An Celebration of Age

(OC: This will be an open rp for everyone, it is about Queen Wilhelmina’s 50th Birthday and follows alongside Masks of Love and Chaos. Reading the latest posts there gives a certain idea of what is going on.)

15th July, 2023
Château de Lys d’Or; District-de-la-République-Capitale; The Federation

Wilhelmina looked over the castle grounds feeling a bit surprised seeing how many people had gathered here to celebrate her day of birth. Not sure why she was honestly that surprised, almost every birthday had a major celebration in most places in the Crown Realm, especially Vakrestrender or Federation. At first it was only in Norgsveldet that the Queen’s birthday was celebrated as a holiday but with her husband’s coronation in 2002 the two Crown Realm nations also started celebrating it. It made her smile thinking about it. She remembered hearing from Olav how much the two nations supported their marriage.

“Fifty years and you still look beautiful as ever.” Olav said in a warm tone kissing the Queen’s forehead. Giving her another glass of cocktail having been ordered by her to get another. “Don’t drink too much, you have people to greet.”

“Yeah, I know, I know.” Wilhelmina said, rolling her eyes taking a sip from her glass as her husband led her to some guests to greet. “You know I thought birthday celebrations were supposed to be more fun?” She had a small teasing smile on her lips.

“You don’t consider this part of the celebration fun?” Olav asked, raising an eyebrow at his wife.

“No… I can think of far more fun stuff to do.” She kept her teasing smirk, placing her fingers on his chest, taping it.

A familiar voice came from behind them, “I don’t suppose you two can at least wait until you two are alone. I have to hear enough of it anytime the old man and I talk over the phone.”

“Ah Jørgen, how are you?” Olav said, turning around to face his ‘son’ with a bright smile on his lip. Even keeping it despite seeing Johanna standing right next to Jørgen. The Queen turned around giving a small annoyed look towards Jørgen for interrupting her.

“Ah, Wilhelmina, if I didn’t see your lovely dress I would have never known it was you. I would have just thought Olav was walking alongside some pensioner.” He said with a dangerously smug tone, knowing damn well he was playing with fire.

His girlfriend gave a joking tone as she spoke, “White hair, much older than you and would be problematic if you dated her. She does seem your type.” Johanna smirked, feeling more at ease despite the death stares she been receiving from most of the room.

Jørgen rolled his eyes, “We should see your little sister soon, I have a small issue I need to raise with her.”

“Just don’t try to date her as well now.” Wilhelmina said in a small teasing tone as she kept her angry look at Jørgen as she took a sip from her cocktail. She was very annoyed to be called old again. She was only fifty! Yes that is a lot by kemonomimi standards but still!

“Oh Eve is here? I’m a bit surprised to hear that, is the CEO of Cirivel’s Designs here as well?” Olav asked, giving the two Valkyrs a curious glance.

Johanna only gave a deep, pained sigh. “He’s talking about the stupid conspiracy.”

Wilhelmina let out a small chuckle hearing the pained sigh from Johanna. “The conspiracy about Pierre being her younger sister.” She clarified for her husband.

“Ah.” The king said, nodding his head, still a bit confused about how that conspiracy came to be. “Wasn’t that conspiracy debunked years ago? No one believes in it nowadays right?”

Johanna crossed her arms and gave a death stare at Jørgen, who looked extra guilty. “Okay, maybe not everyone. At least based on a small survey done in Vakrestrender.”

“How many?” Olav asked with a small smirk on his face as he looked at the Jarl.

“How about 77% believes it to be completely true not counting the religious elements. Only about 8% disbelieves in it all together.” Jørgen gave a smile back to Olav.

“Why is that Jørgen, explain why so many people believe in it.” Johanna said in a cold, frozen but angry voice.

“I might have sponsored it as an anime that ran for five seasons. I want to clarify, I did that before I started dating or even met Johanna.” He gave a look around the room trying to find his trusted bodyguard Yuri. “Honestly, I never thought it would come up again. Well outside of the times I get letters from the Federation’s government about it.” He gave a concerned chuckle.

