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[11/2/2023] [5:00 AM]

[Federal Prime Minister’s Residence; Twenty-First Pepin Street; C.D.; Federation of the Southern Coast]

The wake up alarm blares from Jeanne’s phone, the human’s arm stretches over to the nightstand to turn it off. Waking up has always been one of Jeanne’s favorite part of the day as much as it was her wife, Aurélia’s most dreaded part of the day. However, they of course both have jobs that require them to be up before the sunrises over the sea. Jeanne Pierre being the Federal Prime Minister of the Federation and her lovely wife Aurélia being kindergarten teacher for a nearby school. As Jeanne started to get up from the bed, she felt her wife try to pull her back down to bed by grabbing her arm.

“It’s the weekend, Jeanne come back to bed.” Aurélia said in a tired tone of voice, weakly attempting to pull her down.

“I’m the Federal Prime Minister honey, I don’t have weekends anymore.” Jeanne’s tone of voice was more awake, already preparing the checklist of what she is doing today.

“Five more minutes.” Aurélia tried to negotiate with her wife to sleep just for a few more moments.

“No can do, I have a full schedule today.” Jeanne gave her wife a kiss, standing up straight and got off the bed. Then head towards the closet to pick out a suit. Her suit wardrobe of course, was all the same suit and it made very little difference which suit she actually picked but she liked just taking a few minutes to look through them. To spend a few more moments alone with her wife before she is surrounded by security and politicians. Thankfully, it was Saturday and by Federal law, no parliamentarian or politician cannot make an official request to have a meeting with her on the weekends. However private gatherings such as inviting her to have lunch or dinner are still allowed. Of course emergencies and foreign events still cause a meeting for her. Weekends were a day for politicking but just not the official kind.

Her wife came up to her and gave a hug, resting her head on Jeanne’s shoulder. “Can we have breakfast at our usual spot?”

“I will have it delivered.” Jeanne reached with her hand to scratch Aurélia’s nekomimi ears.

Aurélia gave a small pur, leaning into the human’s hand. “I was thinking we could go out this time like old times.”

Jeanne thought about it for a moment, “We would have to request security to secure the place for, it could take quite a bit of time honey. Are you sure your stomach can wait that long?” Jeanne jokes, though her tone and face made it sound like an insult. Her wife of course, knew that she was and gave a small poke at Jeanne’s side.

“I asked our security to have the café secure for us to visit last night before bed.” Aurélia gave a small smirk, “So no backing out this time. It would be good for you to see how normal people eat again, you know. Not politicians, kinda people.”

“Are you saying I’m not a normal Aurélia?” Jeanne gave a smirk though it looked like on her face she was incredibly angry, due to unfortunate facial features making her look like she is always angry.

“Sweetie, I love you but you tried to make a deal with me to pass the salt to you at dinner last night.” Aurélia started to dress herself with much more casual clothing than Jeanne’s suit. Jeans, t-shirt and a cardigan.

“You were a strong negotiator, I think you missed your calling Aurélia.” Jeanne gave her wife a kiss and put on her suit jacket.

“Well, I suppose I already work with children so I don’t think I would notice the change.” Aurélia took her wife’s hand. “Let’s get ready, make sure to take your vitamins, you look pale.”

“I always look pale.” The FPM rolled her eyes as she fixed her slim red tie.

“It’s because you never get enough sun.” Aurélia held her wife’s hand taking a closer look at her paleness.

“It’s always raining Aurélia.” Jeanne wasn’t lying, it truly is always raining in the capital district of the Federation. Even now there is a small flood of water pouring from the clouds onto the massive city.

“Well… That is fair.” Aurélia agreed, stepping into the bathroom connected to the bedroom. Followed by Jeanne behind her. The bathroom had two sinks, which each of the Pierres went to. Getting ready for the morning day, “So you asked Barbet last night for us to go to the café? Without me knowing?” Jeanne turned her head as she was brushing her white hair looking at Aurélia who was brushing her teeth.

Aurélia gave a nod, mumbling a “Uh-huh.” As she brushed her teeth. Jeanne spoke up again, “Sneaky little minx you are.” To which Aurélia gave a smirk in response.

[Chat de café]

Café cat was exactly what it sounded like. A café filled with cats and Aurélia wanted to always to pet each one of the furry little creatures. The steely eyed Jeanne however, only ever liked a single cat that was there. A complete menace to society with four legs who liked to hide up top in the cat walkway above the door and swipe at customers’ hats as they walked in. The owners of the store call the old menace ‘Dragoon’ but Jeanne calls her favorite.

The café itself was layered in security by the FPM Service, every entrance or exit having a trio of agents guarding it. As the convoy pulled into front of the brick building, an agent stepped out of the front car ahead of Jeanne’s armored limousine. The tall agent gave a nod to the front agent of the café’s glass door. The pair of agents in the café itself stepped out and opened the limousine’s door to let the pair of them out and guided them to the safety of a dozen fat cats lounging around the place.

Café has never changed since Jeanne first visited here as a parliamentarian all those years ago. Same walkways along the walls, the cat tree in the middle of the room and the wooden spruce shop counter in the back with a large orange cat plumped down in by the store owner.

The store owner, Judith Ulven, was an elf from Østland. The seemingly harmless old elven woman was petting the same orange cat she always was. Despite her pleasant attitude, she was an accomplished military officer who fought in the Unification Wars alongside Pépin Morel, the first prime minister of the Federation and a founding father of Monarcho-Socialism. Among a handful of other conflicts the Federation has been involved with.

Aurélia quickly went up to the shopkeeper and patted the orange fur ball while Jeanne spoke up to order the food. However Judith just waved her hand and rolled her eyes before Jeanne spoke. Already having their usual selection of coffee made and breakfast ready. Pulling it from below the counter out of sight and most importantly away from the four legged chaos causers.

Jeanne took the tray silently, giving a nod as thanks. Aurélia picked up the orange fur ball and walked with Jeanne to a table. All while the guards are carefully watching the windows and doors. Placing the tray down on the table, Jeanne looked around for her favorite.

“Mrs. Ulven, where is Dragoon?” She looked above at the catwalk above the entrance, seeing the famously anti-hat cat is missing.

“Ah, you can just call me Judith dear. Dragoon moved on to knocking people’s hats off in Valhalla.” Judith spoke in a solemn tone.

“Oh…” Jeanne seemed touched by the loss, though once again her face and tone didn’t match her feelings on the matter. Aurélia kept stroking the cat named ‘cheesepuff’ as she reached out her hand to hold Jeanne’s own hand. “Are you okay dear?”

“I am, Snow.” Jeanne gave a show of confidence though it struggled to get through her rough features. She hands the coffee to her wife. “Sugar?” Jeanne picked up a packet of sugar and offered it to her wife.

“Yes?” Aurélia perked her ears up and faced towards her wife and away from the greedy cat in her lap. Then looked at Jeanne’s hand to see the packet. “Oh!” She gave a small laugh, accepting the sugar. Tearing it open and pouring it into her coffee. Jeanne tried to give a smile but it failed to go through. Jeanne took a sip of her black coffee.

“Have you been keeping up with your smiling exercises?” Aurélia looked at her wife, stirring her cup with a spoon.

“I’ve been really busy with the RCEU, Together Lapérouse and Bassot Plan. So many things in the world are turning for the better of the country. Not to mention the next big steps in the works. I just haven’t had the time.” Jeanne straight up her back, taking a bite of her tofu sandwich.

Aurélia gave a small sigh, taking a bite of her sandwich. “That’s my Jeanne, always working.”

Jeanne isn’t emotionally stunted, she can see her wife’s reaction. “Do you remember our time at the anniversary party for his Majesty? With Ny’Kandenor and her puffin plushie? I have talked to some of the other ministers and we’re going to make her into the Royal Guardian of Gilles’ Island. The animal sanctuary for the puffins.”

