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Military Downsizing to go into Effect

[justify]Eleçeron - The Popular Assembly has voted to commence budgetary restructuring of the Royal Corric Defense Forces, as recommended by a study concluded last month by the FDCR General Staff and the Ministry of Armed Services Bureau of Procurement. The BoP has recommended that the Assembly reprioritize levels of funding to certain departments, based on current military doctrine and defensive needs. The vote, which passed the House of the Populace 186 to 34 and the House of the Nobility 143 to 57, will downsize the Office of Amphibious Operations the most, followed by the Office of Strategic Air Projection and the Office of Infantry Operations. Various other departments will be adjusted according to the recommendations of the study. [/justify]

[justify]According to an Armada spokesperson, the Office of Amphibious Operations will be divesting itself of all vessels and shifting to a tactical and strategic advisement role. Those officers and crew serving aboard the vessels will provide their expertise in amphibious landings in planning ways to counter such attacks on Corric soil. The amphibious fleet, already feeling the 2019 loss of two Garza-class vessels to Cryria, will be selling one Pelicáno-class tank landing ship to Älemsi Negdel and converting the other into a multi-use logistics ship. The six Pinguíno-class landing craft will be moved to reserve until the government can decide on whether to sell or scrap them.[/justify]

[justify]The Office of Strategic Air Projection and the Office of Infantry Operations will be consolidating their current forces. It has been proposed to restructure the Armed Legions current structure to create fewer, but larger, regiments. The already-limited strategic bombing capability of the Air Cavalry will be entirely removed, with the BoP citing a lack of domestic industry capable of keeping pace with contemporary bombers elsewhere in the world. The Air Cavalry will move personnel to ground-attack squadrons and looks to acquire new interceptor aircraft to further enhance their ability to deal with hostile aircraft. [/justify]

Antoran Union of Journalists
Corric Daily Post
Codexian Print                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            12 November 2021

Casilló y Réal Joins League of Novaris

Eleçeron - Today the office of the Esteemed Prime Minister confirmed that the League of Novaris has welcomed the nation into their ranks as a full voting member. Prime Minister Orellana held a special session of both houses of the Popular Assembly yesterday, 11 November, to announce the negotiations had succeeded and that Casilló y Réal was finally a contributing member of the community organization. The news has been received positively by most Representatives, though members of the Antoran People’s Caucus went on record to state they were boycotting their duties in protest. The Honorable Minister of the Assembly took the stand after the Prime Minister to remark upon the Leage admission as positive, and to suspend the members of the APC who expressed their opposition; citing the Second Constitution’s Section 17 as giving him the power to do so in the face of “gross negligence and obstruction of properly representing constituencies by dereliction of duties” on the part of the Representatives.

The entry of the nation into the League has been a point of contention for many administrations. Prime Minister Orellana was elected to her positions in the House of the Populace and the Prime Ministership on a platform of integrating Casilló y Réal into the Novaris community, which had been tried but never fully succeeded in the past. The Antoran People’s Caucus, meanwhile, exists as a minority platform of ultra-nationalism and isolationism, and had vocally opposed the measure to join the League when it went to a vote last year.

In a televised statement by His Grace, King Sebastián the Second, the King congratulated the Prime Minister and the Popular Assembly for succeeding in bringing the Corric people into closer relations with other nations in Novaris. His Grace, referring to his father King Benito Ares, declared that a half-century of progressive Corric foreign policy has culminated in this achievement. He stressed, however, that the people must keep making their voices heard for him and the government to act on, and that however the nation proceeds, it is up to the voters to decide. The King finished his statement by declaring that the Popular Assembly had agreed to issue a temporary holiday for Monday, 15 November 2021, such that the day will not be a required work day and all those citizens who report to work by necessity will receive double pay, subsidized from the Royal Purse.

Antoran Union of Journalists
Corric Daily Post

Government Condemns Alkseara Church Crisis

Málama - The esteemed Prime Minister and First Minister of Diplomacy released a joint statement today concerning their thoughts on the recent crisis within Alkseara and the governments response to it. The statement, presented as official government commentary, was televised live on APTE network due to the rapidly developing nature of the events. First Minister Goméz spoke via remote uplink from his office:

“The actions of the Xaethos Church have proceeded in a direction counter to common sense, to human rights, to dignity, and to international diplomacy. While I must stress I bear the individuals who practice the faith no ill will, it is apparent to myself and the rest of the Royal Cabinet that the current structure of the church hierarchy does not operate with regard to the rights and dignities of the citizens of Alksearia, or indeed the citizens of any nation. To attempt declaration of a new nation-state in this manner risks not only a fracturing of the Alkseara people, it threatens to destabilize the entire central Arcturia region, up to and including a regional or global conflict. I declare that as the First Minister of Diplomacy, that the actions of the Archbishop of the Xaethos church are a pattern of behavior I have seen all to often in my foreign affairs work. The Archbishop, risking civil war and the destruction of the cooperative society of the Alkseara nation over the personal relations of two individuals, is in my eyes attempting to create an authoritarian, repressive, and frankly fascistic state of religious dominion without regard for the spiritual, social, or reputational well-being of those she claims to represent.”

Prime Minister Orellana, speaking directly after the First Minister from the Royal Convocation Hall, at the right of the Orange Throne, elaborated on the policy steps that the government would be taking in the near future. She also expressed her support and endorsement of First Minister Goméz’ statement.

"Upon independent review of the situation in Alksearia, and with the consultation of the most respected and experienced political legal experts in the nation, the Royal Cabinet and Popular Assembly have both agreed that the actions of the Xaethos Church appear against international and domestic Alkseara law. Therefore in accordance with Section 29, Article Four of the Second Corric Constitution, which states government of the Corric people will ‘give no succor nor support, no endorsement nor aid, no relief nor reconciliation upon the bodies of law and governance of any foreign land that seek to divide, destroy, degrade, subvert, or harm the quality of life, the livelihoods, the lives, or the political system that protects all the former, of the citizens of their land, through the employment of religious doctrine, belief, creed, office, or institution,’ the Popular Assembly has voted in both Houses to officially condemn the alleged entity that may be known as the Theocratic Kingdom of Alksearia, and to offer the government headed by Queen Dorothea and Prime Minister Roland Jerome the recognition as the right, honorable, and legitimate governing body representative of the Alkseara people and national sovereignty. The Corric government will hereafter in all official communications on the subject refer to those in Alksearia taking the side of the Xaethos Church as the ‘Rhean Fundamentalists.’

