[AMENDMENT] Magisterium Voting Procedure Reforms

Simple enough, formally allows for voting via the built-in Poll function on the forums, with a fallback to replies available.

Also removes the requirement to post TEP and WA nations when voting, in reality this isn’t really followed up on as much, and whilst the Public Official Disclosure Act is still on the books, Magisters should be updating this anyway.
This ends up removing 8.4.2 as well, but realistically speaking, it’s redundant as long as PDF is still in force.

I intend on following TSP and creating a Magisterium spreadsheet listing rosters and votes etc which should negate the need to use the PDFs as an active method of auditing WA nations in future. Yet to determine how this should be legislated though.


…4.2. Each time a Magister votes, they must also explicitly supply their TEP nation and, if applicable, their WA nation in the same post.
Voting is conducted as per the following procedure:
…4.2.1 Magisters shall submit a vote via poll in the designated voting thread;
…4.2.2 Should a Magister be unable to submit the poll, they may submit a vote in the designated voting thread as a reply.
…4.2.3 Should a Magister submit a vote via both poll and reply, only the poll vote will be considered.


…8.4.2. the Magister is found to have supplied falsified information about their resident or WA nation attached to a vote in accordance with Section 4.2.
…8.4.32. the Magister has no resident TEP nation.

looks good

Thinking on it, you may want to state something like “if a magister votes both via poll and forum, only their poll vote shall be counted”.

Added 4.2.3 to address this.

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I motion this to vote.


Acknowledged, vote here