That brought the kemonomimi’s mood upwards. “That will certainly make her ecstatic, but I didn’t think we had a royal guardian title for that or any royal guardian titles anywhere honestly.” She tilted her head at Jeanne, giving a playful smirk.

“Well, it is the first and only title of its kind.” Jeanne sips her coffee again trying to look away from her wife’s playful gaze.

“Oh my, is my Jeanne softing up? For a child nevertheless too.” Aurélia’s smirk widened into a bright smile. “I knew there is a little puffin plushie somewhere inside your heart.”

“Oh hush you. I have you know my heart is cold as steel still. This is completely politically motivated and not at all to do with her holding hostage with Puffin facts.” Jeanne rolled eyes and sipped her coffee.

“Of course, of course. The Côtois Federal Prime Minister is always ahead of the political game, gotta get the kids involved early. Just like you pushing for Future Gardeners of Lapérouse or encouraging story reading at schools. I still have that photo of you reading to the kids saved on my wallpaper by the way.” Aurélia nudged Jeanne’s arm, “Completely politically motivated of course, absolutely no soft spots for children at all.”

“Correct, I am a woman without heart or emotions besides rage.” Jeanne playfully nudged her wife back. Thinking for a moment, then the human spoke again. “His majesty is blessed to have so many children.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?” Aurélia gave a curious glance towards her wife.

“Well, he gets to guide his kids directly through life and see the joy they go through. All the little fun the tiny terrors will cause. Also spirits bless them, those little shoes Ny’Kandenor was wearing.” Jeanne spoke in her usual tone but even a person not familiar with her unusual tone and facial features could see she was gushing.

Aurélia’s smile widened, “It almost sounds like you want to have a few tiny terrors yourself.”

Jeanne gave a sigh, “I am just worried we won’t have time. That I won’t have time for them.”

Her wife, placed cheesepuff down on the floor and stood up from her chair. Walking over to her wife, and gave her a tight hug. Resting her head on Jeanne’s shoulder. “Perhaps, you don’t have time for every little thing for them but if his majesty can find time for his almost a dozen children. We can find time between the two of us for our own children.”

“Perhaps, I want to think about this and talk to some friends first before I can give a firm answer.” Jeanne reached up to scratch her wife’s nekomimi ears.

“Ah you mean Ronningen and your parents?” Aurélia teased.

“Hey, Ronningen isn’t a friend. He’s an employee of mine.” Jeanne kissed her wife’s cheek.

“Okay but when we talk to your parents, let’s do it in person okay?” Aurélia spoke in a soft tone.

“Ah, you are going to leave me to deal with Ronningen alone?”

“He is your employee is he not?” Aurélia returned to her seat across from Jeanne. Already designing the children’s bedroom in her mind.

“Three at max Aurélia.” Jeanne stares with a concerned look in her eyes at her wife.

“At first, yes.” Aurélia gives a smirk and sips her tea.

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[13/2/2023] [9:30 AM]
[The Chantilly; Twenty-First Pepin Street; C.D.; Federation of the Southern Coast]

The Chantilly, the official center of administration for the Federation. The massive complex was designed in 1922 and completed construction in 1941. The Chantilly was built for two purposes besides acting as the capital building, reflecting the times it was built for. Built to take direct bombing, with the whole section built underground to act as a bomb shelter and able to keep the government running despite being shelled. The second was to show the multicultural foundation, with a cross architectural style with examples from all over in its design. It could come as a shock for most people seeing it for the first time, looking like the building equivalent of a tossed up salad bowl. Some call it a powerful piece of Avant-garde art, others call it a hideous piece of architecture that the government has spent too much effort into to admit its failure.

People of the Federal Sector of the Federation grew to love the strange building, despite its outlandish design. Though its design greatly differs from the whole city block of government buildings and clashes with the architecture design of everything else around. When the Federal government started making plans to demolish the Chantilly and create a more uniform structure to go with the design of the federal government district. It caused a week-long protest and petition with over a million signatures to keep the building’s design.

The Federal Prime Minister office was no less strange. Located in the heart of the concrete and brick building, it acted as the beating heart of the Federal Government. With its arteries stretching out throughout the building, connecting to the various offices providing an endless stream of bureaucracy that bleeds all across the Federation.

The room held a window that was connected to the park that the Chantilly building circled around on. The park has species of trees and flowers from every part of the Federation and mainland Norgsveldet. A small piece dedicated to nature in the sapient built structure around it. The office itself however, had a half circle as a desk and paintings or sculptures from around the country. The art work is rotated each year, all except the totem pole from Kuduk. That totem pole being a gift from Masha and the people of Kuduk, that caused a minor verbal fight just to keep it in her office instead of being sent elsewhere.

Jeanne checked the time, High Jarl of the Federation Alexandra should have been here already. She is two and a half minutes late, though it isn’t completely unusual for her to be late. The Côtois woman reached over to her phone to order a Special Division to locate her, just to be on the safe side. Though as she started to dial the number, the familiar kemonomimi stepped into the office.

The princess arrived a bit later than usual having just come from observing naval exercise the Federation had held along its coastline. In which she was dressed to that part with her wearing her typical white naval uniforms that had plenty of golden decorations on it. The princess gave a bow towards Pierre. “My apologies for being late madam Pierre.” Alexandra’s tone was respectful and professional as always.

The Prime Minister gave an acknowledgement nod, placing her phone back down on its charge and taking out some paperwork. While her lateness is quite annoying to her, and if she wasn’t the High Jarl and royalty, Pierre would be certain to give her a nice talk about time management. “Try to be on time, your highness.” She had a respectful tone, well tried to at least. Given her unfortunate circumstances of her facial features and vocal cords, she always sounds angry.

“I took the liberty to have coffee brought in, shall we start the meeting?” She looks at Alexandra, the appearance of anger in her eyes though in reality she enjoyed these meetings.

Alexandra could not help but feel nervous. While it was not the first time she had this type of meeting with Pierre, the prime minister’s attitude did not help her nerves. She couldn’t blame Pierre for being angry at her, she was late after all. “Coffee sounds great.” She said with a small smile.

Just on schedule, Pierre’s assistant arrived with two coffees. The tiefling placed them in front of the two and took their leave. “Merci.” Pierre gave a respectful nod towards her assistant. Taking a sip from her coffee, then placing a small briefing paper in front of the princess.

“Here are the usual military maneuvers we’re planning on taking place.” She points towards the Gondwana section of military briefing, “The two important maneuvers are the ones in Auravas-Zemeprievadai theater of operation, Korcetta has been baiting for reactions from the RCEU fleet stationed there. The other is the situation in Bana, it has impacts making the Ny’Natrotomi state concerned so we’re showing the flag as support for both them and the Bana Federation. Any questions about the military part so far?” She looked up at the Kemonomimi.

The princess gave a simple “Takk” to the assistant as she listened to what Pierre was saying, taking a sip of her own coffee before she responded. “Have there been discussions with the Norgsveltian government about the situation in Bana.”

“We have been cooperating with Norgsveldet in order to avoid engagement and a hotline has been established. Though that being said, the political environment is still tense. The Acronis-Tavaris situation has been peacefully resolved, however with the new situation in Bana it causes a stressed environment without time to settle after the referendum.” Pierre takes another drink of her coffee, “We’re preparing for the worst outcome though our projections suggest this won’t escalate to that.”

“That’s good to hear.” Alexandra took another sip of her coffee as well. She looked over the briefing paper before she spoke up again. “Can you give me more of the details in the situation involving Korcetta?” She looked curiously up at the prime minister. “What has changed there since our last meeting?”

