combine of 80+ JDAMs, the bombs dropped and headed precisely for targets dotted across the area. “ITS ABOUT TO GET HOT TAKE COVER!!” the Lt screams as he watches the bombers fly over the city. The explosions rocked the earth each time they hit, the snow was completely blown away causing a huge white out around the city make the combat yet more difficult for both sides. 6 Ah-74s could be heard in the nearby area were another group of soldiers were being corner’d into a tight situation by the rebels who were shooting Heavy Machine guns in there direction.

The sounds of children screaming and mothers running had become yet a regular occurrence in the region since the war started in October, Nacata had planned to use a final move to end the war one that would come very soon.

Operation Blizzard
January 4th 2018
0300Hrs, Invasion Of Atiland

Following the successful assassination of VP/Princess Laura Ward and the attempt on two more princesses Naomi deployed the full available force of the KOK Armed Forces, including using 1,200 troops already station in the controlled West Atiland island. Just off the coast sat 6 Submarines, both Queen Naomi’s Ramp Carriers, and Aircraft carrier Sertobia along with them were 7 Destroyers, 16 Frigates and both Lambertus Class Battleships. The Nacata Navy also deployed its complete Naval force of 12 Destroyers, 8 Frigates, and 14 Corvettes, the order was clear destroy the military equipment of Atiland, Kill or capture President Roberto, and occupy the country until a new government could be installed.

Just a little after 0300hrs the Joint Naval force off the coast of Atiland started there surprise attack, the night sky lit up with missiles being fired from each ship that could carry them, the anger and furry of both nations were released in the largest invasion of a country ever done by Kuthernburg, Just east of the Naval barrage on the center of the island and just outside of Amberlay, 22,000 KOK Marines prepared to parachute in and conquer Amberlay, a series of multiple other parachutes invasions took place to take both capitals of Atiland.

St.Benards, Central Atiland Province
Luellgo Drug Cartel Base
7:43PM, January 14th

4 Men walk through the snowy foliage of the base encampment as a helicopter started to kick the snow up inside the camp, a group of men quickly surround the helicopter with Atiland symbols on it. “Come Out! Come Out! We will Shoot” screamed the men surrounding the helicopter, the doors open and 6 Atiland soldiers exited alongside President Roberto “Easy boys, i’m here to talk Emmanuel” he said calmly as they let him walk past. The men lead him to the main house were the leader of the Cartel “The Sapphire Forsaken Cartel” was staying, they open the door and pushed Roberto inside. “Evening Mr.Presidento, the Famous Roberto, how could i just oso have be giving the light to see you” Emmanuel says sarcastically while pouring him a cup of Remy, “Look Emmanuel enough with the bullshit, help us fight off the Staynish and Kutherns and ill be sure to grant you unlimited control across Central atiland of course at a fee” he says with a smile as he takes a seat on the suede couch. Emmanuel starts to abruptly laugh “You want me to help you you piece of shit, no no you have to pay me up front and i want access to use the ground equipment, what your doing is fucking up my operations your messing with my money. I have shipments of Cocaine that needs to get to Borea and Atlantia immediately, you make that happen and lastly i have a shipment of Opium to delivered to Furnifold i want my stuff to make it or ill kill you before they get to do it” he says while walking over to the president and pointing his gun at him “Do you understanding were i’m coming from?”. Roberto looked at him, “You have a deal” he gets up and walks out the room. “Get the Overseer on the line, tell him load the container ships keep shipment moving asap, goddamit guard the ships with naval vessels if necessary” he says to a Lt. as they enter the helicopter.

Jackson Woolf and Jacopo d’Arrigo conversed with each other over the recent events.

“Mr. Magistrate, I’ve sent out a personal communication to my counterparts in Kuthernburg and Nacata, expressing your sorrow at the loss of the Royal Family members, and stating we are ready and willing to assist in whatever way necessary to suppress the lawlessness in Atiland.”

“Great, Jackson, very helpful. I’m sure Rico has been in contact with you with some specifics, I’ve been discussing with our Joint Chiefs, and they have a plan in place. They used words like ‘glory,’ and ‘pride of Yasteria,’ it was quite sickening; and I thought you were full of yourself…”

“Indeed, sir. Rico also brought to my attention some information from Atiland. We knew that Atiland is composed of drug cartels and ships out a great deal of illicit drugs, but what we didn’t know was how much of it came here.”


“Yes, sir. Opium flows into our nation, along with the other goods that Furnifold ships out and receives. Our regulations have been quite lax in the manner.”

“Hmm, that’s an issue, Jackson. Okay, we need plans to prevent this too. You know, there’s a small island due east of the North Puffin Antilles. I was reading an article by the Times, and there have been some of our archaeologists over there have discovered native Sahibu and Kifalme artifacts. Why not send a diplomatic flotilla over to investigate and engage with the people, with some military ships to escort them. The military ships would serve the purpose of protecting the water in between Furnifold and the island. I’ll run it by our Joint Chiefs, but what do you think?”

“Right now sir, I can’t think of any concrete reason to disagree, but an abstract warning will suffice: this is a bit of a dangerous game. The locals, whoever they are, may believe this is an occupation, and may fight back.”

“You’re very right, so we will keep our military ships far away, and we will go through the proper channels for securing diplomatic talks with the locals. Jackson, would you be willing to oversee it? I don’t really have a use for you in Atiland currently.”

“That’s a very demeaning way of putting it, sir, but I will oversee the diplomatic flotilla.”

“Great! Now I need to make ‘The Call’…”

The Magistrate called his Joint Chiefs in, and enacted Operation SPOONFUL OF SUGAR.


