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Sascha’s Son Stuart Success

The nation celebrates today as Queen-Magister Sascha Stuart’s son, Prince Thaddeus, reaches his 18th birthday. Prince Thaddeus has already accomplished so much in his lifespan that his age is astonishing to many. In his short life, Prince Thaddeus has already negotiated the release of Aeternal prisoner of war, General Jacob Barnes, and assisted in authoring no less than twelve acts of legislation alongside the much older Magistrate Council. In addition to this, Thaddeus is a known artist and avid car collector. Prince Thaddeus is often praised by the Magisters as its finest young man, and a quick poll amongst young students shows that Prince Thaddeus is a popular roll model for the children of Aivintis. This day is truly a day of celebration across the nation.

Tried and Tested Treaties Tendered

Since the rise of the Aeternist Regime and the Third Civil War of Aivintis, our government, under the wise and steady guidance of the Order of Enlightenment, has maintained a strictly isolationist policy to pursue the best interests of the great people of these Aivintian lands. As such, our borders remained closed and we slowly rebuilt our economy, with an optimism and patriotism in our hearts. The Order has thus guided us like a shining star to the levels of unity and greatness that we see today.

As such, the Magister of Foreign Affairs, His Most Excellency Peter Florence Count of Maven, was appointed to oversee the transition of our great nation from full isolation to a state where his great city of Maven, along with our most beautiful cities of Bricaster and Frosthollow, all economic powerhouses and beacons of wealth and power, can be opened to international businesses via certain treaties.

This leap of progress towards an open Aivintis, an Aivintis where the world buys our goods and our people are the wealthiest on Urth, has currently led to the signing of three treaties, as His Most Excellency Peter Florence Count of Maven selflessly offered his time and money to test the ground and ensure that treaties can be signed and deals can be made with no adverse affect on our people.

As such, the next leap towards this utopian future has begun. Ten treaties have been offered up to various nations considered active and powerful on the geopolitical stage. Four more treaties are being drafted by the hard-working Foreign Affairs officers of Maven. These treaties offer mutual non aggression, trade, recognition, and diplomacy through embassies, and Magister Peter Florence himself has said that “These treaties with our future allies are stepping stones - a path away from isolation towards a future where Aivintis is a prominent nation on the international stage with many close allies in a network of cooperation, strength, and prosperity. I am most fortunate to have the honor of leading the nation towards this future from my position as Magister of Foreign Affairs.”

Further conversation has led to an insight into the diplomatic future of the Free Enlightened Order of the Kingdom of Aivintis. “I will do everything in my power to repeal the Isolation Act. And when I do, we will see mutual defense, economic blocs, a booming tourism industry profiting off of the rich history of our nation, alliances, and an overall entry of Aivintis into the world stage as a diplomatic powerhouse. This is my vision of Aivintis, and I will not stop until it is achieved.”

It was truly an honor to have met with Magister Florence, and all of us here at the Aivintian Broadcasting Corporation News Service personally cannot wait to see this vision come true. Until next time, this is ABCNS, signing off.

Paid for by the Office of Peter Florence


Following the death of Military Magister Alfred Hennessey - ruled a murder by the Aslough Police - nearly 30 days ago, a direct result of the growing schism between the Order of Enlightenment and the majority of the Magistrate Council, Aivintis was declared to be in a state of emergency. With no other apparent reason than the proclaimed assassination of the foremost military leader of Aivintis, the Queen-Magister shut down ports and airfields, and disabled any and all outgoing communications from Aivintis.

In a public broadcast, Foreign Magister Peter Florence called out the Queen-Magister as a tyrant, claiming the action to be an “unnecessary - and quite frankly paranoid - bid for control”. Many turned against her, with many people, now out of jobs, and being continuously urged on by Peter Florence, protested the closure. The tides quickly changed when the Four Towers Parliament Building, a historical landmark from the Dale Era and now the prime residence of the Royal Family, was blown up by Aeternist Terrorists. Many were killed, many more were injured.