Leaning over on the desk, flipping the page on the briefing. “Increase military aircraft patrols on the border, they’re flying very close to the division but never crossing it. We believe they’re trying to force our hand to keep scattering our air patrols to meet them. We have increased anti-aircraft units hidden along the border and keeping a rotating wing of pilots in their seats during the situation. We don’t believe they have capacity in fuel supply to keep doing this so they are most likely rattling their sabers but we’re keeping an eye open incase.”

The princess gave a nod at that. “Remaining vigilant is crucially important after all. Was there anything more to go over?”

Pierre looked hesitant for a moment, something that simply doesn’t happen and undoubtedly something Alexandra or any person other than Jeanne’s wife has seen before.

“You alright madam Pierre?” Alexandra said concerned. Did she do something wrong again? She thought she followed the Royal protocol to the letter. She didn’t even state opinion about the topic like she meant too!

“It is a personal matter, forgive my hesitance.” That matter being topic being the same question running around in Jeanne’s mind for months now.

“I won’t pry it out of you but I am here to listen if you need it.” The princess took a sip from her coffee again as she relaxed. Being happy that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Jeanne relaxed back into her chair, looking at her coffee. “It’s about my wife and I. After our experience with your sister, we’re debating about having a child.” She takes a long sip of her coffee. “My wife is completely onboard with it but I am little more… Concerned.”

Alexandra went a bit silent not expecting well… that. In which she took another quick sip of her coffee finishing it before she spoke up. “Well. What are you concerned about?” She asked in a calm but warm tone.

Jeanne scratched her arm, “I…” She finished her coffee off again. “My apologies for breaking decorum.” The personal relationship between the Côtois PM and the royalty is something that is supposed to exist but never this far. It just blurted out of her mouth, and now it is directly affecting her.

“It is quite alright.” The Princess’s tone continued to be warm and her smile was sweet and welcoming. “If it helps with your concerns. I think you’d be a good mother.”

“I’m sorry?” Jeanne was surprised by that response, her eyes open in shock. “I what?” It’s not that she was offended by the Princess’ comment but it was just simply something the woman didn’t expect in the slightlist for her to say.

‘Fuck’ Alexandra thought to herself before she put the hands infront of her as she stuttered out nervously her cheeks reddening. “I-I’m terribly s-sorry if I was being too p-personal or-”

“No, no it’s fine. It’s okay, I’m not offended, I just didn’t expect you to say that.” Jeanne rested her hand on top of Alexandre to comfort her. “I think we have crossed that threshold. I do not fault you if you wish to leave this… awkward conversation but you are just as free to stay if you wish.”

She let out a deep sigh before letting out a weak chuckle. Her cheeks are still a bit red from being embarrassed. “I will stay if we can get a refill on that coffee.”

Jeanne let out a sigh of relief, pushing a small button on her desk. The assistant came in with a fresh coffee pot. “Merci.” She thanked them again, as they poured the coffee. As the tiefling left, Jeanne turned her attention back to the princess. “You know, I think having a dedicated coffee button might be the greatest addition to the office my predecessor had installed.” It wasn’t lost on Alexandra the people in the Federation are quite possibly always drinking coffee.

The Princess simply laughed warmly at that. “Have to say I’m impressed. You drink more coffee than even my father.” She took a sip of her coffee cup.

Pierre gave a small laugh in return, though it sounded like a witch’s cackle. “Well, the federal government might have went slightly overboard in its campaign to get people to drink coffee instead of liquor.” She takes a drink of her coffee. She looks warmly at the kemonomimi, though it certainly did not feel warm to be stared at by the ever-so slightly angry looking Côtois woman.

Alexandra shook her head in amusement. “Certainly beats how often we drinks coffee in Norgsveldet.” She said in a small chuckle feeling at least less nervous then she was earlier. The prime minister seems less angry at the bare minimum. “So what was so special about the interaction with Ny’Kandenor to have this impact?”

She gave a small chuckle, shaking her head. “My wife Aurélia, was talking to her earlier after your father’s speech. When I walked over to the two of them, she called me a ‘scary lady’ and tried to hide behind my wife. I, of course, tried to reassure her that I am not, in fact, a scary lady. Though she didn’t really believe me. That’s when my wife suggested I try to talk to her like I would a child instead of a royal. Which…. Didn’t work out well until we got to the topic of animals. To which she grabbed my hand and informed me she was taking me to see her collection of animals.” Jeanne took another drink from her coffee, before speaking again.

“She took us to her room, and started showing us her collection of stuffed animals. Giving facts about each one of them, as well forcing a shoebill plushie into my hands.” She paused for a moment, “She gave my wife a panda to hold. I wonder if she was suggesting something like that.” She ponders, looking at the princess.

Alexandra could not help but giggle at that. “That’s just how she is at times. But that is adorable.” She took a sip of her coffee before speaking up again. “Though the ‘scary lady’ thing is unfortunate.”

She sipped her coffee, “She came around when she showed me her Puffin collection. I brought up the fact that the Federation built an island for them as an animal sanctuary and she went…” She wanted to say nuclear but that probably was not the wise thing to say at the moment, “Ballistic, she started calling me ‘Mrs. Puffin Lady’ instead of scary lady. Which is an improvement to say the least. Perhap next I can have her call me Madam Puffin Lady next.”

“Very adorable of her, you make me want to come back home so I can squeeze her cheeks.” Alexandra said jokingly. “I think if you proposed showing her that Island she would likely be very excited.”

She gave a nod, “I might have done something more than proposed to show the island. If she decides to accept, of course, she will be the Royal Guardian of Gilles’ Island.” Jeanne reached behind her to grab something out of view on the window.

The Princess clapped her hands together as she smiled brightly. “Oh that is very sweet. I am certain she would accept it.”

The always angry looking human turned around from the window to face the joyful looking princess. Holding a stuffed Puffin in her hands. “She also gave me this.”

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[14/2/2023] [5:35 AM]

Jeanne was on her morning run, escorted by her security staff. She always ran in the same track, a large park in the center of the city. Technically it was an Akuan shrine, but the actual religious structure was in the center of the park. It was one of her favorite parts of the day, seeing the early birds flying, the cold morning breeze coming from the sea and lush forest around them. Absolutely nothing but silence as well, no one to come bother her. No politicians trying to scheme or make deals, no damned nobility or various representatives across the federation coming to her to complain about something or another. Just her, the security team and the pavement.

“Miss Pierre!” A voice yelled out behind her, it being none other than Princess Alexandra who jogged up to her trying to keep the same speed as the more athletic prime minister. The princess was wearing her jogging attire and had her hair in a ponytail. “How are you doing today?”

Slightly annoyed at her run being disrupted in such a manner. She put on her best, ‘polite’ face she could. Save the fact she always looks angry and her face didn’t change much at all. “High Jarlnja Alexandra, it is a pleasure to see you. I’m doing well.” The Prime Minister looked at the princess attire and slowed down enough that the poor girl wasn’t out of breath while they talked. “Curious, I wouldn’t expect you to be out on a run at this time of morning.”

“Well I thought it would be nice to get some exercise!” The princess smiled sweetly as she internally sighed in relief of the prime minister slowly down. “My father used to say that a well trained body is a clearer soul and mind.”

“Ah, wise words.” She responded sharply, “I always had to wake up early on the farm, and I never broke the habit.” The prime minister tried to make small talk, though she never was that good at it.

“I have heard you were raised in the rural parts of the Federation. What was it like?” Alexandra said, raising an eyebrow being genuinely curious. “Not trying to pry or anything. Just wanted to hear more about how life is among more working class areas.”

Ignoring the ‘working class area’ comment, given everyone in the Federation is bloody working class. We’re socialists damn it. “Dragefjord is quite poor compared to other petite-nations of the Federation. It’s mostly farmers, so you tend to see a lot of fields and tractors on the roads. Not a whole lot of things to do outside of Keratila.”

