[AMENDMENT] Rewrite of the Regional Officer Act

Long law sucks. Boo long law. Yay short law!

But in all seriousness, the Regional Officer Act has always been atrociously law and therefore atrociously difficult to read, considering it’s pretty repetitive. Decided to try doing this instead to make it more readable. 1.2k works to 700 isn’t that bad, right?

That being said, there are some substantial changes. Namely:

  • The Praesidium only gets one RO slot.
  • The Magisterium can no longer regulate the powers Delegates put on ROs.
  • The reasons for removing a Designated Vizier or Election Commissioner are now less specific.
  • We only need an Election Commissioner to be RO during Elections and Referenda (I swear this was already passed as an amendment by Aiv but I can’t find it).
  • Removed some references to statutory law for the appointment of a Designated Vizier or Election Commissioner because we don’t really regulate their powers outside of this law.
  • Removed some superfluous definitions and added some new ones. This includes removing defining powers because that isn’t really necessary.

re-added magi power to remove powers or titles cuz thinking on it it may be something we wanna keep in our pockets./

also made other minor changes.

removal of RO can be up to indefinite, but removal of powers is only up to 6 months. Because id ont believe we should be removing someone’s ability to hold a power or name idefinetly.


Magi power to regulate RO is back

why do you dislike praesidium only getting one slot

Because the whole point of the Praesidium is to be the dedicated security apparatus and it can’t do that if it only has one RO. Completely castrates the Viziers and makes us an easy target for a rogue delegate. Bad

Dont see this argument when a Delegate can just fire Vizier ROs right before update

added vizier seats back, nixed EC