Two days later, another attack occured. Queen-Magister Sascha Stuart’s personal helicopter was shot down by an RPG causing the deaths of the entire crew and the Queen. At her televised funeral, Peter Florence spit on her grave and called her out for paranoia and weakness. He called the recently ascended King-Magister Thaddeus Stuart “a brainless, spoiled boy” and was escorted out by Royal Guardsmen.

As ABCNS repeatedly tried to release news broadcasts, the royal family’s imposed shutdown, which Foreign Magister Peter Florence claimed was “reversing years of progress by [his] office”, continued to block all signals. The Military was called into action by King-Magister Thaddeus Stuart to restore order. Many deserted. In the southern counties, the weakened military presence was repeatedly harassed by thugs spurred on by Florence’s speeches condemning the Royal Family and everyone who supported them.

The situation is now dire. Rumor has it that Peter Florence is using his influence as Magister of Foreign Affairs to call in foreign soldiers to assist him in taking over the government. He is inciting revolution everywhere he can. Every other news service is in his pocket. The Aeternist terrorists are being funded by an unknown businessman in Maven. The King-Magister has retreated to a royal estate in the northwest, where he coordinates with the military and the police to maintain order and is allegedly planing an attack on Maven.

This is ABCNS, signing off, and hoping to the Creator that the King can quell this rebellion before the cracks in the country tear it asunder for the fourth time in Aivintian history.

In a powerful display of authority, Emperor Thaddeus I has instituted an Executive Order banning twelve separate ideologies from being advocated within the borders of the Empire of Aivintis. The same Executive Order enables freedom of speech in the exception of cases which promote the political and social ideologies banned within the Empire. The Emperor himself has this to say about it:

“Throughout history, there have always been people who have tried to slow oe halt progress. The vehement ideologies which have been banned seek to slow, halt, or even reverse the scientific, social, economic, and political advancements of our modern age. Syndicalism, Radical Socialism, Communism, Social Populism, Autonomism, Workerism, Situationism, and Market abolitionism are extremist ideals that should not be tolerated in any freedom loving nation. Anarchism and Anationalism seek to destroy the strong foundations our people have built in Aivintis and reverse progress back to a primitive age. Finally, racial and sexual supremacism are disgusting ideologies. In a perfect society, no one, despite race, sexuality, gender, or anything else beyond their control, is discriminated against. These ideologies seek to undermine our nation and our people, and I promise the people of Aivintis and of Urth that as long, as I have a voice I will speak out against these destructive and abhorrent ideologies and that as long as my nation stands strong we will stand against these destructive and abhorrent ideologies and their spread.”

The Executive Order gives a seven day grace period for organizations promoting these ideologies to disestablish, but afterwards, advocates for these horrible schools of thought shall face punishment ranging from small fines to life in prison, depending on the extremity of their sedition. To support this order, the Emperor’s foreign policy has become more aggressive. The island nation of Oilean, a holding of the Aivintian Empire thousands of years ago and a bastion of numerous far-left ideologies, has been given an ultimatum - surrender to reforms instituted by the Aivintian Empire or face these changes by force. The Anti Communist Coalition, in which Aivintis has affiliated itself with as a member, has been petitioned with a request for full membership.

Despite the strong statement, not all left-wing ideologies are banned. Advocacy for moderate socialist reforms is allowed as long as the advocacy doesn’t seek to completely undermine the Aivintian socioeconomic system, which would devastate millions. Cooperation with leftist nations is even potentially on the table in the future, provided that the cause is just and the nation doesn’t support the spread of such destructive ideologies within or near to Aivintis. However, the new stance is expected to bring down the harsh sword of justice onto these viewpoints and ensure the security of the nation and of progress, going forward.

On Thursday the 26th, police officers received a call about Joseph Montauk, by neighbors in the suburbs of Bradford in the south of Aivintis, complaining about loud sounds and bright lights. When the small town officers arrived, expecting a simple disturbance, they discovered Montauk raising a knife over the body of one David Burke. Police detained Montauk, who is currently awaiting trial. Upon further investigation, the police discovered the bodies of twenty six other victims, hidden away in Montauk’s basement.

