A Royal Affair

(Joint post with Cowlass, again)
June 26th, 2022

Jørgen gives Esta a tight hug, “You’re alright. I will be back there soon.” Their talk was short, and far away from the doors of the palace. Hidden away so no one would have heard them.

Esta, on the verge of tears, straightens herself up. Taking a moment to breathe and regain herself. Within only a few moments her sadness is gone and she returns to her old, crazy self. “Okay j-just don’t watch too much anime out here.” She jokes, with a soft rawness in her voice.

He rolls his eyes, “I’m not going to watch anime, just need to make a phone call.”

“To Daddy?” Esta looks at Jørgen in the eyes.

Jørgen scowls, “No, not him. Now scram, you owe Estrid a dance.” He ruffled her hair, “Little crazy.” He jokes, patting Esta on the back as she returns to the dance. After making sure she enters the palace, he sits down at a nearby bench taking his phone out and calls Edgy Viking in his contact list. Smile on his face as the phone connects.

“Hello?” Masculine voice answered on the other end with a sound of a yawn coming right afterwards.

“Hey hey edgelord. Sorry, I mean edge prince.” Jørgen speaks in a teasing tone.

“Ha ha, shut up.” The voice answered back jokingly as he let out what can best described as a chuckle and a yawn. “And I personally think edge jarl would be a better nickname.”

“I know things are rough if you need to downgrade your own title.” Jørgen smiled, crossing his legs together.

“Hey, fits well with your nickname of the anime jarl.” Voice teased back. “How are you doing Jørgen? It’s been a while.”

“Trying to figure out our matching nicknames? How cute.” Replying back in a teasing tone. “I’m doing better, I finally left my castle.”

“You’re finally touching grass? I am so proud of you!”

“Oh ha ha.” He rolled his eyes, “Olav suggested it, then I voluntold Esta to join us.” Jørgen tone shifted when he said Esta’s name.

“The Sayyed coronation? I saw it on the news. Please say Little Crazy kept herself out of trouble.” The voice on the other end was far more soft in tone now, more brotherly.

He shook his head, “No, she couldn’t help herself. While I wasn’t looking she grabbed Princess Estrid and the Fyllikenkrasjlander, uh Matriarch Ingrid, into one of her parties.” He pinches his nose, matching the voice on the phone with the same brotherly tone. “Also drove my rental car into the ocean again.”

The voice just let out a sigh of relief. “Well knowing my sister, she has done far worse stuff.” They let out a small chuckle as well. “Surprised those two joined her though, from what i’ve heard they seem to be quite dutiful compared to the chaos you and Esta do.”

“Believe, I was surprised Ingrid joined in. Estrid, well you barely have to push to get her to do anything. I take it she hasn’t sent any of those videos or pictures to you?” He asked in a questioning manner. “I already got a call from King Olav about it. You know how awkward it is to explain it?”

“I understand why Esta seems to like Estrid so much then.” The voice chuckled. “I can assure you she hasn’t, I think she finally got the message after last time I chastised her for sending something like… that to me.” They answered in an awkward tone. “Though I thought you said that Olav had blocked her number since last time?”

“She is getting creative about getting around it. Spirits be kind, she even sent it to his wife. His fucking wife.” He gives an annoyed tone of voice. “I’m not sure why she listened to you after telling her off. Then again, I’m not sure how Esta is popular with the Right Wing in all honesty.”

“Perhaps we Blåskovians are just specialized in black magic.” The voice teased. “Though honestly, her obsession over Olav is getting insane, want me to tell her to stop it?”

“In all honesty, I don’t think you could. I have been trying for years, it’s only a matter of time until she shows up in Olav’s castle in his bedroom.” He says half joking, half fully believing it would happen one day. “I’m also worried she is not being obsessive with Olav, she might target someone I couldn’t help manage. Like imagine she starts focusing on some business executive with less morals than Olav or someone who would try to blackmail her?” He gives a stressed sigh.

“So, throwing Olav to the big bad wolf since the alternative is scarier?” The voice teased before a small chuckle could be heard from them. “Also seriously you should stop predicting the things Esta might do towards Olav, last time it actually happened.”

Jørgen burst out laughing, “Spirits be kind, I am still not sure how she managed to sneak herself in that present.” He shook his head, smiling at the memory. “Spirits bless Olav for being a good man, anyone lesser would have taken advantage of her.”

“I think that might be why she is going after him.” Voice said in a slight chuckle as they heard Jørgen laugh. “She sees him caring about you, Ingrid and many others. She might want him to treat her that way, though she does seem to enjoy it when Olav ignores her so I might be wrong there.”

“In all honesty, I don’t think Esta knows why she goes after Olav so much. She claims it’s fun but she says that about most things when she’s acting like Esta.” Jørgen stops for a moment, “I think Olav might have an addiction to collecting royal orphans or royals from bad families. Like he just sees a royal without a parent and just runs in to adopt them. Then Esta sees how he forcibly adopts them and she wonders why she isn’t getting part of it.”

“You’d think a man with nine kids would already have enough of those to deal with.” Laughter rang out from Jørgen’s phone as it said that. “Honestly, it’s been a long while since I’ve met that man. Kind of miss talking with him, did I ever tell you about the time he showed me how to sail?”

Jørgen joined in on the laughing, “He talked to me about having a state visit to Ymirland in uh, October, yeah it was October. Get this, the Jarlyia of Ymirland and the Crown Prince haven’t been outside their castle since the civil war ended, their only parent is dead. So you know he’s just going to adopt them, I got a bet with Ingrid riding on it.” He gives another laugh, “So he taught you how to sail? Here I thought you were only adopted by my parents.” He smiles briefly before a small frown forms on his face.

“May those twins be prepared then, you’re likely going to win that bet.” The voice chuckled. “Yeah it was during one of my visits to Vakrestrender to meet you when we were dating, but I had to make a stop in Norgsveldet during the trip. Spent two days there, so Olav invited me over to sail with him and his son Johan. You know one who looks kind of emo?”

“Ah, so you two would have gotten along swimmingly then.” Jørgen teased. “Olav tried to get me to sail as well, but somehow the boat caught fire. Wasn’t my fault by the way.” He assured his ex.

“Ah ha. Totally not your fault.” Jørgen swore he could hear his ex roll their eyes. “Though if I remember correctly his son wasn’t exactly very ‘emo’ looking when I was there, I think he only started dressing up like that afterwards. At least from what I remember from looking through the internet.”

“Way to go, you got two people to join you in going Emo.” Jørgen teases the voice, then gives a sigh. “That actually brings up part of the reason why I called you. The Sayqidi crown prince, Hakim and Esta danced together. Which of course, Esta couldn’t help but be Esta. The poor kid looked like he was going to either chase after with tears in his eyes or melt apart on the floor.” He unfolded his legs, hunching over on the bench. “I had to take her outside and discuss her behavior again. This time without her partners in crime. Had different results this time.” He looked around him, making sure he was alone and took a deep breath.

“She was being quiet, just standing there and not responding.” He whispered into his phone, “I think she was having one of her episodes.”

“That Hakim doesn’t happen to have any dogs?” The voice joked.

Jørgen didn’t respond to that, simply annoyed at his joke.

Jørgen could hear a sigh from his ex. “Sorry. Look, I know what you’re talking about. She has been like that since she was born.” There were a few more minutes of silence before the ex spoke again. “Just… keep an eye on her. She’s good at acting ‘normal’ for the public for a long while, but at some point, she will slip up. It can have very disastrous consequences if that happened in Sayyed.”

“I been, she slipped up twice now but thank the spirits it’s been either quiet or not as bad.” Jørgen leaned back, more relaxed now. “The event is almost over at least, it will be good to get her home. Take her to a zoo or something.” He gave a sharp sigh, “Maybe I can see if there is an anime con going on. All assuming she isn’t need in Lapliszna.”

“I mean her partying with Ingrid and Estrid is likely the least worst thing she has done, though likely the worst those two have done.” The ex simply chuckled out as he thought over all the insanity his sister has done over the years. “If I ever find a break from my duties, I could fly her to Vakrestrender. Spend some time like we used to do…” He let out a nostalgic sigh.

“You sure your wife wouldn’t mind you visiting your attractive, handsome and beautiful ex?” Jørgen smiled as he teased over the phone.

Another chuckle came from Jørgen’s ex, though a bit more solemn in tone. “It might be the only good thing she would have done for me during my marriage by allowing it.” His voice is half joking and half serious. “I’m currently in a…. rough spot in my relationship with her.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Jørgen said in a soft, loving tone.

“I… will try to avoid talking about her.” Jørgen could hear a quiet sigh from his ex. “I’m just afraid for my son. He shouldn’t have to go through this…”

Jørgen gives a nod, remembering that it’s not a video call, he spoke. “No child should, but I am confident you are doing what you can to be a good father. You’re a good man.”

Silence was Jørgen was answered with until he heard only a small. “I wish I was.” Though before Jørgen could ask for his ex to clarify he spoke up again. “At some point I do want my son to see Vakrestrender. Perhaps when he turns 5 next year I will bring him there.”

“The sands of Vakrestrender will always welcome you. I will be sure to give you and your son only the most grand of welcomings, completely over the top and unnecessary lavish.” Jørgen said halfway joking, halfway already planning the party in his head. He waits a few seconds, “It will be nice to see you in person again.”

“When isn’t the welcome that you give not lavish or over the top?” His ex joked back, before turning more serious and speaking softly. “I promise you I will visit you at some point.”

“Some time soon I hope. I miss you…” He kept his soft loving tone with him. “Maybe it can be the first time I don’t have a lavish welcome. Then again why change a good thing?” He smiled as he joked.

His ex chuckled. “I miss you and your lavish welcomes. I am sure once I’ve finished a few things over here in Teieleie, that I will visit.”

“Teieleie? I’m afraid I don’t recognize Blaskog city. Then again, I don’t recognize most cities in Blaskog.” He tried to think about where it could be on the map.

Once more Jørgen swore he could hear his ex roll his eyes as he gave out a sarcastic laugh. “It’s not in Blåskog, it’s in Rikevaarland.”

“Ah, that place. I think I have been there before, not Teieleie but that city is part of Neo-Fantøn.” He thinks back to those thoughts.

“No, that is Handelvaar. Teieleie is the city which had a little insurrection in January.”

“Ah, I always avoid the news. It’s better that way for my mental health.” He scratched the back of his neck. He probably should do more to keep in touch with the world.

“I am certain if a set political event isn’t mentioned in an anime you likely wouldn’t know about it.” His ex joked and let out another yawn.

Jørgen gave a laugh, “Hey now, I have you know Valkyr news agency has gotten very quick about animating the news now.”

Jørgen could hear him chuckle. “Trust me I know, mainly because I saw you sharing on Pigeon of a video clip of an animated Olav holding a speech about the current military exercise in Vakrestrender.”

“Don’t tell Olav, he still believes that speech wasn’t animated.” He jokes, “Thank the spirits he never checks his Pigeon or I would be having a very awkward phone call. Well, another awkward phone call.”

“I mean best for him to be perfectly honest.” His ex jokes. “From what i’ve seen of it half of the replies he gets on like official stuff his accounts put out is either people writing a bit to sensually about him, constant references about the anime version of him or insulting him for being a ‘neko fucker’.”

“You know those replies are curated right? What have you been looking at now?” He half joked, half seriously questioning what his ex has been doing to get those results.

“Mostly just been checking out the anime you keep mentioning, I think it’s ‘This Commoner Cannot Be This Cute’?” His ex says and Jørgen could hear in the background a tapping of a keyboard.

“It’s a great anime, probably Valkyr’s greatest success with it came to anime. At least within the Crown Realm.” He felt proud of his people’s achievement. “I even got Olav and Wilhelmina to sign my first edition copy of the manga.”

“May the gods bless their souls. But yeah, a lot of people apparently really love how Olav is in that anime. A lot of thirst posts.” Jørgen could hear his ex shudder from remembering about it.

“Curious, I never reposted any of those kinds of posts. How did you find them if you weren’t looking?” Jørgen gave a teasing tone. “Wait you’re not also following Esta’s other account are you? You might need to bleach your eyes then.”

“Yeah… I unfortunately have. I’ll be honest, I think most of those sensual posts were just hers. She told me it was just a normal anime account.”

“Your fault for believing her. If she wasn’t already on the NCIS watchlist, that account would put her on it.” Jørgen internally cringes at some of her questionable posts.

“A lot of it is just her shipping herself and Olav…” Jørgen’s ex said horrified.

Jørgen gives a sigh, “I am honestly scared by her obsession with him sometimes. Most times actually.”

“At the very least she is much better on her main account.”

“Well, no posts about Olav on it. Which is always a good thing. It’s honestly how scary she switches her personality on her different accounts. Her main account is all business, anime and her kitchen knife collection.” Jørgen stops for a moment, “You know, I don’t think I ever actually seen her cook before.”

The ex just lets out an awkward chuckle with that. “Oh she does that very rarely, yep.” Though before Jørgen was allowed to ask about the ex’s awkward chuckle he spoke up again. “It is impressive how many far right wing folks follow her as well.”

Jørgen gives a sigh, “Yeah, I’m aware. Anytime she posts the two of us or I post us together. I get a flood of comments from them.”

“It is very unfortunate. Not sure how she does it, but she is good at playing up the whole ‘nationalist republicanist’ fear.”

“Be honest with me, how much of that fear is valid? I mean in Lapliszna. She never talks about it to me, I don’t really see anything about it online either outside of her account.” He curiously asked.

His ex let out a sigh. “Perhaps at some point they might have existed, but by now? Any such threat is fabricated. It’s all to drum up support from Norgsveltian conservatives in a designed way to ensure that despite her other aspects that would scare them away. Would still support the state structure in Lapiliszna, this on top of Blåskovian propaganda made about it as well. Afterall, if everyone believes the only opposition that is in Lapliszna is a hirdist one that is maintained by the government there, would anyone call for the government to change?”

“After all these years, you still sound like a nerd.” Jørgen chuckled at his Ex’s expertise. “You could have just said no, it was over blown.”

“But that would have been booooring.” His ex said while letting out a chuckle.

“Okay, a little crazy, would you like some chicken strips?” He said in a joking tone.

“Oh yes please!” His ex replicated Esta’s voice as he said that. “But yeah I don’t do my royal political duties for nothing.”

Jørgen gave a hardy laugh, “Sounds awful, how dare they make you work.”

“I know it is oh so awful!” His ex chuckled. “I should be like you, having all the time to watch anime.” He teased.

“Hey now, I do quite a bit of work. Someone has to host all those festivals, parties, film gatherings, more parties, host the Valkyr Media Arts Festival, be dead drop handsome and did I mention partying?” Jørgen jokes, “Seriously, I did not remember my father having to host so many parties and festivals.”

“Try being part of diplomatic missions, secret military exercises, host cultural events to show of nationalism, spending dozens of hours in Royal courts and other boring shit.” His ex quipped back. “I wish I went partying as much as you.”

“Well I do most of those things, just not the military or the royal court. Privileges of being the only noble in Vakrestrender I suppose. That does remind me, I have to organize the royal invite to the Ulvrikian Animation Expo for Justelvard and I have to double check if we’re hosting the Ulkrikian-Auroran Film festival or they are.” He scratches the back of his neck, “I really need to hire a secretary.”

“I’m shocked, you getting close with those Morstaybishlians?” His ex said while faking a gasp. “What would Johanna think!” He let out a chuckle. “Surprised you don’t have a secretary already, I think I would have ended up dead in paperwork without mine.”

Jørgen faked Johanna’s stoic voice. “Good, you can stab their monarch while watching one of those an-memes.” He laughed at his own joke, “I suppose I can put out an ad for one? Or maybe talk to my head of staff? I never actually hired people, only ever contracted work for the festivals and such.”

“I mean if you put out an ad you just have the anime version of you go asking for one.” His ex jokes. “But yeah I advise just going to your head of staff and she could help you with it.”

“Why did you assume it’s a she? Who am I your father?” Jørgen made another joke, smiling as he did so.

His ex bursted out laughing at that. “Well the two of you do have a lot of kemonomimi maids.” He teased.

“Majority of Vakrestrender is Kemonomimi while the majority of Kemonomimi in Blaskog is working for your dad.” He said while laughing.

Jørgen’s ex chuckled at that. “And most of those times he could just go to the brothel instead of hiring more maids.”

“Save himself the trouble and just convert to Akuanism, then he can just marry one or two dozen of them.”

“Unfortunately this is this law made four centuries ago that says that is not allowed. By the gods I wish it was.”

“Thinking about a change of religion now are we?”

The ex simply chuckled. “Not very religious personally, but hey at least in the akuanist faith I could have had several partners without the media losing its shit."

“Oh several partners then? Are you sure that many people can like you at once?” Jørgen rolled his eyes while he joked. “I’m sure you can have two at max before one of them strangled you.”

“Not sure about that, have you seen the likes I’ve gotten about pictures of me shirtless after training?” He teased Jørgen. “Including you~”

It was Jørgen’s phone wallpaper on his home screen. “I assure you I would never look at such vile sin.” He faked an over the top dramatic voice.

“Oh please, Esta has told me.”

“That little…” Jørgen started to blush after getting snitched on by Esta. “I bet she couldn’t wait to tell you could she?”

“Oh she couldn’t contain herself to tell me about it!” The ex chuckled.

“I swear she wants us back together more tha-” Jørgen cuts himself off.

“Well, she isn’t the only one…”

The phone call went silent. Jørgen was the first to speak back, “I still love you Wilan.”

“I-I still lo-” Wilan started saying before a clear voice from the background, which Jørgen had assumed must be Wilan’s wife.

“Who are you talking to?” Her voice said in a skeptical and annoyed tone.

“Fuck, I’ll call you back.” Wilan said quickly but before he ended the phone call he let out a short quiet. “I love you.”

Wilan quickly put his phone into the pocket of his blue jeans and internally sighed as he turned around in his black office chair trying to smile as warmly as he could as he looked towards the blond elf wearing a bathrobe, the woman that he had the pleasure to call a wife. “Oh you awake, I was just doing some early work. You know the typical stuff, talking with wealthy businesses to invest in our new home, getting in contact with the council, the, well, typical.” The handsome elven prince said.

“Ah ha. This early? Really?” His wife said, raising an eyebrow towards him. “Your conversation seemed quite friendly.”

“Were you eavesdropping?” Wilan crossed his arms as he gave his wife a questioning look.

“And what if I was, hmm?”

“Well it be quite telling you don’t trust me.” Wilan smirked.

“I don’t.” His wife said glaring at him.

“Well, that.” He started saying as he stood from his chair and looked down at his wife. “Seems like a you issue.” The prince started walking towards the kitchen to get himself a cup of coffee.

“Such a good husband you are.” The wife said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes, and followed after him much to his annoyance.

“Well, I am being the husband my wife deserves.” Wilan started the coffee machine himself, not wanting to bother his staff. “Look who I am talking to, it is none of your business.”

“Oh, wow a husband that keeps secrets from his wife is what I deserve? How lucky I am!” His wife’s irritation grew with each smirk and sarcastic comment he made, which of course made him just smirk wider.

“Yep!” The prince proclaimed with no shame as he poured himself a cup of coffee. “Want me to pour you one as well, or?”

“You are unbelievable!” His wife glared at him as she stormed out of the kitchen and towards their bedroom to get dressed. Wilan simply chuckled as he took a sip from his coffee as he leaned into his kitchen benk.

He thought over his situation with his wife, letting out a sigh as he did so. He wished he could tell himself that this was unusual for them… But it wasn’t. They’ve been like this for a long time, afterall their marriage was an arranged one. Specifically one he didn’t want, one his father had forced upon him. He just had to marry Princess Elina of Yvira, a duchy in the north of Blåskog. According to his father they’ve been the biggest supporters of the crown and made an arrangement with Elina’s father without hearing his own opinion about the matter. It has been over five years now, yet he still remembers the anger he felt with such vivid passion from being told about it. Being forced to break up with Jørgen on a flimsy demand from his father was one he remembers well. Wilan’s thoughts were interrupted by a small weak voice calling from the kitchen door.

“D-Daddy, did you and mommy have a fight again?” A small boy around 4 years old in blue pajamas spoke up and looked up towards him. The boy had gray eyes like one Wilan had and blonde hair like that of Elina. The boy hugging a blue whale plushie.

“Just a small one dear…” Wilan placed his coffee cup down as he crouched down next to his son, patting his son’s head. “But it’s over now, want me to make you something?”

“D-Doesn’t our servants usually make the food?” His son stuttered out confused.

“Well, it is smart to let them relax at times.” He said simply as he opened the fridge. “So what do you want?”

“I don’t know…”

“I can make waffles.” Wilan teased out as he had a genuine warm smile.

“Waffles!” His son cheered and held his whale plushie high up making the prince chuckle.

“Alright waffles it is!” Wilan took out the ingredients from the fridge. “Want to watch some TV while getting the waffles ready?”

“Sure!” He said cheerfully and ran into the living room.

The prince simply chuckled as he started making the waffles, and his mind wandered back to his marriage. He certainly did not love his wife, and hated this forced marriage but. One and only good thing he can say for certainly has come out of it, was his son. Makes him remember the promise he made to Jørgen yesterday, that would bring his son to visit Vakrestrender. He was not allowed to have his son visit anyone from his ‘real’ family. His wife refused the idea of having their son meet Esta, calling his sister a “witch driven by her lust of death”. Even the idea of going on a vacation to Vakrestrender was rejected for what his wife has called the “degeneracy of the Valkyr and the weakness of their jarl”, Wilan has never hit his wife…. But he sure had wanted too during those moments.

After finishing some plates of waffles he heard the door of the kitchen open again. “Ah, Eric! Perfect timing the- Oh it’s you.” Wilan turned around with a plate of waffles in hand to see that his wife had entered.

“Did not know you could bake.” Elina said, crossing her arms as she looked amused. She was wearing a white summer dress with a blue ribbon around her waist. Holding her black designer bag in her right hand.

“Well, there is a lot you don’t know about me.” The prince said with a smirk as he put down the plate on the kitchen table. Elina frowned at that and was about to turn around. He let out a sigh as he saw her turn around. “Jørgen taught me how to bake.” He took a sip from his coffee.

“Jørgen? Wilan, there are a lot of Jørgens out there. Be specific.” She said letting out a small chuckle. Making the prince roll his eyes.

“Well not all of them are Jarls.” He joked. Making his wife go quiet.

“You really miss him don’t you?” Elina raised an eyebrow towards Wilan, which answered with a determined look.

“Yes. I do.” He stared into her eyes as the two of them simply stood there for a few minutes. But the silence between them was broken with the cheerful voice of Eric.

“Waffles!” He said loudly as he ran into the kitchen in which both parents couldn’t but chuckle at how he was acting. Wilan lifted Eric up and put him into a chair as Elina got a plate ready for him. With each family member’s favorite topping on their individual waffle they enjoyed each other’s company for what had been a long time since they last did so.