“Oh what’s the name of the anime? Perhaps me and Olav could watc-” Wilhelmina started saying before being interrupted by her husband.

“No.” He said letting out a sigh. “Five seasons? Really?”

“The movie is premiering today as well, alongside your two own anime. I rented out a theater here for a double feature.” He gave a smile, he didn’t tell Johanna about this. Only after the party, he had to attend a movie showing.

Johanna was above average angry at him and her face showed it. “You… Made a movie?”

“It was already in production before we started dating.” He said in a sly tone.

“Why didn’t you stop it?”

“Movie cost a small fortune, we hired an all-star voice acting cast. To really captur-” He was interrupted by his angry girlfriend.

“I’m sorry, you hired people to copy my voice?” She tilted her head at him.

“Have I told you that I love you deeply?” Jørgen gave a moderately scared tone, stepping away from his girlfriend. However he quickly produced two tickets, handing them to Wilhelmina, “Love to see you there, I have to get these to the Federal Prime Minister before…” He looks at Johanna, her face ready to kill him.

“You are also inviting Jeanne?” Her tone rose in anger.

“Call it a family reunion.” Jørgen raised his hands in the air, giving a look towards Olav to save him.

Olav was about to speak up in defense of Jørgen but he was being dragged away by Wilhelmina. With her giving a mischievous grin towards Jørgen. "Oh, thank you, Jørgen!” She said with a smile showing off the tickets. “I am sure we will have a lot of fun watching the movies! I am sure Johanna will sound amazing in hers!” The king gave an apologetic look towards the Jarl as he was dragged away. “We have other guests to meet but we’ll talk to you two later.” The Queen kept grin as the two walked away from the pair.

Johanna cornered Jørgen into a corner, the Jarl looking over at Olav. His big blue eyes are desperate for Olav to save him. He thought Jeanne was going to be the worst one here being a bloody socialist. However she hasn’t even opened her envelope with the movie tickets in it yet, at least he thinks so as he sees the damn socialist and her wife walk up the stairs over to him.

The King just gave him a small wave leaving the Jarl to his own fate with a pissed off girlfriend and an extremely angry looking Pierre. Actually angry, not just her unfortunate condition but he could see Jeanne Pierre being furious while her wife was trying to calm her down.

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Jørgen was happy just to be alive, it appears his gift was not taken very well by his girlfriend nor the leader of the Federation. If it was not for Yuri coming in and saving him. He’s not sure he would have survived to tell the tale. His bodyguard already slipped back into the shadows as quickly as appeared before. He fixed his tie, leaning back against a wall and giving a sigh of relief thanking the spirits for the massive Ursine who always could save him when he accidentally invokes the wrath of the sisters.

“Well, it is a pleasure meeting you here.” A voice said next to the Jarl. In which when the elf turned to look towards that direction to see none other than a fellow elf, dressed in an expensive green dress suit. One which the Jarl noticed to quite clearly belong to Nyveldian Eagle, a major fashion company that he might have been interested in buying one of these days. “It’s been a while, your majesty.” The red haired elf said a small teasing smile on his lips holding a wine glass in his right hand.

“Oh, Erik! It has been a long time.” Jørgen gave a warm voice, reaching out his hand to give a handshake rather than a Akuan greeting. “It’s good to see my fellow businessman behind socialist lines with me.” The jarl smirked, suppressing his initial response to seeing the elven man. “If you forgive me, but I hope your brother isn’t here as well…” His tone shifted to be a bit weaker at the mention of Ragnar.

Erik raised an eyebrow at the hand before grabbing it, only to pull it up to his lips giving it a soft kiss before letting it go. “Well being in such a socialist nation is always more pleasurable with beautiful people like you here~” He said, giving the jarl a charming smile. “My brother is running late, same with my mother as well. Though I will ensure he doesn’t bother you, I have talked to him to lower his rhetoric against LGBTQ+ community.”

