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The senate has passed a bill that will completely restructure the Allegheny Defense Force. This new bill will create a much larger military force that will have the ability to be wielded in a offensive manner and also giving the Senate and President power to declare preemptive strikes on targets deemed dangerous to Alleghenian security. This bill will allow a large portion of state funds to be appropriated to weapons design and manufacturing, it also requires that all males who reach the age of 18 must serve a mandatory two years in the Armed Forces. The bill will now be passed along to the office of the president to be signed into law, once signed the law will be immediately implemented and restructuring is scheduled for the next coming weeks.

In other news a large source of uranium was accidentally discovered by Clarion Mining Corporation, the federal government was quick to purchase the new find off of C.M.C. Robert Doyle expressed anger at being forced to sell his new find, according to him government officials were instantly in his office threatening incarceration if he didn’t take the check and in his words “Shut up.” According to Mr. Doyle’s aide, Mr. Doyle burned the check and stormed off allowing the government to take the find.

We asked for an official comment and Doyle responded with this: "This nationalization of a new resource is illegal under our current laws. That Uranium belongs to C.M.C, you can guarantee we will fight this in the courts.

Meanwhile scientists and mining contractors working for a new state run corporation are crawling all over the site and pondering on what they will use it for. A government scientist had this to say: “What can we do with it? What kind of question is that? That information is classified.”

It’s no secret the government has been searching for a way to create radiological weapons for years now, the question now is how long will it be till The Republic of Allegheny has The Bomb.

That concludes this evening broadcast of A.S.M.N, Goodnight!

Good evening and welcome to this nightly broadcast of the Allegheny State Media Network!


This morning the lawsuit Doyle vs. The Republic of Allegheny was set to begin however Doyle did not show up to the courtroom. After a search for him was conducted he was found dead in his home in the small town of Elizabeth, the victim of an apparent murder suicide. Police officials say that they found him dead at the scene with the body of a former employee Susan Logan next to him. Susan Logan was a secretary for Doyle for six months last year and according to her coworkers was suddenly fired.

Officials state that a suicide note was found next to Logan’s body stating that Doyle had sexually assaulted her and then fired her and told her he would kill her after she said she would alert authorities. For now there are no other suspects and the police chief says the cased should be closed soon enough. Doyle’s 30 yr old son Joesph is expected to take over as owner and CEO of Clarion Mining Corporation. C.M.C. stocks were down 15% today due to Robert’s death . More on this event will come later as soon as we hear more.


In other mining related news several miners died today of the infamous black lung, a lung disease that was all but eliminated by a new proprietary respirator filter supplied by Farrack Personal Protection Inc, it has now reappeared. After extensive testing of the masks sold by FPPI it was found that they were defective and of a shoddy design which A.I.O.S.H. (Allegheny Institute of Safety and Health) inspectors after inspecting how they were made attributed to F.P.P.I. cutting corners on production of the filters. A.I.O.S.H. has issued a 5 Million credit citation and the families of the dead miners are expected to pursue litigation against the company.


Today President Gordon signed the Military restructuring bill and appointed the commander of the Ground Forces General Phillips as the new Supreme Commander of the entire military. General John Scott will resume her old command of the Army and William Jackson will retain his Command of the Air Force.

Nineteen year old males everywhere are now reporting for mandatory two year duty that was created by the restructuring bill. A shortage of weaponry has occurred however armament manufacturers are admirably fulfilling orders very quickly. Unemployment has decreased due to a gap in filled entry level jobs created by the mandatory service which is quickly being filled by people who were previously unemployed.

That concludes this evening broadcast of A.S.M.N, Goodnight!

Good evening and welcome to this nightly broadcast of the Allegheny State Media Network!


December 23rd 1985 was unification day marking the official end of the civil war. All business are closed today as families join in the week long celebrations that start today. Today’s events include many different peace concerts and speeches from notable figures from the past. A massive military parade in Pittsburgh of the newly reformed and more expansive military. At the end of the week a speech from the President will be broadcast on this network, in the speech the President will call the people to action to help continue the country’s march into the future.