Twenty five of these victims were all missing persons from Bradford and its neighboring town of Lerwick. The twenty sixth was identified as Montauk’s wife, Harriet, who the neighbors say disappeared some two years ago. The local police have issued a statement saying that “At this time we currently believe that Harriet Montauk was the first victim.” The police statement also claims to have evidence that Montauk himself was behind at least three of the murders, and that it is currently believed that Montauk did in fact murder all twenty seven of the victims.

The multi-billion crown conglomerate, Seier Enterprises, has become a household name in Aivintis, and reaches across the globe. Surveys show that 80% of Aivintians have at least one product made by Seier or one of its many corporate holdings. It employs more Aivintian citizens than any other company in the world, and its CEO, Arthur Frost, has even ascended the sociopolitical ladder into the ranks of the Supreme Court, the ruling body of Aivintis. The future of much of the nation and its citizens is decided by its Board of Directors. Even regional manager appointments are watched by the people.

Today is a historic day, a landmark in the future of Seier Enterprises. Since the Chief Justice approved the Unionization Act and signed it into law, Seier Enterprises has become the first business in the history of The Federal Kritarchy to unionize, with its employees overwhelmingly voting to organize themselves under the new law. This is a huge milestone for workers rights in Aivintis, and just one example of how Chief Justice Stoker’s term has brought to Aivintis great changes to usher us into not just the modern day, but the future as well.

After lengthy discussion with President Johnson of Cascadia, our neighbor to the west, our nation has agreed to opening up diplomatic relations. Among general sentiments of mutual respect and the spirit of cooperation, we have hammered out a deal involving open borders for free movement of people, subject to border security, a non aggression pact to keep the peace between our nations in these trying times, and a free trade agreement to stimulate the global economy and open up each other’s markets to the wide array of goods and services Aivintian businesses have to offer.

Aivintian leaders are hopeful that this agreement marks the beginning of an age of prosperous cooperation between Aivintis and Cascadia, wherein our diplomatic relationship may grow and adapt to the shifting sands of time. As of now, however, the nation of Aivintis is satisfied with another diplomatic and economic victory for our people.

The Aivintian government has recently completed production for the Mantis, a long-range prototype unmanned combat drone, a project that has been in development for nearly three years since its conception by Ruben Finch, CEO of Iron Sigil Systems, and General Dean Bradley of the Aivintian Aerospace Command, formerly the Aivintian Air Command. The multi-mission drone was designed to handle surveillance, strike, electronic warfare, and fly missions independently as part of an autonomous and cooperative swarm of drones, or in certain cases where a piloted combat aircraft flies and controls a drone during a mission.

All flight and weapons tests have ended in immeasurable success, and production costs, while already comparatively low for such modern technology, will be lowered before the release of the model into active service. The Chief Justice has approved the allocation of more funds to make this happen, and for their service to their country, Iron Sigil Systems have been awarded tax write-offs. Finch claims that this is the start of a new program to design and build a new line of highly adaptable unmanned drones at lower costs, potentially revolutionizing modern warfare. Although he admits that this is further in the future than ideal, he assures Aivcast News that the winds of change are filling his sails.

So many people smoking weed…just so many people. Half of the Aivcast studio employees are smoking cannabis right now. If you breathe anywhere near here, you get high on marijuana. Just for today though. I’m so high I won’t even remember recording this news broadcast, or publishing it on the website, or… I don’t know, whatever we do here. All of the cameramen are facing away from me. I think they’re filming the snacks table we have here in the studio. Oh hi Officer. What do you mean I’m under arrest? What crime did I commit? Well if you put it like that—

Historical mysteries be have long since fascinated the people of Aivintis, and we are not alone. Around the world, there is a strange attraction to hidden clues and secrets, adding thrilling mystery to reality. One such mystery is the network of tunnels underneath the former Aivintian capital of Teronia. Now a small town and rich cultural heritage site, Teronia is the location of the Dale Palace and the Royal Chapel of Arkyr, both of which are historical monuments. For decades, those educated on the history of Teronia have been fascinated by the possibility of a third monument - the tunnels underneath Teronia.