The elven royal gave a soft blush, looking away for a few moments before turning his attention back towards him. “Ah, I have to thank you for that then.” He returns with a warm smile towards him, though a concerned look in his eyes. “After his minor outburst towards me at Olav’s anniversary, I have been more and more concerned with Nyveldet. If he’s willing to do that to me, in the middle of one of the most secured events in the world. Then I am concerned about what else he is willing to do.”

“Well if it makes you feel better, he tried but failed. His attempt to ban gay marriage has met such a major legal hurdle that he is forced to roll back on it.” Erik said being satisfied with earning himself a blush from the Jarl, taking a sip from his glass before he continued on. “Plus the economic difficulties brought upon loss of investments from the Bjørn Trust and the Farmer Protests has put my poor brother in a corner. He is powerful to a certain degree, but he needs votes. Nyveldian society is pretty conservative trust me on that, but when push comes to shove… Money is what makes the world go around.”

He gives a fake yawn, resting his hand on his mouth. “Oh, wow, politics is so interesting.” He was about to make another joke and apologize but Erik spoke up first.

“You know being somewhat knowledgeable about politics might help if you are concerned about what else my brother might do?” Erik said, holding a small teasing smirk before giving him an almost seductive look. “Of course… That is unless you want to do something else that is… more interesting~” The red haired elf took a sip from his wine while keeping eye contact with the Jarl.

He covered his mouth with his hand, looking once again in his small blushing state. He might have always been a little weak when it came to Erik’s flirtatious personality. “Um, more interesting um. Ah, w-well, so I bought this new company in Hvaloaszna, it makes… Something.” His mind goes blank for a few moments,”O-oh they make coffee, yes coffee.”

Erik kept his seductive charming smile as he heard the Jarl’s stutter, a sound he remembers quite fondly. He placed his left hand on the wall, right next to Jarl’s head as he looked down at the white haired elf. His sleeves had been rolled up a little to show off his wrists. “While that is interesting I can come up with something far far more interesting, my little jewel~” He whispered so that only the Jarl could hear him.

He almost completely fall apart at that all together, “I-I um, I have a girlfriend now. S-she is not quite understanding of um… Well ah, you probably heard of her by now and like you know how…” He takes his white gloved hands to fix his tie, “So yeah…” He’s feeling just like how he used to be when around him, as if he went back in time to when he was much younger.

“She doesn’t need to know~” Erik said in a low husky tone being about to reach down with his hand to caress the Jarl’s cheek only for a cough behind him to interrupt it all. Which he sighed to turn around to greet the person behind him.

“May I ask what you’re talking with my boyfriend about?” Johanna said, having a hand on her hip giving an icy cold glare at the businessman.

“Oh, nothing much Miss Sverdrup! His highness was only discussing with me about his recent purchase in Hvaloaszna!” The red haired elf said in a friendly tone shifting his attitude in an almost scary way as he placed a hand on Jørgen’s shoulder. Acting like he was just an old friend that didn’t just flirt with the Jarl. “I must say, you’re an lucky lady to get such a-”

“Enough. Jørgen, explain what you two talked about.” Johanna said interrupting the red haired businessman keeping a cold glare on him.

If he wasn’t already in the dog house, this would most certainly shove him into it. He looked at her with a knowing look, a deeply concerned one. “Oh um. I-I we was uh.” He scratched the back of his head, he tried to step away from Erik but his hand kept firm onto his shoulder.

“We was just talking about this great coffee company from Hvaloasz-” The red haired elf tried to say but was once more interrupted by the white haired lady, this time not by words and more by action as Sverdrup shoved him away from Jørgen. Erik only being just able to ensure he didn’t fall nor spill his wine on himself. This shirt was far too expensive to get wine stains on it. He gave a surprise then annoyed look at Johanna as she placed a possessive hand on the Jarl’s chest as she stepped in between.