Newly promoted Major Jouett of the Counter-insurgency Force (CIF) oversaw the loading of his 150-men CIF force and its equipment onto a newly-constructed Canturbury-class vessel. This would be the first voyage of the vessel, after being christened on New Year’s Day of 2018. This would also be the first voyage of a few other vessels under the flag of Furnifold: 3 Litop-class guided missile destroyers and 2 Alutian-class submarines, both donated from Kuthernburg months ago. The Navy was eager to see how they were in the field, and were also eager to see how the submarine training went. Truth be told, after the disaster at Gronmund Port, Jouett and others would not have been surprised if the submarines surfaced nowhere near Atiland, or didn’t even surface at all. While a very morbid thought, the Navy of Furnifold, though large for the size of the nation, was not impressing anyone. Jouett shrugged. Maybe this will be their chance to prove themselves, he thought.

The remainder of the troops from the 1st Infantry Brigade was being loaded onto the three Litop vessels. Jouett carried a clipboard and had successfully checked off almost everything on the manifest, with the exception of vehicles. The surprise of Jouett wielding a clipboard had worn off. After successfully leading two counter-insurgency campaigns, he was duly promoted. No more would he be leading men in the field, instead, he would be leading men with a clipboard! he thought, upon receiving a promotion. But, Jouett was mortal. After the Yor campaign, he found that he had issues stemming from the shock and shrapnel of the major electrical battle, and could not hold his left arm out without it shaking. Can’t exactly have that happening during a firefight, he thought. As did the military commanders, who punished him with a promotion and a (90 percent of the time, at least) desk job. Now he would continue the glory of Furnifold behind a computer screen, or a clipboard. At least he got to still get out to the field, though he would have preferred not somewhere so freezing.

Jouett grumbled at his manifest, and found the senior commander of the Atiland Task Group mission, Commodore Maganda. The very thin, very lanky Commodore was loading extra layers of Naval attire into a suitcase for himself, evidently preparing for the location. “Commodore, sir, I wanted to ask something.”

“Before you do, Captain- I mean, Major-do I have enough clothes? I know it gets cold in this place, but I don’t really know what ‘cold’ means.”

Jouett looked at the winter garb that was causing the pack to almost overflow, clearly against dress regulation, and raised his eyebrows. “Commodore, it is better to have more layers than to not have enough.” He pointed to the stuffed pack. “You may want to get that on board though, before anyone else sees it and gets the same idea…”

“Aye, good point. Now, what is it you want.”

“I was checking the manifest, and my CIF and the 1st Infantry Battalion are missing something rather important. Vehicles.”

Maganda squinted, eyes barely visible through the think shaded glasses, and said, “Vehicles? You don’t really think we forgot about them, do you?” Ignoring Jouett’s protest, he continued. “We have aircraft flying vehicles into Atiland, on the island of Amberlay. You’ll get 20 K117KS3 Armored Personnel Carriers, 10 Couger 3K7 tanks, and some recovery vehicles too. They’ll be there when we arrive, believe me.”

“Yes, sir. Speaking of aircraft, what about it?”

“Jouett, it is freezing where we are going, and I don’t even think our vehicles are going to work that well. I’ve got to watch the seas for cartel and drug smuggling activity, and you all will be part of coalition forces fighting militias on Amberlay. There isn’t a pressing need for equipment as much as for warm bodies to fight them back. We’ll have some helicopters to handle multi-role operations, but don’t expect the air support I know you are so fond of.”

“Thank you sir, I will take my leave now.” Jouett walked away, frustrated at the condescension of the Commodore. His lack of candor is going to be detrimental to this Group, I know it, he thought.

Jouett and the other officers made their way onto their respective vessels, and the 1,280 strong Atiland Task Force shipped out to Amberlay. The 600 Royal Defense Force soldiers would assist coalition forces in defending against the militias and the cartels, while the 600 Navy force would monitor the seas for activity and offer support to the boots on the ground. The 80 Royal Air Force would do the same as the Navy.

Amberlay, Atiland
January 18th 2017

Lt. Ismael Montes sat in the dark early mornings of a high rise building, he was a leader of a 22 man group from Kuthern Navy Special Forces, they had been watching a collection of Atiland Military personal moving covered equipment into a police station. He looked at his men as they walked to the windows edge , " Damn 10 stories down boys" he looked at them " We’ve got to get to the 5th floor" he says to the group as they rush down the battle damage stairs.

Few minutes later they reach the fifth floor, a sniper quickly tied the rope around a concrete pillar, “We’re good sir” she says as Montes and 18 Of the special forces soldiers one by one rope down to the bottom.

“What do you read up there, Feijoo” Montes says to the sniper. “Your clear” she replied back. Montes and the soldiers quietly walked across the street and entered a small two flat building. “Clear” he says as they search the first 2 rooms, a series of other Clear’s followed as other rooms were cleared. They quickly set up a base and monitor the trucks movements waiting for the right moment, there operation was clear Kill or Capture General Temiloluwa and clear out the compound finding any valuable intel.

After 6-7 minutes of waiting their chance came as 3 large Semi trucks occupied the guards attention, “There’s two on the right side of the fence, take them out quietly” Feijoo said quietly as to maintain radio silence. Montes and the group quickly runs to the back of the building, Feijoo proceeds to take the two soldiers out, Monte and another soldier drags the bodies back. They climb up through a ladder to the roof, "we’re going in, stay silent stay smooch"he tells the group.

As they walked inside they split up into three groups and search the buildings, red lasers bounce off the walls everywhere and then there was Lt. Monte with his special Blue laser. There was a saying inside the group that when you saw the blue light then you’re too late, Monte was well known the Atilands knew he was coming they were afraid of where he would arrive at.

