A throne forgotten but not lost

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Sudkra, Zuidbai
Sometime in the late 1800s

With the Rufuinan civil war ending in a Wolfen Republican victory, thanks to the Wolfen Republicans promising certain regional warlords in the area independence if they fought with them, a constitution and a republic was declared stating that no monarchy is to rule over the Wolfen Republic ever again.
With the royal family being forced into exile they sought refuge in any willing country they could find, until rather unexpectedly they were invited to Visaraland by a certain house, having nowhere to go the family set sail immediately no longer as a royal family, but simply as a noble house now.

Wilhelm looked up at the large clock. It would appear his guests from Rufuina should be arriving soon. The Duke was not in the best of health, and he knew that this was his chance of marrying off his son, outside of letting Gertsveld become another part of the Milba or Aisera hegemonies. He patiently waited as he watched the ship to arrive and depart, looking out for the Rufuinan ship that was expected to arrive soon.

The ship was coming into the dock, the private vessel of the former royal family that the Wolfen government was ‘kind enough’ to let them keep, carrying the banner of the former Rufuinan flag, inside the private quarters of the steam ship the noble family were getting ready to start their new lives.
In the bedroom section Lady Gwendalin was preparing and tidying her daughter’s outfit wanting to put on a good show for their hosts.
“Mother?” The fair young noble lass Yanny of Red asked.
“Yes my sweet?” Lady Gwendalin replied.
“Are they going to come after us? The Wolfen’s?” Yanny asked with a slight hint of fear in the child’s voice, hinting back to the time the republican guard stormed the royal palace and took the family at gunpoint.
“No my dear we… have an agreement with them, we won’t be allowed to see our country again but… we’ll be safe here…”
Before Yanny could say anything else her father and head of the House, Rufus the Red, entered the bedroom, he smiled to his wife and 14 year old daughter trying to act reassuring to the pair, however inside he dreaded too at the prospect of not being able to see his country ever again.
“Come you two… we should be docking any moment now.”

“Well, looks like they’re here, My Lord Duke.” Wilhelm nodded to his servant. “Make sure everything is prepared for their stay in Gerstveld.” He ordered, watching the ship come into port. He looked down at his son. “Now Dirk, you know that it will be important you make a good impression, yes? These are guests, and important ones at that.” The boy nodded to his father as a servant ensured he looked as presentable as possible.
The crew made the final preparations and finally they had arrived, a walk way was hoisted to the ground as the former royal guard, now simply the noble guard marched in formation taking positions as the three emerged from the inside of the ship to their new home, all of them carrying cautious smiles.
A sort of presenter for the family would emerge with them and make his way down along with the noble guard, he’d raise his voice. “From the glorious nation of Rufuina I present the heir’s to the Rufuinan throne! Lord Rufus the Red! Lady Gwendalin and Mistress Yanny!” He spoke in Staynish.
Finally the former royals would step foot upon solid land and went to try and say hello to their welcoming party.

There was a warm welcome from those in the port, with a few cheers from the merchants as they went about their day. Wilhelm walked over and bowed. “Good Afternoon, I am Wilhelm, Duke of Zuidbai and Regent of Gertsveld. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Vistaraland.” He spoke too in Staynish, though with an accent. Dirk stood sheepishly behind the imposing figure of his father, quietly waving to the family.

"Wilhelm.” He said with a smile going to try and firmly shake his hand after bowing to him. “Thank you so much for giving us a new home here, we hope none of this has caused troubles for you and we hope we can integrate here given enough time.” He said with a hint of sadness but mostly disguised by his need to appear formal and charismatic, he looked to the young lad whom stood behind his father Dirk.
Rufus gave him a beaming smile before leaning down to offer him a hand to shake as well. “Hello young man, thank you for letting us stay with you.” He said to the young boy hoping to make a good impression for the potential suitor to his young daughter.

Dirk smiled at the man. “I-I hope you like it here…” He looked up at the family. He knew he had to make a good impression. “Um, I’m Dirk. Duke of G-gertsveld, where y-you’ll be staying…It’s an honour to m-meet you.” Wilhelm nodded to the boy. “Well, I’m sure they will, my boy. We have spared no expense in ensuring the Manor in Gerstveld can welcome their stay with open arms.”