Despite the message of peace Unification Day is supposed to represent, the Air Force went ahead with plans to test fire it’s newly designed ballistic missile last night. A missile shot out of a underground missile silo where the test was being conducted. Location of the silo has not been disclosed however the Air Force has told us the the missile preformed admirably and now the last hurdle will be processing the uranium needed to make the warheads or even begin testing of a bomb itself. Analysts caution the military on this new found overconfidence on their ability to even get a bomb working, something that has yet to be proved, others are critical of the military for even trying to go the lengths needed to acquire this type of technology.

That concludes this evening broadcast of A.S.M.N, Goodnight!

Good evening and welcome to this nightly broadcast of the Allegheny State Media Network!


Today as part of the Unification Day celebrations the Presidential Captains of Industry award, the highest medal one can receive for work in economics, were handed out by Vice President Albert Waterhouse. The recipients were Dr. John Glenn C.E.O of Ultor Pharmaceuticals and George Alcan of Alcan Aluminum. Only two awards are presented every four years and it awarded for excellence in conducting business, creating wealth, generating high paying jobs, and providing high quality product.


Thousands of retired military veterans and military enthusiasts hit the battlefield to reenact the 1944 Battle of Pittsburgh between Civil War Era factions of The Republic of Allegheny and the Confederation of Allegheny. When asked why they do this Oliver Horne had this to say:

“We do this to relive the days of our internal struggle to become one again and to teach the audiences that come out to watch these mock battles a thing or two about the important historical battles that took place on our soil.”

That concludes this evening broadcast of A.S.M.N., Goodnight!

Allen Gordon:“Bai Lung worries me greatly.”
Reporting from ASMN HQ in Pittsburgh, John Price.

Tensions in the Bai Lungese government escalate as their President’s approval ratings continue to fall due to his non-interventionist strategy concerning the Listonian Missile Crisis. Bai Lung Dalu directly borders Allegheny to the north and the current infighting in their government has worried President Allen Gordon and the Union Senate, giving them reason to believe that Bai Lung may single handedly escalate the entire situation.

Earlier this morning the Senate ordered that the northern border between Allegheny and Bai Lung Dalu be fortified and monitored in case any movements are made. President Gordon had this to say about the ruling:

“It’s unfortunate that we have to do this we must make sure that during this time of crisis and fear that our borders are heavily fortified, Bai Lung worries me greatly and to have to powerful opponents in a government like their’s fight in such a way is dangerous, it smells of a coup d’etat and if Ding makes his move then we could be in for some real trouble. I can only hope that President Im makes the right move and thwarts these war mongers.”

As we make this report hundreds of thousands of soldiers and military equipment make their way towards the northern borders to begin fortification. Supreme Commander Cassandra Phillips made it clear that the military was doing it’s best to be non-threatening but still show that Allegheny’s borders must be respected should Bai Lung begin mobilizing for war against either Vekaiyu or Listonia…

I am John Price with the Alleghenian State Media Network, Signing off.

Finance Minister:“Linarium Marks will be used once again.”
Reporting from The First Bank of Allegheny in Drexel, John Price.

In the wake of the Listonian crisis it has become increasingly obvious of how vulnerable the Alleghenian monetary system is. The abolishment of the Linarium Mark twenty years ago after counterfeiting almost brought the economy to its knees saw the creation of the electronically coded credit system by the Finance Ministry of Allegheny. Since then it has worked marvelously as it has been almost impossible for the system to be cheated. However it is extremely vulnerable to power outages and electromagnetic pulse attacks. With the threat of war looming closer and closer it has become apparent that our great finance system just happens to be our greatest tactical weakness.

Yesterday it was decreed the the credit system would be reworked into the loan system and that the Linarium metal that was stored twenty years ago will be recirculated to the banks for distribution. To make it easy one Linarium Mark Strip is equal to one credit point. This 1:1 ratio will make it easy for banks to distribute cash to the citizenry. In turn the Credit system will be recreated into a debit system anyone with a debit card can still transfer funds electronically if they wish to do so. The word Credit will now be used in the terms of a loan which must be payed back over a set period of time.

Stocks were up today as the Linarium mines will be once again reopened creating new jobs. Others fear that counterfeiting could once again cripple the economy however the Finance Ministry has declared that its new laser engraving technique is impossible to replicate without the program and specially designed laser. The Finance Ministry also said that if anyone is caught counterfeiting they will be put to death, the first Linarium Mark Strips are engraved with the phrase “Death will come to all those who counterfeit.”

I am John Price with the Alleghenian State Media Network, Signing off.

