A Waning Military Might

Capital Hill, Arcadia, The Republic of Setzna
8:40 PM, 10/17/2017

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for coming here this late. We have an important matter to discuss.” said the chairman of the Socialist Party, Leonard Strauss.

“The size of the Setznan Self Defense Force is quite large, even my counterparts in the Nationalist Party and the Republic Party can see that it is too large. This so called ‘Self Defense Force’ is hampering our goal towards national peace and prosperity. I demand the Senate to take action immediately!” the chairman then sat down, applause coming from all sides in the Setznan Senate. SECDEF Velhaus Kranz then stood to speak.

“Chairman, I understand and agree with you that we must strive for a more peaceful Setzna. Lately, we have been too involved in international affairs and warfare, but war is tied deep within our blood. Since the times of the 1500s with the Strataric Empire, where the Setznan populous rose up against their rulers and took back what was theirs, to the 1972 Uprising.” the aging Secretary of Defense took a moment to take a sip of water before continuing, “We must also remember that the defense of Setzna is key, especially due to our current relations with Stratarin. I plead you to come to a compromise.” Velhaus took his seat, awaiting the chairman’s reply.

Leonard thought for a second, before standing back up. “Your points are quite solid Mr. Kranz, I think that a compromise shall be needed. Mr. Speaker…”

The conversation would drone on for an hour or two before the two finally settled on a compromise. The Setznan Self Defense Force’s active number of troops was decreased to 610,000 a shadow of it’s former might. Troops removed from active service were either placed in reserve forces or let go back into civilian life. The 455th Congress came to an end with a few other bills also being passed alongside the slight demilitarization of the SSDF. A Nuclear Policy has been put into place stating that Setzna may not produce Nuclear weaponry at any time, but may produce conventional ballistic weapons and counter weapons for defense. In an effort to lighten up the situation on the border, and at the horror of Velhaus, the amount of Setznan troops deployed to the Setznan-Strataric border was reduced. Regular border patrol agents were to fill the place of the soldiers and marines, many military critics citing this as a ‘risky move’ for Setzna. The nation that once had war filling its papers and the minds of its citizens, was finally moving on towards a more peaceful tomorrow.