A Harsh Path to Democracy

May 1st, 2020

Urgia-Nova, Alksearia
The Royal Palace

King Eldras is sitting in his office.  The Council has just left his office after their morning meeting.

Lord Alexander stays behind and says, “Eldras, I believe the King of Norgsveldet is coming to meet you today.  He should be arriving around noon.  Would you like me to meet him at the port?”

Eldras looks up from the pile of papers in front of him, “Yeah.  Meet him at the port, and make sure you have a couple of guards with you.  I don’t want any trouble getting back to the Palace.”

Lord Alexander nods, and leaves the room.  Eldras is left looking at his notes from his meeting with the democratic leaders.  His number one issue is writing a “constitution”?  Whatever that is.  Eldras gets up from his chair and takes one of the history books off his bookshelf marked “The History of Norgsveldet”

A few hours later…
The Royal Port of Alksearia

Olav I left the royal Norgsveltian ship as it landed on the royal port of Alksearia. As he was walking off the landing bridge that connected to the port, he saw a man waiting at the port, If Olav had to guess it was the man that would escort him to the royal palace. He also sees the crowd of people and reporters that are photographing him as he walks to the port.

“King Olav of the United Kingdoms of Norgsveldet and it’s crown realms, and Saint of the Astru Temple, welcome to The Kingdom of Eastern Alksearia.  I am Lord Alexander II, the Lord Master of the Council of Lords and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.  King Eldras is expecting you at the Royal Palace.”  he looks over at the crowd of reporters, “Sorry about them.  They have nothing else better to do apparently today…”

Olav laughed heartily, “Do not worry, if anything I’d be more surprised if there was none” Olav stretched out his arm to give Alexander a handshake. “I have to thank your nation for accepting me here”

Alexander stretches his hand out and shakes Olav’s hand, “I have to thank you for coming to help our Monarch make this very bold step.  He has been getting some push back recently from some of our nobles for such a step.”

“I will help to ensure that the pressure of the nobles won’t cause too much of a problem,” Olav said as he gave a warm smile towards Alexander.

One reporter shouts over the crowd and asks, “Is this the start of an alliance between the two kingdoms, or is this an effort to undermine our great and glorious Kingdom?  The fair nobles and our common folk deserve answers!!”

“I am here to meet your king, as far as I know, he seems like a good man to help the people.” Olav said facing the reporter while ensuring to not seem aggressive. “Also I would request that your nobles do not spread lies about me or your king, you can be kind to report that to your nobles!” Olav said jokingly.

The reporter’s face becomes flush with red at the answer and storms away.  A conglomerate of other reporters all start shouting different questions and it all seems to drown each other out.  The Royal Guard attache moves forward to push the reporters back just a little bit.  Alexander motions for Olav to proceed towards the Royal car, “Come, the meeting will start once we make it back to the palace.”

As they approach and enter the vehicle, all the cameras flash and half-blind the two of them.  In the car, Alexander looks at Olav and asks, “How long did it take for your nation to transition into a constitutional monarchy? Did your nobles challenge you?”

Olav gives out a small laugh “Well my country has been a democracy looong before I was born. But I can tell you what my ancestor Varg III did, after long years of instability in Norgsveldet during the 1800s, the former more authoritarian monarch Fredrick I, abdicated the throne, Varg got chosen as the successor. He made a constitution that was inspired by the liberal intellectuals of its time. The nobles did try to stop him. However he did make concessions to them, which was giving them land in the colonies. Essentially making a lot of them move there and allowed the mainland to have its democracy.” Olav said as he went on talking about the democratic process of Norgsveldet. “Though the biggest thing to remember is having the military on your side. If not this will be much harder”