A Special Occasion OOC

I’m creating this for easier reference than the RP thread itself. Feel free to post OOC comments, questions and whatnot here (though I’m not banning them in the RP thread).


HI&RH Prince Andrew Sebastian of Anisia and Cunula, Duke of Cox
Second oldest child of The Holy Empress and Holy Emperor Consort John David (deceased), 2nd in line of succession after his older brother.

HRH Grand Duke Christopher Andrew of Oconia
Oldest child of Grand Duke Andrew II of Oconia (deceased) and Grand Duchess Mother Catherine of Oconia, incumbent on the Grand Ducal Crown of the Red Griffin. The local authority in his state and with influence on Imperial politics.

Parents of the grooms (hosts):
HI&RAM Empress Anne III Mary Isabelle, Holy Empress of Coxnord, Queen of the North, Archduchess of Anisia, Apostolic Queen of Cunula, Duchess of Hork, Checeister and Djomm
The Holy Empress. Widowed.

HRH Grand Duchess Mother Catherine of Oconia
Former Consort and widow of Grand Duke Andrew II of Oconia (deceased), mother of the reigning Grand Duke of Oconia. Royal by marriage, not by lineage.

The Most Reverend the Archbishop of Elthor, Emma Lilian Baker
Second highest ranking official, after The Holy Empress, in The Most Holy Imperial Church of the One True Faith. The local authority in the Archdiocese of Elthor, which is a state, and with influence on Imperial politics.

Staff members of note:
Chancellor Catherine Decker
Head of the Second Section of HI&RAM Own Chancery, the Section responsible for relations and communications.

Chancellor Robert Jones
Head of the Third Section of HI&RAM Own Chancery, the Section responsible for security.

Vice-Chancellor Christian Lund
Head of the First Department of the Third Section of HI&RAM Own Chancery. The First Department is responsible for protection against political threats. A large part of the personnel is tasked with the security of members of the Imperial and Royal Families and a few others, like the Archbishop, and these agents are colloquially known as ‘Deppies’.

International guests: (in the order they RSVPed)
Queen Dowager Anatansya Olekalexein of the Confederacy of Vulshain
Widow of King Vasyl Olekalexein of Vulshain, grandmother of King Samuil Rainard of Vulshain.

Captain Melisande Amarantha of the Royal Protectors
The Queen Dowager’s personal bodyguard.

King Antonio I of Azulcena
Including a personal guard detachment.

King Antonio’s mystery date
Who will it be?

Iliyana Rekistrusle, Foreign Officer of Vekaiyu to Coxnord

Lord Steam Veerilion, Lord of Veerilion, Duke of Anuana, Emporer of Cadiz and King of Yumacala
Including at least 3 secretaries and such.

The representative of the House of Veerilion, Miss Veronica Fiome