Town and nearby military base disappear.
Reporting from former site of the town Eldfell, Katerina Brudal.

I am standing here at the former site of Eldfell a town with a population of two thousand, all that was left behind was a field and forest which was not here before. A military base, Fort Rand, also disappeared along with the town. The military has quarantined the area where the town and base once were, residents of the neighboring town Ashland report hearing odd screeches and moans from within the forest, many people have been trying to get near the newly appeared forest to find out more about the mystery, the federal government has issued a warning to people trying to pass through the quarantine zone. The military has not issued any statements on how and why the town has disappeared but it is widely known that Fort Rand was a hotbed for experimental technologies.

Massive military parade marches through capital.
Reporting from Pittsburgh, John Price.

One million soldiers of the Army and Air force marched through the capital in a display of military might. Tanks, mobile missile launchers and the Nuclear Cannon were paraded through the streets as jets flew overhead, all for the celebration of Armed Forces Day. This parade went on the Alleghenian record books as the largest display of military power ever paraded through a city. People from around the country came to watch as their young soldiers saluted the President and the Joint chiefs. This event will mark the start of many other Armed Forces day celebrations throughout the week.

I am John Price with the Alleghenian State Media Network, Signing off.

Communist Party headquarters destroyed by military.
Reporting from Pittsburgh, Katerina Brudal.

What seemed like a normal business day turned into a nightmare for many confused Alleghenians who were commuting to work this morning. At 8 AM this morning several Armored Personnel Carriers arrived and cordoned the entire block off, after securing the area soldiers shot the APC’s main guns at the entrance to the former Communist Party Building and stormed the building. For an hour and a half Alleghenian soldiers executed an estimated 300 men and women who worked for and were members of the distrusted communist party. After exiting the building several charges were detonated setting the building on fire. Right now the fire still burns and the block is still cordoned off, no one inside the building survived according to the military officer assigned to this operation.

The question is why? Why has the government ordered the entire communist party to be eliminated? Has the Union Party created a fascist state under Allen Gordon? These are the questions many are asking right now, however many of the people we spoke approved of the murdering of 300 people. Many have gone as far as cheering the attack on. One man said this:

“It’s about damn time! I don’t even know why we allowed a communist party in the first place! Good Riddance!”

Why this sudden change in governmental policy has yet to be explained as government officials have refused to comment, stating that they do not discuss ongoing matters of national security. Whatever the reason we are assured that this was done in the name of keeping people safe from terrorists, seditionists and subversives looking to destroy our culture, economy and nation as was stated by the President’s Press Secretary.

Economy poised for massive layoffs?
Reporting from ASMN HQ, John Price.

As the report’s title states it seems to be true, the Federal Government’s failure to find new trading partners will eventually destroy the economy as surplus has now surpassed demand on raw materials such as steel, coal, and oil and on items such as weapons, biotechnologies, and silicon based computer hardware. Companies that were promised new trading venues are now drawing up plans on laying off 25 percent of their employees to cut the losses from slowed production rates.

I am John Price with the Alleghenian State Media Network, Signing off.

New military and trade alliance on the horizon?
Reporting from Pittsburgh, John Price.

After a small but worrying drop in economic numbers and a increase in military spending many Alleghenians are now wondering what is on the horizon for the Republic. Recently many high profile leaders from several neighboring countries arrived by air and train to what we can only assume to be a meeting with president Allen Gordon himself. Several insiders who will not be named in this report have told us that they are currently meeting and discussing a new alliance. We expect to hear more about this as the government releases more information, but right now all they are telling us is that there are a few ‘terms’ being discussed with our neighbors. What affect this will have on the Alleghenian people and politics and also in the global spectrum we cannot say.

New report confirms Bai Lungese and Kashgar natives to be of ‘poor genetic stock.’
Reporting from Pittsburgh, John Price.

A new report from Dr. Simon Forrest has been released today confirming fears of our northern neighbors genetic inferiority. Dr. Forrest had this to say, “Yes it is indeed true and their proximity to our nation puts us at a risk of losing all we have accomplished in perfecting our nation’s genome. They are weaker, unintelligent and inferior in every way to the Alleghenian breed.” Since the 1900’s the Alleghenian medical community has done everything it can to breed perfection into Allegheny, starting out as a program to create stronger soldiers, a program which has continued today and evolved into a genetic engineering aspect. Despite the moral implications of accomplishing this goal, the Federal Government has done nothing to stop the medical community from doing this and has even passed legislation to move the research along even quicker. Government officials have stated that they have no comment on the matter. The report also stated that human groups from British Grand Pacific and Mahanoy also contained an exceptional genetic stock of Humans and determined Vulpines as a non-threat due to a rumor interspecies incompatibility, however this is still being researched.

