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"In national news today, President and Chairman of the National Revolutionary Council Ra’an Al-Asmar announced plans to complete the nationalization of all oil fields within two weeks.

In a speech to the Revolutionary Council, the President explained the new move as a turning point for our people. ‘With the money from these oil fields’, he said, ‘the Jafaari Arab Unity Party will begin contruction of vast new social services and infrastructure programs.’

The Council approved the plans to consolidate all the remaining coastal and inland oil fields into the Al-Jafaar National Petroleum Company (PetroJaf) unanimously, and projects are being drawn up to exploit the resources taken over in this bold new move.

As of now, foreign organizations and countries are being petitioned to lend engineering assistance and construction of three new rigs and a major coastal refinery, which will hopefully allow liquid natural gas (LNG) and petroleum to be shipped across the region."

Please note nationalization of said Oil Fields, more specifically the Hikkomori Fields has been protested by the Nation of Infinite Loop.

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"Soldiers of the Jafaari army seized control over several oil fields today, marching into production facilities and surrounding the country’s only refinery with artillery.

Though most of our country’s oil reserves are already in the hands of our people, a handful of facilities and fields remained under foreign control until today. Now, all imperialist-held petroleum extraction and conversion facilities are being processed into the Oil Ministry for reassignment and modernization.

The only oil fields that remain outisde our country’s control are those legally held by Loopian corporations; their facilities have been surrounded and their employees ordered to stand down and return to Jabal’yun, where a plane awaits at Ra’an Al-Asmar International Airport.

The President said in a brief televised conference, ‘We promised to hold back on the Loopians until other nations could express their opinions, but there had been a clear message of support for our actions in the world community. As such, all facilities are now being expropriated.’

The National Revolutionary Council of the Jafaari Arab Unity Party has already announced plans to modernize the military and contruct new refineries - even a liquid natural gas conversion center."

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"Several new social programs have been put in place in Al-Jafaar this week, to be funded by newly-recovered oil wealth from the western portion of the country. The National Revolutionary Council is already drawing up plans for massive internal development in the coming months.

Many of the programs have been designed and perfected by General Al-Asmar himself, ensuring their future success and implementation. They include a new plan to create universal education in the countryside, and to build a new hospital in Jabal’yun with advanced surgical facilities.

A portion of the revenue from these oilfields (which are being modernized at the moment with the help of Kelssekian and Lazlowian engineers) will also be spent on new equipment for our nation’s army. The first shipment of T-80 tanks and assault weapons is expected to arrive in 'Qamar in the coming days."

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"Final shipments of T-80 tanks and Mirage fighters arrived from the brother socialist republic of Lazlowia this week, completing the National Revolutionary Council’s major upgrades of military equipment. General Al-Asmar hailed the new acquisitions as an important step forward in building a strong new state, and announced plans for a tremendous parade and celebration in the coming days.

In other news, General Al-Asmar expressed his displeasure at the mistreatment of Arabs in the neighboring nation of Arvengovi, just to the south of our homeland. In a speech before the Revolutionary Council, he said 'We will not tolerate any attakcs on our Arab brethren to the south. Arvengovi’s rulers wish to sell Arab women in the street for ten dinars, and if they continue their oppression of Arab people we will be forced to take action."