Lady Gwendalin would simply let the men speak, keeping up a wide smile and holding her daughter’s hand, whom much like Dirk was nervous meeting their greeters and being in a whole new world.
“Look at them Yanny, aren’t they nice to let us stay here?” Gwendalin spoke leaning down gently to her daughter with a bright smile. “Why don’t you say hi to Dirk?” She suggested, Yanny looked up to her mother then to the nerve struck boy, she shook her head briefly and much like Dirk hid behind his father, Yanny hid behind her mother.
“Well how about we start making our way in hm? We ran out of tea on the ship about a week ago.” Rufus stated in a joking manner gesturing toward the city where he assumed there was some form of transport waiting for them.

“Of course.” Wilhelm replied. “There should be enough tea in the carriage, if you’d like to follow me.” He escorted them to an elegant carriage. He had purchased it especially for this occasion, needing transportation fitting for those of such high stature. Dirk got in and took a seat, taking out a tin of biscuits from his bag, careful not to spill crumbs over himself in front of the guests.

The family went aboard the carriage, the crew and guard of the ship began unloading the family’s luggage and making arrangements with the guard that had greeted them.
It was a new day for the House of Red, despite losing the throne to a country that technically ceased to exist for now, a country they wouldn’t see again for the rest of their lives, they had a new life now, the blood of the Rufuinan throne lived on in their new home away from home, of Visaraland.

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Friday 24th July 2020 8:45 PM Fargo

Hanlon was in the State House enjoying supper with his trusted advisors and some of his family members, all were having a good time enjoying their meals, having drinks, sharing stories, despite the fact the Supreme President had asked not to be disturbed this evening, a servant came into the dinning room to whisper something into Hanlon’s ear, Hanlon’s wide cheery smile developed into a stern face and he got up from his seat.

“Excuse me all, I’ll have to take this.” He said giving a nod to all those at the table as Hanlon made his way to his office, the two soldiers at the door stood at attention as their Supreme President came by and into his office, he sat down at his desk and picked up the phone.

“Operator put me through to him.” He simply said as he held the phone to his ear and saw an unfinished and unattended glass of scotch he left there earlier, he shrugged and took a sip from the said scotch glass, warm but scotch was scotch to him.

“Ah mister Hanlon.” A voice on the other end of the phone said, a posh Staynish accent to be sure, this was Rufus the Red of house Red in Visaraland.

“You know you can be a real pain in my arse sometimes Rufus?” Hanlon responded, despite his wording and slightly irritated voice Hanlon meant no disrespect, Rufus of course knew this having spoken to him various times.

“Oh I know mister Supreme President, I wanted to thank you and the embassy for contacting the Visaraland embassy, you know how it was with the Wolfens and our… relations with them.” He said with a slight snicker having to describe the former Wolfen republic.

“Well they’re gone and they’re not coming back, them and the warlords that helped them, I assume this can’t be the only reason you’re contacting me Lord Rufus?” He said raising a brow and leaning back into his office chair placing his feet up on his desk, taking another sip.

“They’re very keen on you Hanlon, I think Rufuina and Visaraland can be a prime alliance.” Rufus explained as he too leaned back into his sofa in his mansion house, a cup of tea by his side he slowly took a sip from, at just the right temperature.

“Is this so I can crown you king Rufus?” Hanlon asked already knowing what Rufus was going to say.

“Maybe, what does it matter? You’ll keep your powers as the actual head of state, and you know what wonders it’ll have on Rufuina if had a monarchy… think of all those tourists…” He said in a slightly joking manner however still trying to sway Hanlon.

“You know how much money it costs to maintain a royal family Rufus? The monarchists are still split on whether to have you or whether to have the MBE’s king for them, don’t know why he’s hardly taking interest in the movement.” Hanlon said rolling his eyes slightly at the mention of the Morstabishlyian king, a man whom to Hanlon seems to be quite the isolated type that never really came out in public unless necessary.

“I see, I see my attempts at seducing you to monarchism have failed yet again?” Rufus elaborated with a bit of a cheeky smirk on his face.

“Yes…  look do your pilgrimage and ill see what the public thinks, ill be sure to try and pressure Visaraland into more of an official alliance, but don’t get your hopes up Rufus.” He finished with and hung up the phone, letting out a sigh he rubbed his face and finished his earlier scotch, getting up to head back to his dining room. “Has he got nothing better to do?”

“Hrm…” Rufus simply uttered out as the phone was hung up on him, he was used to it at this point with Hanlon, their relationship wasn’t tense at all more of a like and dislike relationship, a relationship that had it’s merits and yet also had it’s bumps, a relationship that was sure to be tested soon enough.