‘Federal Government fears Bai Lungese Mainland instability, Incompetence threat to everyone, Border closed.’
Reporting from Pittsburgh, John Price.

The Federal Government’s Security Commission has determined the Bai lungese inability to arrest instability in what they call their mainland is a threat to the entire continent. Major General Sabine Cassel who is also on the Security Commission was able to comment. “It’s no surprise to me that the Bai Lungese Armed Forces are unable to stop a bunch of ragtag inferior freedom fighters. Just look at how they conduct operations! They are afraid of taking risks, if this were to happen in Allegheny that entire group would have been eliminated easily. I wouldn’t be surprised if their latest casualty numbers were falsified to make it look like they are winning.”

The Security Commission also recommended the closing of the borders be closed upon further notice. The Government has taken it one step further however, as of yesterday all travel through the border will be restricted and any Bai Lungese who find themselves in Allegheny are to report for immediate deportation. They have also stated that any refugees or other persons attempting to gain access will be shot without warning or provocation. The Supreme Commander has allocated two Army battle groups and one Air Force Squadron to patrol the border closely.

‘New Kashgar threat is example of incompetence, Bai Lungese President called immature.’
Reporting from Pittsburgh, John Price.

With new reports from the Bai Lungese of a stolen missile now in Kashgari hands the question of incompetence has been answered. Alleghenian military leaders have stated that any missile fired from Bai Lung Dalu will be shot down immediately. President Gordon demands that President Im act like a real leader and fix the situation, he has also called threats of nuclear retaliation signs of immaturity and ineptitude. “If Im wants to be in the big leagues he needs to start acting like it. Threats of nuclear retaliation because of a few words said about him will be taken seriously.”

Indeed the President and the military has taken all threats quite seriously as reports show that the Regulus IRBM network has been re-targeted for Bai Lungese cities. President Gordon also had this to say. “Hear this Im, get your nation in control now or Bai Lung Dalu will be a footnote in history.”

Corporate violence rates increase as Allegheny Airlines faces fines.
Reporting from Fulton, John Price.

The entire board of directors and several mercenaries have been charged with the recent downing of a private jet owned by the CEO of Allegheny Airlines’ rival competitor: Union Air, via stinger missiles. The CEO of Union Air, Joe Glass, was instantly killed as mercenaries hired by Allegheny Airlines fired a stinger missile completely destroying the airplane. The mercenaries were caught by the Fulton Metropolitan Police after attempting to destroy the missile launcher and escape the scene of the crime. After several intense interrogations the Mercenaries gave over the names of the entire Allegheny Airlines board of directors who have been indicted for charges of corporate homicide.

This recent development highlights a growing problem in our nation: Corporate Violence. Many cases of corporate violence like this are thrown out for insufficient evidence. Even more go unreported as companies murder each other in attempts to beat the competition yet as even high profile cases such as with Allegheny Airlines, the government refuses to do anything about even going so far as to say and I quote, “A little competition never hurt anyone.” The Mason District governor has vowed to make Allegheny Airlines pay even if the Federal Government won’t. The Company was fined 500 million Marks, a drop in the bucket for such a large company. The Board of Directors of Allegheny Airlines will get off scot-free it seems.

The ‘Regulators’ are coming to town?
Reporting from Pittsburgh, Katerina Brudal.

The Union Senate along with support of President Allen Gordon has passed the Investigation and Intelligence Agency bill, recently dubbed by Pittsburgh residents as ‘The Regulators.’ This bill establishes a civilian agency that will assume the job of the military’s Special Operations Unit investigating civilian cases of treason to the nation and looking for terrorist plots. Not much else is known about them or the agency and the government is keeping it’s mouth shut on this one. Several viewers who wish to remain anonymous fear that this new Agency may have to much power on their hands.

Reporting from Drexel, John Price.

