Administrative ruling over recent evidence regarding "katiebirb"

The Administrative Team of The East Pacific, having received evidence regarding katiebirb, Wintermoot, and Altino on January 8th 2021, has issued a ruling on the following:

  1. Katiebirb is to be permanently banned for self-admitted paedophilic inclinations and other dangerous expressions and statements of a nature that could be harmful to the community.

  2. Wintermoot is to be permanently banned for lack of immediate response to regarding katiebirb; hiding the presence of a paedophile within the region, and sending the aforementioned paedophile as a Diplomat to TEP, therefore directly endangering all minors in TEP’s community.

  3. Altino are to be banned for a duration of 3 years for witnessing and acknowledging katiebirb’s statements on the matter of inclinations towards paedophilia and an abject failure to warn all relevant administrative teams within NationStates regarding katiebirb and the very real chance of danger which was a threat with her present.

  4. All Residents of The East Pacific are hereby encouraged to leave Wintreath-affiliated off-site services alongside with off-site services moderated by Altino.

Any evidence about the aforementioned situation will be available to administrative teams that have questions as to the situation at hand.

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