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Few weeks later

Jørgen sat alone in his library, alone again. Esta was required back in Lapliszna, leaving by himself in the castle outside of his staff. His body yearns for companionship, love, romance but he left here, in a massive castle without anyone to call his love. He had love once, true love, a soul mate, something that most never can dream of but yet he lost it through no fault of his own. Wilan, the crown prince of Blaskog, the man he loved more than anything. A man he once thought he would spend his life with only to have it ripped away from him by a cruel, uncaring world. He couldn’t do a damned thing about it either, no amount of influence, no amount of talks with anyone of importance could bring Wilan back into his life. He even considered having his representative speak in defense of Blaskog within the NCEF, if nothing else to gain Carl’s approval. His approval is all that stance in the way of their love.

He was only stopped by Olav, when he approached him about the issue. Olav told him to stay out of it, that “Blaskog has to be punished.’ Yet, his heart wished for anything else, if he didn’t respect Olav so much. He would have, his heart blinding him to almost anything. He wants Wilan, he needs him. No one else ever cared for him the same way Wilan does. He wishes more than anything the situation was different.

The war in East Borea shattered his heart, Ingrid the leader of Nystatiszna both in government and spiritually relaxed in his castle. Olav and Wilhemina rested in his castle yet here he was, unable to relax himself. He trapped here, accursed here, he opened the doors to his home to them but while the war in their homes raged on. Esta’s room in the castle was used by her but when the war came to fruition, when all parties showed their hand. He was the last to know, people he loved, people he trusted and thought of his family suddenly started a horrific war in Borea. The birthplace of Akuanism, the birthplace of his religion and he was helpless to stop it. So he sits here in his library, just looking at his phone while horrific, after horrific events unfolding on his screen. Watching death, violence and things he wish he never saw scrolls along his timeline.

“There you are.” Jørgen heard a voice call from the library doorway. Seeing none other than Olav wearing a Valkyr shirt with white flower patterns on, the king simply smiled warmly as he had a bottle of beer in one hand. “I’ve tried calling you, but well.”

“I have been busy.” He said in a calm, but heartbroken voice. His eyes refused to look at Olav, instead looking outside the window over the crater lake.

The king simply let out a sigh, placing his beer bottle on a table as he walked up to where the jarl sat and sat down next to him. Keeping a bit of distance to give Jørgen some breathing room but close enough for him to know he was there. “If there is something that is bothering you, just tell me.” He placed a hand on Jørgen’s shoulder. “I’m here for you, so is Wilhelmina.”

He gave a long look towards the moon as it rested against the crater, its light reflecting on the lake. “I love him, he loves me yet we’re forced to be apart. By no fault of our own.” He gives a sigh, the moon’s light reflecting on the handsome features of his face. “I simply do not know what to do.”

Olav looked down for a moment before speaking up. “Sometimes, fate and destiny work against what we want the most, and it is best to listen to it.” His voice was fatherly but also careful not wanting to say the wrong thing to the man he considers like his own son. “Other times, it is simply a matter of time. I had to wait a long time until my father allowed me to marry Wilhelmina. If you believe it’s the latter, then be patient and keep in contact with him.”

“Fate can go to Hel.” He muttered, “What am I to do then? Forever keep to myself in this castle when I know my love is out there? Living with someone he hates? Living a life he regrets? To sit here and hope one day his father changes his heart while I wallow in pity and self hatred? “ He raised his head back towards the lake in front of them. “You know, I haven’t even bothered to try to date anyone after. Everytime I tried, it felt hollow or they were just trying to use me for their own means. Empty words they spoke to me, with no love behind them. No love like I and Wilan have. No feelings of love, no feelings outside of their own lust for my title, prestige and wealth.”

“Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to find someone else.” Olav suggested before holding his hands up in front of him to clarify.

“Did you try to find someone else after your father said no to Wilhelmina? Or did you keep fighting and struggling for it?” Jørgen cut Olav off.

“There is a big difference there, and you know it.” Olav said bit annoyed by the interruption but kept himself calm nonetheless. “Blåskog is not like Norgsveldet, and I know both you and Wilan tried day in and day out to convince his father, but nothing worked. My father gave in after I threatened to not take the crown. Carl is the man to meet threats like that with threats of imprisonment.”

“Can’t you do something? Anything? Could NCIS just… stop him.” He knew what he was suggesting but could dare speak the words. What he was speaking was completely outside of personality, to go against the very religion of he so loves much, Akuanism to suggest killing another person.

“Jørgen…” The king’s eyes widen a bit before he looks solemnly towards the jarl. “You know just as well as why I can’t. I know you hurt, but… this isn’t you. Even if one could argue Carl deserved it, it should not mean it should be done.”

“Spirits damned he deserves it! He deserves nothing more than death for what he has done to…” He stopped himself before he accidentally spills a secret not meant for him to tell. A single tear crawled down his face. “Things I know he has done…Things he will do…” His eyes trained at the moon reflection in the lake. “He should…” Even now he couldn’t bring himself to say the word.

Olav places his arms around the younger elven boy hugging him. “I understand, Carl is not a good man, I’ve met him. But please do not bring your hatred of him to warp the view of yourself. You are better than that.” Olav kept his hold around Jørgen as he tried to comfort him. “Only way it could change is perhaps if the people of Blåskog sides with you two. But even then, I doubt Carl would care.”

Jørgen’s tears started pouring through him, eyes became like waterfalls. He hugged Olav back, squeezing him tightly. “You don’t know how awful he really is. You think you know but you don’t know half of what he does to his children. To Wilan, to Torster, to Esta.” His eyes broke away from the moon reflection in the water, burying his head into Olav’s shoulder. “He is a bastard, an evil monster.”

Olav simply stayed quiet placing hand on Jørgen’s back, rubbing it as he continued comforting him. “Then might fate find a way to punish that man, for everyone’s sake.” He said in a quiet tone.

After a few minutes of silence the door of the library opened again, this time revealing the white haired kemonomimi beauty that was Wilhelmina leaning into the door frame. “I am sorry for interrupting, but dinner is finished.” She said nervously as her tail wrapped around one of her legs. “From what I’ve been told, it’s your favorite Jørgen~”

Jørgen broke from the hug, cleaning the tears streaming from his face with a sleeve. “Ah, pufferfish with grilled eel.” His tone is shaky, as he desperately tries to regain control of himself. “It’s a Valkyr delicacy. I d-do hope you enjoy it.” He gives a strained smile towards Olav and his wife.

“I’m sure we will, son.” Olav said as he ruffled Jørgen’s hair, smiling warmly as he looked down towards him as he stood up from his chair.

Jørgen looked up at Olav. He never calls him son, not while he is sober. Calling him son while piss drunk? Yeah sure, dozens of times, including back when his family was still alive, but never sober, never at a moment such as this. He stands up, following Olav and ‘mom’ outside of the library into the dining hall.

Wilan was crouched down with hand on Eric’s ruffling his hair. “Now you behave while Ny’Iskia here takes care of you, okay?” The prince’s voice was fatherly and caring as he looked towards his son.

“Do you have to leave?” Eric pouted.

“Yes, I do. The Directorat Council is holding a meeting, I promise you the first thing I will do once it is done is to get back to you.” Wilan couldn’t help but let out a sigh once he noticed it didn’t make it better for his son. Eric simply looked down towards the ground, his lip quivering. “How about this? Once I get back home, we could immediately go to your favorite amusement park?”

That got his son’s mood up as the boy looked up at his father in a hopeful look. “The one with all the animals?”

“Yes, the one and only.” Wilan said with a chuckle, before bringing his son into a tight hug.

“I promise I will behave!” Eric said in a far more happy tone as he hugged his father back.

“You better!” The father teased giving his son a last ruffle on the hair as he stood up immediately placing his attention towards the kemonomimi butler that stood behind Eric.

“I will take good care of your son, your highness.” The butler said in a professional and calm tone.

“Oh you better, I know your last boss might have just lowered your wages or fired you if you did something wrong. But when you work for me? You can expect a far worse punishment.” Wilan said, giving the shorter kemonomimi a cold glare. Though the butler didn’t seem to be that unfazed at first but once the prince kept his glare the butler let out a nervous cough.

“Understood, your highness.” The butler said, giving a bow to the prince and kept his professional and calm personality until Wilan had left the mansion. In which the butler let out a sigh, his back only slightly losing its straight posture.

“Can we have waffles, Ny’Iskia?” Eric looked up at the butler.

“That is not the healthiest of breakfasts, master Eric.” The butler said calmly as he looked down at the child he would be taking care of.

“Awwww, but dad always makes it for me…” Eric said looking down at the ground.

The butler simply stayed silent for a few seconds before he spoke up again in a calm tone. “Then waffles it is.”

The boy simply jumped up in joy. “Yay!”

_ _

As Wilan sat in his luxury lounge on the ferry that was taking him to Tordallen he couldn’t help but let out a sigh. He wasn’t certain what to do, with it still being a few hours until he landed. Simply relaxing on a large black luxury sofa while watching the news that was on his overly large and expensive flatscreen TV that he had bought in Norgsveldet, while pouring himself another glass of champagne from a bottle he had gotten from Jørgen last time he visited Vakrestrender…

“I haven’t called Jørgen yet!” Wilan cursed himself as he placed his glass down on the mahogany table almost spilling it. Quickly getting out his Jotun Smartphone as he called up Jørgen.

Jørgen, for the most part, was relaxing in his paintshop. Trying and failing to regain his inspiration to paint again, as if he lost another part of him again. Losing his ability to create fantastic pieces of beauty, instead he felt like he was just putting colors together on a blank canvas. The technical skill was there but it lacked soul, another failed piece in his eyes.

His phone started to ring, Jørgen gave a sigh placing his paint brushes away and simply picked up his smartphone not bothering checking the caller ID. “Jarl Bjørn of Vakrestrender speaking, who am I speaking to?” He said in a calm and respectful tone despite being ripped away from his artistry.

Wilan had to breathe in and out before he could speak in the teasing and charming voice he knew Jørgen would recognise. “Hello, anime jarl~”

Jørgen gave a sharp laugh, his tone shifting. “Well, hello edgy viking, funny to see you calling at this hour~” He replied in the same teasing tone as Wilan.

Wilan let out a low chuckle. “Well I thought I’d be nice to allow you to hear my beautiful and charming voice so it can brighten your day~”

“Ah you missed the day by only a few hours but you’re always welcomed to hear at night.” He walks over to his sofa and layed down.

“Then might it give you a lot of good dreams then~” Wilan said but more low and husky rather than teasing. “So what have you been up to?”

“Oh all my dreams with you have been good~” He gives a smile, looking up at the ceiling. “Well, after Sayyed, I hosted Wilhemina’s birthday in Vakrestrender and the day after I spent some time in Cryria in a state visit. Getting preparations made for when Cryrian Queen visits Vakrestrender. How about you, my late-night caller?”

“Ah so you getting all the Queens to visit you, huh? Should I be jealous?~” Wilan teased as he took a sip from his glass. “Well, I’ve been mainly busy with work, meetings with my fellow rich bastards in Rikevaarland, taking care of my son and the occasional fight with my wife. So you know business as usual in all honesty.”

Jørgen rolls his eyes at the queen comment. “How is your son? Is he taking after his old man or is he picking the better option of the two?” The jarl jokes.

“Oh fuck you.” Though Wilan’s laughter made clear he meant not malice behind those words. “He is doing well, I have him being taken care of by our head butler Ny’Iskia while I’m gone for a meeting. I promised him I would go to the amusement park with him if he behaved.”

“How sweet of you! Wish you would have taken me to an amusement park.” He teases, “It’s good to hear he’s doing well. I’m assuming you’re not copying your father’s method when it comes to Kemonomimi staff. I hate to be jealous you know~”

“Well I prefer to have you in my bedroom instead~” Wilan teased back. “But yes he is doing well, though most of the time I have to bribe him with waffles to make him behave. So I’m quite happy you taught me how to bake.” The Prince was careful not to say anything about the comment about the kemonomimi staff just to see if his dear Jørgen would react.

“With or without pants on?” He gave out a laugh, unable to keep a straight face to tease him. “Though that doesn’t answer my question about your staff. My prime minister made a big show of it, held a cabinet meeting and asked for me to attend. They almost never ask me to attend a meeting, so this was quite unusual. Most of it was mainly directly towards me though they never said it outright. All about various issues about abuses of Akuanists and Kemonomimi in Blaskog.” His tone shifted to something more serious, having a genuine concern now. “I’m already assuming Carl isn’t doing anything.”

“Oh forcing you to care about politics? How dreadful!” Wilan joked as he took a sip from his glass as he saw the news channel he was looking at was talking about the series of war crimes done by Blåskovian separatists in the war in Syrtænaszna.

“Wilan, please.” Jørgen spoke in a soft but serious tone. “These are serious accusations… Tell me you’re not part of this…”

The Prince simply let out a sigh, his tone turning more serious as well. “I’m not sure what you expect me to say… I’ve been busy in Teieleie for the past few weeks and mainly been busy helping my father in ensuring Blåskog is not completely diplomatically isolated. The domestic and military field? That is something only my dad and his prime minister control.” His voice was careful with the next thing he was going to say. “I think a lot simply because of the AFP…”

Jørgen gave a heavy sigh of relief, it is all Carl’s fault. Thank the spirits. “Please be safe Wilan, I pray for the spirits to guide and protect you, my love.”

“I will, I promise you that.” Wilan said in a soft but still determined tone. “If anything I’m likely more safe in Rikevaarland now then my dad is in his own palace.”

“If your family needs a safe place, I’m sure I can talk to Ingrid for you.” He gives a stressed tone. “The shores of Vakrestrender are open to you and your family. Even your wife, despite her… disposition towards myself.”

“Thank you, love.” The prince said, letting out a quiet soft chuckle. “You are way too kind for the world we live in Jørgen… I wish there were more men like you.”

“Well you know what they say about self-made men.” He cracks a smile at his own joke. “Though if there were more men like me I suspect you would have quite a full bed.”

“That just sounds like it would be a lot of fun~” Wilan’s tone shifted to a more husky and flirtatious tone.

“I’m sure it does to you~” Jørgen flirts back, “If I wasn’t currently so busy, I could have flown to Rikevaarland for a visit. Maybe stop by Nystatiszna and harass Ingrid while I’m at it.”

“I am certain you’d double the market value of Nystatiszna by simply being there.” Wilan took a sip from his glass and laughed at his own joke. “Though I do wonder if you need to harass her seeing the amount of people that already do.”

Jørgen joined in the laugh, “I might have gone a little overboard on my trip to Cryria. Have you seen it? It was all over the internet for a little while.” He does shift his tone slightly when talking about Ingrid, “It does her a world of good to see a friendly face, I’m still incredibly disappointed in her but…”

“You always go a bit overboard.” Wilan rolled his eyes. “I think she would appreciate it. I obviously don’t know her well, but anyone that has to deal with the hardship of ruling at such an early age is going to mess up. Especially when working with a system and a region that seems to hate good folk.” His tone also shifted to a more mature and orderly tone. “After all she is younger than you were when you took over.”

“She didn’t have the luxury of hiding in her castle. Still, she was one who decided to go to Nystatiszna, surely Olav would have warned her…” He had a disappointed tone, looking at his unfinished painting.

“He likely did, but she thought she could do good in Nystatiszna, improve civil rights. Like from what I’ve read in articles and seen on the news. She has actively been involved in the rights of kemonomimi for a long time.” Wilan took another sip from his drink. “So when she saw the chance to become the leader of Nystatiszna, and be available to do it directly? Well, she idealistically grabbed that opportunity. Though it would not surprise me if she regrets it now.”

He gives a sigh, “You know, I was going to run in Nystatiszna as well but I didn’t want to run against her. I was both glad and disappointed that I didn’t run. You know Esta was going to as well? I’m not sure why she didn’t but thank the spirits we don’t see Esta running Nystatiszna.”

“I convinced her to not get involved.” Wilan sighed before letting out a chuckle. “She barely runs one nation, adding another one for her to rule would have been a disaster. But trust me, it’s better you didn’t rule Nystatiszna. The politics of East Borea is… very depressing. Good leaders over here either get assasinated, kill themselves or become powerless to actually improve things.”

“Explain why Carl is still alive.” His voice showed his anger towards the man. His tone changed to something softer, “You are going to be different, I am sure of it. I would stake my life on it.”

“My father is not a good man, that’s why no one hasn’t killed him yet.” The prince said, letting out a sharp laugh. Before becoming quiet, staying as such for a few seconds. “By the gods I think I need another bottle of champagne from all this talk about politics!”

“Don’t you always need another bottle~” Jørgen teases Wilan, with a smug look on his face.

“Well yeah, I’m in East Borea after all!” The Prince joked as he opened another bottle of champagne.

“Claims to be Ulvriktru, but drinks like an Akuanist. Are you sure you’re not thinking about converting?” Jørgen gives a laugh, sitting upright on his couch.

“Look Blåskovian Ulvriktru is a bit different from the Norgsveltian Ulvriktru that you know.” Wilan began saying as he poured himself another glass. “Mainly that we took Thor’s drinking habit as a challenge rather than viewing it as warning when one drinks too much.”

“I can think of a few other ways it’s different~” The jarl teases him. “Odin is a bit of a lightweight now I think about it. Like who only drinks one keg and stops rather than keeps going. If his parents were Akuanists they would be ashamed to have such a light drinker.” He smiles, ringing a small bell to summon a maid to his room.

The prince rolled his eyes but let out a chuckle. “Well I guess when half of one’s religion can be summarized with the word alcoholism it will be easy to find everybody else being a lightweight.” He teased the younger jarl.

The prince could hear the door open in the background, and Jørgen simply requested a bottle of wine for himself. “Sounds like you are coping.” Few moments later, steps can be heard from the maid delivering the bottle and pouring a glass for him. “Thank you Ny’Ogin. So what were we talking about? Oh yes, you’re an Akuanist in hiding.” He smugly states.

“Look only reason I would convert to Akuanism is for the polygamous benefits that comes with it~” Wilan smirked at the thought before taking a sip from his glass. “I’m not that much of a pacifist either. I’d scare like most of the brewmasters away if they saw my tattoo of the HK-45.”

“HK-45, those are the new planes right? The ones that go really fast?” It wasn’t clear if Jørgen was joking or being serious at the moment.

“Jørgen, my dear were you not there during the military exercise Norgsveldet had in Vakrestrender early this summer?” The prince was actually surprised by the Jarl’s lack of knowledge of something that is quite crucial for the security of his Realm.

“I was, I was. I’m just pulling your leg.” Jørgen jokes, his Prime Minister requested him to come out and inspect the jet for himself. “I am not that out-of-touch with governance, though I was surprised when it caused such a tiff with the Aurorans.” He rolls his eyes, taking a sip of his wine. “Though the moe-rizing of those jets were quite good.”

“On one hand I get that, as 30 of those jets massively improves Norgsveldet’s military capability in the region, both offensively and defensively.” Wilan took a sip from his drink again. “Though they are absolutely lying if they are surprised that the region is becoming more militarized, Aurora is basically all in MBE’s influence yet many still justify having such large spending while MBE is right there to protect them.” He shook his head from the ridiculousness of the situation. “Though the anime advertisement of them was not something I expected.”

“I have one more question then.” Jørgen smug energy came through the phone.

“Ask away.” Wilan took a sip from his glass, drinking what was left of it and prepared to pour himself another drink.

“Who asked?” Jørgen gave a chuckle, pouring himself another cup of wine.

“Oh fuck off will ya?” The prince said, amused, taking a sip from his drink and leaned into his sofa.

“First time you said ‘off’ after saying fuck. To me at least.” He teased him, raising his glass of wine up looking at the color of it.

“Once I am able to get to Vakrestrender that tone could change~” He said in a husky tone before letting out a sigh. “How’s things going on down there anyways? And I don’t mean if there is a new anime that has come out.”

“Why must you hurt me this way?” He clutches his hurt, faking a dramatic tone. “Well, politically things are a bit… out of character now. Well more out of character than normal. I don’t know if you remembered when my Prime Minister made a speech calling us Norgsveltians which was a tad bit controversial and reheated the debate for our status within Norgsveldet. Growing voice is saying we should become fully part of Norgsveldet but the majority of the dependence parties just wants to stay as a Crown State.” He gives a sigh, sipping his glass of wine. “The independence parties are a bit… unorganized after the Auroran response. Any ideas of joining the UNAC have been put into the grave so to speak. It’s a mess on their end, trying to respond to all of it.”

“Well from a cold strategical point of view, it sounds like the Aurorans have effectively ensured Vakrestrender remains in the Norgsveltian sphere of influence no matter what status it may choose in the end.” Wilan said putting down his glass and being actually quite interested in hearing about Valkyr politics, with it being so rare for his dear Jarl to talk about it. “Though it certainly means it is more polarized than compared to before, when is the next Valkyr election?”

Wilan could hear typing sounds coming from the other end of the call. Jørgen spoke up, giving an awkward cough. “It will be in 2024. Before you say anything, I wasn’t looking it up. I was simply uhh. Looking at anime.” He said quickly in an embarrassed tone.

“Uh huh.” The Prince was not convinced and simply let out a chuckle afterwards. “Well it would still give the independence parties plenty of time to organize themselves, though any directly pro-Auroran parties are likely going to have a very hard time unless the UNAC is able to improve its image.”

“Oh speaking of image. I was at a fundraiser the other day and the CEO of Valkyr Luxury Development and Hotels told me something quite interesting. You have to keep a secret of course, NDA and all that stuff but it looks like I am going to have a neighbor. You remember that ugly looking modern mansion built on the lower side of the Surtr’s Vrede? Uh, My supervillain hideout as the Cryrian Queen put it.”

“Ah, I’m surprised anyone actually bought it.” Wilan took a sip from his drink again as he waited for Jørgen to finish his gossip talk.

“So did I, but no accounting for taste I suppose. Only reason why that ugly thing was so they wouldn’t lose land and be forced to sell it.” Jørgen took a long sip from his wine glass. “Only reason for its value is that it’s the closest building to my castle. I mean it’s still far away but you know what I mean. Now guess who bought it, hint you know them!” He could wait to spill the tea.

“Well certainly not Esta since she likely wouldn’t have shut up about it. Is it one of Olav’s many children?” Wilan joked as he poured himself another glass, though he should be careful to not drink too much. Not long until the ferry arrives at Tordallen.

“Please, Esta basically lives at my castle. It’s not one of Olav’s children, I would hope they would have better taste. It’s Johanna Sverdrup! Think of that, I never thought she cared for Vakrestrender besides as a military base. I guess she must really enjoy us to drop such an awful amount on that mansion. Didn’t picture her as someone who enjoys anime though.” He giggly says, loving every moment of gossiping. “I don’t think I really met her though, perhaps I should organize a welcoming party for her.” He muses.

The Prince simply stayed silent, almost spilling the drink as he poured. “Excuse me, what?”