Dr. Leslie Houseman head of the Concordance Cybernetics and Biotechnology Corporation has moved his company to purchase Haskell-Grimes Biotech Industries becoming the largest merging of corporations in Alleghenian history. Houseman and the surviving founder Darryl Haskell now own 49.99 percent in the Alleghenian biotechnology industry narrowly avoiding federal anti-monopoly measures by .01 of a percent.

Concordance established in 1985 the same year as the Union convention which united our country has become mostly known for it’s work with the military, it’s most famous contribution, the Oculus also know to the military as the M-522 Mechanical Ocular Implant. Houseman revealed in a press event several new fully functioning prosthetics such as mechanical arms, legs and hands with full sensory input.

“This is a major achievement in the Alleghenian cybernetics and biotech industry and without our hard workers at Concordance, our new friends in Haskell-Grimes and the country that makes it possible it would never have been possible. Our future begins now.”

Stocks for the newly formed Concordance Haskell-Grimes Corporation skyrocketed at the announcements. Houseman also personally delivered a donation of twenty million marks to the Alleghenian Transhumanism Society.

This is John Price with Alleghenian Finance Today, a feature presentation of the Allegheny State Media Network.

Reporting from Pittsburgh, John Price.

In response to the needed Alleghenian presence to quell Vekaiyun rebels the passed a bill based on military suggestion to increase Regulus nuclear missile stock by a classified larger amount. Senate Majority Jack Sinclair had this to say:

“The Senate and the Joint Chiefs both agreed that with the recent unrest and the request by the legitimate Vekaiyun government for Alleghenian help that Allegheny should increase it’s nuclear weapons stock to counter the overwhelming amount of chemical weapons that may be easily in the reach of Vekaiyun terrorists organizations.”

The bill was passed with overwhelming support from the mainly neo-conservative union senate. Also included in the defense bill was an inclusion of women ages 18-21 for the mandatory two years of military service that men have already served for many years now. Commander General Metzger standing in for the Supreme Commander had this to state:

“Commander Phillips has felt that women should also serve this country the same as men have been doing for years now. The recent reports that women only complicate military situations is completely untrue. Women have been serving valiantly along their male counterparts since the days of the civil war. This new mandate only does what women in Allegheny have sought for years now, to be treated the same way as men. There has been an irrefutable amount of combat data to suggest that women are just as capable, fight just as hard and are willing to give their lives for our great country. This is a large step in decreasing the gender divide between men and women and it will show the world that the Alleghenian people are not to be trifled with.”

Indeed the military has for its entire existence done nothing to differentiate males and females going as far as to give them the same training, the same style uniforms and to be mixed together in the same units. This new mandate was not a matter of if, it was a matter of when.

This is John Price reporting from Penn Tower in Pittsburgh, signing off.

Celebrity Imam Jailed for Corruption

Emad Inkhalmin

16 June 2023

Danaanshtar - Celebrity Imam, Basayla Khanad, has been arrested by the Uliveru Police Service after the Central Danaanshtar Local Magistrate Court found him guilty on several counts of various crimes linked to corruption. He is charged with using the Rivers of Living Waters Majhid and Madrasa Association to launder money, and evade taxes, while also bribing public officials including the High Magister of Danaanshtar.

Basayla Khanad is the President of the Rivers of Living Waters Majhid and Madrasa Association based in northern Danaanshtar which administers several madrasas and majhids across the country. The Association is registered as a non-profit organisation under secular law and as a waqif (charitable trust) with the Magisterium of Paxism for developing majhids in working class low income peri-urban neighbourhoods.

Majhids under his leadership are characterised by a concert-like atmosphere in which traditional chants have been infused with modern music. Young people, attracted by the boisterous atmosphere form a large part of the membership of his majhids. His majhids are notorious for congregants standing and having ecstatic expressions of laughter, jumping and dancing during salah.

The Imam has become controversial for his alleged ability to heal people through salah (prayer), physical contact and anointing oil. People attending his services have reported seeing visions of Esma, hearing the voice of Noi, and experiencing supernatural healing of ailments such as paralysis and the curing of immunodeficiency virus infection. The Imam has also been criticised for performing xitarifiya (exorcism of evil spirits) on television.

