A trip to Rosaheim

(Joint post with Norgs)

Rosaheim, Eyjaria
20h July, 2020

The Vistari Ship came into port early in the morning. It was a beautiful vessel, with the Imperial Navy taking pride in ensuring it would be a ship fitting the empress. Marium I stepped off the boat and onto port, taking in the fresh air.

“Are you ready for the meeting, your highness?” asked Frederick Visser, Chairman of the Imperial Advisory Council.

“Come now, Frits. There is no need for such formalities here. We aren’t in court.” She replied, “But yes I am, to answer your question.”

“Right, I am sorry Marium. Should we head over then?”

Marium smiled and nodded. “Let us hope this goes well.”

As Olav’s private jet landed on Rosaheim, he left out a tired sigh. “Another meeting to attend, honestly I feel like I should just stop using my royal prerogative and go back to normal.” Olav stated jokingly, though the humour did not hide the tired voice behind it.
His daughter who was accompanying him, gave him a small smile. “It’s going to be fine father, we have just arrived, so we will be driven to the consulate soon.” Ingrid said her voice was sympathetic towards Olav’s tiredness.

As Marium and Frits headed towards the consulate, they watched the jet touchdown. “I assume that is Olav?” Asked Marium.

“I believe so.” replied Frits, “Now I have explained the purpose of this meeting, correct?”

Marium nodded as they walked over. “I assume joining this group would be in our economic interests?”

Frits nodded. “Indeed it would, it is up to your judgement though. The IAC is only an advisory body after all.”

She nodded and walked towards the entrance to the consulate.

As Olav and Ingrid walked into the consulate building they were greeted by Kjolf Bardsen, the prime minister of Eyjaria. As Kjolf reached out to give the king a handshake he was surprised by Olav when he rather got a large hug instead of a handshake. Though Kjolf gave out a hearty laugh. “It has been a long time seeing you as well, friend” Kjolf stated calmly.
“Yes it has!” Olav stated as a small smirk was seen on his face. As the two stopped the hug, they still had a hand on each other’s shoulder. Ingrid giving out a small giggle from the affection the two men gave each other. Kjolf turned towards Ingrid to give her a small bow before shuffling Ingrid’s hair. “I have heard that you have become the unofficial diplomat for Alyunthia!” Kjolf said proudly of Ingrid.
“Yes…. sadly” Ingrid said jokingly. Though the three did not hear the Vistari walking in.

As the two walked in, they looked over to the three already there. Not, wanting to be rude, they waited for the conversation to finish, then Frederick spoke:

“Good morning, I do hope we are not late.” He bowed to Ingrid and Olav. “I give my sincerest apologies if we are.”

“I believe we are on time, Frits. No need to worry.” Marium said to the chairman. “I hope you all are doing well, I must thank you for taking the time to meet us here, you must all be very busy.”

Olav turned around towards Marium. “Ah, sorry did not hear you there. Though I feel the same can be said about you as well, I was the one requesting the meeting after all” Olav said as he shook Marium’s hand. “This is my eldest daughter by the way, also the crown princess. We have gotten her more active in diplomacy recently, so as a father I have to show how the master does it”. Olav said, giving out a little chuckle on his daughter’s expense. Off which Ingrid rolled her eyes, before she gave the empress a handshake as well.

With Kjolf giving Fredrick a handshake as well, introducing himself as the prime minister of Eyjaria and stating his role as mediator during the meeting.

Marium smiled as she shook the hands of the two Norgsveldetian royals, “While I cannot say it is too enjoyable, learning diplomacy is an admirable pursuit. My father put me through diplomatic meetings too, despite my complaints.” She gave a little chuckle as she remembered getting dragged to meetings by her father.

Frederick introduced himself as the Chairman of the Imperial Advisory Council, and thanked Kjolf for mediating this meeting and allowing them to hold it here.

As they went into the room where they will be sitting they saw a small rectangle wooden table, with chairs along the long end, on which the Norgsveldetian royals will be facing directly to the Vistari ones. Kjolf sat down on the tip end of the table, as such being between the two royals, to be available to intercept.
As Kjolf sat he looked over the other members in the room.

“Sit down, and we can start the discussion of the topic on the table today” Kjolf said with a chuckle over his own pun.

Frederick quietly laughed at the joke as he sat down. “Yes, I think that would best.”

Marium sat down and waited for the Norgsveldetians to do the same, taking out her notes.“I believe the first topic at hand was the North Concordian Economic Forum, correct?”

