Agents Of Urth Mini Series

Pollok, Nacata 2018, 3 Weeks After The Battle With Scorpionok

Ebo walked into the Agents of Urth new shiny headquarters, he took off his suit and headed to the lab. Seeing Jessica beating him there he makes a smart remark “You know there’s a lot of outer space equipment in here it would be a shame someone burnt them all” he chuckled before walking over to his desk.

Jessica turned around chuckling sarcastically, “our trying to be funny Ebo, let’s not forget Scorpionok just slung your ass 3 weeks ago web man” she chuckled louder before turning around. Jessica then looked at him “im disgusted every time I see a image of Scorpionok, I’m just glad that’s over”. She picked up the chain that held the crystals in place, she calmly picked up the Crystal Of Time carefully placing it in the chain and took the items downstairs.

Ebo was scrolling through the multiple Mutant Locators across Urth when a massive surge went off, he ran to the alarm ringing the system. The sounds were loud and irritating but they did the job, Jessica rushed back upstairs suiting up in there new Agents of Urth uniforms. Agent black walked in the room as smooth as a jazz player, “Time to kick ass” he says to the team as they jump down the chute to the new ship. The aircraft Hovered above the Facility before taking off.

Since the events of Scorpionok the Hellraisers and Agents of Urth teamed up as the sworn protectors of Urth, Sidoria, Eidolon And Telrusi stayed at the larger Hellraisers HQ. Aperture captured Scorpionok and locked him away in cell in the farthest known realm in the universe, she promised to always return when Urth needed her but she needed to finish protecting the universe.

As the group landed on the site out in the Central Gondwanan desert, stood a young lady with wings similar to Aperture. She held a large golden pitchfork, she turned around and slowly started walking towards them. She gently leaps and she speeds towards them landing right near there position, “Are you the Hellraisers?” She asked in a calm voice. Jessica wasn’t too impressed by her actions, “Do we look like the Hellraisers? We are Agents of Urth.” Enyo pauses for a moment, “You know Rico this sounds like a group of wackos like the Justice league, I swear I’ll kill you when this is over!” She then turns to them “Were are the Hellraisers, I have no time for a play party. Shoot shoot go on puppy’s.”

Agent Black who had grown tired of the petty talk and insults walked up to the girl touching her shoulder, “Look little girl you need to come with us before the USS comes and turn you into can tun…” before he could finish his sentence Enyo flipped black. She proceeded to place her hand on his chest pinning him down, “Don’t touch me peasant, I am Enyo goddess of war from the Planet Artes sent on a mission by the Scree people to finish off the Hellraisers. Your doom is here…”