The jarl laughed, “I know right! Johanna Sverdrup is moving to Vakrestrender, I personally approved her residency permit to move here. I wonder if she bought that mansion because she is into all the modern design stuff. Perhaps I can base the party around that design, no matter how ugly it all looks to me.” He sips his wine giggly.

Wilan simply slowly placed the bottle down, not even taking a sip from the glass. Simply being quiet as he sat there confused. “That’s…. great for her!” He said, trying to sound optimistic and deciding not to let Jørgen know about a certain… aspect behind the sale. “I mean you know her being recently out of office and all, she could use a friendly face like yours to make her feel better!”

Jørgen doesn’t quite know why Johanna was out of office, he only caught some of the headlines of the story and didn’t really bother to look more into it. “Of course, you know how I am. Nothing but smiles and completely over the top parties organized completely by your favorite Jarl. I am still your favorite Jarl still~” Jørgen teases him.

“You certainly are~” The Prince said with a smirk and then took a big sip from his glass. “Though don’t tell Johanna about the anime version of her…”

“Please, that’s the first thing I’m telling her. Earlier she knows, the easier it gets.” He laughs, “You know people are still making fanart of the both of us? Despite all this time?”

“Well your choice, just don’t show her the riskier version your folk make about her version.” Wilan chuckled before his tone turned soft. “It’s… certainly nice to know several who want us to be back together.”

“Oh, I’m only showing her the official portrait and v-model the Valkyr government has. Though if she spends longer than 20 minutes on Pideon after the official news of her moving here gets out. Well, I hope she doesn’t ask me about it.” He gives a hardy laugh, “Spirits protect her eyes.” He leans over to take a sip of his wine once more, “Yeah… It’s more than a few people… I love you…” He says in a soft, loving tone.

“I love you too…” The Prince’s voice was soft and caring as he said it. He sat there quiet for a good few seconds before speaking up again. “Jørgen… I promise I’ll come to Vakre-” Though before the prince could finish what he was saying he was interrupted by his driver, a tall Zrei elf with a small scar on his right cheek, who opened the door to the lounge.

“Your highness, we have landed in Tordalen.” The driver said while giving the prince a small bow.

Wilan had to let out a sigh. “Sorry. I’ll… call you back after the meeting.” He said. He unfortunately did not have too much time.

“I understand, a busy prince is a good prince, just don’t forget about me~” He teases, then switching to a more joking tone. “Make sure to tip your Kemonomimi staff and treat them well now. Not the way your father tips mind you.” He gives a laugh.

The prince rolled his eyes but smiled softly. “No promises~” He teased before ending the phone call right then and there.

[October 2th, 2022]

(CW: This has a conversation about sensual matters, do not read if it’s not for you.)

Wilan stretched his arms into the air, a small cracking sound popping off. Deciding to wake up early so he could get more things done today. Going down stairs from his bedroom and towards the kitchen walking past some maid who was too afraid to look him in the eye. Their gaze being placed downwards, their different kemonomimi ears falling flat. Though when he entered the kitchen one maid did try to interact with him.

“A-Ah! Your majesty, how can I be of service?” She said nervously in a kind voice.

“By getting out.”

Her ears flatten before poking up again. “I-I could make you coffee!”

The Prince simply gave her a cold look, making her shiver nervously and nervously get out as quickly as possible, stumbling on her feet while doing so.

“Useless.” He mumbled to himself before brewing himself a cup of coffee, and looking over a contract he recently made. Small smirk on his lips ever so slowly appeared, in which he then took a sip from his coffee cup. Taking the papers he placed them in his black suitcase. Looking at the clock, then doing some quick mental calculations, he realizes that Jørgen is likely already bright up awake. Taking out his phone he was quick to call up “Nerd Jarl <3”.

Jørgen’s head was pounding as his phone rang out to him. He reached over to his nightstand, giving a very faint and weak “Hello?”

“Hell- Wait did you just wake up?” Wilan was surprised at hearing Jørgen’s tone of voice.

“No.” He clearly as day lied to him. He rested his back on the pillow before briefly looking to the other person in his bed. “Fuck.” He said in a quiet tone.

“You’re a very bad liar~” Wilan teased, taking a sip from his coffee cup, very interested in hearing how Jørgen got his new sleeping habit from. “Now, care to explain how my sleeping beauty woke up only now at…” took another glance at the clock. “1 pm?”

He gave an audible groan, getting himself out of bed only to feel a hand on his shoulder. Wilan could hear a feminine voice speaking to him. “Just for a moment.” He whispers to her, giving a small kiss on her forehead before getting out of bed proper and walking out of his bedroom. “I just had a really good party.”

The Blåskovian Prince let out a chuckle. “I could tell! Who was that I heard?~” He teased as he leaned into his coffee table with his elbows. Ready to hear everything his former love had been up to. “It sounded like a woman, is she hot?~”

Jørgen gave a small laugh in return, as he headed to his kitchen. “Quite. Oh spirits, I’m still in sweatpants.” He said as he looked down, muttering “I should have changed before I left, I look like a slob.”

Wilan rolled his eyes. “No you don’t. You look cute no matter what you do.” He said fully confidently. “Now, tell me everything about my new competitor~”

The Jarl rolled his eyes, taking a seat in his kitchen after getting his coffee. “Well, let’s make it into a game then. If I win, you visit Vakrestrender.”

“Oh how terrible.” Prince replied with a sarcastic tone. “And If I win?”

“You visit Vakrestrender and have dinner with her and I.” Jørgen takes a sip from his coffee.

“Somehow you winning sounds better, I don’t have to share with you them~” Wilan said in a husky and teasing tone. “So, what’s the game?”

“Three guesses, nine hints. Same as always Wilan.” Jørgen says with a smirk, taking another sip of his coffee. “You never gonna guess who it is either.”

The Prince took a sip from his coffee. “Has she ever been involved in politics? Be it Royal or normal boring ones.” He said in a joking tone.

“She is incredibly involved in politics once, she isn’t a royal either. Also I’m counting that as two hints.” Jørgen poured a bit of milk and sugar into his coffee.

“Fair, is she from Vakrestrender?”

“Nope, six hints left.” He sips his coffee.

“Is she from Aurora then?” Wilan took a sip from his coffee.

“Negative.” Jørgen smiles, knowing Wilan will never guess who is currently napping in his bed.

“Norgsveldet then?” Wilan said a small smirk forming on his lips.

“She is from Norgsveldet, yes. Four hints left~” Jørgen says in a teasing tone.

“Was she involved in local or national political affairs in Norgsveldet?”

“National level.” Jørgen finishes his coffee, and pours himself another cup.

“…did she recently buy an estate in Vakrestrender?” Wilan eyes slightly widen thinking he might know who it is, but is hesitant to suggest it.

“…Yes.” Crap, Wilan was going to guess correctly. Jørgen mixed his coffee once more.

Wilan let out a hearty laughter as he leaned into his chair almost tilting over in laughter. “By the gods! You gotta be kidding me?! Oh, my dear Jørgen did you actualy hookup with Johanna fucking Sverdrup?!” He said loudly, still cackling to himself as he covered his mouth with his fist. Even starting coughing from laughing so much.

Jørgen held his head, pulling the phone away. His hangover came back with a vengeance, “You’re correct but spirits you are loud.”

“Sorry, sorry.” Wilan said before chuckling to himself a bit more. “Oh gods… Johanna, huh? Was she good?” A small smirk formed on his lips.

“Nosy little thing prince today are we?” Jørgen gives a small chuckle himself. “You know I will never kiss and tell~”

“I still have two hints left though~” The nosy prince said in a teasing voice.

The Jarl let out a sigh, “Fine but try to be someone responsible with your questioning.”

Wilan made an audible cough into his fist. “Ofcourse, ofcourse.” He nodded his head.

“Two hints, only two hints Wilan.” Jørgen reminded Wilan.

The prince rolled his eyes. “Alright, alright.”

“Alright, ask your first hint.”

“Can I still ask if she was good?~” He teased the jarl.

“Yes.” Jørgen answered simply, “One hint left.”

“Aw you no fun.” Wilan said disappointed before taking a sip of his coffee cup. “How did it happen? Like you’re not someone known for just hooking up with someone when you get drunk, so there must be more to it.”

Jørgen gave a sigh, holding his head. “I don’t suppose I could interest you in asking a different question?”

“Seeing how you’re so uncharacteristically undetailed with your last answer, I will say no.” Wilan said teasingly though in a warm tone.

“You really are a bastard Wilan.” Jørgen gives a small laugh again, “I hosted a party in the castle and I invited the Sverdrup sisters when I greeted them at the airport. Then well, Johanna was quite interested in me and I was interested in her.”

“Man you have a very dull way to explain you have the hots for someone, don’t you?” The Prince teased.

“Not all of us are degenerates like yourself Wilan~” Jørgen sips his coffee, smirking as he did so.

“And it’s a title I bear with respect.” The nosy prince said jokingly. “But could you explain why you were interested in her?” He asked genuinely.

He gave a sigh, “She called me handsome…” He says half jokingly. “There more to that, it’s really nice being flirty with someone who doesn’t refer to you as a child or as ‘cute’ all the time. Plus, I like her hairstyle a lot though her outfit choice could use a little work.”

Wilan fell a bit quiet at that before letting out a sigh. “I guess I can understand that.” His voice turned a soft joking tone. “Going to make her wear matching outfits?”

“I mean, yes. If she’s willing, her outfit choice right now is really subpar for her looks. Like who wears a boring all white suit without any bit of flash or color. It really ruins the whole look.” He complains to him. “Is it too early to give her a new wardrobe?”

“Wait. You’re thinking of dating her?” Wilan took a sip from his coffee. “…do you think that is wise?”

“I mean sure, she is a lovely person once you get to know her in person. Why wouldn’t I?” He questioned Wilan.

The Prince just let out a sigh. “Do you know why she had to step down as prime minister? The thing that broke the camel’s back?”

“No? Uh, she didn’t like… Pull a Morstaybishlian politician with kids right?” Jørgen’s voice was concerned, slightly worried now.

Wilan let out a small chuckle at that before speaking up again. “No, no, nothing like that.” He said as he stood up from his seat, coffee in hand. “She took a more normal political approach. She was bribed with tens of millions UKR, in which she quickly used to buy her estate in Vakrestrender…”

“Oh…” Jørgen fell silent. “I uh, didn’t know that…”

“The money also came from Blåskog, straight out of the coffers of the Royal treasury.” Wilan said with a sigh. “It’s why she took a ‘neutral’ stance on the war in Syrtænaszna.”

“Huh…” He was unnaturally quiet, “I guess that explains your reaction from before…” Jørgen sipped his mixed coffee.

“From before?” Wilan raised an eyebrow at that even though he knows Jørgen can’t see it.

“Your laughter, I thought you were just… ya know?” He scratched the back of his head.

“Well, come on. Even without the corruption it still be hilarious you fucked a former prime minister of Norgsveldet, especially one Olav not very big fan of.” He teased, smirking to himself

“Wait he’s not a fan of hers? I thought…” He was quiet again, “Honestly, I thought they got along well, he always spoke about her. I wasn’t really paying attention to the discussion because it was always political but still…” He sips his coffee, reconsidering his life choices. “I probably shouldn’t have invited her to Olav’s 20th anniversary on the throne…”

Wilan just stayed quiet, small hints of a chuckle coming through before once more he started to laugh heavily, placing a hand bit over his mouth to try stop his laughing.

“Please stop laughing Wilan, this is serious.” Jørgen rests his head on his hand. “I might have made uh…”

The prince just continued his laughter much to the Jarl’s annoyance who begged him to stop.

[CW: Will involve discussion about more sensual nature]

As the phone call ended Wilan’s grip on his cup tightened. That little bitch… Trying to take Jørgen away from him. All for his darling’s money and fame, he knew the ex-prime minister well after all. Always an ambitious cold politician, he used to respect her…. Well no matter, he will ensure one way or another that the two don’t stay together for long. Wilan took a sip from his cup, drinking the rest of his coffee, before placing it down again. Cracks on it being clear on its handle, the Prince almost having gripped it so tight that it broke. Fixing his tie he looked towards the hallway, calling up for one of the maids.

“Ny’Værti, come in here.”

A blonde short kemonomimi girl walked into the kitchen being utterly terrified of the prince. Her mouse ears fell flat as she bowed her head to him. “Y-Your majesty, how can I be of service.” Her voice stuttered out trying her best to calm down.

“Get my chauffeur, I have a sudden meeting to attend too.” Wilan’s tone was cold as he stood up giving a quick glance towards his wrist watch, not even really looking at her.

“W-Will do!” The kemonomimi said bowing her head deeper before trying to hurry off out of the kitchen, but the prince’s voice spoke up again.

“And Ny’Værti?” He said calmly his attention now fully at her, which got her to freak out a little.

“U-Um y-yes your majesty?” She said being utterly terrified. “D-Did I do anything wrong?”

The prince chuckled, warmly for once. A warmth that she never saw him have towards anybody but his son. “I rather not want a cute girl like you to be scared off, so please. Relax.” He said with a gentle voice and a charming smile. Making the mouse kemonomimi blush.

“Oh, if that is what you want, your majesty. Then your word is my command.” She said nervously but far less terrified as she hurried off to get the prince’s chauffeur. In which she couldn’t help but smile a little bit.

But the immediate moment she was out of the kitchen the prince’s charming smile was replaced with a frown. He was going to get his divorce one way or another.

_ _

[10th October 2022]

“You’re a pig, you know that?” Elina sneered at Wilan, placing a hand on her hip as she glared at the Blåskovian Prince. Which said Prince just combed his short white hair looking at the mirror the two had in their bedroom.

“There are worse animals to be called.” The Crown Prince said as he put down the comb looking himself up and down. Tightening his dark blue tie. Wilan was wearing an overly expensive Royal suit, one he had bought from one of Jørgen’s many fashion companies. Even got a hefty discount on it after he used his warm charming voice towards the Jarl. “Now I hope you don’t mind but keep quiet about this topic until after the ball. We do not want to anger our Rikevaari friends, now do we?” He smiled, as if the topic was about a non-serious topic.

“Don’t fucking act like that. You disgusting piece of shit.” She said in a disgusted tone. “You know, I always expected you were going to cheat. But do you know how disgusting it is you chose to fuck not just an servant, but an animal like her?”

“Why not? She is cute even more so when she-”

“Don’t finish that sentence.” Elina sneered once more, earning herself just a shrug from her husband. “I should divorce you immediately for what you did.”

“Then do it.” Wilan said, finally looking back towards her, with a completely cold look. “Your family needs this marriage more than mine does. So come on. End this.”

Elina fell silent for a moment yet she was still glaring at her husband. Every fiber of her body wanted to slap him and end this farce of a marriage. But that was before she noticed one thing. Her husband had the tiniest of smirks. “…You want this marriage to end, don’t you?”

“Yes.” Wilan said, rolling his eyes at the comment as he walked towards the closet grabbing his dress jacket that was hanging off it. “We both hate this marriage, but neither had the plausible reason enough to divorce under Blåskovian law. Now you do.”


“What do you mean no?” Wilan said as he put on his dress jacket giving a confused look towards what he desperately wanted to be his ex-wife.

“No, because you will get custody of our son. I will never let our son be raised by a degenerate like you.” Elina sneered walking towards the door grabbing the handle.

“You sure you can handle having to sleep in the same bed as the one I laid that maid? Must be so humiliating and shameful.” Wilan taunted walking towards her, placing a hand on the door as he looked down at her. “Do you really want to deal with that? Wouldn’t it be better to find yourself a new loving husband?” He had a disgusting smirk as he egged her on, doing what he could to get her to divorce him.

“…I can get my own room.” Elina said pushing him away, opening the door to quickly get out the bedroom, walking down the hall which their ballroom was to be at.

The Crown Prince stayed there for a moment in silence, being surprised by her tenacity to continue it on. “No matter. She will relent, eventually.” He said as he opened the door following afterwards.

[CW: Violence and sensual references]
[5th January 2023]

Wilan yelled in frustration as he slammed the door next to him. Having recently gotten out from another phone call with who still was his wife. He tried for months, months, to get her to give up. To sign divorce papers. No amount of taunting, blatant disrespect was making Elina change her mind. In fact the only thing she has been doing was spending more time with their son or taunting him to hit her. According to what he has been told by his lawyers, if the relationship was to turn abusive then the abused partner gets custody of the child. No matter noble or royal rank. He certainly felt close to wanting to punch her, but he couldn’t risk it. Luckily he was at his private gym, he could take out his frustration on the punching bag. Putting on his boxing gloves he immediately started to hit as hard as he could at the punching bag. Using every muscle in his body with each blow. Forcing the large bag to move with each of them.

Though when he was punching it, he did not see the bag. No. No, he pictured the face of his wife. One who refused to give him the divorce that the both of them wanted. All because she refused to let him have custody of their son. His son. It was his royal blood that ran through their son’s veins. His royal privileges that his son was going to inherit. His Crown that his son will also inherit. Who was this weak, noble woman of the north to tell him it’s not his right to raise their son? He punched harder and harder. Imagining his wife below him pleading for mercy with each and every hit. Her face ruined to the point of no recognition. It was not until he heard a faint ringing in the background that he slowed down for a moment. In which he breathed in and out. Finally stopping, in which he noticed the bag that was supposed to be hanging was now laying on the floor. With the chain that was holding it up being broken. He was straddling the bag as he was punching it. He had not even taken notice of the time. Standing up he also immediately noticed how tired he was, his black gym shirt hugging his muscular form tightly with how sweaty he was. Sitting down on a nearby bench he took a small towel to dry his hair. At the same time he tapped on his Jotun Smartphone to check how long he had spent just boxing.

‘30 minutes, gods that explains why my muscles are hurting.’ He thought to himself as he moved his right arm for a moment letting out a pained grunt. Though another thing he noticed was the amount of missed facecalls. Extremely many of them in fact… ‘Oh shit, it’s Esta.’ He quickly called up his little sister for a facecall. He knows how much these calls mean for her.

“About time! How long does it take someone to answer a call?” The Jarlynja gave a pouting look, that can only scarcely be made out from the shadows. Most of her face was hidden by darkness, save for the light from the phone. “Spirits, why are you always so slow about these things?”

“Sorry, sorry.” Wilan said letting out a small pained chuckle as he tried to rest his arm as much as possible while holding his phone up. “I’m at my gym as you can see by my attire, and well got a little bit too focused on exercising.” He turned his phone to give his little sister a quick look at the bag laying down on the floor before turning the camera focus back to him.

“Oh wow, you’re half naked, sweaty in the half naked, sweaty place, how interesting. How does that relate to you not answering my calls quicker?” Wilan can barely make out her eye roll from the video. Sounds of a scream coming from Esta’s end of the phone. Followed by her tilting her head to yell “Quiet!” at whoever is off screen.

“Of course you’re torturing someone.” Wilan said, rolling his eyes, shaking his head in amusement. “Can’t you just kill them so we can have a private conversation? I can also barely see my cute crazy little sister with how damn dark you have it on your end.”

“Well you were pissing me off with how long you were taking.” She says in an annoyed voice. “Fine, fine, give me a moment.” The phone is set down onto a table, there was a brief moment of utter silence followed by Esta picking up her phone again and then flicking on a light. “Gotta say, I like the mood lighting I installed down here. I just need to stop forgetting about turning it on. I’m just too used to how dark it usually is and traveling by candle.” The ‘mood lighting’ being a soft purple and red like one would find at clubs or raves. She had a bit of blood on her cheek, and she spoke up. “Wanna see?” Esta gave a grin.

“Would it make you forgive me faster if I let you?” Wilan said in a slight teasing tone. “Also, do you wear anything other than that dress? You’re starting to remind me of those animated characters who wear the same outfit all the time.” He had a small smirk on his face as he teased her.

“You know it’s called anime!” He could hear her stomp her foot, “and no it will not but I am showing you it anyway, you told me to take care of them anyhow.” Esta rolled her eyes, the faint purple reflecting well with her own purple eyes. Flipping the camera over, to see a dead elf wearing an officer’s uniform and several cut marks across the body. “See look! Look! All dead, just as asked. Spirits though, he was such a little whining baby.” Esta flipped the camera back to her. “Good screamer, awful at begging for his life.”

“I’d complain that you’re going after military officers, but with Lapiliszna’s generals and officers being basically all in dad’s pocket I’m not exactly that annoyed.” Wilan said, shrugging his shoulders as he grabbed a water bottle taking a sip of it, analyzing the cut marks. “So how’s the score for this one? 10/10 would kill again? 5/10 not as good as the last?” He teased her.

“Maybe a 6/10, good screaming, love how untouchable he thought he was until he wasn’t but really bad at begging. Like come on, how are you going to be an officer but not know how to beg?” Esta rolled her eyes, taking a seat nearby. She crossed her fingers showing them on camera, “Fingers crossed his family will be more entertaining.” She gave a smile while lowering her hand back down. “I think I’m going to show them their whining husband first before I start playing with them.”

“Well you have fun with that. How did you even trick him to, well, be at the palace? I’d thought dad would have told them to not get too close.” Wilan said letting out a good chuckle at that, though was interrupted with a grunt of pain.

“If you are feeling pain, then that’s good. The spirits are punishing you for not responding quick enough.” Esta says with a huff. “Well, it was easy enough honestly. They think daddy told them to stay away because I would have bedroom fun with them instead of basement fun with them. Just gave him a wink and told him to meet me later. Now it is later and he’s all played out.”

“Well good thing you killed him, I’d want to kill him after hearing that.” Wilan said in an irritative almost protective tone, taking a sip from his water bottle. “I said before that I was just too focused on my exercise that I didn’t hear your calls.”

“You should be more focused on my calls jerk.” Esta gives a whining tone. “Spirits I could go for a wine, but Ny’Jon refuses to come down here after last time.” The whining tone switched to annoyance. “Oh no, oh my gods there is so much blood oh noooooo.” Esta’s best attempt to mock Ny’Jon’s voice was less than superb. “What a nerd, at least the boring guy with glasses will come down here to clean things up.”

“Well try not to hurt that butler of yours in annoyance. Though I’m not going to stop you if you drag him down there to ‘play’ with him.” Wilan said, shaking his head. Not getting why she is just not forcing the butler to go down there. She is treated like a divine creature by everyone there anyways. Even if she acts more like a dragon.

“Kemonomimi are just too dainty and cute to be played with like that. You know that.” Wilan earns another ‘Hphm’ from his little sister.

“Just saying you complain a lot about that butler of yours. No one is gonna miss him if you decide to well. Play-” He started saying before getting interrupted by his little sister.

“Oi, I would miss him. I finally got him house trained well enough. Even has my sleep scheduled out so he knows when to bring me my breakfast and what wine I want to drink.” She was quite defensive of her favorite butler. “Plus he’s really funny, always ‘put on a shirt’ or ‘lift up your blanket more’ and stuff like that.”

