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“Good evening, I am Gerald West for the Federal Network, your eyes and ears into government and military happenings across the Alleghenian Union. Today members of all sectors of government descend on the capitol of Pittsburgh for the annual Future of The Union Convention where all members of the government including the executive join together to collectively decide the direction of the nation. We speak with analyst Spence Duke to find out what he thinks will be the major topics for Allen Gordon and company.”

“Mr Duke, what exactly should we expect from this convention?”

“Well Gerald I am mostly pegging this convention for economics, the numbers have shown considerable growth in the economy since Allen Gordon and the Senate brought the foreign trade initiative to the Senate Chambers last year. Unfortunately due to considerable instability on this continent and the almost timid outreach by the government we have seen only half of that potential trade initiative create gains for us here in Allegheny. I am expecting a much stronger voice to come out of this convention along with a large push for growth. We should also expect to hear what last years budget surplus will be spent on, my opinion? Much larger tax refunds to taxpayers and a cut in budgetary needs and most likely an annoucnement about the stabilization of Vekaiyu”

“Interesting, Mr. Duke what kind of problems could we see if the government does not create a greater focus for our burgeoning economy?”

“Indeed, yes that is also another issue. The Government has let the economy run wild for a while now, we will hit another plateau if, like I said before, do not find somewhere to use it or sell it. My question to them would be why? All this power military and economically and absolutely nowhere to really focus it! It’s baffling, I wonder if they really let go of the reigns a while ago or if the economy is taking them for a ride instead.”

“Thank you Mr. Duke, and now we go live into the Senate Chambers of Penn Tower for a speech from Allen Gordon.”

Gordon cleared his throat as he looked directly at the cameras and the politicians before him. “My people, you who have so given us this power to administrate this nation in a safe and prosperous direction, I must thank you for your patience, for your understanding during times where fear ruled this region and where uncertainty threatened to spill into our borders. I thank you… our fighting men and women for willing to sacrifice yourselves to stabilize another nation for our continued security. WE as a nation as a people worked to rise ourselves above the chaff of this region and create a land where a man or woman can rise and fall upon its on merits, where the poor can become rich, where the weak can become strong… A nation where self determination reigns supreme. YOU! You, have yourselves to thank for this greatness we have achieved.”

Applause erupted as he finished his sentence in the powerful voice he was know to speak in.

“Thank you, thank you,” he said as he calmed the applause, “Unfortunately even though you, the public, have preformed so well, we here have not. I am sorry to say that the foreign trade initiative enacted last year has not fully achieved its written purpose and even though our economy avoided a plateau another one is imminent. With Allegheny itself being largely stable the region at large has not and it has hindered our plans. In the past fear dictated who we looked to for trade, but no more! For we have nothing to fear from our neighbors. That is why I have written a proposal to the Senate to re-open negotiations for free trade between Allegheny and the Packilvanian Empire and the out right purchase of North Tasselvalta from them.”

Gordon paused for the surprised applause from the room. “Included in this proposal is an opening of relations with the nations of Coxnord and Azulcena who I shall be personally visiting in the coming months. Tasselvalta as you know has been embroiled in the fires of war for some time now and with it’s armies crushed and it’s cities destroyed by the Packilvanian Empire we have a unfortunate opportunity to gain from their situation. The rebuilding of North Tasselvalta will give our economy the direction it needs to focus its massive power, along with this purchase will come access to an inland sea and ultimately the sea itself. If this plan goes through we shall add to our great union half the size of our nation and the ability to open ourselves to more economic opportunities than we can imagine.”

More applause erupted from the crowd, “I also am happy to announce that Vekaiyu has finally regained control of its lands and so therefore the Alleghenian Expeditionary Force shall return administration of Iruk and depart from the city and back to the homeland. Our fighting men and women fought valiantly and crushed the rebel force that threatened their government and regional stability. This trial by fire has tested the bonds of the relationship Allegheny and Vekaiyu have and it held together under a great stress.”

People stood as the applauded the exploits of the Armed Forces. “Even though this speech shall be one of many during this week long convention I wish to impart a message to politician and citizen alike. Be confident in your superiority and continue to work to make gains for yourself and your nation, we have risen from the ashes like a phoenix but we still have a long way to go.”

The camera returns to the reporter outside the capitol building, "That was President Gordon just now speaking about his plans and the current state of our union. This is the Federal Network and I am Gerald West, stay tuned for more coverage of the convention.