A explosion rocked the door as they blasted inside a locked room, they found the General pleasing a Harlot “Get the fuck off the women and onto the ground” screams Monte as several beams pointed at both the General and the harlot, they grab the man throwing him against the wall, Monte proceeds to kick him a few times before picking him back up. “Move out, by now the remaining soldiers are alert stay up and alert for any sudden movements”

Inside the building Feijoo radioed in to the Kasmiy destroyer just 20 miles off shore, “This is Sgt. Feijoo to HMS Bjorklund, Spec Ops From Kuthern Navy requesting Stealth evac Over”. The Captain Of the ship quickly replied " This is Cpt. Malmqvist, we read you loud and clear 2 stealth helicopters En route to your GPS coordinates, eta 15 minutes"


Northern Atiland, Near Imout Islands
Battle For UK Bases
January 18th 2017

As the evening felled a West Atiland rebel group funded by the Atiland Military prepares for their assault on a UK base in be protected Imout Territory, 9 Artillery pieces sat on a island just across from the base, the men slowly arrived by the boatload surrounding the Imout isles and capture the small town of Gaondam. At 7pm amidst ruff seas and a strong snow front moving in the Artillery canons eruptive echoing in the cold air, the UK soldiers immediately started to return fire the battle for Imout territory begins.

Commodore Maganda shivered on the open bow of the RFS Ibiryo, the Canterbury-class vessel that was seeing its first action as part of the Atiland Task Group. The group had split into two forces, one force being Major Jouett and the RDF in West Atiland, with one ship and its crew, in addition to the Air Force. This force was the part actively defending Amberlay from the hostile militias and drug cartels. The other force, led by Maganda, was composed of the remaining Navy vessels along with two helicopters, was fulfilling the other mission parameter; patrolling the waters directly south of Atiland and west of Borea, to prevent cartel ships from making drug shipments.

The force had recently arrived, and had seen much action, none of it related to drug shipments. It had interdicted several pleasure crafts from nearby nations, which the Commodore had to supplicate himself by apologizing profusely for the error. No diplomatic incidents had been created yet, and Maganda was hoping that would remain the case. He did not want to be like his counterpart in the Gronmund Port Task Group, Commodore (now Commander) Keyes. Even with the two submarines patrolling and scanning for vessels at sea, there was just no activity coming from Atiland.

As Maganda looked out into open sea, freezing his butt off even though he was wearing layers of clothes under his uniform, he received a notice. One of the submarines identified a large vessel, heading south from Atiland through open waters. It would pass directly by the RFS Ibiryo, to which the Commodore ordered his ship to intercept the vessel. Let’s hope this isn’t another pleasure craft, but this time it doesn’t fit the bill like the others we intercepted. Is this an actual drug ship? He thought. Not only that, but our submarines actually did something! I know the Admirals were debating about the merits of the submarines, I think this affirms the usefulness of them.

The RFS Ibiryo was given the coordinates of the vessel, and moved to intercept. As the ship came within sight, the Commodore had his doubts dismissed. The vessel looked worn, but curiously carved through the water with speed that betrayed its interior. It clearly had work done on the engine and the rudder, but the exterior was meant to blend in and not arouse suspicion.“This is definitely not another yacht, let’s get this bastard.” Maganda called out as he returned to the bridge. The vessel caught sight of the RFS Ibiryo headed towards it, and tried to turn around and speed away, but the RFS Ibiryo, being at full speed had an advantage of momentum. It got within weapon range, and Maganda’ XO sent out a warning through the sound cannon on board that if the vessel did not cut the engine, it would be fired upon. The vessel stopped, and the RFS Ibiryo approached alongside it, crew at ready-stations for boarding.

Suddenly, weapons fire came from the inside of the intercepted vessel, firing on the RFS crew gathering on board. The crew scattered, a few dropped to the ground clutching some body part that had just been shot, and others grabbed weapons and returned fire. Ducking behind objects on the Ibiryo, the crew returned fire without much luck, as the vessel had been layered with reinforced metal and possibly sandbags in the hull. The Commodore observed the action take place, and calmly said to his first-officer, “if you would, please point the two big guns at that vessel and riddle it with bullets, thank you very much.”

The officer issued the command, and the two machine guns on board swiveled to face the vessel and unload material into it for five seconds. Upon cessation, the vessel’s crew did not return fire. Maganda smiled and said, “well, that solved our problem, didn’t it? Send in the boarding party, but tell them to be careful.”

The boarders successfully made it onto the vessel and secured several of the crew on it. While there was not a mass of corpses, there were some injuries. Inexplicably, the machine gun fire had not caused a single casualty, but it sure as hell shocked the vessel’s crew into dropping their weapons and submitting. After the crew had been secured and the injured taken to the medical bay for treatment, Maganda entered the bullet-riddled vessel. Sure enough, there were drugs, and lots of them. “Probably 500 kilograms worth of drugs here.” He remarked.

Maganda found the captain of the ship and interrogated him. The vessel was intended to travel south to Furnifold and the other nations, and offload the drugs into established coastal safe zones. He did not know where, as that information came to him as he got closer to the meeting place. The runs would likley be increased as the winter storm had subsided, so the Task Group would certainly be seeing more action, especially since the cartels armed all the vessels with weapons for cases like this.

Maganda was concerned about the drug runs down to Furnifold, but also recognized there was another problem. He did not want to constantly engage in combat with intercepted vessels. While there were no deaths on the Ibiryo, at least a dozen of the crew were injured in the exchange. We will not be so lucky next time, Allah be willing. He thought. It appeared that every cartel vessel would be attacking their ship. Maganda also thought about interdiction. Though the Ibiryo was capable of storing a lot of supplies, there would be no way that all the potential drugs could be stored. There was no logistical way to confiscate these drugs, plus the crew, without returning to shore every trip. There had to be another way to stop the ships from traveling south to Furnifold. Then he thought of an idea. He talked with the intercepted ship’s captain:

“Well, I am going to let you go.” he said, to the surprise of the captain. “But,” he continued. “I want you to send a message to whoever it is you report to. I want to get into an arrangement with you all. We can’t keep doing this, as you’ll lose drugs, members, and money, and it’s a logistical nightmare to have to interdict you all. So, here’s what we do. Your ships will travel along this route.” which Maganda drew for the captain. “This will put you in the direct path of my Task Force, and not nearby the Kuthernburg Navy. Upon meeting one of my vessels, we will intercept you, without combat, I will add, and confiscate about a fifth of your material. From there, we will send you east, without being accosted, towards Borea and the nations of Arrelak, Acapais, and Hama. You can continue to conduct your business over there, but you won’t travel to Furnifold.”