“I’m certain you can get a new butler who can do the exact same things. But you do you.” Wilan said, shrugging his shoulders. Not understanding why his little sister suddenly felt so defensive about a random butler. “Sorry for not calling you earlier, I had to let out my frustration so I didn’t hear any ringing.”

“Hphm. Shut up.” Esta said with an annoyed tone before quickly switching over to a more joking tone. “Oh frustration you say? Did you fuck it or fight it? Show me the body either way.” She gives a grin.

“The ‘body’ was the punching bag earlier. Had a call with my wife and let’s just say punching that bag was a much needed frustration relief after that call.” Wilan said, letting out a tired sigh before taking a sip of his water bottle.

“Want me to kill her?” Esta gives a tilt of her head at that. “It would take no time at all honestly, already planned out this really fun play date between me and her.”

The Crown Prince was quiet for a moment. It wasn’t the first time Esta suggested killing her before, but this time? Well, he was certainly contemplating it. “Tell me how.” He said in a calm tone.

“Um, what-her-face your mother in law keeps trying to talk to me about something or other to build… I think it’s an office complex? Over in the capital but needs my approval because it is taller than the keep of my palace. So I can say I’m willing to negotiate but only if your wife came over in person to do it. I slip in some of my go to sleep juice in her wine and bring her down here for some fun.” Esta starts giggling uncontrollably thinking about it. “Oh! I can have the mother in law join as well! It would be good old-fashioned family fun!” She starts speaking louder in excitement.

“Do you think you can give a good cover up story? To ensure you’re not the one caught?” Wilan asks in a serious tone as he looks at his little sister. Giving the idea more consideration. “If you can. Then you have my permission to do anything towards them.”

“Of course I do, big brother.” Esta rolled her eyes at that. “They’re going to be taking the train from Blåskog to Lapliszna. I was already planning on having a train derailment and a big fire to go with it already. I got a bunch of pretentious people I need to cover up. I just add their bodies to it, and the fire will be bad enough no one would be able to recognize them. It’s way more fun than the plane crash I had done a few years back.” Her giggling turns into laughter. “I just put it on those make people believe, no one can tell the difference.”

“Good, you have my permission to start working on that immediately.” He said letting out a small chuckle, thinking it a bit ridiculous for it having to go this far. “Elina is likely to be a bit suspicious so try to ensure your invitation seems genuine.” He teased for a moment shaking his head in amusement before mumbling out. “She really should have just divorced me instead of making me do this.”

“Well, I can always say I wanted to remodel the palace and I need some more money for that I guess.” Esta gave a shrug, still having a bright smile on her face. “Ooo! I can take their money while they’re here too!”

“Ever the schemer huh? Though it’s why I love you, little crazy.” Wilan teased as took another sip from his water bottle. “I should likely continue my training now, I doubt you will be interested in watching that when you have an assassination plot to work on.”

She stood up, bouncing up and dancing in excitement. “I haven’t killed people on Daddy’s no-no list for ages! This is going to be so much fun! Okay, I need to do a few things bye! Love you!” She hung up, not even waiting for Wilan to reply to her.

Wilan just shook his head in amusement as he put down his phone and towel. Standing up to walk towards the dumbells though stopped when he heard a knock on the door. With a sigh he opened it looking down at the maid he had well… Unprofessional relationship with.

Ny’Værti looked up with a scared look in her eyes. “M-Mr. Wilan.” She holds a small strip in her hands. “I-I’m pregnant Mr. Wilan.”

He took hold of the pregnancy test to confirm it before giving it back to her letting out a sigh. “Alright, as planned you will be getting paid time off and maternity leave. This will be kept a secret.” He said in a calm tone, acting more like a leader who was rehearsing a previous plan.

“C-can I have a hug? W-will you visit me?” Ny’Værti heard more than a fair share of stories about how Non-Akuanists treat their affair partners after they get pregnant, none of which end in well for the Akuanist. Either being killed, discarded or worse option of being abandoned. Her green eyes looking desperately up at his cold gray ones.

“If you make the visit worth my time.” He said in a small teasing tone before letting out a sigh. “You can hug me, but don’t distract me too much from my training.”

She latched onto him with a tight hug, squeezing him and giving a small off-beat pur against him. “I-I can make it worth your time now if you stay with me for a little while…” Ny’Værti tried to sound more calm in her tone, but failed to hold it.

“Hmm, It is one way to do an exercise~” He said, pulling her in and closing the door behind them. Not caring about her emotional turmoil, even if he did care about her body.

[CW: Speciesm and references of violence]
[7th January 2023]
[Neylapdor; Lapliszna]

Elina held her black fur coat tightly towards herself as she got out of the limousine. With the blonde noble elven woman wearing matching fur boots as well. Looking up at the large Nystapi Royal palace made for her husband’s little sister.

“To think our country spent billions of Krones to build this palace for a girl who acts like an influencer.” She heard her mother say as she also got out of the car, the two almost being spitting images from each other. With only exception of her mother’s long light brown hair and the slightest of a wrinkle under her eye. “No matter. Through her we can get a good deal and finally build that damn office complex we have been wanting to do for so long.”

“I’ve yet to understand why I need to be here.” Elina said, giving a look towards her mother raising an eyebrow at her. She rather does not want to be in the near proximity to the woman which even her cold hearted husband seems to take good care to not anger. Not that she ever understood why. The girl seemed to crave his attention, too much so for being his sister. At least in her oppinion it was rather off putting how much Esta seemed to crave attention from him.

“You’re still her big brother’s wife, it will have an effect on negotiations. I’ve always told you how crucial your marriage was for our family’s business. Through you Yvira will prosper.” Her mother said as she already began walking forward. It always surprised her that in spite of her father being in charge of their house, her mother did most of the negotiation for their estate’s businesses. More so after the economic stagnation brought upon Blåskog after that quick invasion into their failed state of a neighbor. She certainly did not understand the outrage over it. Who would miss the existence of a pathetic state like Syrtænaszna anyways?

“I just hope this goes quickly.” Elina said following her mother, understanding her mother’s point even if she still had a bad feeling about it all. She hoped it would be a quick back and forth negotiations, quick handshake and then a quick walk out.

As the noble pairs walked up the staircase leading to the entrance they saw Esta waiting for them. The two held their coats tighter together as they felt the winter storm increase in intensity.

The Jarlynja looked completely unphased by the storm, staring coldly down onto them as they climbed her steps. “Ring the bell three times, clap your hands and then you may enter.” Esta giving her ‘professional’ voice to them. One ever so common to hear on little-passed the center right Norgsveltian news. She turned around, not waiting for them to perform the ritual and walked inside.

Elina wanted to roll her eyes at the comment but fought everything she could to not do so. Keeping a polite smile on her face as her mother rang the bell three times, with both of them clapping their hands before entering the palace. Finally being inside for warmth.

“Thank you for finally accepting the offer for negotiations, your majesty.” Her mother spoke in a polite tone as she took off her coat revealing the dark gray dress jacket and white shirt she was wearing including dark gray dress pants.

Elina didn’t say anything, simply taking off her coat which she folded in half. Wearing a dark blue jacket, light blue shirt and dark blue pencil skirt. Usually an outfit she wore in official capacity as a member of the Blåskovian Royal Family.

They walked through the halls, heading towards her office. All along the route, kemonomimi dropped to their knees kowtowing before her and the elves refused to even look at her giving deep bows. The aura she gave to these people with nothing less than absolute fear and zealous worship towards. Esta didn’t speak, only walking heading forward opening the door to her office.

Her office was decorated with dozens of religious and cultural artifacts of the Nystapi. Wooden furniture with reindeer pelts for a carpet, displayed in front of the roaring fireplace. Bells and chimes strung all about the room, paper charms plastered all over the walls and heavily featured the colors purple and black in almost everything. The Elven Jarlynja moved to sit behind her desk, gesturing to them to take the seats in front of her. “Tell me about the office complex.”

Elina as she has the entire way now followed her mother’s steps as her mother sat down on one of the seats prepared for them with Elina sitting down on the other one. “Well the plan is to help push Lapiliszna’s financial opportunities by building the office complex together with many of the Blåskovian businesses operating in Neylapdor.” Her mother said in a calm professional tone though she noticed a hint of what she assumed was excitement to finally start a conversation about it. With her mother pulling out a few papers from her suitcase. “The hope is to do this in combination with building a nearby apartment complex, which could also attract elven migration to Lapiliszna.”

“You came to offer us two projects instead of just the one?” Esta spoke with a flat tone, speaking as if she truly was two spirits in one body. “Elven migrates already arrive heavily to the capital, our concern is they will focus more on the capital than the other cities we have to offer.”

“Hopefully two but if it is too much my family will understand if you’re only willing to accept the office complex.” Elina’s mother kept a polite smile as she showed the papers to the Jarljyna. “Here would be the design of the office complex. While I understand the heavy focus on the capital, and perhaps the need to diversify it across the country. I genuinely believe that ensuring the creation of more white collar jobs at the capital while the rest focus on more traditional employment is best for your country, your majesty.”

“Then it is good that you are not incharge my people if that is the best reason you can bring forward.” Esta reads over the papers, looking at the designs. “I am not opposed to having both projects put forward but the height of these buildings are too tall. They would surpass my palace’s height, and the designs are non-traditional. It would end up with these buildings being seen from all across the capital.”

“I could talk with the designers if they can change the height, though any changes in the main design would be extra expensive.” Elina’s mother spoke, tapping her finger on her knee contemplating it. “If we were to change the structural design would your majesty approve of both projects?”

“We can just as well say no to both projects and go with the alternative options. House Vestskog has already produced similar options that meet standards.” Esta kept her cold attitude, looking over at the apartment building. “Of course, there is a solution to such a problem. We do prefer your house, the spirit of the body believes the younger one across from us is married to the spirit of the body’s brother no?” She usually saves this kind of talking for public gatherings or public relation events with Norgsveldet, but best to lay it on thick for the two women just in case.

“Quite so they are, my daughter not only married but produced an adorable offspring from their marriage.” Elina’s mother said with a proud smile placing a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “I promise to get my designers to change the structural design so it meets your standards.”

Elina couldn’t help but find Esta’s word choice to be well, curious to say the least. Of course she was a… person spirit thingy? Whatever those Akuanists called it. Though she didn’t exactly expect her to speak like an Akuanist. Always thought the young girl was just an Ulvriktruar who was forced to act like an Akuanist but never was one. She kept her mouth shut however. She didn’t want to ruin this for her mother so she just had a polite smile nodding at that though not saying anything.

“We are aware, but only by reports and word of mouth rather than inspection.” Esta flipped the page of the report. “Could the one across from us explain that?” She raises her head, to look at Elina squarely in the eyes. Her unfeeling, cold purple eyes stabbing daggers into her sister in law.

Elina saw her mother give her a shocked but irritated look as she mouthed ‘Don’t fucking ruin this for us’. She couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable with her sister in law’s cold gaze.

“Well, It is hard to explain. I told your brother that it would be wisest If we had our son be just focused on his studies and parents. That you might be too… distracting for his development if you were there for most of his life.” Elina said keeping a positive smile even though she was utterly bullshitting with every word. She simply did not want to deal with her sister in law that she knew did not approve of their marriage. She was a bit scared of her, she remembered seeing the young elf stare down a military officer who tried to flirt with her in front of her new girlfriend at one of Blåskog’s balls.

“We are most interested.” Esta didn’t explain further, but kept her gaze trained on Elina. “How is this spirit of the body’s nephew? We do not receive many reports of the child, save a handful from this spirit of the body’s brother.” At this point, she was just having a bit of fun. Like a cat playing with a soon to be killed mouse.

“He is doing well, he is actually learning Nys’tat’en in his lessons now. If you’d like, you can help teach him at some point.” Elina said, keeping her smile up, really wanting to switch the topic away from her son. Not liking the way Esta didn’t speak like an actual person.

“We are busy, but we will make time.” Esta switched her attention back towards the mother. Her cold unflinching gaze trained on her now. “We are interested in the projects, both of them. If one wishes to keep the buildings at the same height, then one can simply invest into increasing the palace’s tallest keep and increase it by a few floors. Then one can maintain the designs given, while keeping the traditions set forth by the spirits.”

“We’ll keep that in mind, your majesty.” Elina’s mother said bowing her head in respect towards the Jarlynja. “Was there anything more needed to be discussed? If not, I’ll immediately contact my company’s designers.”

“There will be soon, I foresee it. I have arranged separate rooms in the palace grounds for you two to stay at during negotiations. The one named Ny’Jon will guide you to your rooms.” Esta returned to looking at the paperwork. Of course she could have poisoned them there, knocked them out and had them dragged into the basement but half the fun of the kill is the lead up. You can’t just blow it off all in one go to start with the fun stuff. Then the fun stuff would become boring, you have to build up to it.

“Wait, how long will this take? I came here on the impression it would just be a few hours meeting.” Elina spoke up, raising an eyebrow at her young sister in law. Why would she organize bedrooms for them? If it was just to have a waiting room then why two separate ones?

“Is not all bodies here elves?” Esta turned her harsh gaze back to Elina. “We do not need to rush such things, there is much to discuss and plan. Unless one would prefer us picking a different option available.”

“Oh of course not, your majesty. My daughter is just a very busy woman, she can’t help but to rush. She likely needs a moment of rest, hmm?” Elina’s mother looked down at her with an annoyed look that just demanded her to not say anything.

Elina wanted to say something but she kept herself seated in silence. Yet she was studying her sister in law’s face, trying to at least find some level of hidden motive in those eyes of hers.

The Jarlynja’s eyes were cold as stone, returning to paperwork in front of her. “You two may leave now, this one has much to consider. Have your employees deliver us the designs for the apartment, we can further discuss them.”

Elina’s mother bowed her head in respect towards Esta before moving towards the door, yet Elina kept a moment to look at her sister in law. For a small moment at least before she followed her mother out of the office. She didn’t like this but her mother seemed none the wiser to the weirdness of it all. They were met with a tall for a kemonomimi with short brown hair with brown dog tail and ears as they exited the office. With the kemonomimi butler being still much shorter than them.

“Madams, please follow me.” He said, giving a deep bow towards the two before walking forward down the hall to show their bedrooms. The butler wore typical black dress pants, white dress shirt and a black bow.

“At least the Jarlynja pick cute men as butlers.” Elina could hear her mother say in an amused tone, though having yet to close the door she was certain Esta likely heard her. They closed the door as they then followed after the butler who was quite taller than most kemonomimi in the staff.

The door closed and Esta gave a smirk. Flipping on her computer, to monitor them. Of course she bugged her whole palace, how else is she going to listen in and watch them do things. Not to mention the bug she placed on Ny’Jon when he was not looking. She could listen and watch them at any point in the palace.

“Mother. Do you not think the Jarlynja was acting weird?” Elina spoke up looking towards her mother giving a confused look towards her.

“Be happy she didn’t kick us out immediately once she saw your face.” Her mother responded with a sneer. “Really? She would be distracting to your son’s development, sweetie? God, you could have so easily ruined this for us!”

“It’s why I’m confused why she even wanted me here.” Elina said in an irritated yet quiet tone.

“Perhaps she wants to make amends for whatever bad blood you’ve caused between the two of you.” Elina’s mother said not caring about her daughter’s worries.

“You can’t tell me she wasn’t acting weird! Why did she organize two separate rooms for us? If it is just for waiting then it wouldn’t need to be two separate ones. And If not that then why does she expect it to take such a long time that we will need to spend the night?” Elina said in an increasingly annoyed tone. The bad feelings she had about this were just growing worse and worse.

“The Jarlynja is just taking precautions, your highness.” Ny’Jon said, speaking up as he stopped at one of the bedrooms, specifically Elina’s bedroom. Holding it up for her.

“Well you’re her loyal little Akuan servant so I’m not gonna trust you.” Elina said with a sneer as walked into the bedroom. She had enough with kemonomimi folk in a lifetime, closing the door behind her harshly so she wouldn’t need her mother trying to tell her that she’s acting crazy for being suspicious.

Elina’s mother just shook her head giving an apologetic look towards the butler. “My apologies for my daughter, she has not been in the best of moods lately.” She said as she followed the butler as he walked further down the hall to show her her room.

“It’s quite alright, I’ve dealt with worse. Even if I’m getting tired of being assumed to be an Akuanist.” Ny’Jon said in a tired tone as the two got almost near the end of the hall, far away from Elina’s room.

“You’re not? Then what faith do you follow, if you do not mind me asking?” The elf asked, looking curiously down at the butler.

“Ulvriktru. Hjørdist Gustafism to be exact.” Ny’Jon said in a professional tone as he held the door open for the elven lady. “Anything I can help you further with, Mrs. Astriddatur?”

“Hmm, Hjørdist huh? Interesting.” Astriddatur said with a small teasing smirk on her face before she hid it away. “If you could be a dear, please get me a bottle of wine.”

“It will be done.” Ny’Jon said bowing his head before closing the door after her.

Esta’s reaction from her position in her office was… Well she will take out her frustration with that bitch playing with her second favorite toy will be taken care of soon enough. She is not going to blow her casket just yet, not when she has so much more fun things to do with them. Spirits knows that leading them around for a little while before plunging the knife is going to only be so much richer knowing that disgusting, horrid, and fat woman will suffer soon enough.

Soon enough the Jarlynja could see her favorite butler return back to the room’s door with a bottle of red wine that he had taken from the cellar. Knocking on the bedroom door three times.

The door opened revealing the older elf wearing just a bathrobe looking down at the butler with a smirk. “You’re back~ I was just about to take a bath so your timing is impeccable.” She teased.

“Then I hope you will enjoy yourself.” Ny’Jon said, handing the bottle of wine towards her. “The bubble soap will be in the bathroom cabinet.” He gave a bow towards her as he grabbed the door.

“Oh I think I need you to help me find it~” She teased further much to the anger of Esta.

“I think you will have no issues in finding it, Mrs. Astriddatur.” Ny’Jon said in a calm, proper tone before firmly closing the door at the elven mother. Who blinked in surprise for a small moment before a frown was seen on her face.

Esta switched over to listening in on her sister-in-law’s room. At least she won’t have to punish Ny’Jon, just that harlot. She always felt bad having to discipline him, even when she just speaking with volume towards him.

Elina was just walking back and forth in her room, still irritated at her mother for not listening to her concerns and certainly not happy about having to stay here longer than planned. She heard a knock on the door and raised her head. “Who is it?”

“Ny’Jon, one of Jarlynja’s butlers. Just here to check If you needed anything, Mrs. Maritadatur.” The butler’s muffled voice spoke up through the door.

“No. Leave me alone, I do not need to talk with some Akuan servant.” Elina sneered once more, gods her hatred towards Akuanist kemonomimi just increased after her husband’s despicable decision to fuck one of those animals. She might join the Elven People’s Party once she was done here.

“I’m not…” Ny’Jon started before just falling quiet with Elina hearing the butler walk away leaving her alone in her own thoughts.

The butler let out a sigh as he made some hot chocolate for her majesty, adding a bit of white cream into the cup to mix it up with some melted chocolate on top of it. Having ensured that the hot chocolate had extra bit of sugar in it to top it all off. “She has a massive sugar tooth.” He mumbled to himself as he lifted up the plate which not only had the hot chocolate but also a small plate of cookies. He gave three knocks on Esta’s office door waiting patiently for permission to open it.

“Come in.” Esta gave a cold voice, looking through the projects on her desk. She was supposed to do most of this work ages ago but by the spirits this is all boring.

Opening the door as he balanced the plate with one hand. “Your guests are fast asleep, your majesty.” He said putting down the plate on her desk before placing his hands behind his back. “Anything you want me to get you before my shift ends, miss?”

“Close the door and sit.” Esta flipped over a page in the various investment nonsense. How the fuck was anyone suppose to make sense of any of this? Why can’t they just say here how much they’re going to bribe her, and give some flashy pictures of designs. Not this boring blueprint, made by old people’s picture designs.

Ny’Jon gave a nod at that as he closed the door before sitting down at the chair on the other side of the desk. Keeping a polite quiet attitude. Not saying anything while the Jarlynja was doing actual work. Surprisingly.

The door was closed and she could finally relax for a moment, taking a moment to munch on the cookies. Eating them slowly and carefully, giving a warm ‘Hmmmm.’ “Thank the spirits for your cooking, Spirits this is boring. Like look at this design, it’s boring and ugly.” She slides over a drawing of a building proposed by two women earlier. “Who would want to live in this? It is so generic and ugly. All white, all boring. Not to mention glass doors? In fucking Borea? They’re going to be freezing, but I guess that means they have to pay more for heating. Don’t even get me started, on the floors. No heated floors? The fuck is wrong with them.”

The butler just gave a quick glance over at the designs and while they certainly weren’t that suited for the Borean cold, her majesty was exaggerating. Still he rather kept his own opinions to himself, especially if it meant for an important deal he had no part in. “Architectural design is not exactly an expertise of mine, so I can’t really comment on it.” He said in a simple calm professional tone, keeping his hands on his knees.

“Yeah but you know what is and is not ugly.” She gave a pout, sipping her hot coco next. “Like, do they even know how often we have blackouts here? We would have to invest into another power line just to import enough energy.” Esta flicks the page to another design, “Look at this one, this is not too bad, but it has sliding windows instead of sealed ones. Do they even look at where they’re building before they start talking about pouring money into this?”

“Well, I certainly see what you mean. Your majesty.” He said bowing his head in respect, his eyes quickly glancing over the design. “My opinion on these designs is hardly that meaningful. I rather not want you guests to become angry at me for not finding their… Designs to be aesthetically pleasing.” One of them disliked him enough as is afterall, he doesn’t need to piss her off more so.

“Oh who cares, if they’re willing to burn money like this then they must be willing to adapt their designs so Neylapdor doesn’t look like Osfjord.” Esta shakes her head at the ugliness of the modern art designs. Taking out another folder with a portfolio, “Just look at the ones proposed by some Rikevaari folks, looks way better and less depressing. Even has the fake wood panels so it fits in properly.”

“It is certainly preferable. Though I must ask, If you do not mind. Why do you have the guests stay over? If, well, the designs are rather… bad?” He wanted to say shit but it wouldn’t be proper. Yet he was genuinely curious why his boss even took the time to consider the complex when it’s clear she didn’t like them. “Not wanting to pry, of course. Just wondering, anything you tell me I will take to my grave.” He might be pushing it a bit too much with that one.

“Oh I know it will.” Esta gives a giggle, “I’m do this as a favor for my big brother, they’re in a rough patch right now. I want them to stay over so I can mess with them first before I send them on their way and try to get some kickbacks for building these ugly things. Even better if I can make them change their drawings first while still getting something out of this.” She technically wasn’t lying but it is not like anyone could tell the difference.

“Hmm.” Ny’Jon sat there quiet for a moment hearing that not wanting to make what could be considered a rude comment but it was clear he was thinking about something.

