A New Horizon For a Fledgling Autonomous State

[spoiler]This RP takes place in the Socialist People’s Republic of Vietnam and the Autonomous Republic of Vietnam, two countries that closely resemble the real world’s two Vietnams before the Vietnam War. Formerly a Strataric colonial territory, a resistance group known as the Vietnamese Colonial Liberation Front rose up against Stratarin in 1945 and took back their homeland. The leader of the VCLI, a communist, wished for the newly independent country to fall under a one party system with a communist party at the head. The more right leaning people in the VCLI were against this, and wanted a democratic system put in place for the fledgling nation. Eventually the two parties split and with it, the country was split in half. It would stay this way until 1972, when war would break out as a call for re-unification sounded throughout the two countries. Eventually, in 1979 the communist North would’ve defeated the capitalist South, forming the Socialist People’s Republic of Vietnam. During the years that followed most insurgent cells were stamped out by the communists. Though not that long ago in 2012, the people of the south longed for their independent democratic nation once again and the people banded together to form an autonomous government in Sai Phong, the old capital of the extinct Republic of Vietnam. This formed the Autonomous Republic of Vietnam and from there on, the government would push for independence through any possible means. The People’s Security Division still has a presence in the Autonomous Republic, though the Republic of Vietnam Defense Corps and National Police Force counters that presence. With war on the horizon, it seems as if the Autonomous Republic has it’s chance for independence. Depending on the decisions of the people and international powers, this independence may be gained or it may be blocked.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]The Autonomous Republic of South Vietnam: A fledgling autonomous state wishing to return to the former days of glory before the first civil war. The ‘protagonist’ of this story.

The Socialist People’s Republic of Vietnam: A communist nation wishing to retain it’s lands and hold power within the state. The supposed ‘antagonist’ of this story.
The Socialist People’s Republic of Vietnam has a large unwanted presence in Saiphong, the Public Security Division being the most prominent signs of Northern control over the fledgling state.

To be updated as more factions come into play.

[spoiler]I plan on this RP being mainly centered around the two main factions and some other factions close by on Gondwana. Though, as I want to include others in the RP (Just please don’t bring in your actual nation unless I say it’s a-ok, I kinda don’t want half of the international community stepping in and turning the situation into something else entirely), people wishing to take part in the RP can take up roles of people that belong to either nation. Whether it’s a civilian, a member of either country’s armed forces, or a foreigner it’d be nice to see individual people help shape the RP instead of me dictating everything. It’ll be a mix of Civilian, Military, National RPs, etc. interact with other people and develop a small side story for your character.[/spoiler]

Independence Square, Government Building
1:23 PM Gondwana Pacific Standard Time, 10/23/17

Alissa Thi Le sat in her office on the 3rd floor of the Government building in Thành phố Sài Phòng (Saiphong City) twirling a pen in her fingers as she pulled at her dress shirt that stuck to her skin in the unbearable humid weather. The building’s a/c had suddenly stopped working, or well, for her floor at least. Repairmen were already on their way trying to fix it, in the meantime, the young half Setznan government official would sit in her office heating up. It was 90 degrees outside, tacking on the humidity levels, it felt like it was 110 degrees and over. Her colleague and boss, the Secretary of Defense knocked on the door.

“Come in…” said a worn out and tired Senior Intelligence Officer. The SECDEF then entered the room, tugging at the collar of his own dress shirt.

“Good afternoon, Alissa.”

“Vinh…? Do you require anything from me?” Alissa looked up at Secretary of Defense Vinh Van Tran.

“Yeah, just some things that are going on… There’s… been some suspicious things going on with our northern neighbors, and the Public Security Division has been cracking down on more people everyday under seemingly real charges. The President doesn’t like it, and the Security Council doesn’t like it either. Especially with all of this happening so close to the upcoming referendum,” The SECDEF took a short pause to get some water before continuing. “Boy it’s hot out… anyways, think you and your guys can do it?”

She’d nod, “I think we can do it, yeah. Give us some time and we’ll find a way to stop what the PSD is doing. Any files or anything of the sort for me…?”