Various urban legends and conspiracy theories have placed the tunnels as the potential escape route for the Black Hand after the assassination of Geoffrey Dale, the location of a secret government intelligence facility, a hotspot for paranormal activity, a mass grave dug by The Aeternus, and even a maze to hidden treasure - in some of the wilder tales, a portal to Paradise itself. The tunnels’ existence wasn’t even confirmed until the 1980s, in a spotlight by the Imperial Ministry of Culture. It wasn’t until the mid 2010s that archaeologists were even allowed by the government to research the area. Now, for the first time, the team in the tunnels, a group of researchers from the Nathaniel Barnabas Smith Institute of Research and Technology, has released its findings.

According to the Institute, the tunnels were originally catacombs built off of an ancient burial mound - a relic from one of the unfortunate eras when history and culture was tossed aside in favor of the practicality of reuse. In the age of King Geoffrey, the Institute believes that the tunnels did indeed connect to the Chapel and the Royal Palace, confirming the possibility of its use as an escape route in Geoffrey’s murder. As of yet, no conclusion has been made on the matter, and further investigations must be conducted before any other findings are released. Additional funding has been diverted to the project.

Yesterday, a peaceful protest in the Kyrlot city of Irala turned violent as a police task force gunned down a crowd of 300 people at the war memorial of the Fourth Kyrlot Patriotic War, resulting in 161 deaths. The Kyrlot government, having first denied the event having ever took place, claims that the scene was staged, all part of a film, but the name of the film was never released, and the only cameras were that of innocent bystanders as the police officers massacred the peaceful protestors. Footage reveals that a man in the crowd threw a rock at the police moments before the massacre, but every other demonstrator kept peaceful. This awful deed shocked the world at the cruelty and brutality of the Kyrlot government.

Following the massacre, Chief Justice Stoker released a statement condemning the nation of Kyrloth for the unprovoked slaughter of innocent civilians, and expresses his deepest sympathies for the families and friends of the murdered victims. The Chief Justice has promised that the Aivintian Ambassador to the International Forum, Mr. Crane, will bring up the awful acts of the Kyrlot government, and propose IF condemnation and sanctions. The social media response has been outraged towards the actions of the Kyrlot regime, and an informal polling shows that 70% of citizens in Greater Aslough support IF intervention. As of the posting of this article, only Alksearia has issued an official response in the news, with the Office of the Crown expressing grave concern and a call for action to the international community.

The Aivintian military recently authorized a military drill north of the capital as an exercise in military readiness and deployment. These military exercises are important to test the mobility of the military, train recruits, and prevent the nation’s armed forces from becoming negligent and careless. General Bishop, the organizer of the drill, explains further, “Exercises like this are defensive in nature, focused on deterring aggression, while preparing our forces to respond to crisis and conduct large-scale combat operations if necessary.” The drill involves an estimated 20 thousand soldiers, deploying from two military bases in the region to a designated position near the border with Serdemia, a necessity in case of attacks through the neighboring nation and to test deployment and mobility across a certain distance.

While mainly an Army-led exercise, though this year it has some Air Force and Navy participation, with ships deployed in a logistics exercise alongside a small escort of destroyers. The exercise will include some smaller exercises, including swift response exercises, which involve airborne exercises directed at a mock target, immediate response exercises, which involve live-fire training in a separate mock target, and command response exercises, which involve testing the ability of a headquarters to command the troops in such situations. Overall, these drills are important to ensure the defense and security of the nation in the long run, and are great helps for the troops and commanders in the Aivintian military. The possibility remains open for future exercises based on the same concept in other areas of Aivintis and possibility Aivintian dependencies.

Backlash against the Aivintian military exercises of course come from the Republic of Serdemia, who see it as an act of aggression by the Aivintian government. The Serdemic people have called for their President to take a stance against the harmless military exercises, but so far President Ristić has made no move against the military exercises, which are in no violation of any treaties or international law. As a direct response to these insultingly exaggerated accusations, Chief Justice Stoker has issued a statement saying, “The Aivintian military is not targeting Serdemia, it is simply preparing for conflict, conflict that is easily avoidable should the Serdemic government end their abuse of the rights of the Aivintian people and finally accept their universal right to rule themselves as part of their mother country, according to the fair proposal by Mr. Maxwell Rayner.”