“Quite indeed, as my foreign minister stated to your embassy, I think it would be a good idea for your nation to join it. As it allows free trade and movement between its members as such allows for economic prosperity to blossom! We also work with security issues to limit terrorist activities in the region. Also though not required for joining there is a joint currency the NCEF uses called the Unite Krone. If you choose to adopt the currency it would strengthen Vistaraland position internationally, though again it is not needed to join.” Olav said as he and his daughter sat down at the table.

Frederick nodded: “While I am not the one making decisions for my country, I do agree with the idea of joining such a forum. Our people have always been one for trade, and the ability to assist stability and economic growth in the region is certainly within our interests.” He took a drink of water, waiting for Marium’s judgement.

Marium read over the notes given to, took a deep breath then spoke: “I do not see any good reason to not join such a forum, and I would be happy to accept your gracious offer. A change from the Gildsmark to the United Krone would also be beneficial, although it shall have to be a gradual process.”

“Ofcourse, together we can prosper.” Olav said calmly with a smile on his face. Though turned to Ingrid as she also has some proposals to come forth with.
Clearing her throat she spoke, “We also want to work closer together for the sake of security in Borea. With both Vistaraland and Eyjaria controlling two islands in Borea, the aggressive expansion Kyrloth has been doing has made the fear of attack on those islands seem even more real.” her voice showed genuine emotion of worry.

Marium nodded and gave a sympathetic look. “That is certainly concerning. Vorpest has been a trade outpost of the Vistari for a long time, and we have had a long history of building it up for its inhabitants. Rest assured, if Kyrloth attempts to attack either Eyjaria or Vistaraland in Borea, we will not hesitate to defend these islands, right Frits?”

Frederick nodded. “As head of theImperial Navy, I offer our full support in such a situation, at the request of my empress.”

Marium sighed. “Frits, we are among friends, please refrain from the formalities of the royal court.”

Frederick nodded. “Sorry, I’ve gotten a bit too used to it.” he chuckles a bit to himself, “Although, I may be inclined to suggest some formal defensive agreement to deter such an event.”

“Agreed, an defensive agreement with Norgsvelet, Eyjaria and Vistaraland agrees to defend each other if those get attacked by a hostile threat, specifically Kyrloth being the main one.” Kjolf agreed, rubbing his beard as he thought over it.

“Quite indeed, and if possible we can try to reach out with other regional countries near Borea about this as well. Maybe having talks in the future with Adurazna and Rikevaarland might be a good idea” Olav said. His voice is calm as he thinks over the strategies to use geopolitically.

Marium thought for a second, then spoke, “I think that would be in everyone’s best interests, a strong defensive pact should deter any aggression against us. I would certainly be happy to sign onto such an agreement.”

Frederick nodded: “The time of rivalry between us is long over, working together would be much preferable.”

Kjolf stood up, as he clapped his hands together “That settles it then?” Kjolf asked, as he took out a piece of paper that was ready to be signed. “We can sign in Vistaraland’s membership into the NCEF on this first section, then write the details of the defence pact on the second.” Kjolf stated as he watched Olav get out his pen to sign the treaty.

Frederick smiled as he handed Marium a pen, “Well, this couldn’t have gone any better, I’m glad you invited us to such a meeting.”

“Yes, this has most certainly been a productive meeting.” Marium took the pen, “Thank you Frits.”

“No problem, your majesty. Now, let’s get this treaty finished and signed. I’d like to call up Vorpest and inform them of this treaty later.” Frederick motioned towards the treaty for Marium to look over.

Marium sighed, “You never take a day off, do you Frits? Very well, let’s get this signed.”

As Olav signed the treaty, he looked over at Marium. “You can be certain that Norgsveldet will be on your side in future international issues. Norgsveldet always is there to back our friends”. Olav said, as he gave a slight bow with his head, towards Marium.

Marium smiled and returned the gesture. "It is nice to see our nations as friends. Definitely preferable to our past. I don’t imagine my grandmother would be too pleased, but I believe this is best for all of us " She signed the treaty as well.

As the meeting came to a close, the attendees shook hands. With a few strokes of a pen, not only had Vistaraland gained full access to the North Concordian trade and the NCEF gained a new economically-powerful member, but a new defense pact had been formed. And what better to name it after than the beautiful city that hosted such a meeting? Thus, the Pact of Rosaheim was born.