26th of July 2020 11:32 AM South Peragen Conoso

Rufus the Red of house Red had arrived in South Peragen by plane just a couple of days earlier, his first intended visit upon his ‘royal pilgrimage’, the capital Conoso had treated him well so far, but now he was about to head out to meet the one whom held the crown of Peragen, and the self-claimed heir to the Impelanzan Empire.

A servant came into the lord’s room and bowed his head, “My lord, the car and convoy are waiting to take you to the palace.” Rufus smiled at his servant and wafted his hand as if telling him he had no need to bow, “Walk with me then my friend.” Rufus said as he smiled patting the servant on his shoulder, the servant being a tad confused but followed along into the car.

The car headed to the royal palace, the square in front of the Conoso Royal Palace was full of people interested in the sudden apparition of the possible future king in north of the Peragen, a country that had taken all the attention of South Peragen and all Urth in the last month. Everybody was curious to see how this visit would change again the relations between both Peragian sides. The crowd was not making much noise, they were instead looking at how Rufus would enter the palace and also commenting the situation on Pigeon.

As they were driving toward the palace Rufus made sure to give a warm friendly smile to any and all outside as well as waving, when the convoy made a stop at the steps to the royal palace, he’d look to the crowd and wave at them all with the same cheery smile, looking to see their reactions.

Jariano was waiting for him at the top of the stairs. With the curious crowd watching, Jariano greeted Rufus with a shake of hands which was photographed massively and would be the next day the main page of all the newspapers. Following this, they entered the arcaded patio.

“How much time has passed since you visited South Peragen?” Jariano asked, starting the conversation. “Oh not too long my friend only a couple of days.” Rufus said, making sure to give a wave to the crowd as their hands shook, as well as the cameras.

“Shall we make our way inside? Give the newspapers their time to decipher all their pictures?” Rufus said with a joking smirk, evidently a man who liked to break the ice. “Yeah definitely, let’s go” Jariano answered.

Rufus proceeded to follow the Peraganese king inside giving one last wave to the crowd before he’d be concealed by the palace.

“Well it has been definitely not the best moment to visit South Peragen… It has been so hot these days, at least in Conoso. Going out to the street is really an adventure” Jariano restarted the conversation. “And not only the weather is hot, your country has been the hotspot these two months. I would really like to know if you are informed about all the stuff related to Puntalia and its takeover.”

“Oh well nothing can be done about such, God won’t help us with the weather, never has done even with all our prayers.” He said, following alongside Jariano.
“And as for Puntalia… well… Hanlon has briefed me a couple of times upon it, he certainly looks at it with an… interesting perspective, one that i’m inclined to look at from both sides and not just one.” He elaborated, talking about the Puntalian situation for Rufus seemed to make him choose his words more carefully than he already was.

“It may seem sometimes as a simple problem and others like a complex one, though definitely it’s a difficult case. Although an agreement has been reached, definitely if you pretend to take more part in the Rufuinan politics you should keep an eye.” Jariano did not have much trouble talking about it, but this was only because of his diplomatic ability. The issues regarding their northern neighbours were indeed something that took great part of his attention, and he had been a prominent face in the pursue for an agreement some weeks ago. He knew things would not be the same from that moment, and new horizons for South Peragen were at his sight.

“Oh of course, what kind of future king would I be if I did not take keen interest in my people’s politics? In fact I’ve taken such a keen interest Hanlon seems to be somewhat pestered by it.” He said with a slight snicker at the end of his sentence. “Thank you for having me here, I hope that this will bring a good light to the existence of a Rufuinan monarchy once again.”

“It is really an opportunity. Hanlon has been a good partner until now, and he has heavily surprised me with this movement. We definitely are waiting for this commission after the agreement to reveal what has happened, I’m still strongly confused. Having you as monarch in Rufuina will definitely make things clearer. I am really interested about your plans: you could be a good point to counter the impulsiveness of Hanlon.”

Rufus listened intently to the man he was walking with throughout the palace, Rufus had of course no experience being a monarch at all, thus he was keen to take on his advice and thoughts on the situation. “Hanlon’s impulsiveness is what I believe could be one of his strengths, this of course does come with vices, but he’s a leader not willing to back down easily, and I doubt Hanlon is willing to give me any… official powers apart from maybe some form of church authority in Rufuina…” Rufus elaborated.

