Acara Shura's Claim

Flag: Acara Shura Nationstates Flag

Nation Name: United Communist Republics Of Acara Shura (UCRoAS)
National Anthem: “The World Revolting”
National Animal: Killer Whale

Najakonvie (Capital City / Major City / Port City)
Aktau (Major City)
Hayrizeran (City)
Konomarucast (City)
Aghan-i-Natre (City)
Acara-Khuritajé (Port City)
Ogedaylı (Small City)
Jaktauran (Small City)
Basrakievn (Small City)

Demonym: Acaran / Aktaus / Najakonvien
Official Demonym: Acara Shuran

Languages: Acaran / Aktus / Najar
Official Language: Acaran

Species: %100 Human

Government Type: Unitary One-Party Democracy (Authoritarian Democracy)
Legislature: Unitary Peoples Council Of Acara, Aktau and Najakonvie
Total GDP: 82.827.000.000 (82,827 Billion)
GDP Per Capita: $9,203

Calling Code: +104
ISO 3166 Code: .AS / .UCRAS
Internet TDL: .AS / .UCRAS

HISTORICAL SUMMARY: Not much known, but assumed to be a coastal set of tribes, mostly aggressive and made their living by fishing, they didn’t really fight themselves, and on short notice, they united in the “United Kingdom Of Acara, Aktau and Najakonvie” that was formed in the mid-1700s, they made their living by selling weapons, tourism, and mostly fishing, and buying things they weren’t able to get from importing, and spending their profits. They are known for their logistic tactics and sneakiness. No more information was found.

Following a vote on the 6th of February 2022, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 4-0-0. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.