“I see, how was working at the farm? Still things you miss from time working there?” The Princess asked curious to know more, having well only experienced a noble life she couldn’t help but wanting to know more.

“My brothers and I would wake up at 4:30 AM and be working thirty minutes later. It was quite difficult at times, even more so when harvesting season and I had to arrive at the school late and leave early to go help out on the farm.” She thought for a moment, about if she missed working there, “I don’t miss working there, though I rethink that every meeting with the ministers.”

Alexandra let out a small giggle hearing that. “Well, I can see why you’re as fit as you are.” She joked before smiling warmly. “How are farmers treated in the Federation? I’ve heard in many other places in the developed world of farmers struggling more and more economically as well governments started ignoring them.”

“It is the same if not worse in the Federation. They have been ignored since the founding of the Federation, there is a reason why they were one of three parties in the Federation to make it to the federal level elections.” She spoke honestly, “One of the reasons why I was elected into office was because of my background and my policies to change things around for them.” She kept her steady pace, and noticed a small squirrel running across the track. “As for the farm, my brother Gaston still lives there and helps out with the farm.”

“Well, I’m happy that the farmers got you then. May it truly change things for them.” Alexandra said, still smiling sweetly before going a bit quiet contemplating on asking the question she wanted to ask. “Have… have you and your wife talked more about the idea of getting a child?”

“We have.” She stopped to let a family of ducks cross the trail, as well giving the princess a small bit of rest. “She is certain of it, I’m more… Unsure.” She thinks back to her parents, her biological parents not her real ones that have adopted her. What if she just like them? Her face didn’t give away her thoughts but the slight shift in her shoulders could have been noticed by anyone who is close to Jeanne personally.

The princess internally screamed in happiness for being allowed to rest, not being as used to jogging and running as the Pierre was. She was by no means unfit, but the prime minister was just on a different level. Breathing in and out slowly she sat down on a bench that was next to the road. “Might… might I ask why you’re still unsure?” Alexandra asked, looking up to Pierre still being out of breath.

The prime minister thought for a moment, “I do not want to seem as if I am venting or putting unnecessary information.” She started jogging again after the animals had crossed the trail, “I don’t suppose you watched the news during my election in 2018 have you?” She made an extra effort to make it seem like it was a question rather than an attack with her tone.

The Princess cursed internally as she got up to jog after the prime minister again. Her breathing in and out. “I, I can’t say I know much about the election other than why my father told me.” She said, trying to keep up with the prime minister, still with a warm smile on her lips. “But you don’t have to tell me anything, if you want me to drop it I will.”

“I will leave the choice up to you, I do not mind speaking of it.” She turned a corner, going around a large tree.

“Then tell me what you’re willing to tell, I will be all ears.” Alexandra said as she followed the prime minister.

She got her confirmation, “I was adopted, my biological parents was… Not good at being parents, say it politely. Teenagers in high school tend to be so. When the police removed me from their lack of care, I was… Not well.” She decided to leave out the more horrific bits of her early childhood. “Nevertheless, I have concerns about… Inheriting their parental skills.”

Alexandra nodded slowly after hearing that being a good minute quiet trying to process all that information before speaking up. “I… I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing.” She said in a calm manner. “Your parental skills aren’t determined by biology.”

“Perhaps.” She was slightly embarrassed talking about her biological parents, she never even spoke or saw them after she was taken away from their horrible care. She never wanted to see them again. “Science is still out, on nature vs nurture. It is hard not to dread becoming one’s biological parents.” She made sure to empathize that it was her biological parents not her real parents.

The princess understood what she meant, as such tried to take her time before answering. “Well, I think if anything my family knows it’s that nurture seems to be the most defining aspect.” She said giving the prime minister a warm and ensuring smile. “I cannot go into much detail, as it’s still not available to the public nor is it mine to tell, but I have a feeling you already know a bit about it…” She let out an awkward chuckle before she continued on. “My grandad, Harald, was not the best king nor was he the best father to my dad and his siblings.” She spoke slowly, being a bit nervous to talk about it but did so anyway. “Yet, my dad did not turn out like him. He ensured his utter best to be the best king he could for not only his country but the entire Crown Realm. Holding deep respect and duty for all of them.” She said holding a deep amount of pride of being her dad’s daughter and gave Pierre a determined yet cute look. “And he is an amazing dad!”

“I am more than aware of your grand-father.” She spoke sharply, keeping the certain plans of the Federation close to her chest and locked away in a secret. “I can say he is respected here, more so than when he was in your role as the High Jarl of the Federation.” She slowed down again, mostly because the princess couldn’t hold that adorable look for long while jogging. “I suppose your words has merit. Though I would like to talk with my parents on the matter.” She was not planning on saying the last sentence out loud. Spirits be kind if anyone knows she still a bit of a homebody for her parents rather than the fearless leader of the glorious Federation.

“I certainly have some pretty big shoes to fill.” Alexandra said in a giggle as she suddenly stopped up not feeling able to jog more, needing to actually have a break. “I think I need to catch my breath. It was good talking with you, and I hope you have a nice talk with your parents as well!” She started breathing in and out heavily.

Pierre gave the princess a pat on the back and stopped. “You made it a quarter of the way, you should feel proud about that. Most of my new security guards have collapsed by this point.” Her words had a degree of comfort to them. Rarely does one get praise from the prime minister, “If my words matter, then you should know that you are in fact filling those shoes nicely as High Jarlnja.” She thinks for a moment, almost saying something before she closes her mouth and shakes her head and starts running again properly. She is behind enough on her schedule already.

Alexandra smiles brightly as her cheeks slightly flushes from the praise. Feeling very happy from getting praised for both keeping up and doing her role well. As breathed in and out more she finally gathered enough energy to yell out towards the prime minister. “I still think you’d make an amazing mom!”

Pierre gave a wave, picking up her speed to her normal way.


[15/2/2023] [10:40 AM]
[The Chantilly; Twenty-First Pepin Street; C.D.; Federation of the Southern Coast]

“Madam Pierre, Mr. Ronningen is here to see you.” Jeanne’s assistant informed her over the phone, the straight and narrow orc tone never faltering.

“Thank you, please send him in.” Pierre always dreaded talking to her political adviser, his rather unique and creative approach to the political side of things. While absolutely top of the class, truly one of the finest members of her staff in raw success terms however his flair for the dramatic and chaotic nature always made meetings with him a bit unprofessional.

“Shall I prepare another pot of coffee?” The orc spoke over the phone, in the background Pierre can hear him already brewing a fresh pot of coffee.

“Yes please, thank you comrade.” The federal prime minister kept her usual fiery tone, but made an extra effort to sound polite. Her assistant was a true life savior, one of the finest if not the finest staff member she has working for her. She was not just saying that because he always knew when to get more coffee.

The door flew open to her office. A tiefling dressed in an orange suit, green tie and a hideous purple scar. His horns having been painted in some strange new fashion trend Pierre has thankfully been unaware of until now. He was not even remotely fitting the dress code for her staff nor the Chantilly. It would be a miracle if he made it here without getting some sort of fine for his display. He spoke in a far too cheerful tone, “Madam Pierre, big sister of the Federation and my current employer!”

Pierre internally cringed at the sister’s comment. It was a nickname made by Ronningen during the election to improve her image in the polls. ‘It’s like the new iron woman’ He said, ‘It is just a nickname Pierre, no one is actually going to refer you as Big Sister’ He claimed, Pierre thinking about his words that swayed her. But oh, people did refer to her as ‘big sister’ often in fact in the news. It drove her up the wall, it was nothing like being called the new iron woman at all. She would get letters from schoolchildren, calling her ‘Big Sister’ instead of Mrs. Pierre. According to the news agency that ran the story, it was the teacher who had the kids write that nickname. Which felt like it led to every other teacher in the Federation to start having their students write letters to her, all of which addressed her as ‘Big Sister Pierre.’ To her great annoyance of the lack of proper form in the whole matter. “You are two minutes late Ronningen.”