“This is a good deal,” he continued. “If you follow the route, you won’t be intercepted by any other nation’s naval vessels, and the same goes for after we meet. The route is safe from observation, allowing you free access to Borea and the other nations. The confiscated material is our “toll” for these services and the information we give, and for keeping your vessels intact and the crew alive. It also gives us an established log of our successes at sea, as drugs entering Furnifold will be lessened, plus the drugs we interdict will enter into the log for Atiland officials. And, your leaders continue their business services without further intrusion. Sound good? Let them know that when you get back to the ship.”

“Also, make sure they know that if a cartel vessel fires on our ships, we will utterly destroy the vessel in question without any quarter. It would be nothing but wreckage, and the crew annihilated,” the Commodore said with a neutral expression. The captain of the drug vessel nodded, and was given access to his crew and ship again.

The crew of the vessel loaded about 100 kilograms of drugs into the Ibiryo, and sailed away, the ship damaged, but not destroyed. Maganda smiled, looked at the drugs, and remarked to a trusted officer, “well, that went really well, let’s hope the cartels take this deal. Look at the amount of drugs we will be taking on. Put a few cases in my quarters, and keep some for yourself too. I don’t see why all of this needs to be given back to the Atiland authorities…”

Maganda returned to the bow of the Ibiryo, no longer shivering out of cold, but shivering out of excitement for the monetary windfall he would be receiving as part of this little partnership with the drug cartels he was hoping to stop. You know, when I left Furnifold, my mission parameters were to limit drug shipments from making their way to Furnifold. If they are going somewhere else, they aren’t going to Furnifold, and I am still within mission parameters… and going to be rich!

OOC: Joint post with King Rico
Nassad HQ, St. Andrews
January 27th, 2018

President Charlotte lead several important figures from the United Kingdom and Kingdom of Kuthernburg into a secret war room. She was the first to talk.
“Please, gentlemen, take a seat. Shall we begin?”
Walter and Nickolas, Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Defence for the UK nodded. Walter felt a little on edge today. He’d spent hours of his time reading articles from Atiland - illegal activity, corrupt regimes and the like. Walter had known the President of Atiland for a long while; Roberto. His corrupt, racist demeanour frustrated him. The attack on the UK base frustrated him. Walter stared at Charlotte.
“This regime needs to be stopped.”
“You are right,” she paused “this is precisely the reason why we have been keeping a close tab on our target, Roberto Clemente,” she paused. She briefly handed out a report with the title ‘Top Secret: Nassad’. “For the past several weeks our intelligence has reported him appearing in a series of shady locations, mostly with different Cartels. But the one thing that caught our attention was his meeting with Mr Utesbo,” she paused. Rico looked at her in confusion.
“Utesbo you say, I was under the belief you all had arrested him.” he exclaimed.
“Suspicious,” Nickolas noted, reading the report. “Supposedly he is making deals with criminal organisations that should otherwise oppose his regime,” he paused and stared at Walter, he too was a little bewildered. “This is interesting…”
“Roberto authorised the attack on the UK military base earlier this week.” Walter sighed, stacking the report with light taps on the table. The group fell silent for many seconds.
Putin looked up from the report after flipping through the pages.
“There is several pages of striked paragraphs, do you mind telling us what this is? Clearly I missed the memo on keeping planned attacks a secret from allies” his face turned slightly red from frustration. Charlotte looked at the men, revealing nothing.
“Some information has been kept secret for the sake of national security. Our agents have usually hunted down and killed these masterminds before things get iffy. But Utesbo has slipped out our reach on several instances. He is a danger and
must be eliminated.” she sighed before pulling down a television. She played a recording of the agent meeting with Utesbo. It revealed what many wanted to hear - many future planned attacks.
Walter and Frost were furious. They whispered in rhythm for several seconds before Frost coughed.
“A second assault on the UK Imout Territory Base, just as we expected,” he paused. “We anticipated this kind of hostility already,” he paused. “This regime must end with the resignation and capture of Clements; the attack on the base a clear declaration of war.”
“We must work together to defeat the common enemy.” Walter declared.
“The member of the Morst Commonwealth has been suspended from attending meetings. Member states have agreed to sanction and boycott the nation at all costs.” Nickolas interjected.
Charlotte gave an unusually tense smile to her peers. Rico was all to familiar with the smile. After a moment, she walked to a file cabinet that had a series of folders with different names of the countries on Urth. She grabbed a folder with Atiland as the title.
“I believe it’s a good time to inform you on an attack that’s planned in 72 hours. According to classified information a group of Cartels are going to attempt to overthrow a Kuthern Nuclear Silo site. It seems to me your slacking on soldiers, 200?” She smacks her lips, slowly shaking her head. Putin looked in shock.
“ Ho… How did you know that, that was top secret!” Rico looked at Frost, “This information is rather interesting I must say, I’m not surprised by it. Roberto has always been a creepy guy.” Rico stood up and looked around.
“Now gentlemen and lady, we aren’t fighting a regular war anymore, this is a guerrilla warfare. Cartels, Islamist groups, Native rivalry, communist militia and a rouge country, what we have here is a mighty fine shit show boys.” He walked to the coffee machine and poured himself a cup. Walter walked to the same table. As well as a coffee machine, it had a water dispenser and a jar of hobsti teabags. He placed one in a white ceramic cup and poured water over it. The water quickly turned a shade of brown-orange. He stirred it for awhile as the conversation ensued.
“That base needs to stand. Where is it located? There are several United Kingdom military institutions in the country.”
“At the centre of Mainland Atiland, a few kilometres from Delacruz,” Rico replied. Charlotte then smiled and looked at Walter.
“You guys are in a bit of trouble yourself, my agents were able to steal classified information. It seems that there going to boost up there efforts in the Imout Isles as well as a hostage takeover of your bases. You need to equipment your men with chemical warfare suits, it seems Atiland has let the cartels and extremist groups access to Stockpiles of Chemical weapons. Seems you guys weren’t accurate with who owned what I see.”
“We were accurate enough. We sent two troop transports to our base in the Imout Isles after the attack. They have refuelled at Adumara,” he paused. Perhaps we can get to your base. Provide air support. Anything.” Nickolas proposed.
“I suppose we could launch a bombing campaign and some special operations, gaining control over the city is probably top priority but there’s a problem. The provinces of Desnoia and Seberna are at war, and the Desnoians are rather aggressive in their campaign. Air attacks on civilian targets from both sides gave only intensified the situation,” she looked at Walter before looking at Rico. “so boys. I need to know, can you take on the challenges that are about to presented themselves to you all. In 72 hours all hell is going to break loose on mainland Atiland and i don’t feel the support needed for Nassad to do our missions.”
“It’s our missions as well. We pledge our full cooperation, and no funny business,” Walter replied. “You must inform myself and Mr. Frost before any of these missions.”
Charlotte smiled.
“Of course, you will be informed of anything that we feel needs the involvement of your country.”
Walter, after sipping some tea, smiled.
“I guess the meeting has been concluded.” Walter, followed by Nickolas, presented their hands for a handshake. Rico and Charlotte shook everyone hands before she had them escorted by Nassad agents through a secret tunnel to a underground garage were there vehicles waited. She pulled out a file she had yet to inform them on, Code name Operation Eagle Spear Nassad had successfully infiltrated the cartel members that were going to invade the Nuclear base, the plan was simple. Just before they made it to the city the Nassad agents would kill the leaders and send the group running.