“Speak boy.” Esta gave a firm voice looking at Ny’Jon.

The butler let out a sigh as he placed his hands in front of himself defensively. “I do not mean anything mean spirited by this, but I can’t help but find it interesting of you doing something nice for someone else.” He said trying to have a joking demeanor as it was supposed to be but he also really did not want to piss off the Jarlynja.

“You are so cute when you are scared.” Esta couldn’t help but giggle at her butler, leaning over to boop his nose. “I do nice things all the time, you just are not around them.” She dips her cookie into her hot coco. Taking a small bite out of it. “How have the guests treated you? Anything of note?”

He couldn’t help but frown for a small moment when she bopped his nose. “They’ve been treating me, alright. Marita Astriddatur has been acting in a way I think is rather improper but it is nothing I haven’t dealt with before.” He said taking out a handkerchief to clean the crumbs that fell on the desk.

“Improper? How so?” Esta resisted her urge to grin. Taking another sip from her drink in a effort to hide it.

“She seems rather interested, in the lack of better words, to seduce me. Miss.” He said in a rather flat tone. “Hardly the most interesting of topics, though I hope madam Astriddatur finds someone closer to her age.”

“She won’t, but I have Ny’Voak make a visit to her room.” Esta rolled her eyes. “So you been good then? Haven’t been seduced by rich older elven women?”

“I thought Ny’Voak had taken this weekend off? Hardly sits right for me that he gets pulled back to work just because Astriddatur made me a bit uncomfortable.” He wasn’t extremely close friends with Ny’Voak but the two had often hung out during staff breaks. Even learned that his favorite dish was grilled fish. Which, well, was most of the staff’s favorite dish. “I’ve dealt with women like her before, so I assure I’ve yet to be seduced.”

“If you wanted to be her chew toy for the duration of their stay here you can just say so.” Esta rolls her eyes. “I’ll let Ny’Voak know that his unique services are unnecessary. Just remember not to get attached too much to her now~” She gave a teasing glance at him.

“Unique services? If you’re implying what I hope you’re not implying, then do you not think that be rather worrisome? She is married, you know.” It wasn’t for Ny’Jon to question her decisions this much but he couldn’t help but feel like the Jarlynja was trying to cause drama within that noblewoman’s family.

“Why do you think so many nobles from Blaskog come over here, away from their partners?” Esta was actually confused why he brought this up. “She clearly wants some fun, a good host provides it. Besides, the drama is shown off in the light. It would be so much fun!” Esta clapped her hands together. “Though I’m surprised you’re the one wanting to do this, usually Ny’Voak volunteers. Did he tell you about the extra paid time off?”

“…That just feels genuinely disturbing.” Ny’Jon couldn’t help but feel gross for a moment. As an Ulvriktruar he felt the sanctuary of marriage to be sacred. So that his boss spoke so flippantly about effectively using him and Ny’Voak as ‘sensual entertainers’ for the noblewoman’s adultery felt just wrong. Was one thing if Astriddatur just found him attractive and wanted to act upon it. Another thing if she actively went to Lapiliszna to explore their Loki’s side. “If he consents to it I can’t stop him, I certainly do not want to be anywhere near her from now on.”

“Uh? Okay?” Esta scratched the back of her head. “You still will have to help with normal actual service, I like having you around too much but Ny’Voak will handle the entertainment side of things.” She gave a shrug of her shoulders, “It’s all consentual of course, but I really thought you wanted the paid leave.” She finishes her hot coco and plate of cookies. Her favorite butler is just so weird sometimes, but a very disciplined puppy for her.

“I’ll do my duties to the best of my ability. Now I think my shift is ending soon, so I’ll go to my sleeping quarters.” He said standing up bowing his head towards her as he took the plate and cup.

“You are free to go then, if you see Ny’Voak just send him directly to Astriddatur’s room.” Esta thinks for a moment, looking at Ny’Jon as he starts to leave. “She knows you are confused right? About not being an Akuanist?”

“I told her I was an Hjørdist, yes. She found that very interesting.” He said looking back at her confused why she was bringing it.

“Ah. Stay in my room then, you know how Carlist are.” Esta returned to her very boring paperwork.

“I’ve spent most of my time here talking with Akuanists. So I have to apologize by saying I do not know how Carlists are.” He said, raising an eyebrow at his boss, turning fully around to look at her.

“Strong control the weak, Ny’Jon.” Esta gave a flat, but serious tone looking at him.

He gave a nod at that. As it dawned on him. “Ah. Then. Hmm. She doesn’t know where the staff’s living quarters are, right?” He asked, giving almost a genuine worried look towards her despite acting otherwise calm.

“You just look so adorable!” Esta couldn’t suppress her smile at him, clapping her hands together. “Just so scared and adorable! Bring some wine to my chambers when you go, feel free to use the bath if you need too as well. I don’t like smelly people in my room.”

He let out a sigh, small flushness coming on his cheeks. “I’ll go to your bed chambers then. Sorry for the intrusion beforehand.” He said as he turned around to exit. “Good luck with the paperwork, I personally prefer the Rikevaari design.” He finally exited the office quickly going to the kitchen to clean the cup and plate.

Esta gave a small laugh, returning to her paperwork before ignoring it all together. Turning on the TV in her office to watch a quick episode of some Valkyr drama before going to her bedroom herself.

[OOC: I will warn that this rp will become more darker and mature in its themes from this point on. I advice you to not read longer If you can’t handle that]

(CW: Heavy speciesm and sensual references)

Breakfast was always a good time to push people’s buttons. People are just getting up, they’re hungry and their brain is not fully able to catch their mouth before they say something they shouldn’t. Such as insulting their host, for minor accidents or such. Food, of course, is not something to be played with in East Borea but everything else is on the table.

The dining hall is lavish with animal skins, tall color stained windows and a fine spruce circle table with three chairs firmly placed around it. Chairs equal distance from one and another, to avoid them being able to easily whisper to one and another without her notice. The centerpiece decor of the table was a miniature waterfall, flowing into a shrine gate and into a pool, only to be sucked by the pipe to return to the top of the water pool above, to flow down the stream once again.

Esta was dressed in her ‘divine’ kimono, dark green fabrics interwoven with golden thread. Elk horn colored sash, with the marking of her spirit she is hosting in the middle of it. Serious expression on her face, lacking of smiling and cold eyes, both of which Akuanists are famous for always having. She awaits the mother and her daughter to arrive, Ny’Jon guiding them to the dining hall.

The breakfast meal was lavish, at least compared to what her people eat. Curry, using spiced reindeer meat, Borean rice and a plethora of vegetables available. Coffee sourced from Hvaloaszna, stored in the steel container on a table in the back ready to be poured with a hand raise. Meal having to be sealed on a plate, a lid over it to keep it warm. Esta wanted to have some hot coco when she woke up, but business and pleasure must come first before her sweet tooth.

Soon enough the two guests arrived following right behind Ny’Jon, and their two moods could not have been any more different. With Elina having a clear frown on her face as she let out a small yawn. She never was much of a morning person, having gotten used to staying up longer to do paperwork that involved her family’s finances and accounting. Now of course as any dutiful Royal she woke up early, doesn’t mean she enjoyed it. With her wearing an white dress shirt and black dress pants, having chosen to wear something a bit more… plain. After having woken up not that long ago.

In contrast her mother Marita was smiling warmly with her wearing a red summer dress, that while certainly not fitting for the climate, was something more loose and easily wearable for a simple breakfast. With her mother having also not stopped looking the butler up and down with a teasing smile on her face. Much to her annoyance. “You keep yourself well fit, Ny’Jon~” The older elven woman teased putting a few fingers on his back.

‘End me now.’ Was the only thing that went through the butler’s mind as he continued to have a polite smile, looking towards the Jarlynja giving her a respectful bow. “The guests have arrived, shall I make some hot chocolate for you three while you feast?” He asked in a polite tone, as the two guests bowed their heads respectfully towards the young elf in the room.

“That will not be necessary, please pour the coffee.” Esta gave a stone cold voice, looking towards the two other women. “We wish that your night here was restful.”

Ny’Jon couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at that but did as he was told. With him pulling the chair for Marita to sit in giving him just the most teasing of smiles placing a hand on his as she said her thanks. With the butler glancing quickly up to his boss before looking back at the elven mother as he rubbed her thumb for a moment. “It is a pleasure, young madam.” He said in a sweet tone, even if Esta could hear how artificial it is. Moving away from the mother who almost seemed to have her cheeks be slightly flushed as he looked towards him.

Elina in contrast had to keep herself from sneering when the butler pulled up her seat, simply sitting down while keeping a cold look. As strange as it might be for some, Ny’Jon almost seemed to prefer the rather cold and aggressive attitude from her. Rather a speciest than an adulterer in his mind. With him pouring into Elina’s cup before walking up doing the same for Marita’s cup. Keeping a polite and sweet smile as he looked down at her.

“Oh thank you darling, how nice of you~” She placed a hand on his wrist gently rubbing it before letting him go towards the Jarlynja.

“He’a literally just doing his job…” Elina mumbled under her breath as she took a sip from her coffee cup.

Ny’Jon’s shoulders visibly relaxed as he got next to Esta pouring coffee into his boss’s cup. Might be one of the few times where he felt more relaxed with her then anybody else in a given room. Bowing his head respectfully towards her.

She removes the lid to her tray, placing it to her side facing towards Elina. Picking up her spoon. “Marita, we was informed by Ny’Voak you enjoyed his services?” She spoke with a flat tone, taking a small spoon full of her curry to eat it. Now a bit of fun, after she was so good for so long about not messing with them too badly.

Elina gave a confused look towards her mother, raising an eyebrow at her. “Services?” She asked curious as she took off the lid of her own tray as she as well started to slowly dig into the curry.

“Oh hardly the best place to talk about it, but Ny’Voak did his duties quite well. His services were much appreciated.” Marita said in a more casual tone trying to not let her daughter know what she has been up to. “Though I do hope Ny’Jon’s shifts might not end so early next time.” She looked towards the butler with a small, almost dangerous smile. Well dangerous in the eyes of the only kemonomimi in the room that is. Ny’Jon was quite happy that the Jarlynja had changed his shift so he doesn’t have to deal with the noblewoman’s late night wishes.

“Ny’Jon is not on the schedule for bedroom entertainment, but we can have Ny’Voak visit you as many times as you wish.” Esta took a sip from her coffee, giving a brief look over towards Ny’Jon. Wondering why the coffee is black, and not 90% sugar and milk. Tilting her head at him, almost about to break out of character before she caught herself. “Ny’Jon, could you place milk and sugar into my coffee?”

Ny’Jon as asked took hold of a small milk jug as he poured into her cup, ensuring it was a good amount for her without having it spilt over. He then added several spoonfuls of sugar just as much as he knew she would like it. “There you go your maje-”

Bedroom entertainment? Really mother?” The butler’s voice was immediately overshadowed by the loud annoyed voice from Elina who was now glaring at her mother.

“Mind your manners, young lady. We are guests.” Manita said, taking a bite from the curry as she tried to ignore her daughter’s overreaction. Is it wrong that she wants to have some late night fun with a cute kemonomimi boy? (Author note: Yes. Yes it is.)

Esta wanted to break out in a giggle so badly, but held herself back from doing so easily. Taking another bite from her curry. Sipping her coffee, finally prepared right by her faithful servant Ny’Jon. “We are confused, we were under the impression that Elina didn’t want any entertainment herself?” Esta looked over towards her sister-in-law. “We will arrange for entertainment if one wishe-” She was cut off by the woman.

“Absolutely fucking not.” Elina said in an angry voice as she glared at Esta. “I do not spread my legs to some half-beasts that are a result of Loki’s obsession with bedding animals.”

“Elina. Calm down.” Manita said glaring down at her daughter before giving an apologetic look towards the Jarlynja. “My daughter is not a morning person, she can become rather grumpy in the mornings.”

“Didn’t know mildly disliking mornings made one a speciest.” Ny’Jon mumbled under his breath that was only audible to Esta as he kept a sweet and calm smile despite what Elina said.

“You are speaking about my worshipers and subjects, is this how one acts always?” Esta kept her cool, looking over towards Manita. “We offer our palace, and you bring insults to our people?” She tilts her head at the mother, with her cold look.

“I apologize so profusely, your majesty. Let me have a private chat with my daughter.” Manita said bowing her head in deep respect towards the Jarlynja, before grabbing her daughter by the arm pulling her out of the seat. “You listen you little-” She began as the two exited the room leaving Esta alone with her favorite butler.

As the door closed, and Esta was completely sure that they wouldn’t overhear her. She started to giggle uncontrollably, holding her waist with her arms. “Oh spirits, they’re at each other’s necks. Did you see the way Elina looked at Manita? I didn’t think I could hold it in.”

The butler just let out a sigh. He saw his boss do this before and it usually wasn’t followed after by something good. But he would do his duty as butler well. “If you keep it at this pace, I think you’ll have a murder on your hands.” He said in a mild tone, the least he can do is keep some small talk with her.

“Ooo, wouldn’t that be interesting.” Esta clapped her hands together. “I should send that video to her husband while I’m at it. It will be really fun then and I can get more money out of both of them.” She kept clapping her hands together childishly. “I make sure to get you a new suit… or whatever you usually buy with your bonus.”

“A video?” He raised an eyebrow at her boss. “How did you get a video of them?”

“With cameras? I have them everywhere.” Esta sounded confused why he wouldn’t think she was spying on all of them. “How else would I have a video of her cheating on her husband.” She thinks about it for a moment, “No I shouldn’t blackmail him, I should send that video to big brother and then he can use it for blackmail!” She started clapping again, switching to a more joyful state.

“…I feel like my personal privacy has been really violated with that information.” Ny’Jon mumbled to himself, shivering at the fact that his boss likely was spying on him as well. “I would hope your big brother has better morality, but that would be too much to ask for I assume.” His voice was low, being stoic even if it was a more humorous tone compared to his normal one.

“Oh please, you know what you signed up for when you went to East Borea.” She rolls her eyes at either of his comments. “Ooo, ooo if Elina comes back. I want you to accidentally spill some coffee on her.” Esta gives a grin at her butler. “However first, I want you to be bent over picking up some plates or whatever from under the table in the back, where that coffee container thingie is. I want Manita to get a good look at you before you make your mistake.”

“My hope is that you have no videos of me. But I’ll do my best, anything else I should keep in mind? I guess you want me to act friendlier with Manita?” He raised an eyebrow at the Jarlynja. “As long it nothing of the sort you have Ny’Voak doing.” His voice was firm on that one. He’ll help but he is not selling his body out for some adulterous woman.

“Oh please, like I would want you to do that. You’re all mine and Estrid.” She says with a huff, rolling her eyes. “Also of course I have videos of you, you are just so cute when you think no one is looking and you start humming as your doing the dishes. Just ah! So cute.” Esta gently tugs on his cheek. “Yeah, be friendly with her but don’t take Ny’Voak’s job. He has been building up his paid vacation days to go to Vakrestrender.”

“I’ve yet to even meet your girlfriend yet, your majesty.” He mumbled out as his cheek was being pulled, it was hardly the first time she did that. Nor the last. That not to even mention the amount of sudden hugs she has given him out of nowhere. “I’ll do my duties diligently. My hope is that she doesn’t stay for that long…”

“Oh it won’t be too long cutie, now did you pack me any of your cookies?” Esta rubbed her hands together looking up at him expectantly.

He let out a sigh. “Yes, your majesty.” He said simply before being pulled into a quick hug by her. He really did not expect this to be part of his duties.

_ _

“What is fucking wrong with you?” Manita said glaring down at her daughter having pulled her a good several meters away from the room they were just in.

“Me?” Elina pulled her arm away from her mother’s grip matching her glare with a glare of her own. “You the one cheating on my father with some random kemonomimi that is paid to sleep with you.”

“And that is why you thought it would be wise to risk our family’s biggest investment opportunity? Get a grip on yourself.” Manita said, crossing her arms. “Your father has his fun, let me have mine.”

“What? You couldn’t find any elves to cheat with so you had to beg my sister-in-law to find a servant to do so?” Elina sneered, placing her hands on her hips. “Your standards have really dropped mother. Did you hit your head during our trip here?” Almost immediately once she finished that sentence her mother backhanded her across the face, pure rage in her eyes.

“You will not talk to me like this, understand?” Manita glared at her daughter, already preparing to strike her again. “You’re my daughter, you listen to me. Not your own overly obsessed hatred against kemonomimi.”

“…Yes mother.” Elina said, nodding her head at that. Though she was gritting her teeth.

“Good. I want you to apologize to your sister-in-law when we enter back in again.” Manita said walking up towards the door not wanting to deal anymore with her daughter’s refusal to look at the wider picture.

“…Yes. Mother.” Elina mumbled out feeling her teeth almost starting to hurt with how much she was gritting them. While Carlist doctrine no longer promoted physical discipline in the household, it also didn’t discourage it either. That is not to say families used it often, as most families tried to restrain the way they were disciplining their children. Yet it still happened, and her family was no exception. She followed after her mother, but quietly. As the door opened both women saw the Jarlynja act completely normal while Ny’Jon stood right next to her, wiping something off his cheek with a handkerchief.

Manita gestures for her daughter to speak much to Elina’s irritation as the blonde elf bowed her head deeply in respect. “I am extremely sorry for my comments about the kemonomimi. It was deeply disrespectful and I only hope they are treated well under your reign, your majesty.” She said keeping head bowed low for her sister-in-law. She was certain her husband would have had some witty words about the situation.

With a cold, frozen stare. “You’re forgiven, do not disrespect our people again or we have you thrown out.” Esta even faked a tone of being upset at her, despite the fact within less than five minutes she was just speciest towards her butler. “Please, let us carry on with breakfast. We arranged a meeting with your designers, to redesign the building into a more suitable structure and noted several mistakes in the building. It wouldn’t survive the winter.” She spoke coldly, taking another bite from her curry. “They are working on the redesign of it as we speak. In light of your family’s disrespect, this spirit of the body still lingers for your deal though we will not sign until we see the plans ourselves and of course. The notable lack of a construction fee being paid to the crown.”

“Thank you, your majesty. If need be, my family will increase its payment to the crown and more as compensation for our earlier disrespect.” Manita said bowing her head respectfully as she sat down. She didn’t want to increase the funding of the project being as expensive as it already is, but it would pay off eventually. Getting the project approved would make her company get a headstart over other competitors.

Elina sat down in her chair quietly simply wanting to focus on the breakfast as she took a sip from her coffee before digging back into the curry.

“It is settled then, when those designs arrive. We will sign.” Esta took another bite of her curry, and took another sip of her coffee. “There is another concern we have, how many kemonomimi are you allowing to live in the apartment complex? There are a growing number of white collar kemonomimi, and would wish to live in high quality homes.”

“While the design is mainly made for the comforts of elves, we can make minor adjustments to let more kemonomimi into the apartment complex.” Manita said, taking a sip from her coffee, a small smile forming on her lips. “But it might be wiser to build another apartment complex for specifically the kemonomimi white collar class. You know how elven migrants can be towards kemonomimi afterall, building another apartment complex that not only ensures housing for white collar kemonomimi but also ensures they can live safely on their own is arguably for the best.”

“Your daughter proved your point well, we will assign slums for removal. Same rules as before, we must see the designs first before signing approval. Your family will need not worry about paying for the land, we will seize it.” Esta sipped her coffee again, looking up at Ny’Jon to refill her cup and mix it correctly.

“Of course, you’re majesty. May this venture be fruitful for not just my family but your country as well.” Manita raised her cup before finishing it, gesturing towards the butler to fill her for her as well after he finished pouring coffee into Esta’s cup.

Ny’Jon gave a glance towards the Jarlynja as he added the amount of milk and sugar needed to ensure the coffee barely tasted like coffee for her. Putting down the milk jug to walk down the table towards the older elf. Pouring coffee into her cup. But almost exactly on point his hand 'accidentally’ pushed a small plate gently over the edge of the table. The plate was more there for decoration than anything else. “My apologies, did not mean to be that clumsy.” He said in a well acted shy chuckle as he bent over to pick up the plate.

The older elven woman could not help herself as she stared at him, though far from his face. A smile on her lips as she bit her lower lip. “Oh be as clumsy as you want darling~”

‘I’m gonna ask for a wage increase after this…’ The butler thought to himself as he picked up the plate after he was certain the elven woman had looked enough at his rump. He placed the plate on the table bowing his head respectfully towards Manita. “I hope you enjoying the breakfast, Mrs. Astriddatur.” He said as he acted shy once more as his cheeks turned a slight shade of red.

“How could I not? The food is good, the coffee is wonderful for an early morning and to get to see a beautiful sight like yourself~” She said while taking a sip of her coffee cup.

Elina couldn’t help but almost gag seeing how her mother was… ‘flirting’. “Some more coffee here please.” She said respectfully while trying her best to have the memory of what she just saw and heard to be burned.

‘Good boy, good boy.’ Esta thought to herself watching her favorite and adorable butler perform such a great acting job. He is most certainly going to be given a raise for this, at least 5 UKR more now perhaps, even 6 if she is in a good enough mood. Taking a sip of her not-coffee, waiting for the next part of her fun little scheme to come together.

Ny’Jon then turned around to focus on Elina giving a respectful bow before pouring coffee into her cup, letting out a small sigh as he ‘accidentally’ spills coffee into her hand. The hot coffee immediately burned it. “My apologies, Mrs Manitadat-” And before he could finish that sentence Elina slapped the butler’s face. A clear, loud audible slap with the strength behind it. Her chair had fallen behind her as she had stood up suddenly to slap him.

It was shocking to say the least as Ny’Jon had to lay a hand on the table leaning against it as the other rubbed the clear red slap mark she left behind. Even Elina looked shocked having done that more instinctively rather than maliciously. She began to speak up. “I-I’m so-”

Esta stands up with the full force of the divine behind her. Slamming her hands against the table. “First you come into our home, open your mouth to whine when you are given so much. Second you insult my people while we serve your breakfast and now you bring harm to our servants! Do you even want this contract? Are you just trying to find some excuse to be thrown out of our lands? Everything you say and do has been nothing but the utmost disrespect towards my worshipers and ourself. We have half the mind to see you thrown into the deepest prison cell, and if you were not this body’s nephew’s mother. We would do as such! How dare you bring such hatred into our hallowed halls!”

“I-It was an accident, I-I did it instinctively. I’m sorry!” Elina said, putting her hands out defensively. Really hoping that her sister-in-law did not follow up on her threat.

“Your majesty, I’m so terribly sorry for her actions but please do not throw away the contract. I swear we’ll pay whatever major fine you want.” Manita said standing up placing a hand on the butler’s shoulder rubbing it to comfort him as Ny’Jon kept rubbing his cheek.

“I’m fine.” He muttered out as he rubbed his cheek, flinching as he did so.