This situation is understandably distressing to many Corric citizens for many reasons, so I will take this time to personally assure this nation will not enter into this crisis in a military manner. We have maintained military neutrality for nearly a century, and have the will of the people for keeping it this way. While the Popular Assembly and Royal Cabinet are both working on punitive economic and diplomatic measures to hopefully help resolve the crisis before any outbreak of hostilities, both are committed to not sending any servicemembers of the Royal Corric Defense Forces to the area if it indeed descends into open conflict. As always, these measures are with the blessing of His Grace the King, and the will of the citizens of this great nation. It is the hope of all of us a solution favorable to honor and chivalry be found."

Notably mentioned in the Prime Minister’s portion of the statement is that the governments measures are taking place with the assent of His Grace King Sebastián II. The King has not issued a statement nor made a public appearance to comment on the Alkseara matter, leading some to speculate on whether he endorsed the actions of the Xaethos Church or not. This Friday the monthly Royal Siesta is scheduled, which may provide an opportunity for His Grace to speak his thoughts candidly.

Antoran Union of Journalists

Corric Daily Post

The King Supports Dorothea

Porta Tranquíla - His Grace the King, speaking to members of the public today at the monthly Royal Siesta, responded to a question concerning the recent Alksearia crisis by expressing his support for the Alksearan Queen Dorothea, and praising the Corric government’s response so far.

King Sebastián II granted the floor to Ilsa Gloria Nuñez, 56 of Luz, in the course of the dialog. Señora Nuñez asked him:

“Your Grace, what are your thoughts on the current issues in Alksearia? The Assembly and Prime Minister and the Cabinet have all been very vocal about things and how we as a country are going to respond to it. My son showed me on the internet the other day, that the League has also made some decisions on the matter. Many of my neighbors and friends called our Representative before the Assembly vote, but, well, my family has always been more conservative about these things. Do you have any insight or advice for people like me and my family, or really any citizen who isn’t so up-to-date on the issue?”

His Grace the King took several minutes to consider his reply, appearing visibly thoughtful. This, in turn, appeared to concern Señora Nuñez, which prompted His Grace to move from his seat to remark something to her. While unrecorded by our journalists, His Grace did prompt Señora Nuñez to laugh. The King shook her hand and smiled before returning to his seat. He then responded to the question:

"Good of you to ask that, Señora. It has been quite a troubling thing, I assure all of you, within the Cabinet and Assembly. For such a thing to happen is unprecedented. I like, diplomacy. Please do not misunderstand what I am about to say, because I have met many interesting and worthy people in my time, even before I wore the crown. There are many great individuals in the world, each bringing something special to the life of those around them. These people can come from all walks of life, all perspectives and species, and of course, all religions.

That being said, the way things work in Alksearia is, to be honest with all of you, not in the least bit confusing, and as we have seen, quite dangerous. Perhaps, over the weekend, the Cabinet and my other advisors can more fully explain the nuances to me. But as it stands, today, there can be no denying that the political, social, and religious climate in that nation is volatile. Too volatile, in my view, to involve our government past the stage we are currently at. We have, on our own, issued great sweeping sanctions and embargoes against the Xaethos Church. We have, as part of the League of Novaris, declared that religious institution as a non-entity in the eyes of our government until such a time the Archbishop is no longer an issue, and moved to seize any of its assets we have jurisdiction over. But, circling back to your point, Señora, there’s really not much more we can do.

So I’d like to tell everyone here and everyone listening, or reading, of course, that the cornerstone of my belief, my faith, is love. It’s that simple. No matter what you believe in a, spiritual sense, no matter if you are Ademarist, or Deusist, or Xaethosi, and no matter what your clergy teach, it’s my view that without love and acceptance, there’s really no point in faith. Organized, state-integrated religion - eh, it’s not my view that it’s necessary. We have a lot of Deus-related tradition and ceremony here in Antora, of course, but you’re not electing priests. Religion, it’s not a guiding part of the government here. But, for some, it is, and I wholeheartedly respect that. We’ve had great relations with nations you could describe as theocracies, and that’s because their religion is respectful and caring and their leaders reflect that.

Now, in this case of what you’re asking about, for a schism of this political severity, for a self-proclaimed queen to want to declare some kind of crusade, all over the relationship of two people that really has nothing to do with her at all, this falls outside of what I think is acceptable. In my personal, individual, divorced-from-statesmanship opinion, I think that what Rhea has done is the sign of some serious mental illness, or delusion, or sort of petty revenge gone out of control. I don’t have the answers for why, because as far as I can study the scripture, the actions of the Church seem rooted in prejudice rather than actual doctrine or interpretation. At the end of the day, everyone, it seems to me that Dorothea hasn’t done anything wrong, and neither have her ambassadors. The poor girls, to go through this. Already it’s only a year since Dorothea lost her father, to go through war and loss so young…it does make me feel quite sad for the young woman. I want everyone to know that in matters personal I give her my respects and a big ‘thumbs up.’

Ah, I’ve gone over time a bit it seems. To wrap up, Señora, all I can say is that while I’m not your priest and I’m certain I don’t have the authority of one, religion without tolerance and love is useless, and risks destroying everything, as we can see in Alksearia. I’m very grateful to have such an outstanding Cabinet and Prime Minister for their work on this matter, and I appreciate the Assembly for likewise being so prompt. As we stand now, it’s a waiting game to see how things develop."