Mr.Ustebo was to die.

East Mainland Atiland, Operation Evil Justice, February 3rd

The Kuthern Marines invasion into Mainland Atiland had gone as planned, fighter jets made quick work of coastal defenses and had secured the airspace. The Forest lit up with machine gun fire as the marines entered a intense firefight with Atiland army, “Bring the big boy, 44S Carpenter hill we’re pinned down dammit!!”, 12 clicks west the 292nd Artillery Regiment sat on top of a hill conquered days earlier, the KV277 155mm canon echoed across the valley. “Keep them off that hill, fire!”, a Kerul MLRS started to fire several rockets across the valley into the side of the enemy hill, the soldiers began to cheer as the rockets hit the top causing a avalanche, “CO23, that was on target I repeat the hill is clear” a Sgt replies. Another soldier shouted “Did you get that video!”. The marines proceeded to carry on facing intense combat, until finally it faded.

They marched through the snow, looking for any Al-Hasid militants, one marine made a remark as they walked “I guess those sand dragons aren’t built for cold weather” they chuckled before starting back walking. Just as they started to look inside a bunker, a trap left by the militants inside the bunker began releasing a toxic chemical called Sulfur gas. The men notice a weird smell, there skins began to burn and blister up, there eyes watery and lips peeling, the 9 marines died minutes later.

(I got an order for the President Franklin in the Duelland One, that he wants the troops Atiland to be sent home) an advisor say to the Vice President Stephen (Ok Ill talk to the Nacatan Officals) he says. He gets his phone and starts dialing their number.

Late January, off the coast of Trukya

The arrangement had been effective for the Atiland Task Group. While Major Jouett and his RDF forces were out protecting the western part of Atiland, Commodore Maganda was on toll duty near the Strait of Borea. The Task Group had successfully struck an agreement with the cartels, and had been steadily increasing the drugs “confiscated” before allowing safe passage through the Strait. The route to Furnifold was blocked off, but the cartels could ship the drugs through the Straits with no problem. The brass back home loved the successes of the mission, and Jackson Woolf, the Foreign Secretary of Furnifold, was even able to negotiate a lease of the nearby nation of Trukya for Furnifold naval vessels. They could dock on one of the islands, and store confiscated drugs there. The warehouse that was leased for the materials was becoming filled with confiscated drugs, and soon Maganda would have to thing about getting some vessel to pick it up and ship the drugs, for profit. That would come later, however, as there was still plenty of room and plenty of drugs to confiscate. Barring an audit by Furnifold brass, or a renege on the agreement by the cartels, Maganda felt that this whole Task Group was smooth sailing.

Of course, something was to go wrong. The drug cartels wanted their shipments of opium making its way to Furnifold, as the well of resources over in that nation started to dry. The organization coerced the Atiland Navy to escort the ships through the Atiland Task Group blockade to travel south to Furnifold. A confrontation was all but guaranteed, as the blockade would not allow drug ships through, and the cartel was determined to get the ships through.

One foggy morning, the RFN Ibiryo observed several cartel vessels heading straight towards the blockade. Maganda’s XO did the usual hailing signal on the established frequency, and requested the ships slow and steady for boarding. There was no response. The XO tried again, but stopped midway as more vessels appeared on the radar. There were three ships that were on the port and starboard side, which the XO observed to be corvette size. Maganda stared at the screen, then told the XO to hail at the regular frequency. “Unidentified vessel, this is the RFN Ibiryo, commanded by Commodore Maganda of the Atiland Task Group of Furnifold. Please be advised you are approaching Task Group Jurisdiction, and will be presumed as hostile if approached further. Please state intentions. Over.”

The response came quickly, and caused Maganda’s heart to flutter. “Ibiryo, this is the Royal Atiland Navy. Our vessels supersede your jurisdiction, and by notice of the nation of Atiland, are to pass by unencumbered. Please deviate from intercept formation, and belay order. Over.”

