Akkarden NPC Claim

Nation Name (long): Protected Isolate of the Aakkan Territory
Nation Nation (short): Akkarden
Abbreviation: AA, AAK¹

Motto: "Leave nothing behind but memorium.'¹

National Animal: Fish¹
National Plant: Snow²

National Anthem: Song of the Aakkan

Capital and Largest Settlememt: Aakka

Demonym: Aakan
Languages: Aakan, Early Modern Vistarian (Rare, Used for communication with outside world)

Species:  100% Sempi Cava

Population: 1,984 (1612 Estimate)
Government type:  Collective Leadership - Tribal Administration

Leaders: Collective Leadership

Formation: Unknown, discovered in 1612

Legislature: None

Currency: Barter Economy

GDP: No recognized economy.

Historical Summary:

According to archeological records, whilst most early Cava - having evolved from treeclaw - fled north into Aurora following the freezing of Sempiternica, some were left isolated and forced to adapt to the harsh cold enviroments, returning to a carnivorous lifestyle sustaining on fish and developing a rudementary culture and language, formimg paths from the sea to their communal settlements, in what foreigners have called ‘snoways’

The isolated community was discovered by Vistari Explorer Matthias D. Hagelwoud in 1612, who referred to them as the Aakan, after a native word later believed to have meant ‘No’. Hagelwoud wrote a report on the population using non-participant observation, before campaigning Emperor Frederick II ‘the Patron’ to offer his protection to the land’s unique scientific opportunity. Such a protection was granted, and renewed by the IF in 1923.

¹Exonymic de facto
²Exonymic, informalhttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20220212/6eaf10119250aeca415298aa17fc915b.jpg

Following a vote on 11th February 2022, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 5-0-0. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.