“Well next time, it will be when I’m here. Understood?” She gave a cold angry look at Erik. She knew perfectly well who this man was, a savvy businessman from Nyveldet sure, one of Nyveldet’s most powerful men. But more importantly, a man who is known to flirt and fool around with anyone that suits him. “We do not need another one from your family to create scandals, Mister Torsteinson.” Her words promptly shut down the red haired elf as he took a sip from his wine glass in silence.

Johanna wrapped her hand around Jørgen’s waist, pulling over towards him like he was just a lost puppy. He wisely decided not to speak up, only awkwardly shuffling as he was grabbed by his girlfriend in her possessive stance. He is certain that some Akuan customs, she will just simply be allowed nor will she partake in. He only kept his head low enough just incase Erik threw his glass at her or if Johanna decided to throw a punch.

With Erik yet to speak up Johanna decided to pull Jørgen away from the businessman, though while doing so he finally spoke up. “I’ll keep my brother away from you Jørgen, but my mother will want a word.” The red haired elf said with a serious tone before finishing his glass.

“Ah, that can be arranged, I have been wanting to ask her about her new child. Well, your new brother and I figured she would want to talk about business anyway.” He said far more confident with his girlfriend holding onto him and being at his side.

“Somewhat business, it more boring politics if anything.” Erik teased as the Valkyr couple walked away. He could only shake his head at the interaction. Thinking only about one thing
‘Who knew that Johanna was an Hjørdist?’

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(Joint post with Cowlass and Jess)

Johan took a sip from his wine glass, standing next to his darling but bit dangerous girlfriend who had kept hawk-like eyes on any girl who approached the pair. “You know none of them would actually attempt anything while you’re here. Right?” The Prince said a small teasing smile on his lips as he glanced at his girlfriend.

“You say that but the harlots are everywhere.” Marie-Noëlle carefully eyed a nearby maid, staring the frightened kemonomimi down until they left the room. Hand resting on her hilt of her rapier.

“Look there are important people here, you can’t threaten to stab anyone you’d like.” Johan said a bit more seriously this time as he looked at her, placing his hand on Marie’s. Rubbing it comfortingly while also ensuring she won’t try to unsheath it. “For me, just… Relax. Okay?”

“I stabbed important people before. What makes this time any different?” She rolls her eyes, however does provide her promisees with some comfort by letting go of her rapier. “You’re adorable when you are frightened.” She gives a soft smile towards him.

“Because you’d ruin my mother’s celebration. If you promise to not stab anyone I will promise to do anything you want. There was that theater play you wanted to watch after all.” He said smiling warmly trying his best to calm her down.

“Fine, fine. I promise I won’t run through someone for them not understanding basic noble protocol.” She gives a sigh, looking at him with a soft smirk. “Besides, we both know you were going to that play with me regardless, but if this puts you at ease.”

He rolled his eyes but gave Marie a gentle kiss on her cheek. “Thank you sweetie.” He said in a warm gentle tone as he placed an arm around her waist having her close to him.

Dressed in the finest of Aaliyah Bakir’s designs, Emira Scheherazade was visiting the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina. After all, shouldn’t she return the favor after some of the Norsgveltian royal family visited her coronation?

Her dress was not appropriate for someone of such a high standing, in most people’s standards. Tight dress, high slit, and very low neckline made her look like a common harlot, but no, she was the leader of a monarchy.

She was simply roaming the room, hoping someone would interact with her and get her out of this bored brain-dead trance she’s been in.

The Norgsveltian Prince took a sip from his wine glass before his eyes widened a little bit seeing the Sayqidi Emira in a dress that to say least he was not expecting a Royal in this party to wear. “If she approaches us, act nicely.” Johan whispered to his girlfriend. As he ensured his white mask was on tightly.

“Its the harlot…” Marie stare holes into the wench, but she kept her calm otherwise. After that marathon of watching that damnable show and now seeing her in person. It filled her with anger for someone so careless with their royal duties and responsibilities.