“Yeah yeah, I was held up by the security guard writing me a fine for an ‘unacceptable display of flamboyance of wealth.’ I don’t supp-” He spoke in a sassy tone until he was cut off by Pierre.

“The law applies to everyone, no exemptions.” Pierre spoke in a firm tone, the law is scarred and cannot be abused in such a way or else it will be anarchy.

“I was just testing you Pierre.” He rolled his eyes, clearly not just testing her and really didn’t want to pay the fine. “So I take you want to discuss having a rally? I think one in Amatsuka would do wonders for your popularity there. The Akuanists are not particularly big fans of yours for pretty clear reasons.”

“No, it’s more about something with my personal life that would undoubtedly be leaked to the press at some point.” Jeanne shifts uncomfortably in her chair. “I would like to know how much of an impact it would have on me.”

“Madam Pierre? I detect a degree of concern from you?” The tiefling was concerned, leaning forward sipping his latte. “Mistress? Scandalous affair?” He spoke with eyebrows raised.

Pierre looked at him with an angry look, that sent the tiefling into a degree of calm. Being used to her angry and passionately fiery stares. “Ah thank the moon and sun then, that’s the last thing we need. So what is it?”

Pierre leaned back in her chair, still angry at him assuming she would ever cheat on her wife. Ever since that Norgsveltian-Nystatinne affair, everyone assumes Akuanists, even non-practising ones are open to such despite it being a rather East Borea thing. Pierre was a non-practicing Akuanist, being secular but still following the traditions and holidays of the faith. “No. It is about myself and my wife, we are considering having a child.”

The Tiefling bounced with excitement and joy, leaping from his chair. “That would be amazing!” He cheered with a loud tone, lowering his voice after Pierre made a motion with her hand. “Just imagine the polls with the Akuanists, they always didn’t trust you for not having children. A good half dozen of them would do a wonder about your popularity with them.” He gave a clap, “Name them after a few famous Akuanists, the ones born here and mixed in with the famous socialists here as well. We can make this broad support, the NGOs alone would be grand the Mothers Union, the Parents for Special needs, Akuan Bridge Group and so many others.” He started pacing back and forth, just thinking about how wonderful this is.

“This is not for them, it is for my family. My wife and I have had long talks about this and I just… Wanted your personal opinion, you know about my family and we have talked long into the night before.” As strange as the Tiefling is, Pierre’s friend circle was rather small and she does count this man as one of them.

“Ah, you want my personal opinion? Huh, the first time you asked for my advice about your personal life, usually I just tell you to change things and you tell me to pissed off.” Tiefling moved back into his chair. “Well…” He thinks for a moment, then another and another leaving an uncomfortable silence. “I’m for it, you two are an ideal couple honestly. Sweet hearts since you were school children. If you slow down on your work, you can spend quite a bit of time with them.”

“Slow down work? I have only just started.” Pierre fixed her tie, a small nervous tick she has.

“Pierre, you already have enacted international organizations. Those are insanely huge projects, yes the groundwork was laid before you took office but you commit a degree of effort beyond what was required of you. Not to mention the Ymirland conflict, and the other interventions. Take a moment to focus on your family and we can skyrocketed your popularity. At least for the Akuanists section, which I want to say again, you are doing awful with. A few photo ops of your family and we won them over easily.” Ronningen spoke with confidence, his mind always being focused on her popularity. Pierre was already extremely popular in the Federation with the single exception being the Akuanists and the Akuan republics within the Federation. She couldn’t blame him for focusing on it, it’s what TL! hired him todo.

“Perhaps a small cooling down period is in order then.” She shockingly agreed with him. Much to Ronningen surprise.

“Wait, you’re agreeing with me? Is Hel freezing over? Should I check to see if the sky caught fire next?” He partly was joking, partly completely being serious. Pierre worked nonstop the first day she stepped into office even getting a fine from the government workers’ union for it.

“I have agreed with you in the past Ronningen.” Pierre sipped her coffee. “If you suggest I slow down, then I will.”

Ronningen stood up from his chair, walking over to Pierre and checking the forehead with the back of his hand. “You don’t feel like you have a fever, but you should go to the doctors and get checked up.”

“Quit touching me and joking. I’m just taking your advice.”

Ronningen returned to his seat, shaking his head. “I was only mostly joking, I’m just surprised that’s all. Having some kids would do amazing in the polls for you.”

Pierre fixed her tie again, nervously fickling with it. “I suppose so.”

Ronningen raised an eyebrow, “You’re nervous, why?”

“Being a mother is a trying task, I’m just worried that I won’t do well.” She gives an earnest tone, well as earnest it could be due to her unfortunate circumstances of her condition.

“Nonsense you will be a fine mother, the both of you will be great parents.” He says in a strong tone of voice of support. His phone started ringing, he took it out and checked it. Quickly silencing it and sending a message. Pierre had a rule never to check your phone or have it out at all during a meeting. It was just common courtesy.

“My apologies, Madam Pierre.” He awkwardly says, shoving back his phone into his pocket. “My wife is working on replacing our floor in our apartment, probably just asking him to stop at the hardware store.”

Pierre gives a nod, “I can understand, I believe that is everything for the meeting. Thank you for your time comrade. Give your wife my best wishes with her work.”

Ronningen stood up, giving a nod. “I will let her know that Big Sister gives her blessing on the project.” He gives a smile, quickly leaving before Pierre starts to yell at him for ever making that accursed nickname popular.


[07/3/2023] [10:40 AM]
[Keratila; Dragefjord; Federation of the Southern Coast]

Stepping outside of the airport, the Pierres was escorted outside by the uniformed marines. The sky is pouring down cold droplets onto the concrete. The sergeant of the squad protecting them took out an umbrella to cover the two suited women.

“Ah, it’s just how I remember it honey. Raining.” Aurélia spoke in a bored tone, reaching her hand out to feel the rain coming down. She gave a small smile, “It’s nice to be back here, it’s even going to be better when we get back to our old stomping grounds.” She holds her wife’s hand, in particular the one recently just covered in rain.

Jeanne gave her a look, looking at her hand now wet from the water falling from the sky. “Did you really have to cover your hand in the rain first?” She gave a hard to hear cheeky tone.

“Well, I debated about drying it on your face but my hand was cold.” She said with a teasing smirk, Jeanne just rolling her eyes. “Let’s get in the convo-”

They heard a honking, growing louder as it approached. Jeanne pulled her wife back, hiding her behind her body. Then they heard a familiar voice, a voice that made Jeanne want to die from awkwardness. “Jeanne! Aurélia! You’re going to catch a cold if you stay out in the rain, come on inside!” Anette Pierre, Jeanne’s mother.

Jeanne covered her face with the palms of her hand and Aurélia gave a laugh. “Oh my spirits.” Aurélia could hardly believe this.

She started to move towards her mother’s car. Giving a silent apology to her driver in the car in front of her mother’s beat up pickup track. The driver said, the car gave a smile and a knowing nod. The marines escorting them however remained unflinching despite the situation. They guided her to her mother’s truck.

Anette’s pickup was a simple single cab Gyllir pickup truck from the late 80s. Jeanne remembered having her whole family pile into the truck, by squeezing into the truck. She means her brothers Gaston and Tor jumping into the bed of the truck. While herself, Kjartan, and her parents would push up against each other into the truck. Gaston and Tor being far too big for them to be in the cab.

Her mother opened up the passenger door to speak with them, the window in the truck was broken ever since Kjartan stuck a knife between the silt of the window and broke the gears back when Jeanne was eight. Her mother gave a concerned voice, “Come on you two, you both look frozen solid out there.”

