Adapting to New Rulings Amendment, Concordat, Article C, Section 6

Section 6

The Conclave may rule on the actions of the Delegate or the Praesidium and nullify any which are contrary to this Concordat, or statutory law, or relevant Standing Orders. Furthermore, the Conclave may nullify and thereby repeal any part of statutory law, treaties, or declarations of warlaw passed by the Magisterium that is contrary to this Concordat. The Conclave is empowered to compel a legally required action by Order with an indictable penalty, as limited by law. The Conclave cannot overturn any part of the Concordat.

I don’t agree with making any Standing Orders rank above legislation, which is what happens when laws can be nullified because they contradict them.

Fair enough - there was a problem I was trying to fix there, but with a little thinking I’ve determined it isn’t actually a problem.

Bump for conversation. I’d motion but I’m waiting for the other referendum to go through first

I motion this to a vote.

Seconded and Acknowledged.

Vote here: [CA-2023-50] Proposal for Amendment to Article C of the Concordat - Adapting to New Rulings