Al Kulakhan (الكولاخان)

Al Kulakhan (Atasiqayidu: الكولاخان) is the leading news broadcast in the Serene Emirate of Sayyed. Funded by the Sayqidi government and founded as a newspaper in the 18th century.

“Telling stories true and old…”

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The missile strikes themselves occurred on June 13, 2023. According to a joint statement between MAC-WG which is the command responsible for all Mirhaimian forces in West Gondwana, and the Sayqidi Chamber of Defence, a total of 22 missiles had hit , in total. The base camp, codenamed Cathal-5, hosts a contingent of Sayqidi forces belonging to the Sayqidi Imperial Army’s H.S.M’s Sha’aidariArtillery No. 33, and the Astavan Regiment as well as forces belonging to the Mirhaimian Task Force Scherazade, namely Saint Almer’s Brigade of Breconian Armada Marines E55 (SABAM-E55), and Saint Maoilenach’s Brigade of Trebanian Infantry E82 (SMTI-E82). According to the same statement, the short range ballistic missiles launched at the base camp were equipped with chemical warheads. Several battalions rendered temporarily combat ineffective as estimates of casualties reached some 432 dead, and 1,171 wounded. Material losses yet to be announced. Survivors of the brutal attack on the base shared gruesome stories of the happenings of the hours-long missile barrage and emerging shocked and traumatized that they survived.

According to Askarabani news sources, Holy Askarabani Guards aerospace commander Zakariya Kostoyan, who oversaw the missile attack, in a press conference said that the attack, “sucessfully decapitated the head of the snake”. According to Warmaster of the Gwyrgalos, and Commander-in-Chief of MIRGOCOM, Raibeart Morganach, the missile strike and the subsequent ground assault equate to an act of war.

Could this be a declaration of war?


The Emira’s Reaction to the Attack.

On the afternoon of June 13, 2023, Emira Scheherazade Al Sayyed made a speech regarding the attack.

“On the morning of June 13, 2023 - a date which will become a day that all in our nation will remember - the Serene Emirate of Sayyed was abruptly, and deliberately attacked by forces of Askaraban,” the Emira began.

“Ever since the 1992 invasion, we have strived to maintain peace among our nations. However, peace isn’t a word in Askarayen, as they, decades later, broke a treaty, a promise, and international law.” She took a pause.

“The Askarabani have stolen the lives of the ones you love and will steal again. We can’t let them get away with it.”

“I promise you, I will lead this country to victory!”

The young Emira seemed confident in her speech, and had just declared Askaraban an enemy and a threat to the Emirate. Will she live up to her promise?

Emira Scheherazade making a speech in Al Mahadiyya Palace. Suleiman al-Rizk





Corporal Aida Harpootlian of the Haqmi Light Infantry - the primary unit of the Imperial Army tasked with aiding in the distribution of humanitarian aid tending to an Askarabani toddler as her mother collects food and other essential items in a crowded distribution center. 15 August 2023.

The Holy Askarabani Guards under the Council for National Rejuvenation headed by Grand Admiral of the Blessed Fleet Kersam Babajanian declared early yesterday morning that forces under its command would cease all hostile actions as forces of the Coalition of the Willing closed in from all sides. The Grand Admiral temporarily assumed administrative control of the Theocratic Republic following a bloodless coup d’etat and placed Priestess Maryem Kocharyan and members of her administration under house arrest until a resolution for their judgment could be reached.

In a televised address replacing the usual early morning news broadcast by ATV Channel 5, the Grand Admiral of the Blessed Fleet, Kersam Babajanian announced to his people, soldiers as well as the Coalition his willingness to represent Askaraban in its capitulation.

“Our Armed Forces have suffered great defeats, and the foundation upon which our war efforts were built, is shattered,” Babajan said, “With the nominal defeat of our armed forces, power lies with the advancing forces of the Coalition of the Willing. It is in their hands whether the government I have appointed in place of the decadent one of old and I can continue working or not. Suppose I can benefit and help our Askaraban through my official activities. In that case, I shall remain in this office until the will of the Askarabani people can find expression in the appointment of a head of state, or until the Coalition Forces make it impossible for me to continue in office."

With the end of fighting between the two sides, and coalition forces and officials arriving in the capital, the acclaimed Mundo Theatre was chosen as the location for the official signing of the Askarabani Instrument of Peace. Officially ratified at 4 PM yesterday (Abrashk Time), representatives of the Council for National Rejuvenation headed by Grand Admiral Kersam Babajanian represented Askarabani in the signing, Warmaster of the Gaoirgálos, Raibeart Morganach, representing Mirhaime, and Battlemaster of the Fórsim, Caitríona Seachnasaigh representing the Thalor. Scheherazade, the Emira of our Serene Emirates of Sayyed herself represented Sayyed in the signing, having immediately flown to the capital after she received the news.

In the midst of the ratification of the Instrument of Peace, efforts have been made on the ground in coordination with local authorities for the delivery of essential humanitarian aides to the civilians of the city, whose major infrastructure was heavily damaged in the wake of the last Coalition offensive. “We’ll continue to work with the Askarabani authorities to bring back power post-haste,” said Brigadier General Kousan Ghazaryan of the Sayqidi Imperial Army tasked with heading the Coalition’s aid efforts, “We are grateful for the donations provided in the spirit of reconciliation to the people here. I am certain that the spirits of many have been uplifted even in times such as this.”

But yet, as peace was restored, and news of an upcoming trial of Priestess Maryem Korcharyan and her government before the reorganized Holy Council, the Askarabani Noble Hosts - a fundamentalist, religious extremist paramilitary organization intensely loyal to the theocratic government of old, have announced via pamphlets, radio, and social media that they shall not obey the Council for National Rejuvenation’s orders for the immediate cessation of hostilities, and will remain non-compliant until the Priestess is released from custody, and her government restored. In response to this, Coalition High Command has requested the CNR that the deadline for the cessation of hostilities be extended until after midnight for the Noble Hosts, after which they will deprive themselves of the protection of the laws of war, and will be attacked from all quarters.