That’s it, definitive proof that the Atiland military is in cahoots with the cartels. They’re trying to get their drugs through out blockade! Maganda thought. “Damn it, I knew it was going to come to this,” he said to his Number One. “Prepare for hostile engagement.”

An alarm sounded as the sailors went to their ready stations, and prepared the cannons. The Litop-class destroyers also were under similar alert, and the Task Group ships readied for battle. A call was put out to the Alutian-class submarines to surface and engage. Commodore Maganda gave a final warning to the opposing Atiland ships when they were in range of the destroyer’s missiles. “Final warning, turn away or be obliterated.”

The only response was a string of curses from the drug cartels on the other station frequency. Maganda turned pale, shocked that it had come to this. He contacted the XO. “Move to block the cartel vessels paths, and fire on the corvettes.”

The two Litop-class vessels turned to starboard and approached the Ibiryo, firing missiles at the three Pevensey Castle-class vessels as they got in range. The Ibiryo took the cover to turn back and get distance between the destroyers and it, as Maganda knew that the cartel ships would likely easily get around the destroyers, and the Ibiryo would be ready to intercept. The destroyers will keep the guns of the corvettes off us, and we’ll incapacitate the cartel ships that get around our destroyers. The submarines are going to surface by the corvettes and take them out. he thought, trusting in his formation and naval plan.

The battle commenced. The Atiland corvettes fired at the destroyers, as they couldn’t fire over them to attack the Ibiryo, and the destroyers returned fire. Water exploded around both targets, and an explosion landed on one of the corvettes, which caused smoke to billow out of it. “The destroyers are successfully striking the corvettes, and they haven’t been able to get a successful strike on us, sir,” Maganda’s XO said. “Keep at it, we’ll wait for the cartel vessels to come into range.”

The cartel vessels approached the destroyers, and being more maneuverable, avoided the heavy weapons from the destroyers. the cartel members on board the vessels used small arms and RPGs to fire onto the destroyers, connecting with their armaments when the Atiland Navy could not. When told of the news, Maganda struck a table. "Damn it, they’re gonna do the same thing to us! Our vessel might not be able to take it. Okay, deploy our helicopters, and get them to fire at the vessels as they approach. We need to get them to disengage from attacking the Ibiryo.

The two helicopters were quickly deployed, and those on-board were given small arms to fire at the cartel vessels. The helicopters circled the Ibiryo, firing at the cartel vessels as they tried to approach. Though not being attack helicopters, they were a pain in the side of the cartel vessels, as they could not approach without coming under fire from potentially three sources of gunfire. Two cartel vessels were incapacitated, though a few were able to make it past the blockade and escape. The XO on the Ibiryo made sure to register the signature of these escaped vessels, as the Furnifold Navy would need to be on the lookout for them.

The Atiland corvettes had out-maneuvered the approach from Furnifold’s destroyers, and had succeeded in striking one of the destroyers. “Our rudder is damaged, sir, we can’t keep at the pace of our other one.” Was the response from the struck Litop-class. Maganda commanded the destroyers to fall back, get out of range of the corvette’s fire, and commanded the submarines to surface and fire on the corvettes. The destroyers fell back, but before the submarines could surface, the corvettes turned around and disengaged, heading north towards Atiland. “Sir, they’ve disengaged, should we pursue?” the Number One asked. “Negative, we really can’t catch them, and we don’t know what could be waiting for us. Let’s assess our damage and prepare for possible next steps.”

The damage to the vessels was relatively minor and superficial, with the exception of the damaged rudder on one of the destroyers. Maganda told the captain to get the destroyer to Surikatu for repairs, and sent a message to the Admiral Eden of the North Fleet to let him know about the battle that took place. Maganda reasoned that they would very likely need to get more vessels to reinforce the blockade, especially if Atiland and the cartels were working in tandem. Maganda also sent a message to the cartels through the hidden frequency that the “arrangement” the Task Group had with the cartels was terminated, and any cartel vessels assisted by Atiland naval ships would be treated as hostile and fired upon. Finally, Maganda sent a message to the coalition forces of the United Kingdom, and Kuthernburg and its allies, that the Task Group came under attack by Atiland Navy, and would likely need assistance in this sector if another attack was to take place.

Damn it, we had a good thing over here, but of course the cartels had to get greedy. How corrupt everyone is. Now we’ll need to clear out the warehouse on Surikatu, and find a way to get the drugs there sold and out of our hands. He had one final command for his XO, to which the XO’s response was hesitation, naturally. “I need you to find a buyer for our warehouse of confiscated drugs. We need to move it before reinforcements arrive. We can’t have more of our navy looped in on this.” Sensing the XO’s hesitation, Maganda added, “I’ll give you more of a cut if we’re successful.”

“Well, yes, sir, I’ll see what I can find.”

Maganda walked away, seemingly over his nerves brought about by the battle, and remarked, “Fantastic, now, let’s get back to our stations, and be on the lookout for more of those devils in Atiland.”


Upon hearing the news, the Royal Furnifold Navy and the Magistrate’s Office agreed to send another Canterbury-class vessel, a Moudge-class frigate, and a Shedun-class transport dock. the transport dock would bolster Major Juett’s land forces by providing more vehicles and helicopters for the Task Group, as well as 300 more soldiers. It would also relieve the remaining Litop-class destroyer in Atiland, so that the destroyer could bolster the Task Group’s drug blockade endeavor. With the reinforcements were another one thousand sailors, and five helicopters, including three attack helicopters. The RFN was hoping that this increase in reinforcements would turn away drug runs from the blockade, and cause Atiland’s navy to approach with caution. It would also take assistance from Kuthernburg and the United Kingdom to really prevent any more movement by the Atiland Navy, as the invasion of Atiland continued.