The proposal mentioned is a fair compromise to the issue of Alexandrograd, the disputed territory in question. Maxwell Rayner is a Nathaniel Barnabas Smith Institute graduate in law and political science, with experience as a criminal defense lawyer, district attorney, and Mayor of Greater Aslough. His proposal includes the creation of a new Aivintian dependency, colloquially dubbed Rayner, in territory consisting of all of Alexandrograd and some ethnic Serdemic land. For five years, this state would be open to free travel with Serdemia, allowing for ethnic Serdemic people to migrate to their homeland, and ethnic Aivintians from other parts of Serdemia, especially the regions of Hadleigh Forest and Leurbost, to migrate to Rayner. Following this five year period, the Dependency of Rayner would be integrated as part of Aivintis, as the County of Rayner. This compromise arose as part of the hard-line refusal to the annexation of Hadleigh Forest and Leurbost by former Serdemic President Stefanović, and adoption of this plan will likely lead to decreased tension and hostility.

The Aivintian free market is a wild beast and fickle mistress. Dominated by corporations like Seier Enterprises dominating entire industries, the job market, and wealth, it takes a special kind of skill and determination to claw your way to the top. Dunwich Holdings is doing just that. Starting as a small corporation in Grandys, Dunwich Holdings has managed to reach the top with strong business acumen and a firm business plan. Since Dunwich holdings began its ascent, the corporation has acquired two of its largest competitors on a relative scale of profit and contracts, using other companies in the market as a stepping stool for further growth. Economists compare this rise to power to a similar rise from Seier Enterprises in its own industries in the 1980s and 1990s, a comparison that serves as great praise in and of itself.

As of the publication of this article, Dunwich Holdings is the fourteenth highest job provider in the nation, with projections showing a climb to number ten following the negotiations of its acquisition of Mass Construction and its expansion into the capital. As a construction and real estate conglomerate, Dunwich Holdings is set to undermine Seier Enterprises in its weakest sphere of influence, a move that will firmly establish its position and potentially damage business for the megacorporation. As of yet, there has been no official statement by the public relations department of Seier Enterprises regarding the rising star that is their competition, but following a long history of dismissal of competitors, it would not be unexpected for Seier Enterprises to outright deny the claims that Seier will be unseated in any market.

Yesterday, on the 30th of December, the Andoran Union of Journalists in The Constitutional Corric Kingdom of Casilló and Réal condemned the Union of Commonwealth Alliances for its intervention in the Heslandr Civil War. The monarch of this Novaran nation, King Sebastian II, declared the UCA’s intervention in this conflict as “militarist and imperialist interventionism,” a clear and undeniable corruption of the true motives behind the war in Helslandr. This statement notably glosses over these true motives, barely offering half a sentence to discuss the terrorist attack in Pledonia. Since Casilló y Réal refuses to discuss it, Aivintis will discuss it instead.

On the 10th of December, an extremist right wing terrorist group, supported by nationalists from Helslandr, slaughtered nearly 500 innocent civilians with military grade weaponry in the Pledonian town of Litengrunn. Right wing terrorist groups such as this Iron Front are a scourge on the world, a disease that needs to be eradicated. Aivintis believes the death of hundreds cannot go unpunished, cannot go unavenged, cannot go unnoticed. The Union of Commonwealth Alliances agrees. The King of Casilló y Réal disagrees.

His statement that “military deployment is simply to seat the already-Queen Consort of Nilovia at the head of whatever state emerges from the Helslandr Civil War” is uninformed and misleading. In the halls of the UCA, the ambassadors from member states, including Mr. Hodge of Aivintis, resolved to fight against right wing terrorism in Helslandr. No individual in the UCA, no nation, not even Norgsveldet, suggested the UCA take over, or colonize it. No one. Never did it even cross our minds. We were solely focused on bringing justice to the parties responsible for this tragedy. Norgsveldet did not even propose military action in Helslandr, it was the representative from Pledonia themselves. That is the simple truth that Casilló y Réal conveniently ignores.