“You think you can just bribe us for this amount of disrespect your daughter has been giving out! By the spirits! We will take Ny’Jon to the infirmary and consider the state of this ‘contract.’ Given your daughter’s repeated disrespect towards us.” Esta takes Ny’Jon, pressing her hand against his back and walks him out of the room.

“You seriously done it now, Elina. Gods what the fuck am I supposed to do with you?!” Manita yelled at her daughter.

“It was an accident! It was instinctual, I didn’t mean it! I-I just respond with a bit of violence when I get hurt by someone I don’t know! Okay! I’m sorry.” Elina yelled back her throat turning hoarse. “I didn’t even want to be here! I-I just-”

“Well lucky for you we are likely to be thrown out of here!” Manita yelled back before letting out a tired sigh as she sat down. “And you had to slap the cute one as well…”

“Really mom! Right now?!” Elina said wanting to pull her own hair out.

_ _

Esta took Ny’Jon to her room, rather than to the infirmary. “Spirits Ny’Jon, did you see how they yelled at each other!” She was positively giddy with excitement, bouncing up and down. “They’re going to kill each other! Rip each other to shreds!” She clapped her hands together, “I just can’t wait to watch the recording when we left! Ah! This is so much fun! Ayay!” She clapped her hands together, laying down in her bed.

“Yay. How fun.” Ny’Jon said in less of an enthusiastic voice as he still rubbed the red mark left from the slap winching as he did so. “Gods that fucking hurt…” He swore but honestly right now the protocol was less important to him.

“Oh you poor puppy come here and I kiss your booboo.” Esta opened up her arms for him to come closer.

“Do not patronize me.” He said as he was about to walk past Esta to get to her minifridge only for the elven monarch to wrap her arms around him and pull him down into the bed with her. Much to his embarrassment.

Esta planted his red cheek with kisses. “Pain go away. Pain go away.” She gives a very childish tone, planting a final kiss on his cheek but still not letting go of him. Giving a nice and warm hug, “You are so soft and adorable.”

“You know a bag of ice would be more effective for my pain, right?” He said looking up at her before blushing for a moment as he looked away. As he unconsciously started purring against her.

“How? I don’t need ice.” Esta cuddled up against him, scratching his adorable fluffy ears. “I’m already comfortable as is with you here.”

He let out a sigh as he let himself be held. “I appreciate you doing this.” He said in a calm but warm tone before muttering out. “But you better increase my wage If you gonna have me get slapped again.”

“Oh I give you a wage increase or whatever.” Esta spoke with a nonchalant voice, giving him a tight squeeze. “You are so cute but I just have to check the recording now, I bet Wilan would love to see this.”

He let out a sigh, almost sounding disappointed and perhaps annoyed. But it didn’t matter as he stood up from the bed. “I’ll let you do that then.” His tone was rather cold as he crouched down to grab something.

“Huh? You’re staying here, we’re going to watch it together.” Esta patted next to her on the bed. Taking out her Jotun, flipping through her apps to find the software. “Oh I bet there going to be so much yelling.” She starts giggling. “While you are up, can you grab me a ice tea please?”

He let out another sigh before taking out an ice tea giving it to her, then did as she asked laying down next to her. His cheek against her shoulder as he gently purred.

“Thank you Ny’Jon.” Esta begins to play the recording for them.

[few hours later]

Esta waited around, letting her sister-in-law and her mother stew in their panic. Mostly just watching anime on her T.V with Ny’Jon. Already having sent over various recordings she made, some of the arguments and of course, the wife cheating on her husband and the actual recording of her admitting to it. Over towards her big brother. Taking a sip of her ice tea, watching the colors come to life on her screen.

It wasn’t long that her phone rang soon after, within which when the elven girl picked it up it showed to be her big brother facing calling her. Immediately revealing the Crown Prince drying his hair with a towel seeming to have recently gotten out of the shower with him wearing a plain shirt. “Good to know you’ve been busy, but I do hope that- Is that a butler in your bed?” Wilan asked, raising an eyebrow at his little sister’s butler. Who just gave an awkward wave back.

“Yeah! Also, if you just got out of the shirt why would you right away put on a shirt right away? I heard Ny’Jon loves to see naked elves~” Esta gives a teasing tone with her big brother. “I really hope you like that footage of Ny’Voak and Manita, great blackmail footage.”

“Esta, remember. I’m your brother. You should not want to see your own brother shirtless.” It was clear to the butler that her older brother must be very used to his sister’s more…. Careless attitudes. “It is certainly very good material, it helps very much to ensure Duke Andreas does not start asking too many questions. If push comes to shove.”

“Oh no, I will see my brother who used to bathe with me naked again, whatever will I doooooo.” She gave a sarcastic voice. Esta rolling her eyes, “But yeah, didn’t think she would slap Ny’Jon though. I had to think real fast for that one, and I think they’re on the verge of killing each other.” She gives a shrug, not really caring. “Either way, their relationship with each other is pretty messed up now. Going to keep poking at it though, way more fun.”

“With how you spoken about him in the past, which by the way, pleasure to meet you, Ny’Jon.” The elven man gave a small wave towards the butler.

“T-The pleasure is all mine, your highness.” He gave an awkward wave back, normally he wouldn’t be this nervous and embarrassed but he couldn’t but feel the Crown Prince might get the wrong idea of his relationship with the Jarlynja with their current positions.

“Don’t let her scare you too much, she doesn’t hurt things she treats like pets.” Wilan had a small teasing smirk on his face as he looked towards Esta.

Esta reaches over and ruffles Ny’Jon’s hair. “He’s just so cute! I spoke about Ny’Jon in the past? When? Where? I don’t remember bring him up to you, only Estrid.”

“Literally a few days ago. About the basement.” Wilan said in a flat tone. “Still, with how you spoke about him I’d thought you’d throw yourself at my wife and stab her with a butter knife.” He let out an amused chuckle.

“Oh! Yeah, Ny’Jon why won’t you go to the basement again?” Esta looks over at him with a villainous smirk.

“…The stench is horrible.” He muttered out annoyed. “Is it not enough that I keep what you do secret?”

“Well she’d likely be using it soon enough.” The Blåskovian Crown Prince said as he took out a can of beer from his minifridge in his room. “If she stops playing with her food that is.”

“Hey, playing with food is half the fun! The other half is mutilation.” Esta gives a hardy laugh, taking an arm to pull Ny’Jon closer to her. “Look how cute this puppy is! Oh let me tell you when your soon-to-be ex wife laid hands on him. I wanted to cut her neck and drink her blood but I held myself back. I want to see how long I can keep them at each other’s necks first.”

Ny’Jon started to shift a little bit in her hold not exactly feeling comfortable about the topic. Though part of him warned him against possibly angring the woman literally talked about drinking somebody’s blood.

“You really need to stop acting like you’re some vampire, Esta.” Wilan rolled his eyes at his little sister. “Blood doesn’t even taste that good in the first place.”

“Neither does alcohol at first, but you learn to enjoy it. Not that I drink blood, it makes you sick and who knows what those two have been up to.” Esta gives a annoyed sigh, that drinking actual, literal fucking blood is just not realistic option in this day and age. “You really think someone would have made synthetic blood by now, I want to drink some blood without getting cancer or something.”

“I find it mildly amusing that you judgemental of what those two are doing.” Wilan couldn’t help but have a small smirk on his face before taking a sip of his beer can. “I think we might have fucked up your development by a little bit when you were young by letting you watch those horror vampire movies.”

“What do you mean by we? It was literally only you. Mama would turn that stuff off, Carl would just walk by, Killjoy would whine until I threw something at him and that um… What is that bitch’s name again?” Esta tried to think really hard but gave up after a while. “Whatever her name was, would punish me for watching it.”

The Crown Prince couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact that Esta forgot their mother’s name. “It’s Trudi, but lucky for you she is six feet below the ground and can’t hear you.” He took another sip from his beer can shaking his head in amusement, and did not notice how Ny’Jon just tried to cuddle closer to Esta. “Look, those movies allowed kids who were under 16 to watch them as long as they had someone considered an adult.”

“Okay then why did I always get in trouble! Such bullshit, besides that was human ranking not for us elves, and I remember you being younger than 25 so uh, fuck you.” Esta gave an adorable pout. “Stupid rankings, but now I can watch all the adult movies now! I’m a goddess and my word is law.” She scratches the butler’s ear.

Ny’Jon started purring against Esta as she scratched his ears, closing his eyes as she did so. Part of it was instinctual, the other he just tried his best to ignore the conversation.

“Look I find those ranking systems to be speciest but even then you was a bit too young.” He said, shrugging his shoulders as he finished his can. “Plus you’re not an actual goddess, so try to act in some level of rationality with your laws, hmm?”

“We’re fucking East Borean, so if we say it is speciest then it really must be speciest. Therefore, in an effort to combat speciesism, I will end movie age restrictions and make it a mandatory holiday for everyone to watch at least one vampire movie. Also I am a goddess, have you seen my body~” Esta gives a flirtatious wink.

“I’m your brother.” Wilan said, giving a stern look towards her.

‘What’s wrong with her family…’ Ny’Jon thought to himself, hearing her attempt to flirt with her brother, again.

“Literally having me kill your mother in law and wife, but you draw the line at a bit of flirting? That is double standards, and you know it.” She reaches over to take another sip of her ice tea. “Oh no, there is a bit of incest flirting but killing my wife is perfectly fine.” She mocked her older brother’s tone.

“Esta if you wanna play that fantasy then go pretend your little boy toy is your brother, okay?” Wilan said, rolling his eyes at her comments.

“He won’t let me, he won’t let me do anything more than hug and cuddle him and it is bullshit!” Esta gives a tight squeeze to Ny’Jon. “First he’s confused about not being an Akuanist and later I find out he’s not even ethnically Nystapi? Now he won’t even put on a wig to pretend to be you? Such bullshit.” She complained, not even remotely caring about Ny’Jon giving her a deeply concerned look.

“Ny’Jon I’ll give you a thousand UKR if you do what she says.”


“Well I tried.” Wilan said, taking out another can of beer. “Look, you should try giving him what he most deeply wants, then he will maybe consider it.” He taunted his little sister.

“No I wouldn’t.” Ny’Jon spoke up once more.

“You see? Just a confusing puppy.” She stops speaking for a moment. “I think I’m going to fuck your wife. She somewhat looks like you, and I’m pretty sure she is desperate enough to win her mother’s approval to at least consider it.”

“Esta, no.” Wilan said leaning over the phone suddenly taking the conversation for more serious.

“It gets you a divorce though? It take like two minutes at most, guaranteed.” Esta is absolutely not even remotely threatened by her big brother.

“You could maybe have her wear the wig.” Ny’Jon suggested under his breath, though it was audible for the both of them.

“Don’t encourage her.” Wilan gave a betrayed look towards the butler.

“Hey that’s not a bad idea, puppy!” She sounded chipper about it. “I can do your wife with a wig that looks like yours. Oh! I can definitely do your mother in law too, she be really easy.” Esta starts to think about how she actually gets it done. “Yeah, yeah. I can get it done. Thanks for the idea you two!” She gives a bright smile.

“I swear to gods Esta if you do that I will en-” Before Wilan could finish off his threat his little sister just ended the call right there.

“Are you actually going to do that, like actually?” Ny’Jon asked, looking up at Esta with his large dark blue eyes.

“Maybe! Definitely Manita, Elina will be a harder sell but I think I can get it done. Probably only Manita with the wig. Elina would refuse to wear it, I think she is still willing to do it.” Esta pulls Ny’Jon into her proper now, cuddling him after placing her non-stop ringing phone onto her nightstand.

“…Gods, I don’t even know which part is the worst part anymore.” He muttered under his breath.

“The murder probably? I think it is supposed to be at least.” Esta said with an uncaring attitude. Her phone, still ringing as her big brother is calling her repeatedly and sending a flurry of texts of the ‘Don’t fuck my wife’ kind of messages. Curiously, forgetting about including his mother in law.

“I don’t know… Who even has a wig of their brother…” Ny’Jon said in a tired voice.

“Yes you do, it’s me.” Esta said, partly annoyed. “Wait, have you not been keeping it well groomed?”

The butler just put his face into her chest letting out a loud muffled groan at how she was acting.

Later that day

Ny’Jon let out a sigh as he knocked on the door of Manita’s room. ‘You getting paid extra for this, you getting paid extra for this.’ Was something he kept repeating in his mind over and over again as he waited patiently for the older elf to open the door.

“Who is it?” He heard muffled from the room.

“It’s Ny’Jon madam, If it is bad timing Mrs. Astriddatur, then I can come back late-” Almost immediately he heard quick footsteps from the room as the door opened suddenly. Revealing the brown haired elf wearing a bathrobe seemingly having just come from a bath. ‘Why can’t she wear a normal outfit when she opens this door…’ He thought to himself as he smiled warmly at her, his eyes looking her up and down as rehearsed.

“Oh don’t worry I always have time for you~” She said, letting out a sweet giggle as she posed against the door frame. The older yet still beautiful elf looked down at him with deep interest.

“I’m certain you do, Mrs. Astriddatur and I certainly appreciate it.” He said keeping his warm but artificial smile, his cheeks having a slight shade of red in it. “I do have a request from her majesty however.”

Almost immediately the older elf straightened her back, her flirtatious smile and giggle being replaced with sheer nervousness. “Is that so? And what is it?” Manita asked as she pulled her robe more closed as she looked around nervously. Almost checking if Esta was around the corner.

“She wanted to have a talk with you and your daughter, Madam.” Ny’Jon said as he looked away acting shy and almost hurt when he mentioned her daughter.

“Oh I’m so sorry for what happened! I-I didn’t know what went over her, she never acted like that before…” Manita immediately felt guilty when she saw how he acted. “I assume her majesty wants us gone.”

“I-I cannot say what she wants. I just know I wanted to get you first before I contact you daughter.” Ny’Jon looked up at her, looking hurt but ‘trying’ to act tough. “I’m okay, but please be there when I knock on her door…”

“Of course! Of course I will!” She said in a hurry, giving him a sympathetic look.

The butler had a very hidden earpiece on his right ear which he had gotten from his oh so amazing boss who is totally not a psychopath. “You are such a great actor puppy! I wonder if you tried your adorable acting on me~ Well, that you think worked at least~” Esta spoke into her adorable butler’s ear. “Alright now go fetch Elina, make sure to really play up how scared you are puppy.”

Ny’Jon really wanted to make a comment about the damn puppy remarks but knew very much he couldn’t. Not without risking blowing the cover nor without risking getting punished by the Jarlynja. In which being fired would have been the preferable punishment. “If it is okay with you, Madam Astriddatur, could I stand close to you?” He asked in a shy tone.

“Of course, dear. Let me get changed… Unless you want to enter my room to watch me~” She couldn’t help herself, she needed to make that flirtatious comment.

“Go ahead puppy, you always loved helping me change~” Esta teased into Ny’Jon ear. Partly to see if he does it and partly because it would be so much fun having twice the blackmail footage on her.

“It… Certainly would improve my mood, to say the least~” Ny’Jon wanted to kick himself in the damn chin for saying that but he needed to ensure the noblewoman was in a good mood.

Manita had a wide smile grabbing his smaller hand as she pulled him into her room. “Oh trust me I’m gonna improve your mood alright~” She leaned down whispering into his ear as she walked towards her closet slowly unrobeing herself. Showing her unclothed form to him, causing Ny’Jon to actually blush.

“I-I am certain you can, but please be quick. You have a meeting to attend.” He said in a stuttered tone, he was embarrassed but perhaps not as much as one would have thought the otherwise mild stoic butler would be. His mind made some less than flattering comparisons between Manita and her majesty, but in his mind is where they will stay.

“Oh! Right, my apologies.” The noblewoman said in an almost shameful tone as she started getting clothed, taking her time yet fortunately for the butler actually getting dressed. With her having put on a black pencil skirt that hugged her hips and a dark blue top.

“Aww did the puppy not want to bury his bone? How very sad~” Esta teased the poor, lucky bastard’s ear again. “Don’t worry, you can bury it later in me~”

‘I should have stayed in Eyjaria that or I should tried harder to get that job at the Bjørn palace.’ Ny’Jon thought to himself as he looked up at the noblewoman, his cheeks still red as he let out a well rehearsed line. “Y-You look beautiful, Mrs. Astriddatur. Not that I didn’t appreciate your… former form, I think I prefer the beauty that comes in this more…”

Manita couldn’t help but almost blush at that, not expecting such a ‘sincere’ comment from the butler. “Thank you, that means a lot.” She said, smiling warmly as she and the butler walked out of the room, closing the door behind them.

“I’m certain your husband gives you those compliments all the time.” He said walking as closely as possible next to her, their hips touching.

“Oh, I met her husband plenty of times. He was a bit rough with Ny’Voak, and didn’t even get me started on Ny’Jezen. Kinda of a pig if you ask me, no love with him, just boring stuff.” Esta commented. “I really wanted to play with him in the dungeon after he hurt foxy boy but daddy said no.” She gave an annoyed tone.

‘I needed none of the commentary, and now that image won’t leave me. Great. Amazing.’ Was the thought that ran through his mind.

“And yes, you do need my wonderful commentary, I always know what my subjects are thinking~” Esta teased her favorite butler.

‘Now I have nightmares.’ The butler had to fight from the urge to sigh. “Well, I at least would like to assume your husband does. I would If I had a tall, beautiful and young woman like yourself as my wife.”

“Young? I’m likely over three times your age, boy~” Manita said letting out a flirtatious giggle placing a hand on his lower back, being very close to go even lower than that. Much to the butler’s own discomfort.

“Well that’s still young for an elf, when I saw you I had to remind myself of that or else I’d think you’d be your daughter’s sister rather than her mother.” Ny’Jon just acted shy and kept blushing, keeping himself close to her.

“Oh you flatter me too much, how much I wished the temple allowed polygamy so I could drag you with me back home~” She kept giggling, acting almost like a college student even though that was well over 50 years ago.

‘I would have been kicked out of my local temple and barred from entry If I did.’ He wanted to say but he kept his tongue. “I-I think I would have liked that, but unfortunately we can’t.”

“Quite unfortunate, but… You can always give me a visit to my bedroom after this~” Manita teased her hand going more down this time, giving a small squeeze.

“I-I… I will ask her majesty to check if I can change my shift. So that… you can see my other duties~” He said looking up to her giving her an almost weak and welcoming look, even if on the inside he wanted to die.

“Oh~ I can do that for you if you want my little puppy~ Of course, I have to play with you soon after so you don’t forget your owner~” Esta teases through his hidden earpiece. “However if you don’t want to, just give a slap to her rear and I take it as a no.” She, of course, knows he probably won’t want to slap her ass, meaning she can have him punished for this later for this.

“I would really love to see that~” Manita teased him, giving a kiss on his cheek as the two stopped in front of Elina’s room.

Ny’Jon as much as he wanted to couldn’t do it. His heart was beating in his chest, sweat running down his face. “I hope she agrees…” He was praying, praying to Freya and Hel that they would keep Esta from agreeing. To ensure that he had dignity. Some basic dignity.

“Oh, I do agree~ I will make the preparations for it, my little puppy~” Esta teased him. “You’re going to be punished for this of course~ I’m thinking of a maid dress for a week.”

He wanted to run, hide. But he knew he couldn’t. The Jarlynja has cameras everywhere. She could see where he was at any moment. He had no privacy. He had no power. He had no choice. The only power he had was to shift the topic to something else by quickly knocking on Elina’s door, wrapping his arms around Manita’s arm. As he used his fear of Esta, to look like he was afraid of the noblewoman’s daughter who opened the door immediately. “Mrs. Manitadatur, I-If you wouldn’t mind. C-Can you i-if possible go to her Majesty’s office to have a meeting? S-She wanted to talk with you both.”

Elina saw her mother give her a glare, a warning to not repeat the same mistake. She was angry. More than angry. Her mother was being hugged by the pathetic butler who was afraid after a simple slap. “Understood.” She said gritting her teeth as she stepped out of her room wearing a light blue dress shirt and a dark blue pencil skirt. With the butler and her mother leading the way, with her following a good two meters behind them. See kept herself as calm as possible, not wanting her anger to ruin stuff again.

“Good puppy, good puppy now fan the flames between them. Pur or something on her. I don’t know but make Elina act out again if you could.” Esta give a sharp tone with her order.

Ny’Jon almost on command started rubbing his head against the mother, purring against her. Not quiet ones either, but extra loud ones. It was getting tiring. All so tiring. Despite that Elina did not take the bait. Her eyes twitched seeing it but nothing more. Before he could do something else the two stopped in front of the Jarlynja’s office.

“Could you… Leave us for a moment, Ny’Jon?” Elina asked in a polite tone, bowing her head towards Ny’Jon.

“Go ahead my little puppy, give them their moment. I make sure you are well paid for all of this too… With actual money and not just the honor of hanging out with me.” Esta gave a sharp order again.

Ny’Jon bowed his head in deep respect towards Elina and Manita as he stepped away from them. “I hope the meeting goes well.” He said walking away, feeling like a major weight has been lifted from his shoulders as he was a long bit away from them now.

Almost the immediate moment the butler was out of earshot was the moment Elina glared at her mother. “Is it not enough you have one half-beast fucking you? Do you really need a second one?!” She whispered harshly in her tone.

“Do not call them that here!” Manita whispered, giving an equally cold glare. “Nor does my very private life be a matter for you to involve yourself in!”

“You forced me to marry a man I never loved, for political and religious reasons. Yet you want to tell me about private life?! Fuck off.” Elina whispered, shoving her mother away. “You’re risking the biggest scandal in our family’s history for short term pleasure.”

“Don’t you dare try to lecture me!” Manita said out loud as she shoved her daughter as well, almost pushing her daughter into the ground.

Elina squeezed her hand into a fist, her nails going deep into her own finger, some blood forming with how tightly she formed the fist. Glaring at her mother before letting out a heavy sigh. “If it wasn’t for the fact we were right outside her office, I’d punch you.” She gave three heavy hard knocks on Esta’s door before relaxing her hand and gently rub the blood off from her finger with her other hand. Her mother looked at her shocked, enraged but she hid it the moment she heard Esta start walking towards the door.

Esta so badly wanted to clap and give ayay at how they’re about to rip each other apart but instead. She kept her calm, cold tone. “You two may come in. Do not bring your hatred and violence with you less you wish to suffer our fire twice more.”

The office was prepared perfectly to set them on edge. Fireplace was empty, but a flick of a button underneath her desk and the room was freezing temperature, Esta having turned down the thermostat. Cold enough to even bother herself.

Yet, while the room was frozen the bottle of wine was spiced to be extremely hot after taste. Which of course, she will play innocent too. Spice wine, the cold temperature and uncomfortable chairs for them to sit in. Her seat, of course, is extremely comfortable and heated unlike their seats.

She had various designs on her desk, having actually gone through with her earlier statements. Early mark ups on designs, for both office complex and the elven apartment. They can figure out who is going to rent out the office complex but there is no lack of companies wanting to move into the country.