Born in Axad-Yukhader, a village of 10,000 people to the east of Danaanshtar, he became a brick layer and then started a small kiosk with his life savings that soon became a supermarket selling goods imported via the black market from Packilvania and Vekaiyu during the Period of Rationing. He met the charismatic Magister Jubal Hukhtalmeen. He claimed to have had a revelation when he was 31 after 5 years of tutelage under Hukhtalmeen. Although he registered for a Bachelor of Paxology degree at the University of Danaanshtar, he dropped out after 2 years following a falling out with Magister Hukhtalmeen.

He applied to be an Imam with the Magisterium of Paxism and received his license after passing the Basic Imamate Examinations in 2008. He was an itinerant Imam, travelling to majhids in Uliveru delivering sermons. He attracted many benefactors whose financial support he leveraged to apply to the Magisterium to let him establish a waqif. He received approval a few weeks later. He built the Living Waters Majhid in 2012 with funding from his followers. Attracted to the absence of traditionalist Conventions at other majhids as well as his charming personality and almost hypnotic oratory, tens of thousands of people
flocked to his services. He started a Chatter account giving out salah and gafira (forgiveness for sins) for a price (which is not permitted by the Magisterial Code of Ethics and Conduct for Imams and Magisters).

He formed a relationship with former
Danaanshtar Mayor Sabasht Uliy who made enormous contributions to his waqif. Together, they established a scheme to help the mayor repatriate funds stolen from the City of Danaanshtar Municipal Government with Khanad and the waqif receiving a portion of the profits. They used this scheme to build madrasas and majhids across the country.

Some members of the community were concerned about the teachings and practices of his waqif, bringing a complaint to the Danaanshtar Religious Court. Judge Tuhayla Axakhneed ordered High Magister Eret Waqal to investigate him and the waqif. Waqal discovered not only improper teaching but signs of criminal activity. Khanad and Mayor Uliy bribed Waqal to keep quiet about their shady dealings. The complaint against Rivers of Living Waters was dismissed by Judge Axakhneed as a result.

When whistleblower, Radeen Tuhayla in 2021, published documents showing evidence of impropriety by Mayor Uliy, High Magister Waqal, and Imam Khanad, State Procurator Yubeed Handeer opened a case at the Central Danaanshtar Local Magistrate Court. All three men were arrested and released on bail of about 150,000 credits each. Uliy and Waqal were convicted of other crimes in 2022, and detained at the Inkhalion Correctional Centre. He will be joining them in orange overralls later today.

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Soft Life Movement: a Threat to Ursine Masculinity?

Ashmal Nikhabeed

The Soft Life Movement is taking Allegheny by storm and transforming ideas about what masculinity means especially for Ursine men and predominantly masculine presenting people. The movement has received praised on one side, while being lambasted and disparaged on the other.

The Soft Life Movement entails pursuing physical comfort, being emotionally intelligent, being domesticated, taking care of one’s physical appearance and engaging with cultural artefacts such as music and dress that might have been coded as feminine. The movement arose largely out of the female and femme dominated social media space where Ursine women have been encouraged to put down the burden of shouldering the entire nation and pursue their individual happiness. In a society, where Ursine women have historically been mistreated, it is only fitting that they should be pampered.

The movement has, however, grown and encompassed men as well who share videos of personal grooming, cleaning their apartments, or incorporating make-up and female coded clothing into their attire on sites like Pigeon, Chatter and Cafe Vibes. As a result, there is a portion of the soft life movement that has adopted a uniquely male lens that has encouraged debate about the expectations that our patriarchal Paxist society places not only on women, but on men as well.

Packilvania colonised Allegheny centuries ago. The humiliation of military defeat and the expropriation of land and physical resources displaced many Ursine men from the positions of power and influence that they enjoyed. Packilvanian colonists used physical and mental abuse to demean and control Ursine men. When Packilvanian colonisation formally ended, the continued ownership of large companies and real estate by Packilvanian Felines and their descendants, preserved and perpetuated the economic inequality between Ursine and Feline men. To appear masculine in circles where they could exert some influence and to resist the humiliation that they suffered, Ursine men were expected to be emotionally distant, insensibly hardworking and physically aggressive. As such, it has taken decades for the Ursine man to emotionally and psychologically recover from the humiliation of colonisation and neo-colonisation (which I do not think it fully has).

