Administrator and Global Moderator Candidates

Hello once again!

I would like to let everyone know that we have selected two current members of forum staff for promotion to fill a Administrator and Global Moderator position. As we seek out different ways to better serve you, having an active staff, is important to our commitment to this community.

  • [mention]Bachtendekuppen[/mention] for Administrator

  • [mention]Aeneas[/mention] (Cain) for Global Moderator

Over the next 7 days will be the Community Involvement Period that will give the everyone in community an opportunity to voice any concerns or questions on/to the candidates and/or The Admin Team. This is also a chance for the candidates to address the community directly if they choose so.

-TEP Forum Admin Team

Full support for Bach.

I am in full support of both Bach and Cain. Cheers.

I support both of them for their roles!

I believe both candidates are more than capable.

Cain is a rapscallion and a scoundrel. He has my full support. Bach has a character and reputation beyond reproach. There is no doubt in my mind that this hurdle can be overcome and he will serve well.

Both are more than capable IMO

Fully support Bach for his fine, upstanding qualities <3  I don’t know who Cain is but I assume he’s abel :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometime this afternoon…

…promoted staff is coming our way!