Hera approached the couple, “Hey~” she giggled.

“Your majesty, I hope your trip went well? Lapérouse is quite far away from West Gondwana, so I hope the journey was not too much of an issue?” Johan spoke fluently but still accepted Codexian.

Marie’s dangerous stare turned towards her promisees. Why was he speaking in that awful nonsensical language instead of the proper language of Frakanic? She squeezed his hand a little too hard. Both for speaking to a woman without her introducing them first, which already was pushing the limits of her tolerance of this godless progressive culture that it seems everyone has nowadays and for speaking in an unbefitting language for him.

“She doesn’t speak Frakanic, calm down.” Johan whispered to Marie winching a bit in pain. Speaking up again. “This is my girlfriend, Princess Marie-Noëlle of Normand. She only understand Frakanic so I’ll be acting as a translator in this.”

“It’s a pleasure meeting you, Princess Marie-Noëlle,” Hera smiled and did a slight curtsy. “You do look lovely tonight if I do say so myself.”

The Norgsveltian Prince kept a polite smile despite the harsh squeezing of his hand earlier, translating for his darling girlfriend.

She lessing her grip on her rather flirtatious promisees of a partner. She stared at her, angrily, mostly for the lack of formality with her introduction and the other was just already disliking her after her twin and herself watching that show. “I am Princess Marie-Noëlle, first in line to the Frida dynasty, first in line to inherit the Jarldom of Normand of Lapérouse and this is Prince Johan of Norgsveldet and Grand Prince of Haakondal. Serving as the Crown Realm’s Royal Protector of the Valoasan province. Fourth in line to the throne behind Matriarch Ingrid, High Jarlnja Alexandra and High Jarlnja Joan.”

The Prince translated what his girlfriend said feeling it a bit unnecessary to go into such a long introduction but did so anyway. He did not want to cause Marie more anger than she likely already feeling.

“It’s a pleasure. And if we’re doing long introductions, I’m Amira Rabia Scheherazade Jalalyan ibnat Hassan Al Sayyed, Amira of Sayyed and Sheikha of Atasiyah, Padishahbanu and Queen of Queens.” Hera smiled. “In other terms, I’m the Emira, or as you say it, Queen, of Sayyed,”
Johan took a small moment translating all of that being carefully in the pronunciation of the Emira’s several names. Being also careful to omit the part of being Queen of Queens. Not out of disrespect but he fully knew that members of Frida Dynasty, especially Marie, took such a prestigious title with extreme high reverence.

“None of those names mean anything to me.” She whispered to the Prince. She stared back at Hera, “It isn’t long introduction, it is a proper introduction for royals when they meet.” She kept a cold, frozen tone. Though it was ruined by a strain of her pink hair swaying between the fearless kemonomimi eyes. Forcing her to push the runaway hair back behind her ear.

“In fairness the same likely goes both ways.” Johan whispered back, taking a sip from his glance before he translated for her once more. Though changing it to a more polite way. “Well it is only proper for royals to give a full introduction.”

“That is fair,” Hera smiled, looking at Johan. “But it’s not the same in Sayyed.” She said before turning to Marie. “I apologize if the way we do things seem inferior to yours. We sit on pillows on the floor and eat with our hands. We don’t introduce ourselves by our full name unless we’re not the ones introducing ourselves.” Hera sighed. “But that doesn’t matter,” she smiled. “What matters is that we respect one another, correct?”

Johan still smiled politely towards the Emira but internally sighed as he knew there was little way to really sugarcoat it for his girlfriend. As he translated it to his girlfriend he then whispered into her ear. “Please for me, do not react harshly.”

She reacted harshly to the little whining coward, running around in a dress without a bloody sword. What sort of Akuan, backwards thinking, inferior would even bother coming to a party half dress, and Marie isn’t just talking about the lack of sword. “Well I be forced to agree, that the way you do things are completely inferior, so inferior that you have to include several partners into your life to full the void of the lack of basic morality and decency one should have.”