Aivintis believes it should be the solemn, unassailable duty of every virtuous nation on Urth to oppose right wing extremism and fight terrorism whereever, whenever, and however they can. That the Corric Kingdom would be so brash as to suggest that the UCA are puppets of colonialist Norgsveltian wars is outrageous enough. That it would go so far as to take the side of the terrorists, to take the side of the monsters that massacred nearly 500 innocent civilians unprovoked, to denounce the Union of Commonwealth Alliance for intervening in the name of justice, is detestable.

It is the solemn and unassailable belief of the Aivintian people that there should be no mercy for the savages that butchered these innocents. There should be no hiding from the light, no hiding from the forces of justice. There should be no forgiveness for this evil. The people of Pledonia cry for retribution, and yet the Corric King spits on the memory of the victims of this injustice, condemns the UCA for offering this retribution, and ends diplomatic missions with any nation that dares challenge extremist terrorism. There shall be no forgiveness for this, either.

In response to this reprehensible statement by the King and the subsequent publishing thereof by the Andoran Union of Journalists, the Aivintian government has made the decision to institute full censorship of the Andoran Union of Journalists within Aivintis as long as they continue to support and publish this false propaganda. This action will be reversed only if the Andoran Union of Journalists issues an official apology for the slander of the UCA, and publicly disagrees with or declares full neutrality on the King of Casilló y Réal and his pro-terrorist statement, specifically. This action is made in accordance with the spirit of Emperor Thaddeus I Stuart’s 1912 mandate banning all “destructive and abhorrent ideologies” within Aivintis and the 2013 Executive Order permitting the censorship of any foreign or local media espousing slander of the Aivintian government.

Corric diplomats, or “Commissioners”, from Casilló y Réal will not be turned away to negotiate this position, but the Federal Kritarchy refuses to conduct any other diplomacy with the Kingdom until an official retraction and apology is issued by the King or any future head of state. Aivintis does not take these PR attacks on its nation and allies lightly, and will continue to oppose anti-UCA and anti-Aivintis propaganda whenever it may arise. We stand strong and unthreatened in the face of such deceitful, underhanded publicity stunts.

As a preemptive statement addressing the news article released earlier today by the Andoran Union of Journalists, the government of Aivintis denies these additional false claims that our UCA allies are reacting as if this condemnation is the same as economic sanctions. We are reacting as if this condemnation is a public attack on the principles of our nations and our allies, because it is. We are reacting as if these comments denouncing our fight against terrorism are as repulsive as they are. Foreign news organizations and foreign affairs agencies may contact Senior Diplomat Crane for further clarification.

The effect of Artificial Intelligence on society and the economy is far-reaching and complex. Artificial Intelligence is already transforming the way we live and work, and its impact is only expected to grow in the coming years. As businesses increasingly adopt AI technologies, there is potential for significant disruption across all sectors of the economy.

AI is changing the nature of work, with automation technologies taking on an increasingly important role in many industries. This is likely to lead to job losses in some sectors, as well as new opportunities in others. The net impact on employment is difficult to predict, but it is clear that the future of work will be transformed by AI.

In addition to its impact on employment, AI is also likely to have a profound effect on the economy more broadly. Automation technologies are already starting to replace human workers in a range of industries, from manufacturing to logistics. This is likely to lead to increased efficiency and productivity gains, as well as cost savings for businesses. In the long term, AI could help to boost economic growth and productivity, although there may be some short-term disruption as businesses adjust to the new technology.

The effect of AI on society is also likely to be significant. AI technologies are already starting to transform the way we live and interact with the world. In the future, AI could help us to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, from climate change to healthcare. It could also have a profound impact on our social and political institutions, as well as the way we think and behave.

Overall, the effect of Artificial Intelligence on society and the economy is likely to be both positive and negative. AI technologies hold great promise for transforming the way we live and work, but there is also potential for significant disruption. It is important to monitor and manage the development of AI technologies, in order to maximise the benefits and minimise the risks.

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