February 26th, Operation Genuinely Care

After the Kuthern Control Island Of West Atiland was shelled over night by Atiland Naval vessels stationed in the capital Island, commander of Operations in Atiland ordered for the island to be ’ Leveled ’ and for the president to be captured. Around 9:50 in the morning a Kuthern helicopter straps with to large speakers blared a song by Rose & Guns over them “Wake Up!! It’s time to dieee!!” was the first words to come out, the Kutherns had been known for using Psychological warfare before attacking, it helped to soften the enemies up. A RKAF AC-135 immediately started unloading its 105 mm howitzer on the Capital city of Lostwich, the rounds piercing through and blowing the Presidential building to shreds. The city central lit up in a blaze of fire from constant pounding by the gun, Anti-Aircraft rounds lit up the sky with black dots as they desperately attempted to shoot the aircraft down. Meanwhile using the distraction Marines started to fill the sky up with Parachutes, they touched down to fierce resistance. The radio filled up with wounded calls, the Marines quickly found cover in the buildings from the incoming bullets.

( 6 Hours Later )

The 900 Marines creeped there way inch by inch through the city of Lostwich, a crowd of citizens slowly gathered growing larger and larger behind them cheering waving white flags. They chanted “Down to the dictatorship!” As they burned pictures of the president on the street, the soldiers finally made it to where the president Bunkerd down in. The soldiers had set up a barrier around the Embassy of Crania as they reached the Crania government to inform them on the situation. The crowd grew larger and more aggressive as they became impatient at the time it was taking the soldiers to arrest Roberto, the shouted for them to allow him to be hung for his crimes.

(9 Hours Later)

After hours of managing to keep the crowds back, 16 Kuthern Marines walked out with Roberto holding him by his collar in handcuffs, a helicopter landing in the street and flew back to the Aircraft Carrier Sertobia.


Operation Free Amberlay, March 1st

The Battle Of Amberlay had been stretched for almost a month, constant battling between Atiland Forces and Kuthern Coalition Forces. The Atiland Morale was finally at a breaking point with the president being arrested days earlier, the Kutherns decided to finish them off how they did in Kostroma. 8 B-57s took off from Kuthern base in West Atiland, carrying 2 MOABs a piece the psychological effect of the Mushroom clouds would more then enough to finally finish th war. At around 6am in the cover of darkness the bombs where dropped on Airports, Government Facilitates, And Large plots of land.

The Mushroom clouds popped up 1 by Tell the city was lit up by 16 separate Mushroom clouds, the bright light from the explosion left everyone in fear that a Nuclear apocalypse was in the works. When day broke white flags lit up the city and the Kuthern Forces proceeded to arrest all rebels and Military personal. The Kuthern Flag was raised at a nearby government building, and Kuthern law was instated.

Winterview Treaty

The Kingdom Of Kuthernburg and all other countries respect the independence, sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity of new Kuthern Territory in West/East Atiland and Amberlay province. A cease-fire shall be observed throughout Atiland as of 2400 hours on March 5th 2018.

At the same hour, the Atiland will stop all its military activities against the territory of Kuthernburg by ground, air and naval forces, wherever they may be based, and end the mining of the territorial waters of Kuthernburg, ports, harbors, and waterways of Federal States Of Atiland Isles And Amberlay. Atiland will remove, permanently deactivate or destroy all the mines in the territorial waters, ports, harbors, ships, Submarines and waterways of Atiland soon as this Agreement goes into effect. The complete cessation of hostilities mentioned in this Treaty shall be durable and without limit of time.

The dismantlement of all military bases of Atiland Armed Forces shall be completed within sixty days of the signing of this Agreement. After the signing of this Agreement, an PKFU Commission of Control and Supervision shall be established immediately.

The parties agree within thirty days of the signing of this Agreement to acknowledge the signed agreements; to guarantee the ending of the war, the turn over of Land to Kuthernburg, the respect of the Atiland people’s fundamental national rights inside UK and KOK newly Acquired Terrotory, and to contribute to and guarantee peace in Borea.

This Protocol to the Winterview Treaty on Ending the War and Restoring Peace to the New Territories shall enter into force upon signature by the Parliament Of Kuthernburgs and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Government of Atiland. It shall be strictly implemented by the two parties.

This treaty hearby signs over Imout Province to the United Kingdom, Amberlay Province to KOK and West/East Atiland Islands to KOK. The Nation Of Atiland will cease to exist and any remaining land not under control of Kuthernburg or United Kingdom will be unclaimed territory.

DONE in Pollok this seventh day of March, Two Thousand and Eighteen, in Kuthern and Imout.

For the Government of the Kingdom Of Kuthernburg
Rico Luaz
Royal President

For the Government of the Republic of Atiland
Peter Duntly
Prime Minister

With the bolstering of naval vessels for the Atiland Task Group, Commodore Maganda was given the assistance he needed to accomplish his mission. The Commodore was able to find a buyer for the illicit material that had been confiscated by the Task Group (the Nassad, Nacata’s intelligence service, of all groups), making Maganda and his inner cadre wealthy overnight. Nassad had an effective way of wiring money over, so it was a quick call to his wife back in Furnifold to watch the bank account, and to let him know when the size of it increased. It was finalized on the day of the Winterview Treaty being signed, and in that month, the Task Force had been involved in some serious skirmishes with the Atiland Navy. Nothing was as serious as the first battle, as Furnifold somehow possessed greater firepower during these conflicts. The Commodore attributed it to the involvement of other coalition forces, and the fact that Atiland was on the ropes. It might have been possible that some of those vessels were not even armed. So, the Task Group did its due diligence, and, since Maganda was still the commander of the Group, he had the authority to only patrol a certain sector of the open seas, allowing the drug cartels entrance to where Furnifold was located. As the coalition forces advanced, the cartel sent more and more vessels east instead of south, so by the end of the war, the Task Group was almost bored…