“Mhm, i’ll get my secretary to send one over to you in an hour or two. Also, an unsettling amount of the people getting arrested are apart of the local government…” Vinh shifted nervously, taking a sip of water to help calm himself down. He briefly glanced around the room and recomposed himself.

“Uh well, also, uhm… are you free later around say… maybe 6:00?” he asked Alissa.

“I am free around that time, why do you ask?” She tilted her head slightly and looked at him, all the while adjusting her clothes.

“I’d like to treat you to dinner, if that’d be okay with you.” Vinh then got up, pushing his chair in and fixing his clothes.

“Sure, I think that’d be great. I’ll meet you at my apartment then?”


“Then it’s a deal, see you later.” she’d give him a warm smile as he left the room, leaving her to herself once again. Alissa let out a sigh and leaned back in her chair, switching her thoughts from the sudden chain of arrests to tonights dinner. She slightly smiled and whispered to herself, “6 PM it is, huh…”

Alissa’s Apartment, Saiphong City
6:00 PM Gondwana Pacific Standard Time, 10/23/17

There was a knock at Alissa’s door, to which the young adult stood up to answer.

“Coming…” She was dressed in somewhat decent looking clothing, in reality it was just her work clothes with some extra jewlery. As she opened the door, Vinh was standing at the door with flowers. She looked at the flowers and then at him.

“The flowers are for…?” She looked back at the flowers.

“You of course, who else?” He’d chuckle, extending his hands and the bushel of flowers.

“Oh, how nice.” She took the flowers and set them aside on the dresser inside. “I’ll tend to them later, now, off to dinner right?”

“Mhm, let’s go.” Vinh then took off and started to walk down the hallway, Alissa following behind after shutting the door. She held a binder under her arm and stumbled around in her new shoes, they weren’t really fitting her.

“I’ll have to go return these and get new ones later… Hmmph… such a trouble…”

The two would exit the building, entering a taxi that was waiting outside for them. The ride to the restaurant was almost silent, with little conversation between the two. After 30 minutes, they were dropped off outside of a tall building in downtown. Vinh and Alissa entered, heading up to the top floor where the restaurant resided. It was a quite fancy, high end restaurant, sitting on the cheaper end of high end restaurants but all the less a delightful place to eat on special occasions. As the two settled in, Vinh spoke up again.

“So… this place is quite nice…” she’d glance around, taking in her surroundings and making mental notes of exits and the such. A waiter came to their table to take their orders, promptly walking away soon after recording down their orders.

“Indeed, anyways, what do you think about the situation with the North?” Vinh said in a low voice. Just then, another waiter came with their drinks, setting an expensive brand of champagne in front of them and two champagne glasses. The waiter would fill up the champagne glasses, placing the bottle back down on the table neatly. “Ah, thank you.” said Vinh, the waiter nodding politely and then walking off.

“Well, let’s see here…” Alissa picked up her champagne glass and took a sip, pondering about the situation before giving him a response. She’d take another sip of the champagne, approving of it silently in her mind.

“I think that we’re going to be in some deep, deep trouble in the coming months. Don’t you think?” she then took another sip as the same waiter from before came back with their meals. “This is pretty good stuff.”

The two would then talk, eat and drink into the night until it was time to part.

Independence Avenue, Saiphong City
7:00 PM Gondwana Pacific Standard time, 1/17/18

A crowd of protesters had gathered outside of the People’s Public Security Division Garrison Headquarters holding signs saying “GET OUT!” and “The South belongs to the South!” the rowdy protesters chanted patriotic slogans as Public Security Officers dressed in riot gear stood outside of the HQ, watching the crowd that didn’t move. From afar, Alissa was watching from a balcony, sighing.

“This is gonna be an issue…” She’d mutter under her breath, crossing her arms as she watched the scene unfold. There wasn’t any action from the PSD or the protesters yet, currently the protest was peaceful. National Police Force officers stood by watching both parties also dressed in riot gear or their regular uniforms.