“Mom we have a car already, it has been orga-” Jeanne was cut off by her mom, to which Aurélia gave a chuckle. The kemonomimi leaning back to whisper something to the commanding marine’s ear.

“Oh they can tag along, I picked up extra groceries from the general store so we have enough for all of your new friends.” She said with a smile.

“Mom, they’re marines not friends. They work for the Feder-” Jeanne was cut off by her wife.

“Oh, we can take the ride with your mom. I told the marines to follow along in the convoy in the cars.” Aurélia said with a smirk, attempting to push her wife into the truck.

“This is improper, the convoy was paid for and organized by the government. I can’t just simply take a ride with m-” Jeanne was cut off.

“Come on Jeanne, it’s cold and your mother drove all this way.” Aurélia gave another push attempting to move her into the truck.

Jeanne gave a sigh, “You can take the middle seat Aurélia.” She moves out of the way, gesturing for Aurélia to get in. The kemonomimi hopping into the truck, then scooted into the middle of the seat of the truck. Jeanne shook her head, concerned how all of this would look in the press. Giving a brief look to the small crowd of reporters taking photos and the growing crowd looking. She quickly got into the truck, closing the door and rested her head against the dashboard.

Two marines hopped into bed of the truck, disregarding the rain pouring down on them and holding onto a small smirk as they looked at each other. Jeanne gave a brief sigh, looking back at them before returning to looking at her mother.

The old kemonomimi woman gave a smile in return. She wore dirty pair jeans, plaid button up with old stains, old fashion steel toe boots and straw cattleman hat. Farmer through and through, and she looked the part. The car in front of them pulled off, driving forward and she followed along. “So how’s work in the capital you two?”

Aurélia who was completely delighted at the events. “Oh the school is going well, the kids are learning how to spell their name now.” She gave a nudge to Jeanne.

Jeanne who still was in shock that her mother, first was able to get past the security and second picked her up from the airport. “Work is going well, there are good days and there are off days being the Federal Prime Minister.” She said in a tired sigh.

“Well, I know you used to with shoveling bullshit.” Her mother joke giving a smirk, “Your father and I are so proud of you, being the big sister of the Federation and all.” She said with a small giggle.

“Please stop calling me big sister, it is weird when I hear it normally and it is even weirder when I hear it from my own mom.” Jeanne gives a pained expression, much to the delight of her wife.

“Oh, so what your saying is I shouldn’t have my kids write you letters on Unification Day calling you Big Sister.” Aurélia shared a smirk with Anette.

“You already do.” Jeanne glared at her wife. “It’s even worse with you because I take photos with your class. You know how many actually call me by my title or name?” She held up her hand making a zero sign with it. “None.”

Anette gave a laugh, “Oh bless the spirits, you’re going to love the banner they made for you when we get back to Sorwick. All the kids in town helped with it. I hope the rain clears up by the time we get there.”

Aurélia nudged her wife, “Hear that, all the kids in town helped with it. You’re gonna have to be nice about it.”

“I’m always nice about it, I just have a condition with my face and tone.” Jeanne looked outside of the window, seeing various banners streamed up welcoming her back.

“Oh speaking of conditions, so your brothers finally talked Snri into getting a new wheelchair. Think of that, he had that rust bucket for two decades and now he’s finally getting a new one.” Anette straight up, giving a strong tone mocking her husband. “There is no point in getting rid of a perfectly good chair when it can still move.” She rolled her eyes.

“Oh, did he finally get tired of having the broken pipe pushed against his back?” Aurélia said with a laugh at Anette’s joke.

“Oh no, his wheelchair flipped over and collapsed on him while he was in the garden. Oh boy, I have never seen him so mad since Kjartan…. Well you know.” Mother Pierre’s voice trailed off.

Jeanne spoke up, “I haven’t spoken to Kjartan in some time, is he doing well?” Her middle brother, Kjartan, decided to move to Osfjord and become a manager in some small financial firm. Which her father Snri didn’t take well to him ‘switching side’ and becoming a ‘fucking capitalist dog’ as her father put it.

“He’s doing great, he met a girl while on a trip to Vakrestrender. Maybe I will finally have some grandkids in the near future.” She said with a smile, “Which reminds me~”

Jeanne gave an awkward look, shuffling around in her seat. “That’s partly what I wanted to talk with you and dad about…”

“Six grandkids.” Anette said in full confidence.

Aurélia gave a nod in response, “We agreed on eight already.”

“No we didn’t.” Jeanne said in a very quick manner, “And I’m still unsure.” She scratched the back of her neck. “I just want to talk to you and dad first, maybe even Gaston if he is still around.”

“He is still around alright, but he built his own cottage near the sheep barn to keep an eye on those little fluffy dragons. But if you ask me, I think he just likes being near animals more than he does people.” Anette understood well enough this wasn’t the time nor place to discuss the manner.

“The ol’ orc always loved caring for the sheep, honestly I was surprised he didn’t just move out into the barn.” Aurélia chuckled, “I remember he once ran into the living room when I was staying the night with a chicken in his arms and was searching for the first-aid kit because the chicken’s wing was hurt.”

Anette gave a laugh, “Then the chicken just laid an egg in his arms and he freaked out when it dropped to the ground. I had to spend all night comforting him about losing the egg.”

The other, younger kemonomimi laughed, “Jeanne and I were so scared at the time he was a intruder breaking in because he was covered in mud and sticks. Just finished watching that umm what was Jeanne?” Aurélia tilted her head to face her wife.

“Aliens from the sun.” Jeanne gave a small chuckle at the memory, they were only fourteen and they were so panicked about it. “He never saw me coming when I tackled him.”

“You tackled him? He never told me that? Did you give him that bruise he told me he got when he tripped chasing after the chicken?” Anette laughed, following the lead black car as it made a turn out of the city and into the highway.

“Damn right I did, I served him right for scaring Aurélia and I like that.” The truck was filled with laughter.


[20/11/2008] [8:40 PM]
[Pierres’ Farmstead; Dragfruit; Dragefjord; Federation of the Southern Coast]

Jeanne and Aurélia sat down on a blanket, far off from the Pierre family’s homestead. Resting up on a hill with a telescope pointing towards the night sky. The beautiful night sky being dotted with small bright lights across the silky dark sky.

The two came out tonight for this particular night, waiting for the comet to shoot across with a green beam of light posed against the dark sky. It went by several names depending on which culture you’re from but for the Akuanists in Lapérouse. It was Ny’Saki, an old hero from an even older story. Ny’Saki was a tree who grew and grew to be with their love, a spirit who legends gave a dozen names for. When Ny’Saki reached the top of the sky, bigger than the planet he couldn’t reach his love so he gave a mighty jump into the sky and been flying ever since, searching for their missing sweetheart.

Aurélia rested her head against Jeanne’s shoulder. “When is Ny’Saki coming to ask us if we seen his missing love?” She joked, taking a small sip of her ice tea.

Jeanne smiled, rubbing her hand against Aurélia ear. “Not for another three hours but I can always point out the signs in the stars if you want.”

Aurélia smiled, “Can you find the turkey constellations for me?”

Jeanne shook her head, wanting to smile but her condition refused to let up. She wanted just to express her affection but her face and tone refused to let up, even for a moment to express something other than anger. Aurélia could feel her upsetness, reaching over to give her a tight hug.

"Sorry I just wanted to smile for you. I’m not angry."Jeanne apologized, giving her girlfriend a hug back.

“I know you’re not angry Jeanne.” Aurélia comforted her, resting against her. “But you also still haven’t shown me the turkey.” She smiled, knowing it’s best to get Jeanne’s mind on something other than her unfortunate neurological condition.