Finally, the call came in. The treaty was signed, and the Task Group’s mission was accomplished, and it was to return to base in Furnifold. Maganda had heard talk of tensions increasing in the North Kadje Island, so it was likely the next task group to be created. He was to return Major Jouett in the Amberlay Province to the Task Force, for a return to Furnifold. Ultimately, the mission was a success; the brass reported in, and stated that illicit trade into Furnifold had fallen, and the treaty would mean a decline in the organization of the cartels. The RFN would probably have to patrol the waters of Furnifold, but the drug smuggling issue of Atiland was going to be less pressing at this point. Commodore Maganda set in for a relaxing journey to Amberlay. The Task Group had approached closer to land, and could see activity taking place again in the coastal cities of the nation. It was good, hopefully all would be peaceful.
Upon arriving in Amberlay, Commodore Maganda approached the waiting Major Jouett, of the expeditionary force. The man really had seen a lot, he thought. From what he gave me in field reports, it was mainly loose resistance that the land force encountered. Cleanup duty is fantastic. But when the Commodore approached the Major, he looked very troubled. “Major, what’s wrong?” the Commodore asked, eyes narrowing. “Sir, I don’t know what the chain of command is for this kind of thing, but I think I have to declare a war crime,” was the response from Jouett.

“This sounds serious, what did the soldiers do?” asked Maganda, assumming it was Furnifold who was the culprit. “That’s just it, sir, it wasn’t Furnifold, it was Kuthernburg! Kuthernburg dropped massive bombs onto populated areas in Amberlay, targeting civilians and military alike. This wasn’t even necessary, as the surrender was already taking place, and there were civilians still all over the place. Our forces were in the field when the bombs were dropped. We suffered casualties, sir. We had a few patrols out in the open fields surrounding the city when the bombs were dropped. They lit up the place outside and inside the city as a form of psychological warfare… it was sick, sir.”

“How do you know it was Kuthernburg?” The Commodore asked, getting an aide to take notes, while also commanding another aide to bring a phone.

“The bombers above were Kuthernburg bombers; I remember because of my joint special operations with their forces. Plus, air travel has been grounded in Amberlay for some time, and the only planes airborne are Kuthernburg or United Kingdom, or ours. And the United Kingdom wouldn’t bring this kind of weaponry here, while the opposition does not possess it, and would not use it on their own people. It was most definitely Kuthernburg. Thousands are dead, sir, including some of our soldiers. Our picture is still hazy, but we believe 14 are dead, and 30 are wounded. This pales in comparison to what happened in the city. I would expect casualties to be in the thousands… sir, I know Kuthernburg is our partner, but this was too much. We need to do something.”

The Commodore nodded his head, and clapped the back of the Major, leading him back onto the vessel to take them away from Atiland. “You’re right, Major. Let’s go back to Furnifold, I’ll get my superiors aware of this, and I’m sure Jackson Woolf will handle this.” He said, somewhat reassuringly. The red tape on this is going to be thick. But, because the Major is sure that Furnifoldian soldiers died and it was Kuthernburg, maybe that will expedite things.

McLendal, Furnifold
March 9th, 2018

Rico and Secretary Of Defense Detjya Putin arrived in Furnifold inside a unmarked black jet, they quickly rushed into there cars and Motercade quickly made it way to the meeting place. They arrived and walked inside the building , “Oh this is going to be interesting” Putin says as he see the Furnifoldian representatives.

The representatives turn away the two Kuthernburg officials, stating, “you are no longer required to attend this meeting, but thank you for coming anyways. The Magistrate has authorized us to give you complimentary fruit baskets for the travel trouble, and two vouchers for Marineworld, if you would like to visit. I heard the orca put on a show that’s deadly fun!”

Eastern Atiland, Butum Region
April 3rd, 2018

The Joint Peacekeeping trio of Kuthernburg, Kasmiyland and Lessau finally started breaking ground on reconstruction of the Capital city of Rougeborough. Almost as soon as they landed at the Airport on the first group of cargo planes the PKs encountered the undertrained and underarmed Atiland Security Force, the leader of the entire operation command in Atiland nicknamed “North Coms” was 2 Star General Of The Lessau Army Ruud Ninaber stepped at the aircraft and shouted to the leader of the security force “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. But currently you all look like a damn flock of doves who lost their mates, STAND STRAIGHT!” the 5’9 man was small in comparison to Kuthern soldiers but his voice was fierce and his message to the point. The Defense soldiers quickly fell in line, they helped the crews unload the aircraft loaded with tanks, guns and armored vehicles, they loaded the soldiers up and headed towards the barracks set up but the Kutherns.

They arrived and the General checked into his quarters and quickly made his way to the conference room where a map of Atiland laid drawn out, “Well what the hell is this right here ? What do we need to kill out ther sleeper cells ?” Ninaber said to Head Of Atiland Security Forces Ador palasar. “Well General we currently know that in the northwest of the region Al-Bashek still holds a small area of land we have been unsuccessful in kicking them out as well as the cartels.” He replied. The General stood up, “What air assests can we get here ?” He asked a Kuthern Air Command soldier. “Currently 3 Carriers sitting off the coast and Kuthern base in West Atiland host 42 Aircraft” the Kuthern soldier replied. Ninaber looked at the soldier “Well with permission of the soldiers here I want to start a bombing and tactical insurgency of villages they know are under Cartel and Al-Bashek control. I goddamit want to emphasize on the no killing civilians! I don’t want to hear about 20-40 civies killed tonight. You don’t fire directly into towns or homes let ground support handle that you take out their means of access and enemy vehicles. I want this put into affect immediately I want 1200 troops for that operation and about 400 PKs in this capital we need to make it safe for diplomats to restore embassies and curb crime. And somebody train those damn boys, they look like my grandmother back in 97 after her hip replacement” The soldiers saluted and rushed off to do their jobs.