His Grace concluded his remarks by handing off the microphone to a Royal Guardsman, who then announced the number of the next member of the public allowed to speak.

This is The King’s two-hundred and forty-third Royal Siesta since he began the event in 2009 to give the public more accessibility to airing concerns to the Crown. As is tradition, each month the event is held in a different city across the country, and involved one-hundred residents of the surrounding area. Citizens can apply via essay to be selected for ninety of the positions, while the last ten are awarded via lottery. Attendees are of course screened by the Royal Corric Guard before admittance and may ask one question of The King. His Grace uses this time to get to know citizens and understand their day-to-day issues and points of view, expressing that ‘the value in different perspectives is the difference between a rich and poor monarch.’ This is the only public forum of its kind in Corric history and allows His Grace to avoid using the Royal Proclaimations when in conversation while still in an official capacity. This allows him to speak as an individual and not refer to himself using ‘We’ or ‘Us.’

Antoran Union of Journalists
National Defense Enquirer
Codexian Print - 2 December 2021


Porta Armada - The Royal Corric Armada today, in cooperation with the Ministry of Armed Services’ Bureau of Procurement, released a statement that it has reached an agreement with a private buyer to purchase the Pinguíno-class landing craft that were moved to reserve last month. The six craft, each of which cost an estimated $12 million, will be purchased at a lump sum of $60 million. BoP officials assured journalists that this sum represents market value of the units according to wear and tear and other depreciation. The buyer, who was only described as a ‘public sector interest group,’ will take delivery of the Pinguínos next week.

Pinguíno-class landing craft have served as the Armada’s primary littorial amphibious assault craft for close to four decades. Able to carry four tanks, six trucks, or eight smaller mobility vehicles, and with a crew of seven, the craft are well suited to the transport of vehicles, cargo, and platoon-sized troop units through rivers and from ship to shore. The lack of any large vessels in the Armada to accommodate them, however, has limited their usefulness. The craft can only be transported long distances by being loaded onto the deck of a Gracia or Pelicáno-class ship, a lengthy process not suited to amphibious assaults.

The BoP conducted a study on effectiveness of Corric military units in relation to budget and current doctrine, and found that the Office of Amphibious Operations wasted the most taxpayer funds for the benefits received in return. Current Defense Forces doctrine does not count offensive amphibious operations as high importance or feasibility, focusing mostly on defensive actions and interception of hostile forces. The FDCR General Staff concluded that the ships and equipment of the OAO would be sold and the personnel reassigned to a purely advisory role. Some critics of this move note that it has left a hole in the modern capabilities of the Armada, as well as having displaced the talents of several hundred capable sailors and officers. The General Staff has assured that every servicemember in the OAO will retain rank, pay, and privledges in their new positions.

Antoran Union of Journalists
Corric Daily Post
Codexian Print 4 December 2021

Air Cavalry Finalizes Decisions on Modernization

Descarai- Spokesmen for the Royal Corric Air Cavalry and the Royal Corric Defense Force’s Bureau of Procurement issued statements early this morning announcing that the nation would pursue economic deals with both Cryria and Volkia to provide new planes for the Air Cavalry. After several weeks of deliberation and three rounds of testing all proposed airframes, the BoP with authorize the purchase of 12 Ga-20M fighters and 36 Ga-36 interceptors from Volkia. The deal with further allow for the purchase of an additional 12 Ga-20M after a sufficent amount have been manufactured, and allow Galyorkin Aerospace to open branch facilities within the country to provide parts and ammunition. The BoP will negotiate a lease of 6 JAS-39E aircraft from Cryria for a period of 4 years with the option to purchase them at the end of the lease. This acquisition brings the number of combat aircraft in the Air Cavalry to 112, and if counting the trainer jets and potential future purchases, 136.

Captain Arturo Velaqui, speaking for the Air Cavalry, noted that the Ga-20M and JAS-39E performed within similar margins in test flights, and while the JAS-39E is more modern, it is nearly four times as expensive as the Ga-20M and does not possess the capability for supermaneuverability. The Ga-20M has the ability to perform extreme turns and maneuvers in a close-range combat environment, and this combined with the lower purchase and maintenance hour cost made it the more attractive option for the Air Cavalry. Captain Velaqui stressed that the decision rested on budgetary and doctrine constraints and is not a political statement, and that the JAS-39Es will be a valued asset for the most elite pilots to be assigned to.

These updates to the capability of the Air Cavalry come amidst sweeping measures in the military administrations to modernize equipment and more efficiently allocate budgetary spending. A large amount of the air fleet of the FDCR has not been replaced since the 1980s, and most fighters outside the light combat/trainer jets were built in the 1960s. The General Staff has assured the Daily Post that the Defense Forces will not lose their effective strength nor ability to defend the nation once all the reforms are in place. This is expected to be finalized in early 2022, with equipment procurement finished sometime later in the year.

Antoran Union of Journalists
Armada Herald
Codexian Print 6 December 2021

Food Smuggling Ring Uncovered?*
by Elena García

Porta Armada- I was in the shipping area of the Docks District today following a lead on illicit trafficking of Corric lumber by unlicensed woodcutting companies when a dockhand tipped me off to a developing story. The Merchant-Marine had apparently been amassing a stockpile of crates in one of the refrigerated warehouses for the past few weeks. The containers were standard, but their contents were specially-designed preservation boxes for sensitive materials, and the dock workers hadn’t been allowed to look inside by the government liaisons. This morning they just began moving them out to the staging areas. I immediately made my way over; no major trade shipments were due according to my manifest list and there had been no announcement by the government concerning anything like this. Needless to say, I was not disappointed by what I found.

Several government inspectors were making sure the contents of each crate were intact, at least from what I could tell. They didn’t have any indicators to say which Ministry they were from, but they were all curt professionals, no doubt about it. I made my way to one crate that had just finished inspection. The workers here have become familiar with me over the past few weeks of my investigations, so they seemed to be fine with letting me snoop and pretended to not see me. These boxes were the real deal; full preservation cooling, down to 1 degree C. They had shipping labels taped onto the lids; destined for a variety of Tavari cities. Tavaris, receiving unmarked refrigerated goods under the table from our own government? IF you’ve read my pieces before you know I had to find out what was inside.