Blaskog was sanctioned by majority of the NCEF but Lapliszna escaped it despite its being a modern day colony. Norgsveltians are always softies when it comes to Akuan states and Esta own reputation work with Norgsveldet paid dividends. More than a fairshare of Norgsveltian companies need a new place after Blaskog, Blaskovian companies need a place to work with Norgsveltian companies and all that boring nonsense. Lapliszna is perfect for what they need and the Jarlnja really does deserve a refurbished kitchen.

‘Probably should have done this stuff earlier but eh whatever.’ Esta thought to herself, flipping through some additional prospective buildings suggested alongside the boring elven stuff and the kemonomimi apartments. Some of them actually looked like a lot of fun, like the soft playground and the new movie theater. Others were just boring infrastructure stuff like cell towers and the internet for places outside of the capital. If you need the internet, just go to the capital or whatever. At least the kickbacks look nice, and she probably uses this stuff on them. Give them the contracts to build it and have other people pay for it.

The two elven women bowed their heads as they entered before taking their seats. With Elina rubbing her hands together to make them warm. “Rather, cold in here is it not?” She said letting out a shudder.

“No. The temperature is the same as last time you two entered into our office.” Esta gave a cold response, flipping over a folder and sliding it over towards them. “The designers made necessary changes to the structures, and we have additional offers for your family businesses. In the interest of good relations with the spirit of this body’s brother.”

“That is good to hear. Me and my husband’s companies would gladly further the development of Lapiliszna.” Manita said keeping a polite tone and smile, trying to act like the cold wasn’t bothering her while her daughter actively rubbed her hands and arms to keep them warm.

“I have other projects that require effort from your companies, the investment money is willing but we need a construction company for the projects.” She slides over additional papers to the elven women, having to reach over on her desk. “My Shrinekeeper and advisors have made note of these projects, some utilities but mostly new apartments and workplaces.”

Manita was quick to grab the paper, her smile widening as she looked at proposed apartment and office complexes. One could almost hear the sounds of coins being shaken in her mind. “I will assure you that our construction company will be working the best it can to build it. We offer only the highest efficiency and speed.” It’s almost as if the money was keeping her warm from the cold. After having lost that massive 2 billion UKR deal in Nyveldet she needed this to go through.

“There are other projects needing attention, are you sure your company can handle at this scale? We need this done in batches.” Esta stood up, walking towards a window to look down at the city. “The capital and nearby towns need to be first.”

“We have long experience in this, your majesty. I assure you we are up to the task.” Manita said, ignoring the increasingly annoyed daughter that was right next to her. “One doesn’t have to look too hard to find our successes, we played a major role in increased housing in Blåskog as more and more elven migrants moved in. We just need to know how much your government is willing to pay investment wise for our work.”

Elina couldn’t help but continuously move in her seat, even the chair felt cold. She would have placed her hands between her thighs to warm them if it wasn’t for fact that it would be rather hard to do in a pencil skirt.

“We do not care about elven migrants. We care for our people, and given your family’s previous outburst about subjects. We are concerned you will cut corners when the construction projects for Kemonomimi.” Esta gave a gesture behind her back for them to stand up and come over towards her. “Our worshippers require the best their goddess can provide. If we award you the projects and we find you cheap out on apartments or any other buildings for them. The body of this spirit will not protect your family from our wraith.”

“I promise you, your majesty, we will not cut corners. Kemonomimi will be living as comfortably as the highest elven noble.” Manita said in full confidence, was it exaggeration? Yes, of course. But she had no hatred towards the rather weak species, she was a business woman afterall. Speciesm always had the nasty element of losing money rather than gaining money. “I assure you that what you saw earlier is not reflective of my family’s values and rather jus-”

“Could you please increase the warmth in this room? It’s freezing.” Elina spoke up, interrupting her mother as she rubbed her hands against her thighs.

“The room is practically on fire.” Esta turned to face Elina with a terrifying look in her eyes. Uncaring, emotionalist purple eyes staring daggers into the elven noble. “We do not understand why you complained about the cold and interrupted your mother. Is this going to be a running theme with you?”

“Apologize to her. Now.” Manita whispered harshly to her daughter who just let out a sigh.

“My apologies, your majesty.” Elina said, bowing her head as she did so. As she kept rubbing her hands.

“As we were saying earlier. I will assure you that my family means no harm to the kemonomimi population.” Manita said in a warm tone. “Within Yvira my husband has recently passed legislation of the protection of Akuanists from sexual harassment as an example. A rather big problem within Blåskog, and we are actively combating that issue within our Duchy. My family stands with our kemonomimi neighbors.”

Esta moves back to her seat, personally annoyed by how fucking cold it is in the room and wanting her warmth back. She returned her gaze to Manita. “We are more than just aware how Blåskog is. We wouldn’t have contacted you, regardless of the spirit of this body emotional attachment, if we didn’t think you had a good track record for it.” She opened up a wine bottle, pouring four glasses out. Two for herself, and other glasses for Elina and Manita.

“Then let’s work together on this project. Lets build housing to foster the well being of kemonomimi from all ways of life.” Manita said, grabbing her glass and raising it up to toast. “I was going to ask you about Ny’Jon, If you don’t mind.” She had a small mischievous yet somehow respectful smile. The mother was lucky that her daughter was so focused on keeping her hands warm that she didn’t bother to make a comment about that.

Esta’s eyes looked over towards Elina, not looking at her directly of course. Her glance returns to Manita. “We don’t toast here, my subjects toast to me.” She gave a flat tone. “As our business associates, there is a small legal manner of assigning you two citizenship.” Esta takes a sip out of both her glasses, no bothering to wait for Manita to take her sip. Taking out a single document, “As head of your house, you sign for both of you. Then this is all legal. As for Ny’Jon, what is your request?” Esta raises an eyebrow.

Manita was quick to take a sip from her glass before putting it down to sign the document. She wrote so quickly one would think the pen would break. “I have had a private talk with the butler and he said he is willing to take over Ny’Voak’s role for entertainment tonight. He simply asked me to get approval from you to change his shift?” The older elf kept her mischievous small smile as she spoke.

Elina was so good damn cold, she had to place her hand between thighs to warm them. Letting out a sigh as she could feel warmth in them yet. It was an… awkward position but she was discreet enough.

“Ny’Jon may take the role for your entertainment tonight. We believe he bought a new outfit for entertainment roles as well. We will allow it, do you require anything else from him? Ny’Jon makes very good chocolate.” Esta wanted to rip out Melina’s neck with her teeth but she had to be calm, keep playing with their emotions. She makes her move to have them paralyzed at dinner and drag them down to the basement for playtime. “We will sign final contracts after dinner, we will be having elk. After that, Ny’Jon will be waiting in your room Melina.” Esta only caught onto her mistake a few seconds after but she wasn’t going to correct herself. Not to mention legally now, at least in Lapliszna.

“Its… Manita-”

“It is Melina, you signed the document for it yourself.” Esta is sure as shit not going to back down. It also helps that it is very fun to do this small petty thing. Yes petty, she did not forget her name at all.

“…Anyways, I look forward to having my time with Ny’Jon. Though you could send him towards my room before dinner~” Manita was going to ignore the Jarlynja giving her the wrong name and rather focus on the excitement that cute butler can give her.

“After, he needs to be the one to prepare my mea-” Esta turns her head in a sharp move. Looking straight at El’nana, or whatever her actual fucking name is. “Are you molesting yourself right now? What in the spirits is wrong with you! You are in the presence of a goddess and you think it is wise to relieve yourself in our office!” The young elf slapped her hand against the table. “Again! You disrespect us!”

Manita looked down towards Elina’s lap seeing that her daughter was just warming her hands with her legs. Though her daughter spoke up before her. “I was not! I was warming my hands because my hands was cold.” Her daughter said standing up feeling completely offended that her sister-in-law would suggest her being a degenerate.

The mother stood up standing in front of her daughter so she could do damage control. “Your majesty, your office is rather cold. My daugh-”

Esta slams her fist into the desk again, keeping their attention at the fist while she flicks the button under her desk to start the fire at max power. Standing up in an enraged look on her face. “You repeatedly disrespected our subjects, you repeatedly disrespect us and now you are lying to us?” She grabs several of the papers, heading towards the fire. “Perhaps, we should burn this deal and then take your two heads! We cannot believe we were so tolerant of your disrespect! We have done worse to people for far less! The body of the spirit can suffer more loss, but your spirits won’t!”

Both noblewomen had a terrified look as flames from the fireplace sprang up. Lighting up the real and suddenly showing large warmth. Manita held her hands forward with genuine fear in her eyes. “P-Please don’t! We’ll do anything, we mean no disrespect! Please give us a chance!”

Elina couldn’t help but feel the threat on their lives was a bit bigger deal than fucking business deal. Yet she was too afraid to speak up, having already angered her sister-in-law once. Even if it was for a stupid reason.

“Beg. Get on your knees, the both of you and beg us for your life. Plea for our mercy.” Esta turned around staring at them. “Admit your sins to us and we will absolve you.” The roaring fire stood behind her and her shadow cast long against the two elven women.

Manita was quick to get on her knees, keeping her head low as she spoke. “W-We are very sorry your majesty, please forgive us.” She stuttered out, she needed this. “I’ll do anything you want.”

Elina was hesitant but with the glare and seemingly supernatural elements involved? She ended up slowly getting on her knees as well. “I meant no harm, your majesty.” She said in a weak tone.

“Heads on the floor.” Esta walked over towards Elina, taking her by the head and pushing it towards the ground. “You still have not admitted! You think we would forget such disgusting behaviors done in our presence!”

“Just say you did it, please.” Manita whispered at her daughter who only now put her head towards the floor as it was pushed downwards.

“I-I’m sorry that I… Relieved myself.” Elina felt disgusted being forced to say that. She didn’t do anything wrong. She was warming her hands but now forced to admit sins she never did? This isn’t fair.

Esta placed the documents back onto the desk. “You may leave, the mother will stay.” She going to fuck at least one of them damn it. She gazes into the fireplace.

Elina was quick to get off from the floor, almost running out as she opened and closed the door behind her. While her mother stood up giving a concerned look towards the elven monarch. “How can I be of service? I’m sorry for everything.” She looked down at Esta, worried and afraid.

Esta reaches down to turn up the thermostat under her desk, and pulls on her desk drawer. Taking a perfectly managed white, hair wig. One that completely matches her brother’s hair style. Placing it onto the desk, “Put this on.”

(OOC: Same warning as last time. It will just become more mature and dark from here.)

Elina was in her room wanting to rip her own damn hair out. She and her mother were noblewomen gods damn it! That arrogant girl with a superiority complex had no right to treat her like this. Sitting down on her bed she took out her phone calling up her ‘darling’ husband. After waiting for a minute, the call went to voicemail. Annoyed, she called him again, and again voicemail. And again. Then again, only for this time the call was rejected. She could feel her cheeks growing red in anger as quickly went to messages texting him.

“Answer the damn fucking phone, now.”

Few seconds of silence before she got a text with it simply saying. “No.”

She felt her nails were going to break with how angrily she typed back. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO?! CALL ME NOW.”

And soon enough her phone rang and she answered with Wilan’s tired voice coming through.

“What do you want?” She could hear his voice was tired, extremely tired, as he spoke through her phone.

“Your little sister is a damn sociopath, reign her in on her… God complex or whatever she has!” Elina said standing up as she started walking back and forth in the room, annoyed. Though her irritation only grew when she heard just a chuckle coming from her husband. “What the fuck you laughing about?”

“Gods, please. You haven’t seen anything unique yet.” He just continued to chuckle, taking her concern not seriously at all.

“She’s been threatening me and my mother’s life! She was rude, she acts like she is this… Goddess, and sh- Why are you still laughing!?” Elina yelled into her phone as she heard her husband’s laughter just increase.

“Gods. Sorry, I guess I’ll have a talk with her. Enjoy your time there.” She could hear the mockingness in her husband’s voice, as he continued to laugh.

“What? No I am going lea-” She was interrupted by the sound of the call ending, leaving her there to glare at her phone. She would have thrown it against a wall in anger if it not for fact it did cost a lot. Not that money was a problem, but she was raised to not waste money. Placing her phone down on the bed she walked over to her bathroom, she needed to relax for now. But she wasn’t staying here. That contract can be burned up for all she cares, and Esta with it. She was not staying in a palace with a sociopath.


Kungstad, Blåskog

Wilan couldn’t help but chuckle to himself, having to wipe the tears in his eyes caused by how much he was laughing earlier. He wasn’t actually planning on calling Esta today, but the least he could do was tell her she was doing an amazing job at freaking out his wife. He looked towards one of his butlers. “Ny’Iskia, could you play with Eric for me? I need to make another call.” He said giving the butler a firm look, which the kemonomimi butler just gave a bow towards him.

“Of course, your highness.” The butler said in a professional tone as he left the room leaving the Crown Prince to his office.

The elf couldn’t help but let out a sigh, he had promised his son that they were going to play together today. So he knew how excited Eric was for that. Once Esta has finished her little game, he can focus far more on his son. He took out his Jotun phone and called up his darling little sister for a video call. Knowing how much she loved that.

At first the call failed, then when he tried calling again his favorite (and only) sister finally answered. “Oh Hi Wilan!~” The Elven woman’s face was splattered with red. Giving a wide, deeply creepy smile. “I got a little excited, but we’re in the basement now!” She gives a cheerful tone of voice.

“Ah. Just got off the phone with Elina earlier so it must be my mother-in-law.” The Crown Prince sat down in his office chair taking off his dress jacket, wearing a white dress shirt with some top buttons being unbuttoned. He could finally relax after a long day arguing about his father’s failure in policies. “She is quite freaked out, so well done in that field. Proud of you.”

“Yeah, I set the temperature in the room to be super cold to mess with them and I Oh! Okay that thingie I bought for my fireplace, um that thing that turns it on. I used that and it freaked them out so quickly!” Esta started giggling uncontrollably. “I also got Melina to wear the wig! Here look!” The elven woman leaned down, taking her camera with her. The woman formerly known as Manita staring into the phone with lifeless looking eyes. Quietly whispering in a pained voice. “P-please help.”

Esta scratched Melina’s hair, well the wig. “Look how good it is, really good wig.” Esta gave a bright smile, leaning in to kiss her cheek. “Good screamer too!”

Wilan let out a deep sigh giving a disapproving look towards Esta, one that could almost be a sense of hope for his mother-in-law if it were not for his next words. “Please do not tell me you actually fucked her while she wore that wig? That’s not normal Esta.” He said as if torturing someone was more normal, in fact it was clear he didn’t even react seeing the deadly pale skin of Manita.

“Oh shut up, I’m literally torturing her.” Esta gave a hpmh. “I got a little excited and ended up stabbing her though. Stopped the bleeding and dragged her right down here before what her name saw. Still, it was quite fun! Wasn’t it Ny’Jon!” She looks around. “Oh, yeah Ny’Jon doesn’t come down here.” She looks at Manita. “Didn’t we have fun Melina!”

“P-Please d-don’t hurt me.” Manita said tears were running down her eyes as she looked up at Esta stuttering as she chokes on air as she tried her best to speak.

“You got too excited and just stabbed her? That seems very sloppy of you.” Wilan teased as his eyes got a good look at the bleeding form of Manita, though bandages were rolled around her waist to stop the bleeding. He also got a good look at Esta less clothed form as his little sister focused the camera back towards herself. Though Wilan wasn’t gonna comment on it though his eyes were not good at hiding what he saw.

“Well she did a very good job cosplaying to be you.” Esta gave an annoyed tone, like it was a mistake anyone could make. “Also stop whining about being hurt Melina. Don’t pretend I didn’t see you sneaking out of your room trying to find Ny’Jon. He clearly isn’t interested in you. No one on my staff is interested in a broken, old, ugly hag like you. I only did it because no one else would put on the wig.” She gave a flat, cold tone towards Manita. “I’m doing you a favor by giving you any attention at all. It’s no wonder why your husband always complains about you.”

“P-P-Please stop. P-Please, Please.” Manita started closing her eyes praying this was a bad dream, an nightmare or the very least praying for her to stop the insults the torture.

“You sound annoyed that she had some fun with Ny’Jon, Esta. Afraid you were gonna lose him to this ‘hag’?” Wilan teased his little sister with a small smirk on his lips before turning more serious. “Also how did you get such an authentic wig anyways? It looks exactly like mine.” He couldn’t help but touch some hair strands with his fingers looking up at his own wonderful groomed hair.

“Yeah! It took a lot of effort to make it sooooo perfect!” Esta said cheerfully, standing up and walking away from the whining little bitch Melina. Going over to sit in her more comfortable chair. “Also, given how she treated Ny’Voak, she was lucky I only used knives on her.” She picked up a glass and threw it towards the woman. “Spirits, your inlaws and your wife are so fucking speciest. Seriously, I really thought they would be better given their history and stuff ya know?” Esta tilts her head.

Distant yells and then crying could be heard from Manita but the older brother took no mind of that. “Well most Blåskovian nobles and royals are speciest, Esta. Always has been, though Elina is a bit more special.” He poured himself a cup of coffee. “Also it sounds like Elina is planning on leaving so ensure that doesn’t happen, last we need her running in the snow screaming about how much of a sociopath you are.” He thought for a moment before letting out a small chuckle. “Though that would be a bit funny.”

“Oh I arranged for a snowstorm to happen. Had my servants pile up snow, spray water around and all other boring stuff. Also slashed her tires. No one is going to help her anyway, I’m a goddess and everyone knows that. Those we doubt my divinity well, they rather kill themselves than do something so fucking stupid like ruining my fun.” Esta sips her wine, before spitting it out. “Damn it! That’s blood. Still tastes like shit!” She threw her glass at Manita again. “Have better tasting blood you hag!”

One could hear the sobs coming from Manita with muffled. “Sorry…” Coming from the poor tortured woman. “Your vampire fetish is showing again, Esta.” Wilan taunted as he took a sip from his cup. “Oh by the way Elina complained about your god complex, you do overdo it at times.”

“It’s not complex! I am a goddess!” Esta gave an adorable whine, finding the actual glass of wine this time. Taking a long sip from it. “I am literally a goddess, enshrined and all. I am worshiped, I am divine and holy. I am a goddess!” She gave a serious, dangerous look towards her big brother. “I will not have my authority challenged.”

“Oh I am so sorry, my divine sister. How can I ever earn your forgiveness?” Wilan said in a deeply sarcastic tone as he took another sip from his cup rolling his eyes at his sister’s antics. If he gets too angry he could just make it up for her later anyways.

“Fuck me in a graveyard.” Esta gave a very serious tone. Staring directly into her phone, looking at her big brother with her cold dead purple eyes.

Wilan spitted out his drink immediately having to hit his chest as he coughed his face being completely red as he gave a shocked look towards his little sister.

“We can fuck right on top of your wife and mother in laws graves. Won’t that be romantic! We can have wine, some of those fancy bread from the Federation oh! And a blanket!” Esta gave a sing-song voice.

“Esta!” Wilan said loudly, still red from her comments as he crossed his legs rubbing the bridge of his nose. “That, why just. I-I don’t even know what to say to that.”

“Probably either by saying yes or reminding me I have a girlfriend. Pretty simple stuff honestly.” Esta shrugs her shoulders. “Estrid and I already did it in the catacombs in Batkong. That was really fun.”

“Why are you obsessed with telling me about your sex life?” Wilan asked as he took out a small towel to dry his desk. Still not responding to her offer, wanting rather her to forget about it.

“Why are you not saying no right away?” Esta raised an eyebrow at her brother. “Just sayin’ Peacock always says no right away before giving me a lecture and so does Killjoy.”

“Does it matter? You know then that you shouldn’t do it.” Wilan said with a clear and serious tone though he did not explain himself.

“Still not saying no, therefore you want to bed me.” Esta gives a nod of her head. Looking over towards the woman off screen and then back at the phone. “How’s daddy?”

“You’re jumping to conclusions.” He adjusted in his seat as he shifted his position a little bit. “He has been a pain in the ass, so I do not want to talk about our father.”

“Oh fine then.” Esta gives an annoyed hphm. “How’s Killjoy and Peacock then?”

“Torster doing alright, seems like he’s gotten more used to changing diapers now at least. “ Wilan said in a joking tone happily that Esta was changing the topic. “Jørgen, well. He is still together with Johanna.” His tone immediately shifted to a more solemn one before he shook it off.

“Spirits I wished I stabbed that bitch in the palace.” Esta gave a pout. “Such bullshit, I should have killed her right then and there stupid me.”

“Hey, hey don’t say that.” Wilan said in a more comforting tone. “You would have gotten in trouble, the only way you could get away with that is if Olav had the NCIS sign off on it. I know how it is in the palace, the NCIS has that place more overly surveillanced. The moment she is found dead, you will have gotten caught.” He tried to reason with her, giving him a brotherly warm smile. “Trust me, they will break up eventually. Then when that happens, you know your big brother will swoop Peacock off his feet.”

Esta seemed to be far more warm and bright up quite a bit at that. “Oh! I really hope so! It be like old times! Big happy family! Ayay!” She clapped her hands together, accidentally dropping her phone into her lap. Picking her phone back up, “Oh! Oh! I almost forgot but his umm whatcha call thingie is building one of those fancy buildings over here but he told me tell no one because he get in trouble with Olav if he found out.”

“Your secret will be safe with me.” Wilan said, letting out a small chuckle. “By the way, Esta. You really should get dressed.”

“Why? Dinner won’t be ready for ages.” Her tone was confused, “Besides, it’s just me, Melina and all the spirits of people I killed here.”

“And me, I could see quite. Well, a lot.” Wilan scratched the back of his head as he finished what was well left off his cup.

“Do you like it~” Giving a tease tone, looking utterly smug at Wilan.

“Esta, I’m your brother.” He shook his head though the way he continued to adjust in his seat, well he wasn’t as opposed as one would think.

“So you do like it then~” She started to smile widely. “Come on Wilan~ Just say it~”

“You are a very attractive woman, that is the only thing you will get out of me. Esta.” He said in a serious tone though a small smirk on his face.

“Oh, I know I am~” Esta teases him again. “I’m divinely craft-” She was cut off by that half-alive bitch in chains off screen.

“P-Please s-stop, I-I think I’m gonna puke.” Manita’s weak voice could be heard in the background. Wilan couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact that this was another thing that could be used to make his mother-in-law’s last hours worse.

“Excuse me, I’m going to play with your mother in law now.” Esta gave a cold, frozen solid tone looking off screen. Ending the video call, not before Wilan saw his adorable little sister pick up her special favorite ‘killing people’ knife rather than her ‘play time knife.’

“That’s my little crazy.” He said in a proud tone before tucking away his phone as he stood up. Shaking his head in amusement at Esta’s attitude, feeling lucky to have such a sister as he walked about to spend time with his son.