On the other hand is Paxism. Paxism takes many forms, but in Central Yasteria, Paxism has perpetuated deeply entrenched and sharply delineated binary gender roles, that have always seen the man as the provider and protector. As a nation that converted to Paxism, we received this idea of masculinity that Central Yasterian Paxism taught us. Thus Ursine men were judged by their material wealth, sexual voracity, and the control that they exercised over the women and children under their care.

Colonisation and Paxism coalesced to create a highly patriarchal society, which while affording men including Ursine men privileges that are not afforded to women and femme folk more broadly, makes it taboo for men to seek gentility, humility, cleanliness, ease, and dare I say it, femininity.

Celebrity Imams like Tukhan Neshdad have described the movement as stripping men of their masculinity. Urso-nationalist commentators like Yarkhan Imhadil have decried the soft life movement as a conspiracy by Felines and Packilvania to once again encroach into Alleghenian life and reestablish political and economic control. Faux feminist writer, Alisiya Khanadeen, has stated that the masculine Ursine man enables the Ursine woman to have the safety she needs to pursue economic independence and prosperity. And so on and so on.

These are tired and mediocre arguments used by people indoctrinated by patriarchal teachings, to accept a status quo that doesn’t make sense. Even as Feline men are allowed, by Central Yasterian standards anyway, to be more gentle, Ursine men are not afforded the same luxury. Their general height, burly physique and thick fur, while praised for the masculine aesthetic that they endow, continue to act as social markers that make the so called “soft life” inaccessible to Ursine men.

The soft life movement is not degrading Ursine men, but teaching society to value men even when they lack the physical prowess, material wealth or sexual voracity that we have come to expect from them. It allows us to deconstruct narratives and customs about binary gender roles and to mentally liberate ourselves from cycles of religious indoctrination and colonial humiliation. It allows Ursine men to pursue interests and to exist without the crushing mental weight of patriarchal masculinity. It allows them to have empathy towards the Ursine women and femme presenting people in their spaces and to treat them with the dignity that they are rightfully entitled.

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Power Utility Announces Loadshedding

Khenad Fulmeed

Kandarahan - luChubaal luIthihad aluBaraq (known in Staynish as the Union Electricity Company or Ithiba for short), the state owned power company, has announced that it will begin implementing planned rotating power cuts to reduce the strain on the power grid caused by the increased demand for electricity and the inability of power generation facilities to meet it (also known as loadshedding) due to damage caused to the King Hamed II Coal Power Station by flooding following heavy rain.

The King Hamed II Coal Power Station is one of the largest power stations in the country and generates approximately 8% of the electricity consumed in the country. With the increased precipitation caused by a loner and more intense than normal rainy season, the facilities flood protection mechanisms proved inadequate, with generators and electrical equipment suffering damage. The facility is notorious for its aging equipment and poor maintenance track record, a situation exacerbated by this unforeseen natural disaster, forcing some of the units at the station to come offline for the foreseeable future.

CEO of Ithiba, Hudeyn Ansour, stated that loadshedding is expected to end in a few days when the power station is brought back online. State governments, which purchase power from Ithiba on behalf of their residents, have filed a complaint against Ithiba to luKhomishayin aluNazrayubav aluBaraq aluIthihad (the Union Energy Regulatory Commission) to implement natural disaster mitigation measures and regular maintenance of units at at its power plants.

This marks the second time this year that Ithiba has announced loadshedding, marking fears that the company will be increasing power cuts in the future. Basaam Mudeen, analyst at the Madrasa aluMerufimiya aleKratyashekhel leJumhur (Institute for Public Finance Research or Mekraju), has stated that the ongoing issues related to skills shortages, financial mismanagement, systemic corruption, maladministration, and criminal sabotage at Ithiba present threats to the economic and national security interests of the country, and the King Hamed II Coal Power Station is the latest casualty.

Since their appointment in 2021,Hudeyn Ansour and the rest of the Ithiba board have proven woefully inept at addressing the issues at the utility which are culminating in prolonged and increasingly frequent power cuts. Criminals continue to pilfer coal, spare parts and equipment at the utility while state and federal law enforcement struggle to stem the sabotage. With jobs in the private sector, especially in finance and engineering, proving more lucrative than Ithiba, the company is struggling to attract experienced engineers to fill it’s ranks. Although the company has managed to recover some of the unpaid debts for electricity from states and maintain reliable servicing of its debts, it is struggling to maintain an energy availability factor of 75%, the minimum needed for a stable and constant supply of power.