I was able to pop a lid off and found an entire crate full of tomatoes. Freshly picked and frozen for transport. There were nearly two hundred in that one case alone, and there were maybe a hundred cases per crate. Probably more, since it wasn’t completely full. Twenty thousand tomatoes per shipping container, what looked like fifty containers in all? I have no way to know since I wasn’t able to get into the shipping warehouse, but that’s nearly a million tomatoes. Average that out at 14 million grams of produce, nearly twenty tons of tomatoes, being black-site shipped to a country on the other side of the continent. One of the cases I found had a note affixed to the top, which was even stranger.

“Zaram: Can’t figure out what else to send over besides toothbrushes. Budget didn’t cover major market problems. Sorry. Will make it up next time. Sebastián.”

I doubt the King wrote this letter, since I know of several Sebastián’s pretty high up in the government. But what sort of favor is this for ‘Zaram?’ What does he get out of this deal? Why aren’t toothbrushes acceptable? What market problems were there? I wasn’t about to question the suits; they’d probably throw me in jail. All I knew was that there were some backroom deals going on for fresh fruits and this needed just as much investigation as the lumber trafficking. Making my way out of the shipping area, I was already making notes for this piece. Stay tuned for what I uncover next.

*Editor’s Note: Ms. García was subsequently detained by the Royal Corric Guard shortly before publishing of this piece, which was allowed to go forwards with the stipulation that the government be allowed to state that the title is not indicative of the events described and that the Ministry of Diplomacy shall make a statement tomorrow addressing the issue.

Antoran Union of Journalists
Corric Daily Post
Codexian Print - 12 December 2021

Royal Representative to the League of Novaris Under Scrutiny

Porta Tranquíla - His Grace the King issued a statement last night indicating that the Royal Embajadora and Representative of the Corric Kingdom to the League of Novaris, Sir Julío Ezekiel de Zanpaí, would be temporarily recalled to His presence. His Grace expressed that the Count de Zanpaí needed to brief him on events at the League amidst several controversial voting sessions on the admission of the nation of Gamlevinland. Certain sources, however, speculate that the Count had overstepped or otherwise gone against Corric policy standards and was facing reprimand or dismissal.

According to anonymous government staffers domestically and at the League headquarters, the Count was involved in several heated debates over the course of the last two days and was the subject of back-and-forth threats between representatives from two League member nations, though specifics were not disclosed. Debate on the admission of admitting Gamlevinland to the League has been notably difficult, with many staff at the League offices saying that raised voices from the discussion chambers were quite noticable. Gamlevinland is an absolute monarchy in central Novaris that many have noted is dangerously close to open fascism as well as a constant reported site of sapient rights abuses. The admission of such a nation to any body the Corric Kingdom is a part of, per chivalric and policy tradition, should be fully and immediately opposed. Sources also told the Post that the Count was seen practicing sword forms in the League gardens after the adjournment of a contentious session. This is a common meditation exercise taught at fencing schools catering to the nobility. Historically, ambassadors to other nations and missions are free to perform their duties and are only publicly and directly recalled by the monarchy in case of their poor performance or national emergency.

There is no word on if the Count will be formally dismissed from his position, which would also involve him losing his knighthood if precedent would be followed. His Grace the King has not made any announcements whether he has any other diplomatic personnel in mind. Anonymous sources in the Royal Household, not permitted to speak with the press, have nonetheless indicated that the possibility of the Count being issued a Statement of Royal Reprimand was likely. For such a recent event as joining the League, the Corric Kingdom is ill-prepared to spend political capital to correct the missteps of its ambassadors, the sources said. More will likely develop after the weekend when government policy and staff changes are updated every Monday.

Antoran Union of Journalists
National Defense Enquirer
Codexian Print - 13 December 2021

Government to Review Further Arms Deals

Descarai- In a surprising move, the Royal Corric Defense Forces revealed they were pursuing additional exchanges of military materiel on matters thought already closed. The Ministry of Armed Services Bureau of Procurement released a partially-redacted document as part of an effort to make the military modernization program more transparent. Information gleaned from the document indicated that the RCDF had authorized the sale of the remaining L-60 Mantarayya and L-65 Tiburón fighter jets for a sum of $760 million. While the buyer remains classified, the funds gained from this sale allow the BoP to authorize further engagement with the Cryrian government. While the BoP ultimately chose to procure large numbers of aircraft from Volkia due to cost, a tentative deal was still struck with Cryria for the lease of 6 JAS-39E Gripen aircraft. The BoP will now attempt to directly purchase 6 more at a $70 million per unit, a decrease of $10 million. The government also indicated it planned to allow for facilities to be opened domestically by Cryrian companies to maintain the new aircraft.

These measures come in the midst of a large-scale modernization and cost-analysis program initiated last year by the BoP. The military is developing new armored vehicles and artillery, and is attempting to source replacements for its ageing small arms, aircraft, and naval vessels. Tavaris has already supplied two new destroyers to the Armada, and Axdel weapons to the Armed Legions. The proposed budget of $5 billion is already nearly spent. Government financial experts believe that it will take more trade agreements or some sort of miraculous windfall in order for the BoP to acquire enough funding to complete their proposed changes by the end of next year.

Increased political tensions with Gamlevinland and the instability in Alksearia, Suvania, and Tavaris have led to members of the Feudalist Front and the Royalists calling for an incease in military spending and an expansion of the Defense Forces mandates. Constitutional scholars and critics note that in order to achieve the proposed levels of military strength, at least three amendments would need to be made to the Second Constitution, a lengthy process that can only be circumvented by order of the Monarch. His Grace the King has publicly stated his preference for peaceful, nonviolent resolution of problems, and refuses to consider bringing back conscription or acquiring offensive bomber or missile systems. His Grace has discussed with the Popular Assembly the need for increased domestic security, however. The shifting budgetary priorities of the RCDF may yield results favorable to the militaristic members of the Assembly.