“Yeah that’s true, at the end Hanlon was also looking for agreements and that played in his favour. I’m not impulsive but that can be an advantage if you use it well. I feel like this time he has not definitely done the right movement with Puntalia but when he saw the problem was near a war at big scale he played the right role. I am a democrat, as well as my country, but I must admit that Hanlon, not being a democrat, has made some nice deals with our country and he has some potential. Rufuina has strong historical and cultural ties with South Peragen and I really hope they turn into a democracy some day, but until then you and Hanlon could make a good political couple: don’t doubt he will listen the king whose name is printed on your country.”

Rufus was listening carefully to his host’s thoughts and opinions on Hanlon and Rufuina, making sure to allow him to get his point across before speaking. “The way I see things, Hanlon won’t have any more ambitions in Arcturia, certainly not on you or Lokania.” He said letting out a soft chuckle. “But the Rufuinan people have never had good experiences with democracy my friend, my people, I say you give Hanlon a chance at least if and when I am recalled to the throne, while I doubt democracy if suited for Rufuina allying with democracy is and should be Rufuina’s future.” He said with a firm nod.

“Anyway, I have started speaking and I’m endless when I do, hahaha. I have still not offered you anything to drink, would you like a hobsti tea?” Jariano offered.

Would develop a lovely warm smile to the king as the offer of tea was announced, “That would be most lovely my friend.”

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1st of August 2020 1:22 PM Ibrahim

Rufus on his royal pilgrimage had traveled to Vivancantadia just yesterday to meet the ‘unique’ royalty of the country, just having met the king of South Peragen he was eager to continue his journey of meeting the royalties of the world and was heading by limousine to the royal palace.

The streets of Ibrahim were full of people walking, cars can be seen on the road, It’s a good place for tea as it was winter season in the nation, but the road near in the palace was somehow blocked, cars honking and some drivers are even questioning why there was a roadblock.

A crowd had gathered in the streets as it was also barricaded, with guards watching some people, they wondered why there was a sudden event like this.

And in the corner street a car appeared, not just a car, but a limousine, with the royal flag of the nation on the right and surprisingly, a flag of Rufuina on the other side, some people gasped, immediately grabbing their phones out and taking some pictures or videos.

And as it just about to happen, there is already a bunch of new cars on the other side of the street bringing a breaking news of a surprise arrival.

As the limousine stopped at the front of the Royal Ibrahim Palace, a butler came out of the car, opening the door as more people gasped as they saw the heir of the Rufuinan Throne, Rufus the Red, more people focused their phones on the man and some cameramen pointed their cameras at him.

When it finally came to their view that it was Rufus, the crowd went more wild as girls could be seen screaming or squealing, some even fainted but well.

As Rufus came out of the limousine he smiled to the gathering crowds and news teams and gave them all waves as the young man often did in the crowds, always attempting to come off as a friendly figure, as the butler opened the door for him Rufus made sure to shake his hand.

He made sure to dust his suit and jacket slightly before beginning to make his way to the palace under the eyeful watch of royal and regular security, he smiled to the royal guards who began walking by his side on the pathway to the royal palace constantly waving to the crowds as he did.

Rufus could be seen walking on the large and long pathway by the crowd, even though he was at the middle of the pathway, the large red doors with golden designs immediately opened, the two Kings coming out of the said door along with their children, standing atop of the marble staircase, waiting for Rufus as he finally made it to the palace after a long walk on that long pathway.

As Rufus made it up the steps the Rufuinan lord held his hand out to try and shake the hands of the royals as well as their children, as he shook the hands of the two kings he made sure to give a wave to the crowd. “Thank you for having me here, did you not tell the media?” He said with a playful smirk.

“Unfortunately, that was the case, to make the girls squeal at least.” King Andrew joked, letting out a small chuckle. “But hey, it was worth it though”. He added, after regaining his breath.

“Well why do we stand here anyways? Come, we’ll show you a tour or are we gonna eat first? You decide. It’s rare for royalties to come by here so we give our best.” Gian said before giving a wide, happy smile.

“Oh I think it would be best to give the chefs some time to prepare, and I’m no royal yet my friend.” Rufus said with a small snicker and then gestured inside. “Shall we then?”

“Well, you’re an heir, so that counts.” Gian replied as the large doors were opened by the royal guards again, giving a view of a large room with a two-way staircase in a wave form and a chandelier at the top. As the doors closed, another hallway is now seen, on each side bearing a portrait of each ruler of the nation up until now.

