Almost 4 years later...

…my Executive adventures come to an end. Temporarily, permanently… Who knows.

But yes, friends. It is the moment. After the current Delegate elections come to an end, I will be resigning from all the Executive positions I hold now, including the Ministry of Outreach and the Cabinet. And I want to take a brief look back into all this time:

It was 2019 when I first joined the Executive, with a simple yet important task: manual recruitment. The year I spent in Manpower and Immigration was marked by Covid and Drew Durnil: I, together with a great welcoming team, had the privilege to get the Drew people started in the region and reach incredible heights, and this activity took me to the Cabinet, in which I have stayed almost uninterruptedly for all these years. Then I joined the UTEP revival, with awesome results, with so much impact that it has stayed active for these three years and it even led into the creation of another university in the FNR, all of it thanks to many efforts and a great team of which I had the honour to lead. Shortly before the end of my Chancellorship, I had some relatively successful Delegacy campaigns: I didn’t win any election, but throughout these years many of my ideas have been implemented by different Delegates with different results, and following that, I decided that my job there was done. And lastly, I’ve returned for a short time to the start: to recruitment as Minister of Outreach.

Some people say second parts don’t work. I don’t really think it is so, but I joined MoO in an attempt to return to 2019-esque schemes of recruitment, and the results have been poor, compared to the expectations. I consider two factors causing this: how the 2023 NS scene is not the same as the 2019 one, and how the 2023 personal scene is not the same as the 2019 one. The last one is perhaps the most remarkable. Even when I still love recruiting and it’s proven effective during my Ministry too, there’s a lack of free time and of enthusiasm I can’t ignore. This position requires tons of loveliness and enthusiasm, and I want someone to take that role and accomplish it as I’ve done in the past. I didn’t see that same enthusiasm four months ago, but I see it now, and that makes me happy and hopeful.

So I feel now I can depart with a smile on my face, closing what really is a chapter of my life, while some other potentially great ones open. In that sense, many of you know about the Urthvision edition I’m hosting now in Forum RP: even with how much effort it takes, and how much attention to the detail I’m having to pay, the streaming nights I’m having with it are priceless. I have literally jumped with people being so happy and delighted with what I’m doing there. It certainly happened in other ways, but I used to feel that enthusiasm about the Executive, and now I don’t. It’s not bad! It’s just that I’m feeling more invested towards other stuff, and as I said, I want people who want to contribute and enjoy in true ways, as I did back when I started.

Again: who knows. This year it makes a decade since I’m here, and this game always has multiple paths ready. For now, I’ll stay as Vizier, Magister and Community Mod, and I’ll bring most of my efforts into accomplishing my dreams in Forum RP, as I’m already doing with Urthvision. So yes, this is not a departure, it’s more like the official end of an era, which I’m quite happy to have lived with the great people I’ve been surrounded by.

Love you all :heart:


Thank you for all you’ve done for the Executive and TEP in that regard, and I hope to see you around for a long, long time.

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That is my intention!! Will do my best to accomplish it🙃