Antoran Union of Journalists
Public Enquirer
Codexian Print - 21 December 2021

International Forum Beyond Saving

Porta Tranquíla - In a statement to press this morning, esteemed First Minister of Diplomacy Goméz announced that the Corric Kingdom would be withdrawing their membership from the International Forum effective immediately. This move comes as a shock to many in the international business and diplomatic circles. Casilló y Réal was only recently admitted to the IF after a long period of waiting, with admission being one of the central campaign promises made by most esteemed Prime Minister Orellana. First Minister Goméz stated that the withdrawl comes after careful deliberation at the highest levels of Royal government, and that the International Forum has displayed “a lack of decorum, professionalism, idealism, fairness, or even interest in the global community” and that in the views of the Corric government, “an organization that claims to be an equal ground for all nations that operates as leaderless, directionless, exclusionary, and confused as the International Forum is beyond saving.” The First Minister is the only Royal Cabinet official to speak at length about the situation. The Prime Minister only released a short statement that the First Minister has her backing in this decision. Notably, the Royal Cabinet had not even dispatched representatives or ambassadors to the IF before the withdrawl, indicating the possibility of this decision being in the works for some time.

This situation comes amidst heated debate at the IF over the treatment of nations such as Gamlevinland, Packilvania, and Nystatiszna, two of which were denied admission to the Forum while the third was permitted to join. Loud, off-topic debates over various issues have been the norm at the General Council for over a month, and experts have suggested the lack of control over these sessions is exacerbating tensions. Last week Mexregiona also stated interest in withdrawing from the Forum with their President citing similar concerns over stability, authority, and professionalism.

Antoran Union of Journalists
Corric Daily Post
Codexian Print - 30/12/2021

Condemnation of Norgsveldet & UCA

Eleçeron- His Grace the King, Sebastián II, has issued a formal condemnation of the Imperial Realm of Norgsveldet and the Union of Commonwealth Alliances. Made with Royal Intent, the statement was delivered from the floor of the Assembly Halls in Eleçeron. It comes on the heels on the announcement the UCA would begin a military intervention into the Helslandr Civil War. His Grace’s statement declares that Norgsveldet and the UCA have acted outside their mandate and become the imperialistic power bloc that they were originally formed to oppose. His Grace also decries the familial relationships between the Norg royal family and authoritarian states.

"With the Power of Royal Intent, by those rights granted to Our Office and Family by the People, by the authority of the Crown, I declare that the Constitutional Corric Kingdom condemns wholeheartedly the militarist and imperialist interventionism of the Union of Commonwealth Alliances and their controlling state the Imperial Realm of Norgsveldet. The decision to send hundreds of thousands to troops abroad to fight in the Helslandr Civil War is blatantly neo-colonialist and cannot be ignored. The function of the Union of Commonwealth Alliances as stated is to defend member states against superpower blocs globally, yet time and time again through the direction of individuals such as Johanna Sverdup and Olav I have instead overstepped their acknowledged international mandates and worked in the imperialist and economic interests of Norgsveldet and other nations. Interventionalism is anathema to the Constitutional Corric Kingdom as enshrined in our Second Constitution and We view the relationship between Us and the Imperial Realm to be herefore strained. Both Houses of the Popular Assembly have signed proclaimations detailing to Us their concerns on the daughters of the house of Ymirdval have been made candidates to lead authoritarian and oppresive states including Helslandr and Nystatiszna. Indeed it is Our view that this abhorrent military deployment is simply to seat the already-Queen Consort of Nilovia at the head of whatever state emerges from the Helslandr Civil War. The Attack against Pledonia is regrettable and We send Our sympathies to all affected in that nation. But We also do not recognize this as an excuse for Helslandr to become yet another dependancy and puppet state of the Ymirdval dynasty.

As a consequence the Constitutional Corric Kingdom declares that all diplomatic missions to UCA member states participating in this military intervention are to become Royal Commissions with the express purpose of only communicating Our condemnation until such a time We feel that normal diplomatic measures can resume. Travel visa programs and trade will not be affected though measures will be taken accordingly if the Constitutional Corric Kingdom recieves reprisal for this action.  This action is not taken lightly, and it is with Our full disclosure We neither support nor endorse the actions taken by extremsists in Helslandr, but neither will We continue to ignore the actions of state extremeists in the neo-colonial UCA. We urge all UCA members to come to their senses and cease being bootheel material for what has become an untenably imperialistic and power-hungry threat to self determination and democratic resolution of social issues. You no longer keep the balance, you tip the scales. As the Monarch of this state, We no longer will remain quiet. It is the hope of this Assembly and Ourselves that someone will listen."

The only condemnation made with Royal Intent since 2001, this statement effectively freezes relations with Pledonia, Norgsveldet, Eyjarin, and other UCA nations contributing military support to the intervention. His Grace directed all questions about proportionate Corric response to the First Ministers of the Economies and the Armed Services, indicating that the government was exploring both financial and military options in case of UCA aggression. The most esteemed Prime Minister Orellana issued a statement to the Assembly after His Graces, detailing that this condemnation will not affect the Constitutional Corric Kingdom’s participation or stance within the League of Novaris, of which several UCA states are members.

Antoran Union of Journalists
Political News Journal
Codexian Print - 31 December 2021

Responses to Condemnation Strange, Mixed

Porta Tranquíla- The government and His Grace the King have recieved intense backlash over yesterday’s condemnation of the UCA and Norgsveldet. Both Tretrid and Durakia have withdrawn their embassies citing insult and sanctions. Notably the government has not issued any sanctions or embargoes on UCA states participating in the intervention in Helslandr, only a formal condemnation and a freeze on negotiating further diplomatic agreements. Elements of the Tavaris political scene have expressed their displeasure as well, in an individual capacity.