The Prince took a heavy sip from his wine glass. As he tried his utter best to water it down. Muttering a small “sorry” before he translated the water down version. “She is saying, I have to agree that in certain ways it’s not up to the same standards as I’m used to. Including you coming from a culture where having several partners is acceptable. Which I find highly immoral and indecent.”

Hera nodded, “I do agree that it can be seen as immoral to have multiple partners, however, in Sayyed, it’s only acceptable if all parties consent to it. But I’m not here to talk about the morality of polygamy.”

Johan gave a gentle look towards Marie as he whispered. “Just…. try to be understanding. Even if its hard.” He let out a tired sigh as he translated to Marie what Hera had just said.

Marie calmly, and steadily swiped the drink from Prince Johan’s hands. Taking a very long sip of it herself. Whispering back to him, “You should slow down your drinking anyway.” Then looking back at the harlot, “Tell her that the Hel will judge her in the end.”

The Prince took a moment to gather his thoughts before speaking in Codexian. “She is saying to find a different topic to talk about.” He kept a weak but polite smile on his face.

“I’ve been meaning to say something-” Hera smiled. “I was wondering if, if you are aware, you could give some personal funds to donate to the cause in the Khonmani and Aparapat? There are tons of refugees who need help and we need all hands on deck. Even a single dirham could go a long way.”x

“She is asking if we are up to donating to the refugees needing help in Khonmani and Aparapat. I think we should do it, at least if not directly we could help in paying attention to it.” He whispered in Frakanic to Marie.

She whispered back to him in a hushed tone, “If she wants money then she should go see Jarlnja Ava Bjørn about it. Charity isn’t for the heathens, that is Akuanist nonsense.”

Johan winced hearing that comment, feeling personally bad hearing her dead-name Jørgen. “She said that currently money is being spent on preparing for two weddings that her family is planning, with the rest being rather spent on charity for Ulvriktru foundations.” He gave the Emira an apologetic look before he continued on. “You can hear with Jørgen Bjørn, the Jarl of Vakrestrender for help. You could also talk with my parents, my mother is often active in matters of charity.”

“That would be lovely, thank you,” Hera smiled as she took a sip of wine. “But, politics aside…would any of your nation’s top designers be interested in Al Salarqa fashion week?”

The Prince misses his own wine glass but keeps his mouth shut about that topic instead translating what the Emira said.

“There is nothing I am less interested in than a bastardization of Lapérousian culture. We suffered enough with how common our masks are given out.” She takes another sip, and gives it back to her prince.

Johan took a sip from the glass before he translated. “She is saying that; I’m quite protective of my nation’s culture so I will have to say I’m not interested.” He says in Codexian ensuring he has a polite charming smile as he speaks on his own behalf. “If you want some Norgsveltian top designers to be interested in the fashion week, then I am certain Erik Torsteinson and once again Jørgen Bjørn would love to entertain the idea.”

“Alright,” Hera smiled. “Thank you.”

“It is just to ask one of the servants and I’m certain they’ll guide you to Jørgen. I think he might be talking with my mother right now, so you can give your congratulations to her.” He said in a kind tone before whispering to Marie. “Before you panic, I’m trying to get her to interact with other people in this party.”

“I never panic.” She shakes her head, “Also, I can recognize that confused woman’s silly name. Do we need to have a talk about Ava?” She raises an eyebrow at him as she whispers back.

“It was a pleasure talking with you, your majesty.” He said bowing his head towards Hera completely ignoring Marie’s comments.

“Indeed it was~” Hera giggled. “Perhaps I’ll see you soon~” she smirked before making her way out.

She stares holes into the back of the idiot’s head, hand rest on her rapier debating if it would be worth running her through. “If there wasn’t any witness…” She muttered under her breath.

The Prince just sighed before muttering in Norgsveltian “I’m going to need more wine…”