An Anthology of Coups

Welcome to this small brief of the most influential coups of The East Pacific’s history.

I’ve made this because I know how interesting our regional history of coups can be. I also know how difficult it is to dredge up information on said coups. Spoiler: not easy at all if you don’t want to spend hours searching the forums! So I hope this resource helps brief the reader on the said events; namely, the Empire invasion of 2008 and the Fedele coup attempt of 2019. Each event will have a brief summary, some long resources that go into more detail, then extra resources to provide notes or perspectives on the events portrayed.

If you wish to fact check something, add in a source not listed here, or dispute/remove a source, feel free to contact me (nation: Zukchiva, Discord: derp#9479) to get that clarified. Any sources, especially those from a non-TEP standpoint, are appreciated! If you were a part of these events and wish to write something to link here, that’s always welcome as well.

Now, down to business.

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The Empire
”To robbery, slaughter, plunder, they give the lying name of empire; they make a desolation and call it peace.” ~ Calgacus - Wikipedia

In 2008, The East Pacific (or TEP) was facing activity troubles. Such issues came to the point where concerned citizens began toying around the idea of a constitutional convention to spur activity and change up the government structure. The Delegate of the time, Gnidrah, also had spotty activity (presumably due to burn out after having actively served for 500+ days prior to his activity dip) - making TEP vulnerable to invasion as Gnidrah was not properly monitoring the region for threats to his Delegacy. Given that endorsement counts were hidden by this time, it was especially essential for Delegates to monitor regional activity in those early years.

And indeed an invasion did occur due to Gnidrah’s lack of vigilance. An unknown nation named Lady Phedre seized the TEP in-game Delegacy on August 16th, 2008. Soon after, the Empire established itself as the new government of TEP; negotiations began between the former TEP government (known as the Confederates or later the resistance) and the Empire. Discussions started hopeful as both sides fielded proposals to decide on TEP’s future.

Negotiations ultimately began to fall apart around a month after they started as the Confederates and the Empire repeatedly could not agree on a single proposal. With negotiations ending officially on September 21st 2008, the Confederates began to actively resist the Empire’s rule. The rebels thus formulated a new native government- a tribal representative democracy with three elected leaders called the “Elders”. The actual Elders were eventually chosen by the start of October and they took charge of the resistance. While regional spirits were high at first, a lack of effect from the resistance’s hard efforts led to decreased activity in the coming months.

Many TEPers began to express worries as October and November passed without much incident, and discussions sprung up about potentially moving the Confederacy to another region. However, these discussions were abruptly halted when Lady Phedre conducted a massive purge where she banned 150+ nations from the region on December 9th, 2008. This purge caused A Slanted Black Stripe (ASBS), a then unknown-native, to begin running an unendorsement campaign alongside the well-known Dannistaan, with the support and advice of other TEPers.

Following the intense opposition and campaigns against her reign (leading to decreasing endorsements) as well as in-real-life matters to deal with, Lady Phedre conducted another purge before resigning as World Assembly Delegate on December 21st, 2009. ASBS would then take over the Delegacy and kick start discussions about a new post-Empire government. Eventually the East Pacific ratified a new Constitution on January 11th, 2009 now known as the Concordat and would soon hold its first Delegate elections- marking the end of the four month Empire coup.

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The Fedele Coup
“Perhaps succor was enough to keep a whole population trapped, willingly.” ~ Quote by Arkady Martine: “Perhaps succor was enough to keep a whole popul...”

There is no true “starting date” for the Fedele coup, but rather a slow build up of tension over a year. It began in October of 2018, where Fedele, Deputy Provost at the time, mounted a wildly successful Delegacy campaign and won the election. His first term, by all standards, did not raise many eyebrows. However, we do see his future compatriots Davelands and Tim become involved in the region. By the time Fedele won re-election in February 2019, he and his co-conspirators had already begun pushing for specific reform in the Magisterium that aimed to diminish faith in the Viziers and regional law.

During these first two terms, Fedele was very much active in encouraging the purge of new nations from the region, putting his Cabal into positions of power (Davelands and Tim would serve as Ministers), ousting individuals who were close with the previous Delegate (Queen Yuno), and helping whittle away the Magisterium’s numbers to decrease opposition. In short, power consolidation occurred as the Cabal aimed to prepare the region for a coup.

June of 2019 was a significant month for the venture. Fedele would introduce two new players to the plan, Aleister and Funkadelia. This newly expanded Cabal soon formed an official Discord group chat to coordinate with each other and to help Fedele win his third election. Fedele’s third run ended up as a tight race, with much political maneuvering and vote stacking. June also saw the South Pacific issue a statement of concern regarding Fedele’s continument of new nation purges. After this month, Fedele’s Delegacy would fall into a chronic state of inactivity until October 2019. Tim would leave the plan sometime in August due to his belief that Funkadelia and Aleister would cause the eventual coup to fail.

In October 2019, the Cabal began putting intense pressure on the region as Delegate elections loomed. Fedele removed Regional Officer status from the Viziers on October 7th, breaking regional law in the process. Right after this, Fedele and co. advocated for Concordat reform- a move protested by many Citizens. Fedele’s actions would cause massive opposition to his Delegacy during its last days. With Davelands, Fedele’s successor, losing his bid for the Delegacy to a well-known TEPer named Marrabuk, the situation became tense for the Cabal. Thus, around October 11th, Fedele would eject two Viziers and start a coup attempt of TEP.

With the help of foreign pilers from various regions like The Rejected Realms, 10000 Islands, The North Pacific, The South Pacific, and many more alongside resident unendorsement campaigns, Fedele was eventually ousted on October 15th, 2019. The Cabal would all be tried by the Conclave, with their trials ending in December of that same year. All received a permanent ban besides Tim, who received a three year ban.

Following the coup, the new Delegate Marrabuk worked on restoring the region as the Magisterium began repairing and improving TEP’s regional legislation. As part of its legislative efforts the region implemented, in February 2020, a Concordat rewrite that aimed to fix many of the issues shown during Fedele’s coup, indicating the start of a modern TEP era.

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That’s our two events! There are other notable events in TEP’s history (such as the TRR’s army invading ancient TEP, or Loop’s Delegacy begin repeatedly attacked), but these two events were the most influential in terms of how attacks go.

Feel free to dive in and do more research. My suggestion would be to ask around, especially those people who were directly involved in said events. You’ll find them active somewhere and can get more perspective from them.

Hope this helps!