“Quite the contrast in weather to Vistaraland, northern hemisphere of course i’m bloody well glad I brought my coat.” He said with a joking snicker as he inspected the portraits of each monarch of Vivancantadia.

“Oh well, it’s quite cold here always. And since this palace is hecking big, I don’t know what’s wrong with the architect but we made every royal’s stay worth it so we have accommodated a room for you inside this palace, if you’re wondering why we didn’t advise you to get a hotel booking and for extra security purposes as well. Weird right?” Andrew said in a joyful manner as they walked through the staircase.

“Well… we suck at tours to be honest so… We’re just taking you in a bunch of random places.” Gian said, while taking a turn to the left after they have ascended on the second floor. At the end there was a door, the Royal Guards immediately opened the door as bright shimmering lights can be seen on the other side, It was a Sanctuary.

With a giant tree in the middle of it, dividing the pathways into four, each was designed with coloured flowers which held some meaning, and a small pond with water flowing.

“Welcome to the palace’s sanctuary and Andrew’s stupid hiding place when he always goes missing.” Gian snickered as he earned a smack in his left shoulder by Andrew. “What do you think? We suck badly at tours as we said before so we can’t really do anything.” Gian added, letting out a small laugh as he put his hand behind his head, ruffling his hair.

“Oh never fear chaps the palace makes up for your ineptitude in being tour guides.” He said joking along with the two monarchs and their children laughing from behind, letting out snickers at their behaviour with one another.

“I’m not sure what the Fargo palace is like, no royal has stepped in there for over a hundred and fifty years, and you can’t take pictures inside, but I assume it will likely pale in comparison to this.” He said with a nod inspecting the garden with an admiration for the work put into it.

“Well this was built for two and a half centuries with of course, some pauses as events happen, but yeah, even us living here for two decades still not finished getting around the palace. Trust me, this is far bigger than what you have seen outside.” Andrew said, deepening his voice on the last part like a storyteller while looking at Rufus with a playful smirk.

Rufus snickered lightly once again and then let out a soft sigh. “We don’t want to bore the children with our prattle do we? I assume you’ll have plenty of questions for me and Rufuina as a whole.” He asked, raising a brow and smiling at the silent children that had been following them throughout the palace.

“To be honest, if something like this happens, we have been used to it and in just our imaginary worlds. But it was nice meeting you in person. Glad to be living at this point.” One of the children spoke which was Dexter, the oldest and the apparent heir on the throne, with his ocean blue eyes shining brightly as it reflected the sun’s rays.

“And, the food is done. I can literally smell the intoxicating aroma of the freshly baked Hobsti Pie.” Andrew said while sniffing the area.

“Well let’s make our way then why don’t we?” He said offering the two monarchs to lead the way for them to the dining room.

“Okay then!” Andrew cheerfully said as the royal guards opened the doors of the sanctuary, walking in the long hallway to the other end which was the dining room.

As the doors were opened, food had already been set on the table, Hobsti Pie of course always being the center of the table but it was arranged in a way like a caek that pieces of pie are topped to each other and a small Hobstiberry at the top acting like a candle.

On a cold afternoon with the sun rays passing through the giant windows, making the foods shine, eccentric dishes are also present as well as beautiful plates placed in a good manner, with the seats crested in royal designs as its woods have been varnished, hence why it shines like glass. Cabinets on the other side of the room.
“Well. This looks like some sort of an anime scene, never seen this room beautiful other than now.” Dexter commented, earning a smile from Andrew.

“Let’s not get the food soggy then? Have a seat! We have at least prepared some Rufunian foods for your liking.” Gian said as he motioned Rufus to sit down. “I know we have a lot of this to talk about so it’s good to have a filled stomach first.” he added.

“Well let’s get to it then.” Rufus said with a smile seeking to seat himself and placing a napkin on his legs before they could all dig in.

Tuesday, 28th September 2020
New Salternay 11:42 AM

Rufus the Red after visiting various monarchs with the intention to see more, had been invited back to Rufuina for a very special occasion, Supreme President Hanlon had for many years even before he couped the Wolfen government been investing into the creation of a museum dedicated to the living legend ‘Rufus the Great’, the first king of Rufuina in New Salternay, the city in which Rufus the Great proclaimed the kingdom of Rufuina, which back in those times was known as Caracolen.