Jeanne gave a small giggle, which sounded more like a scoff than a laugh. “Oh you’re right. Didn’t drag you out of a nice warm bed to see me moping in the cold and dark.” Jeanne reached out her hand, spreading her thumb out from the rest of her hand. Reading with it across the night sky. “There it is, I can see the head.” Jeanne spoke with confidence.

Aurélia followed suit, performing the same actions she did. Though she never was really able to pick the constellations out, she could always find the turkey one. Though it wasn’t an actual turkey but supposedly an eagle, but Aurélia always thought it looked like a turkey. Far more than just some boring eagle. "Ah, I see it now. The turkey shows itself running across the night sky once more.

“From there we go towards…” Jeanne waited for a few moments to let Aurélia finish her sentence.

“Up north by several centimeters and we find the two-head rabbit.” Aurélia said with a warm tone, “Then from there we can find the old woman tap dancing!” She cheered.

Jeanne ruffled the Kemonomimi hair. None of the star constellations are quite named anything like the two said but it was close enough honestly. “Do you remember their names?” Jeanne rubbed her girlfriend’s kemonomimi ear.

“Nope!” Aurélia answers honestly, purring into Jeanne’s hand. “Do I get bonus points for being able to find them at least?”

“Yes, but only because your so cute.” Jeanne hoped her tone still carried her affection. Hoping her stupid voice condition does ruin things.

Aurélia snuggled closer to Jeanne, rubbing her hand against her back. “It’s okay Hon, I can be the smug, adorable, fanatic, adorable-”

“You said adorable twice.” Jeanne raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, so we can be four times as adorable as a normal couple.” Aurélia kissed Jeanne’s cheek.

Jeanne kissed Aurélia’s cheek in return. “Sorry abo-”

“You don’t need to say sorry, I understand you.” Aurélia comforted Jeanne. “I got the macarons. Did you get the soda?”

“I got something better.” Jeanne reached into the picnic box. Taking out two tall cans of beer. “Kjartan got us these since we’re staying up.”

Aurélia raised a eyebrow, “We’re Akuanists tho-”

Jeanne opened her can and handed the other can to her. “Oh just drink the beer. He spent benders on us after all.”

“Fine fine, fair enough.” Aurélia gave a chuckle sipping her beer before spitting it out. “This taste awful!”

Jeanne raised an eyebrow, sipping it and then placing the can down. “This is awful.”

“Please tell me you packed the sodas anyway.” Aurélia gave a pleading look. “You didn’t. Did you?”

“No.” Jeanne looked away, scratching her arm. “I messed up things again…”

Aurélia gave a comforting pat on the back. “We still have our snacks.” She gave a smile, kissing her cheek. “It’s okay.”

“Sor-” Jeanne was cut off by Aurélia patting her head. “What are you doing?”

“Patting your head.” Aurélia with a smirk. “Is it working?”

“I refuse to answer that question.” Jeanne tried and failed to smirk back.

“So if I stop, you wouldn’t mind”

“I would prefer it if you didn’t stop.” Jeanne spoke honestly.

“You’re a massive dork.” Aurélia gave a small chuckle.

Jeanne rolled her eyes.

[07/3/2023] [11:56 AM]
[Pierres’ Farmstead; Dragfruit; Dragefjord; Federation of the Southern Coast]
(Written with my handler Norgs)

“Urth to Jeanne, come in Jeanne.” Aurélia poked her wife’s cheek.

“Oh sorry, I was lost in thought.” Jeanne stepped out of the truck, running around to the side to help her mother out of the pickup.

Anette warmly accepted help out of the pickup truck, “Oh, the ol’ man hasn’t taken down the flag yet.” She looked up at the flag, while walking towards the house with the pair. Aurélia opened the door for Jeanne and Anette.

“Honey I’m home, and I brought your two favorite girls with me.” Anette spoke with a loud, and clear voice.

The loud sounds coming from the TV ended as a large red skinned tiefling man in a wheelchair wheeled into the door. While he had two metal prosthetic legs he performed his wheelchair. “It’s been too darn long since I’ve seen you two!” He said in a serious tone though his smile was wide and warm. Still having a Siånritian accent that he kept even all these years despite having been in Dragefjord for so long. “Now come over here and give me a hug before I wheel over you two’s feet!” He challenged as he pulled himself up from his chair leaning on the doorway.

The pair came over to him, giving him a big squeezing hug. “Been so long, I missed you.” Aurélia said in a sweet voice, giving a soft pur to him. Jeanne, forever looking angry and sounding angry, replied as well, “How have you been keeping ol’ man? How’s the new chair? Is it more comfortable for you now?” Jeanne helped him back down into his chair while Aurélia stepped back with a warm look on her face.

“Can’t complain, even the previous wheelchair was still better than these darn devil legs.” He joked knocking on the prosthetics with a chuckle leaving his lips. “I’d ask how work is doing Jeanne but I only need to turn on the TV for that!” He gave his daughter a pat on the back before turning his attention towards his daughter-in-law. “Aurélia! I hope you’re able to keep the brats in your school in check? If you need any tips on how to discipline them then just ask!”

Jeanne gave a laugh, “Are they still itchy?” She looked down at his ‘devil legs’ then back up at his eyes. “Well you can turn on the TV but you just find a lot of angry people at me.” She jokes with her father.

Aurélia gave a smile, “Oh, they’re not brats. They just need some love and kindness to get them working on their homework.” She waits for a moment, “Also ice cream for when the class all passes a test.”

Anette gives a smile at the conversation, walking by her husband where her tail swaying around playfully. “I will go get dinner started for us. I made your two favorites.” She gives a warm tone, purring at her daughters being back home where she can make damn sure they eat properly for once.

“Eh all kids are brats until they get some discipline, be careful to not spoil them too much.” Snri said, rolling his eyes as he shook his head before giving his wife’s behind a quick pinch as she walked past. He gave her a small smirk before putting his attention back on the two girls. “Well some folks are angry but you got your supporters. What was the name…. Ah yes, big sister Pierre?” He teased with a snarky grin on his face as he turned his wheelchair around to wheel into the living room to give his wife more space in the kitchen.

Anette gave a teasing look at her husband after giving a soft gasp. “Later tonight honey.” Then kept walking into the kitchen. Making both Aurélia and Jeanne quite uncomfortable in the whole situation.

Jeanne gave a look at her father, “That damn name… You know they actually call me that outside of the Federation now? I had a meeting in Norgsveldet and there was a sign welcoming me as Big Sister Pierre. Vakrestrender is even worse about it.” She said with a defeated sigh, Aurélia however basked in the joy of her wife’s suffering. Giving a smile, and resting her arm around Jeanne’s shoulder. “It’s okay big sister, I’m sure they didn’t mean much about it.” She gave a teasing voice to Jeanne. Who only gave her fiery look back at the kemonomimi.

“As long as those darn Valkyrs aren’t making a cartoon about it I think it’s all in good fun.” The tiefling said in a hearty chuckle as he positioned himself next to the sofa. Turning on the TV but keeping the volume low so he could talk with the two of them. “But outside of boring work stuff, how are you two holding up?” His tone was far more sincere.

Jeanne gave a brief shutter at the mention of Valkyr, they hold nothing back when it comes to adapting anything and everything into anime. Even her speeches. She sits down next to her papa, and Aurélia sat down next to her, cuddling up to her arm. “Well, there has been something. We both have been thinking about it but I want your and mama’s opinion on it.” While her tone is always strong with anger due to her condition, however now she gives off an aura of not being quite sure what she’s doing.

Her father just raised an eyebrow at her, being curious of what it is. “Oh? What is it about?” He asked in a calm tone as he gave her a warm look.

Aurélia gave a comforting pat on Jeanne’s back and purred up to her. Jeanne gave a sigh as she spoke, “We’re thinking about having children, through Reciprocal IVF. I won’t walk you through all the science of it, if you don’t want to but it means we will have a child. Aurélia will being the one carrying the child. But I’m just… Unsure.”