A member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke to the Journal this morning on condition of anonimity to address the international response:

"The fact that other countries are reacting as if we’ve sanctioned anybody is quite unusual. We haven’t enacted anything on anyone. No assets have been frozen, no goods taxed higher, nothing. Even in the speech yesterday His Grace made sure to say that wasn’t something that was happening. I suppose it’s possible for some of the international community to have a different definition and mechnaism on their end for condemnations. But the fact of the matter is that the Corric state hasn’t done anything on the economic front. If someone sanctions us, we are prepared to respond, of course, the same with military action. But we have absolutely no intention of throwing the first stone, as it were, we’re simply the ones with the megaphone shouting grievances.

I think it is very important to note, and you’ll see this in the official document releases next week on Monday, that we’ve turned the Royal Embassies in nations participating in this intervention into Royal Commissions. Also, important, much more important, is that only those UCA states that are seen as exceeding their mandate have had this happen. Tavaris is fine, as is Dvalheim and Vistaraland. They’ve sent less troops than the other states and it’s the governments - unofficial, of course - opinion that they’re just doing it to fulfil obligations. Pledonia also hasn’t had a Royal Commission order since they are quite obviously defending themselves. The other four, though, Norgsveldet, Nakosa, Eyjaia, Peragen, they’ve sent quite a few troops. Norgsveldet alone sent over a hundred thousand. They’ve got the Royal Commissions for the forseeable future.

Now, sorry, a Royal Commission is sort of a combination between an embassy and a protest. If a Royal Embassy gets turned into a Royal Commission, nothing happens in terms of staff or location. Everything physically there in that country stays the same. But it’s how it operates that is important. Royal Commissioners have, obviously, a Royal Commision document detailing their duties. These are very limited, compared to an ambassador, quite limited. They aren’t allowed to travel off the grounds of the Commission site unless it is to leave the country. They can’t host events at the site either, no summits or meetings or parties or conferences. Only small meetings from host country representatives and themselves. Mainly they’re there to recieve messages from the host country and pass along messages from our government. And they have much less power of negotiations. Normally Royal Ambassadors have the full weight and discretion of the King behind them, they’re what you call a plenipotentiary. But Royal Commissioners only have authority to negotiate on the King’s behalf about the matter on which the Royal Commission was established in the first place. In this case that’s the excessive number of troops in military interventions, the excessive number of military interventions themselves, as well as Norgsveldet allegedly using these conflicts to further their own power. The Commissioners can only sign treaties or agreements if they relate in some way to those issues. So while our trade and visa agreements are still in place with these countries, we can’t alter them or establish new ones until they agree to sit down and hammer something out about this UCA business."

The ministerial employee further spoke of the government response to the Tavari individual remarks. The External Affairs Minister for Tavaris, Endra Tivriš Žovradai, made several cutting remarks about the government’s stance on the UCA and disparaged His Grace the King in particular, although the statements were not official and were intended to be off the record.

“We all actually thought that was pretty good of the guy to say. It’s candid, it’s honest, it’s sensible. We got a chuckle out of it, to be quite honest. Everyone is never going to agree on diplomacy, least of all people who feel they’re being unfairly attacked. That, at least, was a more understandable reaction than the ones we got from Tretrid and Durakia about nonexistant sanctions. You know, insulting the monarch isn’t exctly great, and I’d like to have some words with mister Endra about chivalry and where he can learn some, but his reaction is genuine and it comes from caring about his nation. Can’t fault him for that.”

The offices of the Most Esteemed Prime Minister agreed to provide a statement to the Journal on this matter, saying that: “the actions of the Corric state reflect the concerns of her people, and while we find the words of Minister Žovradai concerning, we acknowledge their context as a private conversation that does not reflect the views of his government. I would like to personally convey that the Royal Cabinet found no fault in that situation and we have communicated to the Tavari Prime Minister we would find it pleasing if Minister Žovradai remained at his post.  The Ministers convictions and love for his country are evident and commendable. We feel that his representation of Tavaris is still honorable despite the language used. His Grace has stated he finds no insult in the Ministers words and would actually prefer to share a drink in respect.”

It remains to be seen what further international response will emerge from this situation. Notably both Packilvanian and the Morstaybishlian governments have expressed displeasure, and at time outright disagreement, with the actions of Norgsveldet. Most political critics point to the heavy-handedness and militant habits of the Norg Prime Minister Sverdup, who is credited by some with causing the complete collapse of the Rodenian and Puntalian governments and economies due to the scale of the UCA intervention there in 2020.

Antoran Union of Journalists
Corric Daily Post
Codexian Print - 2 January 2022

Quill Issues Press Release on Helslandr Situation

Pomesoria, Packilvania- In a rare statement to public news sources, Quill Defense Contractors, Inc. conveyed their opposition to the Corric government’s stance on the UCA intervention in Helslandr. Chief Brand Officer Victor Revnichov met with several international publications, including the Post, at the corporation’s headquarters in Packilvania to provide a press release and establish a stance on the intervention and reactions to it across the globe. According to Mr. Revnichov, the private security firm does not have sympathy or support for any terrorist activities and views the latest attack by extremists from Helslandr as “another in a long line of fools dooming their causes through the deaths of innocents.” The Quill CBO also detailed a seven-step plan that the company would be taking to increase security in their operational regions. Recently contracted by Gusanaszna for national defense and border protection, Quill will be stepping up their infrastructure and logistics in the Borea and northwest Yasteria to respond to potential terror threats and the spillover of interventionalist conflict.