Now that Hanlon didn’t have to worry about the Wolfen government impeding Rufuinan nationalism, Hanlon sought to hasten the creation of the museum in honour of first king of Rufuina and what better way to bring tourism to the country and stir more Rufuinan pride than have the technical heir to the throne Rufus the Red commence the opening ceremony of Caracolem museum, Rufus needing a break from visiting the various monarchs of the world gladly accepted the offer to return home in honour of his ancestor Rufus the Great.

The technical heir had to be ‘smuggled’ inside the museum, due to a very anxious crowd outside waiting to see the opening ceremony and perhaps more importantly their future king, but Rufus didn’t mind at all, he was so glad to be able to see his homeland again after hundreds of years of his family’s exile, he had donned a traditional royal military uniform even if such uniform wasn’t technically part of the Rufuinan military’s dress code, the military guarding him and museum certainly didn’t mind, if anything they welcomed it.

“Your majesty?” The museum manager walked up to Rufus asked, Rufus was speaking to his head of security when he looked to the manager with a smile and slight chuckle.
“My friend you need not call me by such, it honours me but I am no king yet my friend, what can I do for you?” He said going to shake the managers hand, the manager being a royalist fanatic was so flabbergasted by the sincerity and kindness of him he struggled to formulate his words.
“I-i uhm… of course your ma- uhm, your grace, can I just say it is an absolute honour to have you open this museum? Thank you so much, I hope that one day I and the rest of us can call you our king again.” The manager said looking like he was about to feint with Rufus in his presence.
“The honour resides with me my friend, the work you’ve put in dedicated to my ancestor must’ve been no easy feat, yet you have exceeded the expectations of all here.” He said with a heart warming smile, his words even managing to garner a smile out of the more serious and professional head of security who simply stood by as a silent observer.
“Thank you…” The manager simply said looking like he was about to burst into tears of joy, however he prevented such with a big breath, beginning to compose himself once again. “The ribbon and podium is outside and ready, if we wait any longer the crowd might try and break in just to see you.” He said with a nervous snicker, such garnered a short but wholesome chuckle from Rufus.
“The let’s not keep them waiting, come my friends.” Rufus said patting the manager and his head of security as they made their way to the front of the museum.

Outside was a crowd of thousands of patriotic Rufuinans, many chatting amongst themselves, some holding pro monarchy signs, ‘We love the king.’ - ‘God save the king’ - ‘Bring back our throne’, and many more slogans conveying the people’s desires for a monarchy back in Rufuina, as well as this a military guard was waiting outside the museum entrance that were specially there to guard Rufus the Red as well as standard police forces.

As Rufus finally came outside the crowd cheered in celebration and hundreds of flashes went off from eager fans and that of the Rufuinan press, Rufus as ever came out with a smile and his usual wave to the loving crowd, and as he came out the military guard standing by saluted in unison, to which Rufus returned said salute to them, after a minute of non stop cheers Rufus stood at the podium cleared his voice as the crowd began to die down.

“This great gathering is here today, to hear the history and the people of Rufuina’s faith in the monarchy, Rufuina above all was founded by nobles who saw themselves as independent, different and saw their people as deserving of independence from the once great Impelanzen empire, they gathered around one man, a man chosen by god to lead his countrymen across the realm from New Salternay, what then was called Caracolen, all the way to the coasts of Pelda.” The crowd once again cheered hearing Rufus’s speech waving their signs, their flags, someone was even flying the royal Rufuinan banner, Rufus couldn’t help but smile at the particular who decided to bring the royal banner of Rufuina.

“It was here that it was declared the creation of the Kingdom of Rufuina, it was here that started the legend of the first Rufuinan king, and it is here that we today after almost two thousand years later, we honour this living legend today as we did back then, with the creation of this great museum it is my hope that our great history that was tarnished by the Wolfen republic, will be brought back to -you-! The people of Rufuina!” Rufus spoke out gesturing to the crowd with both arms, the crowd erupting once more.

“So it is then, the loyal sons and daughters of Rufuina, I declare the museum dedicated to my ancestor ‘Rufus the Great’ to be officially-” Rufus paused grabbing a pair of hedge clippers provided for him from under the podium and made his way toward the ribbon blocking the entrance readying himself to cut it. “-Open!” He shouted and finally cut the ribbon, the crowd cheered and overhead three Rufuinan jet fighters flew over the museum in celebration of the grand opening.

Rufus took one last wave to the crowd before exiting the podium to where he could be safely escorted out of the area, Rufus took one gigantic sigh of relief as the opening seemed to be a huge success for his publicity, he smiled to himself and sat himself down in his car making his way back to where he could be properly guarded.