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Al Saframaliya International is the largest state run news and media outlet in Saframalani that is responsible for releasing news pieces and stories for international viewers. It is owned by the state owned media conglomerate Al Saframaliya Group that owns the national equivalent of Al Saframaliya International alongside several other media and entertainment companies.

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15th June 2003
The recent massed attack and seemingly unprovoked attack against Sayyed by the Theocratic Republic of Askaraban using chemical weapons of mass destruction and massed missile strikes. The situation is rapidly developing and there are many confirmed casualties and the Askarabani claim that the damage done to Mirihaime and Sayyed troops was significant.

In Saframalani many have asked questions regarding the nation’s readiness for such an event, the state of the Armed Forces as well as the threat of the proliferation of WMDs and ballistic missile technologies in Gondwana. Many have likewise called for President al-Douri and the Standing Committee to take action against the state of Askaraban for it’s use of chemical weapons.

The President has assured the public that the Saframalani Armed Forces are ready to combat any and all potential threats to the livelihoods and safety of the people with the following words:

“These still afraid for the security of our nation have yet to remember what I have said and still say, the Saframalani Armed Forces and other security services are ready to take an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and deal interior aggression for each internal aggression. The nation stands ready to destroy those who threaten it at a moment’s notice.”

“If these aggressors in Askaraban will ever even think to strike Saframalani the same way they have struck Sayyed they will meet the full might of the Saframalani nation, the consequences of such foolishness would be dire for their regime and their people.”

17th June 2023
Following the unprecedented and unprovoked invasion of Sayyed by the forces of Askaraban the Ministry of Defence under the recommendations of the National Security Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress have announced a series of joint exercises meant to test the capabilities of the Saframalani Naval Infantry Corps and the Saframalani Navy to conduct expeditionary amphibious operations.

The recommendation was largely caused by the concern of a potential similar unconventional WMD attack being carried out against Saframalani by the Askaraban in which case the Saframalani Armed Forces would be forced to take part in the conflict in order to protect the national interests, security as well as the livelihoods of the People. The exercise will see the participation of the 1st&2nd Naval Expeditionary Task Forces comprised of a total of 14 vessels and elements of the 108th Naval Infantry Brigade stationed out of the island of Everon, which is the northernmost territory of the country located to the south of Tavaris and Acronis.

The Safghdad-based start up company Solmani plc has announced a recent breakthrough in raising the efficiency of local, all-Saframalani PCE type solar cells to 21%. Solmani in recent years has been considered the national leader in the race for renewable technologies especially as the government plans to launch initiatives aimed at reducing the emmission of pollutants across the country in a bid to improve air quality and help alleviate the issue of power outages by increasing local power autonomy.

Solmani plc’s spokesman Rashif Arafat has confirmed that the company is closely cooperating with national politechnical institutes and universities in order to solve the issue of batteries and long term storage of the generated solar energy as well in order to increase the sustainability and viability of increased solar power production across the country.

The preparations for the 24th June Victory Day celebrations are in full swing as local administrations and communities are finishing the preparations to celebrate the end of the Saframalani Civil War and the victory over the evils of the old Empire and those who have seeked to misguide the people of Northeast Saframalani.

The 24th of June is a particularly important date in Saframalani’s recent history marking the end of the bloody 4 years long civil war primarily waged between the separatists of the north and the central government in Safghdad. While the war against the separatists was certaily the primary front the patriots of Saframalani would not be quick to forget about the valiant struggle of the Nation against the extremists of the Golden Order and those who have seeked to end the People’s Revolution by attempting to restore the old tyrants of the Empire to power.

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24th June 2023

The celebrations of the 24th June Victory Day have been officially opened with a military parade in Safghdad conducted by the Presidential Honour Guard of the Republican Guard and the Honour Guards of various units that have historically taken part in the tough fighting during the Saframalani Civil War. This year marks the 115th anniversary of the end of the bloodiest war in the nation’s history, one that it has fought against itself and against agents within it that attempted to destroy the very fabric of Saframalani, a bloody war born out of the injustices of the Imperial system.

The Civil War was the first and hopefully only time that Saframalani was engaged in a total war on an industrial scale, with new terrifying weapon technologies meeting the brave heroes of Saframalani for the first time. The scale of destruction wasn’t like anything seen before in history and took place in pararel to the global Great War, though it has fortunately ended many years before the Great War has.

The war was on many levels a traumatic event for the nation, but also a transformative one. It has further reinforced the righteousness of the People’s Revolutions of 1902 and 1904 and reunited the nation in the face of total destruction at the hands of the Northern and Eastern Separatists who seeked to destroy both the People’s Revolution and the work of the proud ancestors of the Saframalani people. This message should be particularly strong in these trying times as demagogues once again attempt to stir trouble in the north, seeking to turn the Saframalanis of the Autonomous Republics against the rest of the nation and as war has once again broken out in Western Gondwana.

President Muammar al-Douri has addressed the people, praising their hard work in making Saframalani a better place to live in for all and reassuring that the security of the state and the people have not been endangered by the events in Western Gondwana. As is tradition the President fired off his ceremonial rifle together with the parading honour guards to commemorate the fallen heroes of the Civil War.

23rd July 2023
CEO of Kaddiamgold Dastan al-Egit faces arrest and accussations of racketeering activity, being head of organised crime organisation, funding of separatist terrorist groups and other crimes
Dastan al-Egit, the head and CEO of Saframalani’s largest Kadish-run gem and gold extraction corporation has been arrested in his residence on the outskirts of the Kadish Autonomous Region’s capital, Rahmadi. The operation was carried out by the Saframalani People’s Armed Police and the Interla Troops of the Ministry of Public Security with a lengthy siege of the villa complex taking place.

Dastan al-Egit has been the target of suspicions of being a supporter of the Kadish National Front, a terrorist organisation that has been engaged in combat against Saframalani since the 1990s, for several years now. The arrest warrant, according to the prosecution, was granted to the SPAP following the interception of several “monetary and materiel transports” that were identified to be linked with Kaddiamgold by the Central Investigation Bureau and a subsequent investigation of the company and it’s management by the authorities. The investigation reportedly unearthed a “massive, multi-level conspiracy by the Kadish mineral extraction interests to strive for the independence of the K.A.R. through military action” as noted by Mukhabarat representative Lieutnant Ahmad al-Bakr.

The arrest of Dastan al-Egit was extremely controversial among the Kadish population of Saframalani, with him being a figure largely beloved by these identifying as Kadish for his contribution towards the promotion of Kadish cultural customs, support for the youth and Kadish businesses as well as his political lobbying with representatives in the National People’s Congress. The arrest led to multiple protests organised by Kadish groups, several mining operations in the K.A.R. have also been halted due to strikes organised by Kadish labour unions.

Kadish National Front terrorists say “The Red Banner is raised” and that they will “free comrade al-Egit” following arrest
Following the arrest of Dastan al-Egit the infamous terrorist group, the Kadish National Front, has announced that it will take “severe and remorseless action” against the “occupiers” of what they refer to as Kadistan for what they call yet another attempt at “oppressing the growth of the Kadish nation”.

The terrorists in their public addressed have resorted to calling Dastan al-Egit a “martyr for the cause of a free Kadistan” and said that they will “take revenge” against the authorities and civilian population of Saframalani for his arrest as well as threatening to start an armed uprising against the government to stop what they call the “oppression” of the Kadish population by the benelovent government of Saframalani.