Gabriel Demuiré, founder of Quill Defense Contractors, Inc., here photographed at the January 2nd conference

In a surprising appearance, Quill’s founder, majority shareholder, and Chairman of the Board Gabriel Demuiré attended the press conference and spoke on the official stance of his company and his own personal view on the situations that have developed surrounding Helslandr. Despite his Corric military service, the citizenship of many Quill employees, and the nation being the founding location for the corporation, Mr. Demuiré decried the stance that Casilló y Réal’s king Sebastián II has taken on the UCA intervention. Calling it a “misguided attempt to bring attention to an issue that should be better addressed in the International Forum,” Mr. Demuiré expressed that Quill would be filing a formal motion of protest to the Corric Popular Assembly and Royal Cabinet over the official condemnation of Norgsveldet and other nations sending troops to assist Pledonia. While the security firm would not be suspending any operations within Casilló y Réal’s borders, Mr. Demuiré said they would be “reviewing our options going forwards if the situation is not resolved.”

Addressing the UCA, the Quill founder expressed his sympathies to those affected by the Pledonia terror attack and the families of the UCA soldiers that will be dispatched. Basing his views off of his own military service and operating a private security company, Mr. Demuiré said that “all those who pick up a weapon must have intent. Some to harm, to protect. My heart goes with those who are ordered by their governments to fight and possibly die for a foreign land many have never set foot in. While the UCA’s decision to use overwhelming force is troubling, I applaud their resolve in protecting their own once again.”

Mr. Demuiré ended his remarks by saying that Quill would be willing to negotiate with Pledonia and the UCA to dispatch professional wetwork operatives to capture or kill Tirlid Kvirkdelen, largely regarded as the mastermind behind the instability and terror attacks in Helslandr for several years. The Quill operative teams are all “highly trained, exclusively special forces veterans, and equipped to standard with many national defense forces,” according to Mr. Demuiré, and would be able to minimize collateral damage and, in his words, “undue budgetary measures and loss of life on the part of UCA members.” He also detailed that his non-profit organization, The Defusing Authority, would be willing to enter Pledonia and Helslandr after hostilities are concluded to disarm ordinance and land mines. There remains no indication if the UCA has entered into negotiations or even will entertain the idea.

This press conference is remarkable in that is is only the eighth that Mr. Demuiré has ever attended on behalf of his company in the four decades he has helmed Quill. The corporation, better known in some countries as the Company of the Quill, has a presence on every continent save Aurora in a private security capacity, and every continent when counting their financial monitoring and cybersecurity services. Mr. Demuiré remains an intensely private person even as the head of the largest security contractor on Urth and has only allowed his picture taken three times. Opinion columnists at the Post contribute that Mr. Demuiré’s philanthropy and charity work, combined with his ownership of what is viewed as some by a mercenary army, indicate that he feels warfare and violence is necessary but places more value on protecting those on the sidelines of war. His permission to photograph him at this conference should be taken as a indication that he opposes the Corric government’s actions on a legally and militarily necessary intervention extremely strongly.

Antoran Union of Journalists
5 January, 2022

A Rebuttal to the Government of Aivintis
AUJ Opinion Publication

The actions of Aivintis in denouncing and censoring the Antoran Union of Journalists is self-defeating. They have the ability and perogative to remove media from distribusion in their nation. Yet their knee-jerk reaction to the Corric Daily Post’s publication of current events shows that their outrage is simply a public relations move. Such a decision to unilaterally ban an entire nations independant press because of a governments stance on an issue that both sides have apperantly misunderstood is not only wrong, it is actively malicious and undermines the Corric view of Aivintis, the international reputation of Aivintis, and the domestic stability of Aivintis.

At the Antoran Union of Journalists, we strive for fair access to information for all readers wherever they may be, we work tirelessly to ensure our associated newspapers, blogs, and publications are given equal and fair treatment by governments, and that their workers are likewise given fair and equal treatment by the editorial and executive staff. Our mission as an ethical journalism workers cooperative is to bring people accurate, informative information about domestic and foreign news.

That said, the decision by the state organs of Aivintis to censor, ban, and demonize the AUJ goes against all our values and mission statements. Accusing our associated publication of bias for the publication of an important national event is enough for us to seriously doubt their intentions. But the excessive measure to ban all our associated news outlets, each and every major Corric broadsheet, online publication, and televized news organization shows categorically that Aivintis does not value knowledge. They do not value their citizens, and it is the logical conclusion that they do not value their citizens knowing viewpoints that go against a decided narrative. Aivintis has not sent troops to Helslandr, and therefore was not mentioned in the King’s speech or was even targeted by a Royal Commission. But they insist upon acting as if they were, and the heights of their feelings being offended goes as far as to completely cut diplomacy off with a country they had had no formal embassy with for nearly a hundred years.

I know that information is difficult and is a topic of great debate. Our associated journalists go to great lengths to bring our consumers the most accurate and up to date information. Going into nations full of conflict, or oppression, and risking their lives many times to get the facts. I applaud their efforts. But evidently Aivintis does not value this tenacity, nor the ideals behind it. To act as if struck with a weapon when they have not been is immature, disrespectful, and indicates their failings as a state apparatus.

I can make no excuses for the king of my nation. His actions and words were brash and could have been couched differently. He could have enacted a more expansive and detailed system of addressing the problems he outlined. Perhaps the government could have talked him out of it, perhaps the Prime Minister could have given the announcement by proxy and been used as a sacrifice to appease the outcry. Perhaps the people of this country could not have been so concerned about the UCA’s habits that they would not have contacted their parliamentary representatives, who in turn would have not brought the matter to the Royal Cabinet’s attention. Perhaps the associated publications of the AUJ could not have reported on the intervention in Helslandr and the constant military activity of Norgsveldet.

What’s done is done. My view on the world is that violence solves nothing, and death of the innocent even less so. Pledonia has been attacked, which itself is a horrific ordeal. They are now defending themselves against injustice, and dishonor, as is their right. And it does not fall to governments to tell others they should not defend their people. This is a crucial part of international relations and our monarch would have been better off had he not spoken in such a manner.