Independence Avenue, Saiphong City
8:00 PM Gondwana Pacific Standard time, 1/17/18

It was growing late, an hour had already passed and the situation seemed to only be getting worse. Only around thirty minutes ago, a officer from the Public Security Division had started spouting insults and threats towards the gathering crowd, his comrades having to forcefully take him away from the gate to prevent any more chaos from ensuing. At the time, Alissa continued to stand on the balcony with her fellow agents, continuing to keep a watchful eye over the crowd. Out of nowhere, the PSD made their move, a vanguard unit advancing forward towards the crowd.

“Step back from the gates! Protesters are to stay at least 30 feet away from the gate!” a man with a megaphone said as he marched forward with the vanguard. The NPF officers, standing to the street on the right would shift and reposition themselves, ready to step in and defuse the situation by any means necessary at a moments notice. The crowd would slowly start to inch back, but at 20 feet held firm and made their stand. They would go no further. PSD officers would come to a halt, the officer with a megaphone again repeating his words. “Protesters are to stay at least 30 feet away from the gate!” he said as the officers raised their shields. It looked as if conflict was about to start for real, and the PSD officials were up to the call.

“Do we have any word at all from either sides?” Alissa groaned, rubbing her forehead as she saw the spectacle devolve even more each minute. The young intelligence official turned to one of her colleagues with a stressed look.

“So far our attempts to contact Public Security have been unsuccessful… It seems like they refuse to speak to us.” said the intelligence officer. Alissa let out a long sigh, turning back to the scene.

She gripped the railing tightly with her hands. “If only we had the ability to talk to them to prevent a possible situation where the NPF steps in between the protesters and the PSD and this just turns into a one sided match against the PSD which would then turn into Hanoi placing restrictions on our own police force and sending more of their people down here! AHHH!” her colleagues flinched, watching her little spout of rage with caution. After a few seconds of ranting, Alissa calmed down, turning back and extended her arm out as if she were expecting something to be put in it.

“A Coek… please, if you would.” she mumbled, a colleague walking inside and then returning with a cold bottle in hand. He’d hand the bottle to her and she opened it with slight glee, taking a sip of the refreshing drink.

“I just hope this doesn’t set off a chain reaction of events that leads to full on rebellion…” Alissa thought, warily going back to watching the crowd and the advancing PSD forces.

Independence Avenue, Saiphong City
8:33 PM Gondwana Pacific Standard time, 1/17/18

Only 33 minutes later, the scene devolved into a full on mess. Protesters ran around on the street, trying to escape from tear gas and batons as PSD officers advanced on the crowd. It was hard to tell who had made the first actual move as the situation became blurred in almost an instant. There were some who resisted against the officers, launching their own counter attack with bricks and metal poles.

“Oh my lord…” Alissa set her soda down and rubbed her face, letting out an audible sigh. Fighting would continue as public security and the now rioters clashed in the streets or flee’d, a stalemate soon ensuing. Journalists and news reporters were on site taking pictures and filming the calamity on live television, being broadcasted across the nation and on international TV. Loud bangs were heard as flash bangs and stun grenades went off on the streets. The NPF waited anxiously for a chance to get in and break up the fight, not wanting to cause more confusion and get pummeled by both sides at once. People living in apartments overlooking the street came out onto their balconies, taking videos on their phones or live streaming it onto social media such as Openbook and Instantgram. By 9:00 the streets were still not clear, injured people were being treated in semi-safe locations by civilian medics and doctors who worked effortlessly into the night. Sirens wailed and flashbangs continued to go off. Trails of tear gas streaked through the sky as the shells and grenades landed on the rioters who were trampled by batons and beat, a lot of the PSD personnel looking just as bad. As the fighting started to die down, the NPF took the opportunity to step in, quickly advancing to create a physical barrier between the two forces. The new barrier allowed paramedics and doctors to rush in and grab wounded to cart them away.

Alissa looked around at the destruction, smoke rising from some areas where small fires had started. She shook her head and sat down quietly in a chair, putting her fingers to her forehead.
“At least this wasn’t the worst possible outcome…” She thought as she slowly looked up at the night sky.