Elina knocked on the bedroom door of her mother, though knocking would likely be too nicely stated. In reality the elven woman was more banging on the door. “Mom, open the damn door this instant!” She said loudly far from fully yelling as she slammed her fist against the door. “I’ve tried calling you over ten times now, answer for gods sake!” With how harshly she was slamming against the door she was certain that several servants likely heard her. “What? Are you too busy giving oral to that butler, huh?! Open the damn door!” She sneered out and decided to try to kick the door. Poor decision to make when wearing heels. As the elven woman lost her balance the immediate moment her foot connected with the door, falling down as she did so. “Fuck!”

“Do you need help, Mrs. Manitadatur?” The elven woman looked up to see that same kemonomimi butler from earlier looking down at her, with him tilting his head. Having a hand out for her to grab into.

“I do not need your help, half-beast.” She slapped his hand away as she decided to rather stand up, though ending up stumbling as she did so. With the butler being quick to grab hold of her shoulder to keep her up.

“I do not want to give unsolicited advice, but it might be wise to keep the slurs to yourself. Unless you seek their anger.” The butler said in a calm tone as he held her up.

“Your boss is not here to protect you, little man.” Elina said, stepping away from the brown haired kemonomimi. Dusting away the dust that had gathered on her black pencil skirt.

“Her eyes and ears is everywhere in this castle, Mrs. Manitadatur. She will know, she will be angry.” The butler’s tone was completely calm as he said that placing his hands behind his back as he straightened out.

“So she has security cameras. So what, I’ll be gone before she can check them.” Elina crossed her arms as she looked down at the butler condescendly.

“Mrs. Manitadatur. Do you see any security cameras?” The butler used a hand to gesture around him, in which no matter how much she looked around she didn’t see anything.

“Well, no but… Still. Point being I’m not afraid to talk to you the way you deserve. She is no-” Elina was interrupted by a floor creak right behind her. She turned around quickly, being worried it was the Jarljyna. But she saw nothing. Only an empty hall with some bust statues on their own small pillars. She didn’t recognise a single one of those statues either.

“Well If the mistress wants to leave then I can show you where her majesty is.” The butler said in a stoic tone not at all reacting to the clear audible sound she had heard. With him beginning to walk down the hall without Elina causing her to suddenly walk quickly after him.

“What about my mother? I’ve tried calling her but she doesn’t take them at all.” Elina crossed her arms yet reluctantly followed the butler.

“The Jarljyna has taken care of her.” The butler’s tone kept being calm and stoic as he walked forward.

“What do you mean?” Elina tilted her head towards the butler. Causing him to stop for a moment as he turned around to face her. Small smirk on his face as he spoke.

“Your mother has an amazing tongue. Supposedly.” He taunted for a small moment before turning around walking a bit faster now.

“You better not be insinuating what I think you are insinuating.” She sneered at him.

“Your mother certainly liked hers.” He taunted further but was stopped in his tracks as the elven woman placed a hand on his shoulder.

“You littl-” Her words were interrupted by the sound of a harsh slamming of a door next to her. Causing her to visibly jump as she heard it. She breathed in and out for a moment before giving a glare towards Ny’Jon. Though before she could chastise the butler the lights flickered out for a small moment. In which moment by that short moment, Ny’Jon was gone. “Okay, where is he?” She awkwardly and slowly continued walking down the hall, with increasing sounds for slamming and floor creaks causing her nerves to increase. “This is very strange, stop messing with me you little beast.” She turned around back towards the hall.

“Messing you with what?” Ny’Jon asked right behind the elven woman giving an innocent look towards her as he looked up.

“Fuck! How?!” Elina jumped even more at that stumbling towards a wall. Bumping her head as she did so. While the little butler just titled his head at her.


Esta was kicking her feet under the table watching all of this unfold on her phone. Giggling like a maniac. Wilan said it was stupid to have trick rooms and all the other fun stuff but spirits around them. It is working like a dream, and even more so when her adorable butler is having fun with it as well.

She took a sip of her glass, pushing some buttons on her phone to add in more ‘scary’ sound effects. Giggling madly as she does so, spirits watching that little witch of a sister in law being so freaked out is hilarious. Ny’Jon pushing whatever her name is, buttons is even better, and he most certainly deserves a small raise for this.

The elven woman swore she heard a cough, down the hall. But once again nobody when she turned around to look in that direction. “Mistress If you want to be alone then I’m certain her majesty will understand.” Ny’Jon gave the elf a bow as he said that before mumbling out a. “Well as alone as you can be in this castle that is.”

“I, I will be fine. Just a lot is going on.” Elina said annoyed as she once again followed the butler. Trying her best to ignore the weird sounds she heard around her. She felt she was going insane with all the creaks, steps and muffled giggles in the distance.

“Don’t let the spirits scare you too much, they are rather nice.” She heard the butler say in that same stoic tone of his.

“Just stop. I don’t know If your way doing some revenge for feeling slighted but I’m not gonna fall for your trickery.” Elina sneered as she glared down at the butler as the two stopped in front of the dinning hall. She took a step towards the butler who was now seeming to lose a bit of confidence even if just slowly as she poked his chest harshly as she spoke. “I’m not gonna apologise to you, you little-”

“Help.” A vague distorted feminine voice spoke down the hall, sounding vaguely familiar to Elina.

“Did you hear that?” The elf looked down the hall, seeing nothing no matter how much she narrowed her eyes. With lights of the hall having been dimmed down.

“Hear what?” The butler tilted his head towards the elf who stayed quiet for a moment.

“I thought. I thought I heard my mother there, or I think?” Elina turned her body completely around as she was almost about to walk down the hall. Only to be stopped by the butler who put a hand on her shoulder.

“I think you should talk with her majesty first.” Ny’Jon gestured towards the dining hall.

Elina looked back down the hall for a moment before letting out a sigh as she turned around towards the door of the dinning hall. Shrugging her shoulder from his hand as she put her focus on talking with her sister-in-law to make clear she was leaving.

The dining hall was open instead of the original circle table, it was a long stretched out table with three chairs. One at the far end where her majesty, divinely crafted by the spirits, sat. Stone faced as she ever was, wearing a dark purple and black gothic dress. Meal already was prepared and laid out across the table, with covers over the platers.

Elina assumed the two other chairs at the end of the table were for herself and mother. Stepping forward to take her seat. The door to the dining hall was closed, almost forcing her to jump a little but she remained steadfast. Sounds of thunder echoed throughout the room, light bulbs that once provided a sense of safety have gone dark. Only the candles sprawled across the table and the roaring fireplace providing some sense of dim light.

“The backup generator will turn on shortly, the spirits have been upset recently and find it in themselves to rage.” Esta gave that familiar cold tone, taking a sip of her wine unphased by it all.

Elina just gave a small nod at that before she cleared her throat to speak clearly. “Well, I came here to tell you that I’m not gonna stay here any longer.” She gently pushed away the plate that was in front of her. “As such I was also going to ask where my mother is, she has not answered any of my calls.”

Esta sipped her wine without care in the world, then sipped the other glass. “We are aware. Your existence in the realm is no longer required. We advise you to finish your meal, the spirits have been spurred on into a storm. Your mother…” Taking a bite from her meal, painfully slowly. “Has informed us she wishes to stay longer.”

“Then where is my mother? I want to discuss this with her.” Elina pulled her plate back towards herself, taking off the cover. Taking a quick sip of her own glass.

The cover removal showed her mother’s phone kept on silent.

“Wha-What is going on?” Elina said slowly standing up as she grabbed her mother’s phone. “Where is my mother?” She narrowed her eyes at Esta though she felt an aching headache in the back of her head.

Esta wanted to smile and laugh so bad right now but she held it in. Calming, taking another sip from both her glasses. “We will bring you to her soon but first we simply must dine.” She pushed a button, to have Ny’Jon bring in their next guest.

Elina turned around to once more see the doors open as Ny’Jon walked in carrying a mannequin that scarily looked similar to that of Wilan, even having the Crown Prince’s hair as a wig on top of it. The butler placed the mannequin on a chair next to her. In which he gave a respectful head bow towards the elf.

“What is happening, what is all this?” She started to glare at Esta, though the Jarlnjya was not fazed at all. She was starting to wonder if she was seeing things as she rubbed the back of her head.

Esta stood up, walking towards the mannequin leaning down to give ‘Wilan’ a kiss on the cheek. Then leaning onto the table, sitting on the edge of it. “Oh come on, are you really that stupid? It’s been pretty obvious.” She couldn’t keep up the act anymore, not when she is this close to the kill. “You honestly think I would invite my bitch of a sister in law here? To give them a chance to make some money?”

Elina started backing away from the table knocking over the chair as she did, grabbing the plate that was there earlier as. Well some type of weapon. “Leave me be, and I won’t tell anyone. I’ll even keep that… creepy mannequin a secret. Alright?” She glanced towards the direction of the doors, if she could make a sprint for it she might make it.

“Oh come oooooooooooon. I just served your mother’s phone on a dinner plate. You really think you are going to walk away from here? I slept with, played with and then killed your mommy.” Esta starts smiling uncontrollably, holding her stomach as she starts to burst out laughing. “Oh that woman was screaming for dear life! I think I will her voice in my records, its a real top ten best scream.”

“What would your brother think hmm? What do you think will happen when the news of his wife dying in your castle?” Elina took a few extra steps away from her sister-in-law ensuring she wasn’t too far away from the doors. “He will be enraged, he wi-”

Esta broke out into further laughter, almost falling over. Standing up, still holding her stomach. “He is the one who letting me do this! Honestly you’re such an idiot woman, I always thought you were smart. I even though I was pushing it too far when I made you get down on your knees and beg.” She grinned madly, walking towards her. “They find your body completely burned down to the bones in a train bombing. No one will know what happen before it besides me~”

Elina’s eyes went wide hearing that, her hands trembling as gripped her plate harder. “W-Well, I-” She stuttered out before throwing the plate towards Esta and immediately running towards the door, but before she even could reach the handle her legs started to fail her as they became weak. Falling over right in front of the door. Her vision was already becoming blurry as she looked over towards the Jarlnjya. “P-Please let me live. P-Please, I-I’ll do anything.”

She could hear Esta steps as she approached. “You better not be falling asleep during my monologue! I practiced this all day! I prepared all these fun events and you can’t even be awake for it!” The thought didn’t cross her mind that she might have added too much of the poison. It won’t kill her now, but it was only supposed to make her unable to move. “Don’t you dare sleep on me!” Esta leaned down, grabbing Elina’s chin forcing her to look directly in the cold, pale eyes of the Jarlnjya.

“P-Please, p-please.” Tears already started to form in the elven woman’s eyes as she was forced to look at Esta, causing Ny’Jon to let out a small cough.

“How much did you add into her wine, your majesty?” The butler’s voice was stoic and for Elina it almost seemed like the butler was unfazed with this all. Though Esta was there to read his body language showing that the kemonomimi wasn’t that comfortable. Even if he hid it well under the guise of professionalism.

She gave an annoyed groan. “Uuuuuuuuuugh I probably added too much.” She stomped her foot angry, letting go of Elina’s chin and gave a pout. “Have the guards drag her to the dungeon I guess. I just wait for the poison to be over with then.” Muttering under her breath in utter annoyance. “Stupid.” She gave a sharp kick to Elina’s side. “Why can’t you just take poison better! You ruin everything!” She gave another sharp kick to the woman’s side. Throwing her hands in the air, walking away. “I’m going to be in my room, it’s going to take forever for poison to run through its course! Ugh!” She stomped away with the angst of an angry teenager.

Ny’Jon let out a sigh at that as his boss walked away, he looked down towards Elina. Seeing her crying and whimpering in pain from the kicks. He gave a small bow towards her. “May Odin guide you to Valhalla. May your death be swift.” He knew the latter part was not going to be true but he wasn’t going to say it. Being careful to step over her body as he walked out of the room to get the guards.

While she remained laying there, crying and whining in pain. Questioning why she even was there, all until her sight became more and more blurry. In which her vision became completely dark.

7th January 2023
Teieleie, Rikevaarland

Wilan exited the shower with a towel around his waist while using a smaller towel to dry his hair whistling to an old song he listened to when he was younger. It was a rock song that his little sister loved when she was younger and had shown him. “The bitch came back the very next day.” He mumbled to himself as he dried off. Though his internal singing had to wait as he heard the ringing of his phone. He grabbed it and answered it, not really looking for who it was who was calling him. “Crown Prince Wilan of Blåskog and Prince of Teieleie, please speak quickly.” He said drying his hair with his back turned to the phone as he looked at the mirror he had in his bedroom.

He heard a long whistle from his phone, a quick look down revealing Esta laying down in her bed. “Hey Crown Prince Wilan of Blaskog and Prince of Telelelelelie. It’s your adorable, fantastic sister.”

The Crown Prince rolled his eyes but let out a chuckle anyways as he turned around to grab the phone showing his face and upper body rather than his back now. “And how is my amazing little sister doing?” He asked, smiling at her as he finished drying his short white hair.

His little sister stared, tilting her head at her brother. Not saying anything.

“What?” Wilan raised an eyebrow at her, confused as to why she wasn’t saying anything.

“Shush its rude to annoy a goddess when she is admiring fine art.” Esta gave a smirk, looking over off screen accepting a wine glass. “Sooooooooo I just totally just killed your wife and took a bunch of her family’s money. How are things with you?”

“I’m gonna allow you to look since you did me a massive favor.” He let out a small chuckle as he sat down on his bed, his broad shoulders still being wet from the shower. “I just finished showering, and I was at the gym not that long ago.”

“Ah, so you are letting me look at you shirtless because I did a favor for you? You know what we call that? A prostitute. Pretty sure that is illegal too. How shameful.” She faints a hand over her forehead in a completely unnecessary dramatic face. “My brother, a paid whore.”

“Oh shut up. You’re a major brat right now.” Wilan rolled his eyes at his sister’s antics. “Hope it wasn’t too difficult for you.”

“I get to! She passed out from the poison during my big monologue! I practiced and memorized it and everything! Stupid woman couldn’t even stay awake long enough for me to finish. When it was out of her system, well the whole moment was ruined!” She gave a pout. “Ny’Jon hold my phone please, I trying to visualize my display of poutiness.”

Soon enough the crown prince could see more of Esta and her room as the phone was grabbed by his little sister’s butler who took a few steps back. “Oh no, not your villain monologue. Such a shame the world never got to see it.” Wilan had a taunting tone as he smirked at her. “My little sister needs to be oh so compensated for the speech about her totally justified murder.”

“Who cares about justified?” Esta looked confused, shrugging her shoulders. “I’m a goddess, and gods don’t need to justify. We simply just do. Besides, I worked really hard on it, you jerk! I should put a curse on you for being just a jerk!”

“Yes, yes. You’re a goddess with a divine body and mind, and etc etc.” Wilan said in a sarcastic tone. “What curse may I have brought upon myself? Will I be turned into a frog who needs a true love kiss to be turned back to this handsome prince?” He loved teasing his sister when she was angry, she was adorable when she complained.

“No, I’m going to make you ugly by setting your bed on fire while you’re tied on it.” She gives a mighty ‘hmhp’ to add on to that. “Oh! I could have you castrated like they did in the queendom! Always wanted to see that happen to someone!” She started to sound more joyful by the minute.

“Okay, no. I was just joking, my dear sister.” He said in a warm tone very much wanting to avoid his sister from doing such actions. “How about we do something fun together for once? You helped me and you deserve to be rewarded for it. I’m certain your villain monologue was amazing as well.”

“It was!” Esta clapped her hands together in a playful manner. “Oh I had everything setup for it too! I had spinning things hooked up to all the furniture in the dining hall so it looks like I’m possessing the room to really drive it in! I had a spare blood bag with strawberry juice in it too! I was gonna cut the bag and make it look like I was drinking from your mannequin neck. Spirits I even spent extra to have candles smell like sulfur too! It’s fucking bullshit I couldn’t use any of it.” She crosses her arms in an angry pout. “Now I have a bunch of sulfur-smelling candles, but no one to believe that I am a goddess and a dragon-witch. Well outside the ones that already believe that.”

Wilan was quiet for a moment as he heard all of that processing it. It was all so over the top, but it all fitted his sister’s god-complex so none of it was that weird. Still one part of that just stuck out for him. “You have a mannequin of me?” He was very genuinely confused as he asked that and raised an eyebrow at her.

“Yeah nine of them, one for stabbing of course but the others I like using to mess with people’s heads.” She sips her wine not really seeing what was the problem with it. “I got one’s head here if you wanna see?”

“Do I even wanna ask why you have them, especially one involving stabbing?” Wilan let out a sigh as he shook his head with his other hand rubbing the bridge of nose.

“Well the head of one is because Ny’Jon got rid of my skull. The stabbing one is just really for fun honestly. I got one for everyone in the family except daddy and Peacock. I like yours the most though, a really fun one to stab in front of toys down in the dungeon.” Esta scratches her head, “Sometimes nice to have a wine party with all of them though, really fucks with people’s heads when they see a table of only your mannequins around it.”

“Gonna be honest. I feel somewhat offended that you have a mannequin to stab me but not one for our father.” He understood not having one for Jørgen, but their father? Really? He used pictures of their father as a shooting target all the time. Always felt like it made him shoot more accurately. “Well, I guess I should be happy you like the mannequin version of me a lot.” He mumbled out.

“Well daddy says I’m not allowed to stab him after I stabbed him last time.” Esta gave another shoulder shrug. “Gotta say, it’s very lame of him not to let him stab his mannequin. Oh! Oh! I almost forgot right? So right? I got your wife’s family’s money already right? So get this, I’m gonna name the new buildings in the capital after the two of them! Then anytime you feel lonely, you can visit their spirits in those buildings! I got the plans drawn up for a crypt down there, so it’s extra special!”

“I am pretty certain I would sooner burn those buildings before I feel lonely because of their deaths.” Wilan said, shaking his head in amusement. “But thank you, I’ll take my son to visit it when we go there. Their deaths are gonna hit my boy hard.” He smiled warmly, a genuine warm smile. Not a fake one he had to practice most of his life, a genuine one.

“Hm? No no, it’s not open to the public, I got hidden passages through it like I do with most stuff around the capital. Plus do you really want to take your son through my murder montage? I don’t think he’s old enough to see me fucking your mother-in-law.” Esta replied, trying to put off the fact she drew a blank to the boy’s name.

“And you now ruined something that sounded almost nice from your end.” Wilan let out a small chuckle. “I thought you meant actual new public buildings named in their honor, Esta. Not fucking that, gods.” He couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous his sister was being.

“No, the buildings are named in their honor but part of my hidden passages ways I have built new buildings in the capital. I made an extra room as a crypt for the both of them, in the two separate buildings downtown. That way, their spirits are forever trapped to roam the building separate and always apart from each other being surrounded by tokens of their death. That way they always be suffering in the afterlife.” Esta started clapping. “I already spoke with them after I killed their flesh! They’re screaming, it’s awesome! I love being a goddess.”

“You know, I’m glad to have you as my little sister. Because your sociopathy distracted others from mine.” Wilan had a small smile as he said that. Everything she said was worrisome and completely against the normalcy of society, but he was not one to judge. “Either way, I’m assuming you’re already preparing to have their corpses on the train, right?” He was not going to have another debate with her about divinity, again.

“Oh you don’t need to worry about that, I have some dead elves down in the dungeon I’m going to use for them. No one in Lapliszna is actually going to check if it is actually them. Secret police peoples are scared shitless of me after gave the last director here a lesson in torture.” The elven woman started to giggle, “Paralyzed but spirits you could still hear the screaming in the office.”

“Well, I am glad to have a goddess as a sister. If it means people will never check your murders. It is very useful.” Wilan stretched out for a moment letting out a small groan as he did so. “Gods, on the mention of torture. I really should stop torturing myself so much at the gym.”

“Oh boo hoo, you’re torturing yourself at the gym.” She rolls her eyes but briefly starts to think, looking off screen. “Hey Ny’Jon would you be willing to pre-”

“No.” Ny’Jon spoke out in a clearly annoyed tone. “We made changes in the contract that would forbid cannibalism.”

“Fine fine.” Esta gave a pout. “Sapient flesh probably taste awful anyway if blood is anything to go by.”

“It isn’t healthy for you, I did some research about it a while ago. After the last time you brought up that topic.” Wilan spoke up as he rubbed his shoulders. “You know, I would have asked you before to go training with me. But your view of training is usually only dominated by two thoughts.”

“Hey I have at least three! Sometimes four!” Esta gave another giggle. “Okay okay, so I also got them on the line for building new apartments for my kemonomimi subjects too by the way. So I get to charge the family even more for fees and stuff. That old dude isn’t going to be able to keep up! You should do that thing I see in movies umm, take over their business thingie!”

“Murder, torture and sex. So What’s the fourth thing for your training regiment?” Wilan taunted his sister. “Andreas is going to be very easy to take advantage of. Not only is he easy to blackmail now, but also in an economically desperate position? Gods I could kiss you for giving me this opportunity.”

“Hey if you need to kiss me I know just where~” Esta gave a teasing wink.

“I’m certain you do.” He rolled his eyes at her teasing.

“Damn right I do oh oh! Also right right?” Esta four tracked mind started to spin. “Okay, okay so your son likes pancakes right? Because Ny’Jon makes amazing pancakes! Really good ones!”

“I’ll take him with me when I visit Lapiliszna then. It has been a long time since we spent family time together.” Wilan said thinking for a moment. “We could watch a movie, I think he would like that. Me, him and Elina used to cuddle up together to watch movies on the sofa before.”

“Ayay! Ayay!” Esta started to clap rapidly, building up speed in her joy. If she wasn’t comfortable in bed, she most certainly would have started to dance. “If I knew all it would take was killing your wife for you, two come visit me I would have killed her so much earlier!”

“I’m certain you would.” He let out a chuckle. “I think Eric would like that, though I think that has to wait until a good while after the news of Elina is revealed. How about in two months?” He gave her a smile. “And don’t worry I’ll still visit you next weekend so we can do something together when I come there. Anything you want.”

Esta only smiled widely, as if she was actually crazy and not at all a goddess, dragon-witch like she tells herself. “Oh I think of something~”

“Not sex.” Wilan let out a sigh though he was still smiling.

“You said anything~” Esta gave a teasing smile, taking another sip of her wine.

“Anything but sex.” He chuckled out, not being as easily weirded out by his sister as he used too. Having to partially adjust his towel however.

“Nope, should have said it first. Got anymore people you want to have killed? I got all these sulfur candles and I didn’t get to mess with their minds as much as I wanted to.” Esta finished her wine glass, and placing it back on her bedside.

“Not for now, I’ll tell you when I have new prey for you to stab.” He looked at the time on his phone. “I should probably get dressed soon, let’s watch a horror movie when I come to Lapiliszna. Okay?”

“Okay! Ayay! Love you big brother!” Esta smiled brightly, waving at the phone.

“Love you too, little crazy.” He gave her a small wave before ending the call. Shaking his head for a small moment before went to the closet to get his clothes

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