A petition to abolish the NDF Endo Cap

Following up on the debates that were held on Discord between May 1[sup]st[/sup] and 3[sup]rd[/sup], and resumed on May 29[sup]th[/sup], where initially the Delegate has asked us to reconsider the Non-Delegate Friendly Endorsement Cap. Reasons given were that it doesn’t help much in gaining more Endorsements for the Delegate, and that enforcing it is time consuming and Influence wasting. Unfortunately, the debate got buried under other debates, chit chat and whatnot, as it will do on a platform like Discord. Therefore I’m bringing this debate here.

I initially disliked to have to debate the Cap again, as we already had two debates in a short period of time in which we initially set the Cap at 35 and later raised it to 50. However, I also agree that given the two reasons mentioned above, the NDF Endo Cap is not very effective. I also noticed that this Cap wasn’t enforced. Yes, I believe violators were sent a Telegram and may have been mentioned in a dispatch. Some were just a little over the Cap and the Viziers unendorsing them brought them under the Cap. However, some were far over the Cap. Some of them have been seen active since then, but I noticed that now a month has passed and these violators are still in the region, a few still at 200-300% over the Cap. Once again, my writing is not intended to hold the Commissioner or any EPPS member accountable, I’m merely stating the facts.

I believe, in the debates on Discord this month, I counted 4 Viziers in favour of abolishing the NDF Endo Cap. From the other 10 or so Viziers, their stance is still unknown.

My stance on this is that:

  • if a NDF Endo Cap is maintained, it should also be enforced - there’s no use in having a law if it isn’t used

  • the NDF Endo Cap doesn’t achieve its goal and as a side effect even unnecessary wastes our time and Influence

  • any law should serve a purpose

Seeing that the NDF Endo Cap doesn’t serve a purpose, as it doesn’t achieve it’s intended goal, isn’t enforced, and if enforced only costs us unnecessary time and Influence, I believe we should abolish the NDF Endo Cap.

In a short while I will, per section 6.1.2 of the Standing Orders of the Praesidium - The East Pacific - Tapatalk ask the Grand Vizier to hold a vote on this, unless they themselves organise it, per section 6.1.1 of the SOV. When the vote passes, the legislative change will be proposed to the Magisterium who will also have to debate and vote on it. This is time consuming, and in about a month we will very likely have a new Delegate and a whole new wave of NDF Endo Cap violators. To avoid that, we should act now. So, make your stance on this known here and debate!

[spoiler]Corrected “it’s” to “its”.

I am for the abolishment of the NDFC.

Abolish it. Let’s watch it burn.

As already stated: supported it, but it failed so no more support. Time to die

Good, vw, good. Kill it. Do it.

Seeing this doesn’t receive further input, I herewith motion this to vote.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn ANE-LX1 met Tapatalk

I second the motion