Jeanne’s wife gave a small sly comment, “Next time she carries them.” Jeanne gave a small look at Aurélia, “If we have another after that.”

“About time you two gave us grandkids!” He gave a hearty laughter putting his hand on Jeanne’s shoulder smiling brightly at his daughter. “If ya brothers can handle dealing with small devils so can you two.” He let out a small chuckle.

Jeanne gave a shrug, still unsure of it all. “W-what, if I turn out to be like… them?” She asked in reference to biological ‘parents’ to use the term loosely.

“You’re not.” The tiefling gave his human daughter a serious look. His hand squeezing her shoulder tighter.

“But what if I am? What if I turn out to be just like them when I become a parent?” Jeanne looked at her father with a serious look. Aurélia gave a small pinch at her wife’s cheek. “You’re not going to be honey.”

“In all the years I’ve seen you grow and become your own person, I know within my heart you’re not going to be like those damn bastards.” Her father said his voice was commanding and hoarse in tone. “You have a good spirit, sweetie, Better than mine, and you should never doubt that.”

She gave a sigh, relaxing her head on to her father’s hand. “Maybe you’re right papa.”

Few minutes later, the sound of a door flying open. First thing they both heard was a high pitched “Baaaa” and followed shortly by Anette’s voice, “Gaston! What in the spirits, have I told you about bring in more animals into the house!”

Gaston’s voice spoke up, “Mama, they just followed me in. I think they might be-”

“They’re not hurt, Gaston, they want you to give them your scraps. Now put them back in the barn or no dessert for dinner!” The mother’s voice replied, in a moderately upset and tired tone.

“But Mama.”

“No buts young man, we’re not having a sheep sitting at our table for dinner.”

Jeanne gave a chuckle, “He never changed did he?” She looks at her dad.

He just lets out a deep sigh. “No, no he does not. Give him a good shove from me when you can.” He said, shaking his head as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. Jeanne got up to go do more than just shove her brother around. Aurélia gives a snicker herself, before standing up to go see if Anette needs help in the kitchen.

Jeanne stalked her big brother out of the house, head held low like a predator on the hunt. The marines guarding the homestead gave her a concerned look. Well all except one that had a big brother, giving a hand signal to a few of the marines to follow after the FPM with a smirk on their face.

The FPM jumped up and tackled her big brother from behind, forcing him to the ground and letting the sheep go. A marine quickly picked up the sheep before it could run too far off. Jeanne placed her big orc brother in a headlock. “Say Aunt!”

“Oh you little shit!” He grunted annoyed as he rolled around to get his little sister under him which gave him a moment to get out of the headlock. “Ha! You still to weak little s-”

She gave a swift punch to his stomach rolling back on top of him, pinning his arms under her knees. “What were you saying? I couldn’t hear you from all the way down there.” She gave a smirk at him.

“You bitch!” He said gritting his teeth trying desperately to get his arms away from her knees but she had them well and truly pinned. “Alright, fuck fine let go me you little berserker.” He patted the ground with one of his hands to gesture to let him go.

She stood up off of him, reaching down to pick him up. “One of these days you would finally win. Well, then again you probably won’t.”

He rolled his eyes grabbing hold of her hand as he pulled himself up, but doing so while pulling her down towards the ground. “I think you forget not everyone in our family spent our youth in the military.” He said taking a quick few steps away before Jeanne could drag him down towards the ground again.

“Oh you cheating little bastard.” She stood back up, approaching him with a dangerous glint in her eye. “I serve in the Akuan-approved side of things, I didn’t get combat training. How does that make you feel your little sister keeps beating you up?” She moved closer and closer with each word she spoke.

“Calm down you little gremling.” He said, rolling his eyes and crossing his arms. “Also you did get combat training after you whined enough about it.”

“Hey I didn’t whine.” She said in a sarcastic whining tone. “I had to fight to get my right to fight.” She gave a joking tone, something her brother could pick up on. “Come on, let’s head to the barn and put your baaa-d sheep to bed.” She gestures to the marine holding the sheep to follow them.

“I will let you know that this here is Rolf.” Her older brother said walking up to the marine holding the sheep up easily as he walked towards the barn gesturing towards Jeanne to open the doors.

“Rolf? You named a sheep after that superhero cartoon.” She shakes her head, opening the barn door for Gaston to walk into. “I wanted to talk about something, just you and me. If you don’t mind…” Her tone wavered slightly.

“Rolf is a good name so hush.” He said, rolling his eyes as he walked into the barn going towards the part of the barn where the rest of the sheep was resting at. “Well I think this might be as good a place as any to talk about it, unless you’re afraid the animals are going to start spreading rumors?” He turned around giving a small teasing smile as his joking tone showed still a level of seriousness.

She rolled her eyes, “I’m not that much of an Akuanist you know.” She scratched the back of her head, religion being a bit of a taboo topic. Giving a quick look over towards the marines who knew to keep a degree of space between the two of them. Guarding the entrance of the barn. “It’s just… It’s personal.” She moves to sit on top of a hay bale.

He placed Rolf back among his fellow sheep giving them a small head scratch before moving closer to Jeanne, leaning his back against a wall giving a bit more serious look. “Hey. If there is anything you need help with, ask. I’m here for you.”

She gave a sigh, fixing her tie. “Well, it’s just… Well, um. Aurélia and I are just thinking about…” She has trouble finding her words, remembering her parent’s words she spoke up. Finding her courage, “We’re planning on having a child and. I’m just concerned… Remember how I talked about my… Biological birth givers?”

Her older brother just nodded his head, not speaking up rather to allow her to speak. To state her concerns while he listened. Giving her a warm look as he gestured to her to continue.

Her hands turned into fists, just thinking about them. “How they… mistreated me, how they… were so… horrid.”

Gaston placed his hand on one of Jeanne’s, his hand being far larger than hers. “Hey, that is over now. You have us, you have Aurélia.” He said in a warm brotherly tone.

She gave a sigh of relief, leaning her head onto the orc’s chest. “I don’t want to be like them, and I’m worried if we have a child…”

“I don’t think you will, I understand your fear.” He placed an arm around her shoulder giving a wide grin that showed off his fangs. “But you’re not like them, you’re already far better than them now then they ever was, so that ain’t changing.”

She gave her big brother a tight hug, squeezing him. “Don’t tell Tor or Kjartan but you’re my favorite brother.” She gave a sigh of relief, letting go of him and leaning back. Giving a soft look up at him.

“What? No bragging rights? You’re the worst.” He said with a hearty chuckle giving his little sister a back breaking hug as he wrapped his arms around her.

She gave a pain groin, “Fine, you can tell the capitalist dog but only if you stop trying to snap my back.” She taps on his shoulder.

He grinned at that as he released his hold on her. “Gladly.” He shook his head. “Let’s go find Tor, I need your strength if I’m going to go and tackle him.”

“Oh spirits? He’s here visiting too?” She gave a chuckle, hopping off the hay bale. “Bringing him down is going to be a real challenge.”

“Yeah! He heard you were visiting so he took a break from his job.” Gaston held the barn’s doors open for his little sister.

She gives a small laugh, “He actually took a vacation from being a professor huh? Well, guess that just means we need to put the nerd into the mud.”

“Serves him right.” He chuckled, shaking his head before he ruffled Jeanne’s hair, smiling as he looked down at her. “Hey if you ever need a babysitter, it’s just to ask, alright?”

“I have the Federal Service for family planning and assistant at my beck and call.” The Federal Prime Minister looks up at her bigger older brother. “I am the leader of the Federation, you know.”

“Hard to not notice.” He rolled his eyes as he gestured to the marines that were following them around. Giving her a small playful shove as they walked to find their ursine brother.

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