Amended Ban Statements for Drachen, Succ and Yuno

After a careful and lengthy review of all credible, hard evidence, the TEP Administrative Team has made revisions to a series of bans carried out in November of 2018. These bans concern the users Yuno, Drachen and Succ.

A new team of TEP Administrators convened in November 2019 to revisit all confirmed evidence from events centered about the Wedding Server and fallout thereafter.

The TEP Administrative Team:

  1. Analyzed many different possible angles and parsed through what we believe constituted as hard evidence only.

  2. Organized a “round-table” with the persons involved in these bans in order to verify our findings against their testimony.

  3. Reviewed evidence as it occurred in the scope of initial investigations, along with other pertinent evidence obtained.

  4. Organized this evidence and presented it without perceptions to two separate independent administrative entities on NS.

In short, the events of that time can be explained as follows:

Based on incomplete logs obtained from the wedding server, it remains impossible to know precisely what transpired behind closed doors on that server, but it is common knowledge that a known TEP roleplayer, whom we refer to as “Minor X”, engaged with an ERP (Erotic Roleplay) with another individual, Sara (otherwise known as Saradinia).

Sara is known to have been the owner of this wedding server. Those who had elevated privileges in this server were identified to have been Succ, Minor X, and Drachen. This was identified by noting who was able to pin messages and updating emojis in the server as the event was transpiring.

Public logs support that an ERP transpired; however it is not clear which “guests” were aware what was going on after the so-called "ceremony.” Based on the context of those with elevated privileges in the server, it appears that there was at least some knowledge of the ERP as it was being written.

In late September 2018, it was revealed in conversations that Yuno and Drachen were aware of the age and gender of Sara (an adult male). They considered it “public knowledge” that the minor was known to be a minor at the time of this revelation.

Per other separate conversations, this information was only disclosed to others in the region roughly two weeks later, on October 12[sup]th[/sup] 2018 per conversations conducted before the scope of TEP’s investigation began. Yuno then deleted swathes of logs within TEP’s discord server between them and Drachen among others before handing the server over to Fedele.

After a thorough investigation of what constituted as hard facts, we have arrived at the following revised conclusions:

  • Yuno’s original ban statement is revised as follows: Yuno shall remain banned indefinitely due to gross negligence concerning the events surrounding the wedding server, including as administrator of the TEP Discord at that time, and for failing to report said event to proper authorities in TEP.

  • Drachen’s original ban statement is revised as follows: Drachen is to remain banned due to having prior knowledge concerning the erotic activities that transpired during the wedding event and the involvement of a minor and adult in these activities, and for failing to report said event to proper authorities.

  • Succ’s original ban statement is revised as follows: Succ is to remain banned due to his involvement, albeit indirectly, in the above events.

The TEP Administrative Team would like to stress that this review was not taken lightly. The bans, as revised, are deemed necessary given the portrayed gross negligence of the involved persons at the time, while in a position of trust and responsibility, endangering the entire player base of TEP at the time.

We’d like to apologize for the initial reporting of this event to all parties involved. Moving forward, TEP Administrative Team wishes to further underscore that ERP’s or any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated within the region and should be reported immediately to the proper authorities.

The East Pacific Administrative Team