Alliance of Northwest Gondwana External Affairs Office

The Alliance of Northwest Gondwana is an economic and political union of nations in the northwest of the continent of Gondwana. Membership is open to all sovereign states north of the line 15 degrees south of the Aequator and west of the line 100 degrees west of the Prime Meridian. Non-sovereign areas such as colonies, or sovereign states outside northwestern Gondwana that have significant interests in the region, are welcome to apply for observer status in the Alliance. The Alliance consists of a free-trade area as well as an opt-in free travel area.

The Alliance was established on May 2nd, 2018. The Alliance Secretariat is based in the city of Crystal Coast, Tavaris.

This office shall be the location by which nations apply for membership in the ANG or observer status. Additionally, news from the ANG of interest to the international community will be posted here.

The members of the ANG are:

  • The Democratic Republic of Ayaupia

  • The Federation of Bana

  • The Imperial Reiktic Kingdom of Hausberg

  • The United Highlands of Libertanny

  • The Democratic Republic of Lunaria

  • The Free Republic of Reijia

  • The Archduchy of Sanctmunitis

  • The Spiritual and Glorious Reiktic Kingdom of Talusi

  • The Kingdom of Tavaris

  • Vultuca

  • The Kafaan of Zukchiva

The observer states of the ANG are:

  • The United Kingdoms of Great Morstaybishlia and Justelvard (Rosamund Island)

To the Office of External Affairs
Alliance of Northwest Gondwana
Crystal City, Acronis

On the behalf of King Arik Rao and Premier Shano Tuvria of the Tavari Union, I am reaching out to you today to apply for membership in the Alliance of Northwest Gondwana. As we open a new chapter in our own history, we seek to strengthen our relationships with our regional partners as well as build new relationships. It is our hope that together, in the interest of peace, we will all be able to succeed and prosper.

I look forward to your response.

Tolu Bronai
Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Tavari Union

The Tavari Union Admitted as 11th Member of the Alliance of Northwest Gondwana

Nuvrenon, TAVARI UNION-- Upon an affirmative vote by the Alliance Council, the Alliance of Northwest Gondwana is proud to admit the Tavari Union as the 11th and newest member-state, the first state to join the Alliance after its ten founding members.

“This is a historic day for peace and for not just our nation, but for all of us,” said Shano Tuvria, Premier of the Tavari Union. “I am proud to bring our country closer together to our regional neighbors as our new chapter as a nation begins.”

“We are very pleased to welcome the Tavari Union into our alliance,” said Ona Ažani Vandroni, the Secretary-General of the Alliance. “We are stronger when we are united, and we are all best-served by peace, prosperity, and unity. This is a great day for the Tavari Union and a great day for all of us.”

In joining the Alliance, the Tavari Union joins Gondwana’s largest free-trade agreement. The other members of the Alliance are Acronis, Ayaupia, Hausberg, Libertanny, Lunaria, Ragea, Sanctmunitis, Talusi, Vultuca, and Zukchiva.


Dear whom it may concern,

The United Kingdom of Great Morstaybishlia and Justelvard wishes to join the Alliance of Northwest Gondwana as an Observer State. For hundreds of years the MBE has held interest in the region and to this day retains territory in the area. To improve our diplomatic relations and for a better future we wish to work with nations of this great alliance by aligning our territory Rosamund Island with ‘special arrangements’ which would mimic such arrangements made between ANG Member States and which could benefit both Rosamund Island and the ANG.

Rosamund Island is self-governing, with its own constitution and government and a democratic parliament which makes local laws. The MBE retains responsibility for defence and foreign relations and as such we wish to establish a free trade agreement between Rosamund Island and the ANG.

If admitted, the MBE will encourage the ANG to create a common fisheries policy and would seek to further develop in this field.


Parliament of Great Morstaybishlia and its respective administrations,

Franklin Barvata
Prime Minister

Serving under His Majesty,

Lambertus VII

Alliance of Northwest Gondwana
Media Relations Office
+422 (989) 2105 9650

PRESS RELEASE: Inaugural Launch of ANG Space Program, the Alliance Space Cooperative, Successful

The Alliance Space Cooperative launch site in Vraalatec, Ayaupia. (Capital News Service)

VRAALATEC, Ayaupia-- The first ever spacecraft launch of the Alliance Space Cooperative was successful on Saturday, starting a new era of international cooperation on outer space research. In planning since the formation of the Alliance of Northwest Gondwana in 2018, the Alliance Space Cooperative is a joint space program currently consisting of the space agencies of Acronis, Ayaupia, the Tavari Union, and Zukchiva. Saturday’s launch, christened ASC-001, will deploy the NGCS-1 satellite, designed to gather atmospheric information for more accurate meteorological modeling across Northwest Gondwana as well as to monitor atmospheric temperature trends to gain further knowledge about how the global climate is changing.

The ASC Launch Center in Ayaupia is uniquely positioned on Urth, very near the Aequator and facing east over the open sea. This means that less energy is required to position spacecraft in aequatorial, geostationary orbits and rockets can take advantage of the angular momentum of the Urth’s rotation. And with the sea to the east, there is less chance of launch debris or lower stages of rockets falling into inhabited areas. The Launch Center, while constructed in Ayaupia, is fully staffed with people from all across the Alliance, and builds upon the decades of space knowledge that its member-states built in the years prior to the space debris crisis.

Launches are planned to continue in 2021, including a planned manned orbital mission. “As life on Urth begins to resume entering outer space after the end of the space debris crisis, the Alliance is positioned to be at the very forefront of creating new outer space knowledge,” said Ona Ažani Vandroni, the Secretary-General of the Alliance of Northwest Gondwana. “Our future is in the stars, and we at the Alliance could not be more proud to contribute, in whatever way we can, to getting us there.”