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King Hamed I Venerated as Martyr by Magisterium

Tulmid Ashkhanad

Kandarahan - The Supreme Magister of Paxism, Tawak VII, has announced that King Hamed I of Allegheny will be venerated as a Martyr of the Faith (muTashiyashalvatan aluSlamiya).

King Hamed I was the first King of Allegheny, uniting the Princely States under a unitary monarchy in 1831. He banned the practice of pagan religions and heretical versions of Paxism in Allegheny and brought Allegheny under the religious and judicial authority of the Magisterium of Paxism for which he was acknowledged by Supreme Magister Khameed III in 1842.

King Hamed I was the Prince of Kandarahan, but used the military might and political influence of the Princely State of Kandarahan to unite and amalgamate all the other nations. He had several writings such as On the Belief in the One Deity to Civilise the Ursine Tribes (weluSlamiya wemuLoheem muIkhtimiy khaluTahadirifya leMulakmne ameArkoud), which were often transcribed orally by scribes such Khuneyd of Danaan.

He believed that belief in Paxism and adherence to the canon law of Paxism as taught and judged by the Magisterium of Paxism and uniting under the authority of a single King as the political representative of Noi herself as being important to bringing modern civilisation to the tribes of the Ursines who were less developed than the Felines of Packilvania and the Vulpines of Vekaiyu.

Nevertheless, King Hamed I is a controversial figure because he destroyed many of the cultural artefacts and buildings of the various religions that existed in Allegheny at that point. Adherents of some of those that survived such as the Vudaic religions believe that the Magisterium is celebrating the imperialist conquest of Packilvanian religious beliefs and cultural attitudes over Ursines and that King Hamed’s veneration is as good as celebration of racism, sentiments shared by the Alleghenian Vudaic Association.

The Bull of the Liturgy and Homily of the Veneration of King Hamed I of Allegheny (luFataw aluHumna nadine luTamkakhaman alyWaloofiya amuMamluk Hamed muIkhtet aYulakhaan) published by the Prelate of the Convention of the Council of Great Magisters under the direction of the Supreme Magister sets him as an example of a good Paxist ruler and a diligent faithful.

Some analysts believe that the increased veneration of Ursine, especially Alleghenian martyrs, is part of the continued pandering to the community (ummah) of adherents of Paxism outside of Packilvania, allegations levied by Prof Najid Suleyman of the University of Kandarahan that the Prelate officially denied.

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President Suspends Mandatory Conscription of Women

31 December 2010

Ashmil Jabal-Khenad

President Aleyn Kirdan has signed Executive Order 821 of 2010 which suspends the enforcement of mandatory conscription of women into the Alleghenian Armed Forces. The law stipulates that the President, as commander-in-chief, may by executive order instruct the military to conscript women into the armed forces.

This comes after widespread protests across major cities in the country that have called for the law to be suspended. At least 100,000 people are believed to have gathered at Martyrs’ Square in Kandarahan alone, with analysts projecting as many as 500,000 to be on the streets. The act was passed by the Union Senate with a narrow 121 to 120 vote that crossed partisan lines after Prime Minister Ashayl Busmeen as leader of the majority party, the Union Party, instructed Chief Whip Perhadeen Toruk and other whips to “suspend the whip” meaning not to formally instruct members to vote one way or the other. 50 members of the Union Party, led by Hamed Ibrahan, staged a walk out and refused to participate in the vote.

Political analyst Prof Kibran Axomid wrote in the Kandarahan Daily that the pressure from military lobbying to expand the armed forces in light of ongoing hostilities in Vekaiyu led to Ashayl Busmeen’s decision. This has led to a collision course between the President and the Cabinet that gave rise to the President’s decision to suspend the act’s enforcement.

The Great Magister of Northern Allegheny, Gibral Yamad, issued a formal opinion calling the mandatory conscription of women into the armed forces potentially counter to the principles of Paxism whose jurisprudence has been averse to the participation of women in armed conflict, adding further fuel to the demands of the protesters for the law to be repealed and for the Prime Minister and Cabinet to resign. Hamed Ibrahan has supported calls for the Prime Minister to resign and analysts suggest he might run for the party leadership.

It seems that the government gravely miscalculated the appeal of militaristic sentiments to the electorate.

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