But he has, and we are where we are now with no way back. It falls upon the UCA and other nations to decide on how to respond. It is my hope that they will be more tactful and mature than Aivintis, else they show they are genuinely afraid of criticism and risk their stability and repuation like this poor state has. For their decision, the AUJ has permenantly suspended operations and reporting in Aivintis as well as partnership and publication of Aivintis’ state-sponsored news outlets. This will last until such a time the Union feels that the government there is less inclined towards unfair censorship and authoritarian opinion policies. I hope that day comes sooner rather than later.

[right]- Peter de Culaño[/right]
[right]Chief Editor and Represenative to the Union[/right]
[right]Antoran Union Of Journalists[/right]

Antoran Union of Journalists
Political News Journal
Codexian Print - 15 January 2022

Assembly and Prime Minister Elections Begin

The Ministry of the Popular Assembly announced today that the election process for the Assembly Representatives as well as the office of the Prime Minister have begun. The honorable Minister of the Popular Assembly Ruíz convened a special dual-house session of the Assembly today to begin the proces. Members of the House of the Populace were invited to nominate their party’s candidates. Notably while members of the House of Nobility may vote on the Prime Minister, they may not submit nominations and can only run if nominated by a Representative. This has only ever happened twice, so as usual, the candidates for this election were all Representatives. Several of the nominations caused a significant stir in the proceedings.

First, the Chivalric Caucus declined to nominate a candidate for the first time in the party’s history. As the largest political party in the nation in terms of both popular membership and Assembly seats, the Chivalric Caucus is at the center of a progressive-leaning power bloc that had steered the Assembly for the past half-century. The party’s Floor Captain spoke on the lack of a candidate. The Honored Juan Jose Salazar (CC-AV) said that “the party was weighing its options internally in regards to the current political climate.” This statement echos many political phrases used in the Assembly, and conveys serious fractures within the party’s leadership and their ability to agree on a platform for the election. The Chivalric Caucus currently holds nearly a third of the 220 seats of the House of the Populace, and if they fail to nominate a candidate by the 1st of February deadline, they will be heavily courted by other candidates as the garunteed kingmakers, so to speak.

In the second upset of the day, the Feudalist Front and the Royalists announced they would be nominating a joint candidate. The honored Cavalier Inez Majuré Soriano (FF-MS) accepted the nomination with only a few words indicate they would consult with their party on the election processes going forwards. While Cavalier Soriano is a popular politician and military veteran, they have no experience within the Royal Cabinet or Assembly Boards. Furthermore, the cooperation of the center-right Feudalists and the far-right Royalists was met with outcry and distress. The Feudalist Front has never been extremely popular but remain a sizeable party with an established voting base and values. The Ministry of the Interior’s Political Classification Office terms them as “conservative feudalist-republicans.” The Royalists, meanwhile, are further from the Feudalist Front than the Honorable Action Caucus, who is the normal Feudalist coalition partner. The Royalist stance is classified as “monarcho-fascist” for their views on re-establishing absolute monarchy. The eighteen seats of the Feudalist Front, combined with the two seats of the Royalists, have the potential to be a deciding factor in the election.

The rest of the nominations proceeded more calmly after these events. The Antoran Progress Party nominated the honored Diana Ballester (APP-TO) and Xabier Montemayor (APP-SA.) Señora Ballester has ten years experience as a member of the Board on Economic Relations Abroad, and currently serves as chairwoman. Señor Montemayor was the Junior Minister of the Interior under the most honorable Prime Minister Notario from 2010 to 2016. Both have drawn popular support over the years for the Prime Minister’s post but neither have achieved more than 10% of the vote.

The Environmental Stewards nominated longtime favorite and conservationalist leader, the honored Alberto Zamorano (ES-CJ.) Señor Zamorano has almost 30 years experience in the Cabinet, first serving as the Junior Minister for the Environment under the most honorable Prime Minister Morata in 1986 until 1992, and then as First Minister for the Environment under the most honorable Prime Minister Lagos from 1998 to 2010. With the nomination apperantly unplanned, Señor Zamorano accepted only after several minutes of inaudible arguement with his colleagues. Due to his service as a Floor Captain legally prohibiting him from running, he released his duties to his Floor Lieutenant, the honored Noelia Tudela (ES-CD.)

The Honorable Action Caucus nominated a junior member, the honored German Rabellini (HAC-SA.) While in his first term as a Representative, Señor Rabellini has served as a member of the Assembly Board on Business Regulation and has become popular for his honest demeanor, legal knowledge, and a self-professed hatred for corrupt corporations. The party Floor Captain, the honored Lucas Olloqui (HAC-AV) indicated that the party membership had a great deal of faith in Señor Rabellini, which the Representative silently acknowledged.

The Coastal Prosperity Front nominated economist and two-term Representative the honored Jose Maria Malillos (CPF-TO.) Señor Malillos is a practicing professor at Tonderouca Business College and chairs the Board of Transit and Trade Authority for the Assembly. He spoke at length about the economic and political differences facing the nation today and his qualifications as a member of the Royal Cabinet. The CPF has never had a member elected as Prime Minister but their skill base has landed several members First Minister positions in the past.

The Island Freedom Caucus did not nominate a candidate, their Floor Captain citing the lack of interest the nation has in their island constituencies. The honored Isabela Hercué (IFC-M-PF) stated “the rest of the country chooses to ignore the Maritime District and so we’ll ignore them. We doubt we’d get anywhere so we will focus our time and money and efforts on making sure our voters are properly heard.” The IFC’s eight seats have seen them courted for coalition tiebreakers in the past, but their ecessionist and anti-mainland views often stymie cooperation.

The Deus Vult party also declined to nominate a candidate, but indicated they would back the nomination of Cavalier Soriano on the grounds of “being a virtuous example of Deusist values and military experience,” via senior member Jairo Carpentier (DV-M-PL.) Deus Vult is classified as “theocratic authoritarians” and have never acheived more than three seats in the Assembly. Along with the Royalists, they fall under the six-seat threshold to be honorably represented by a Floor Captain. It remains to be seen if the two parties will form an official coalition, or if the influence of the Feudalist Front will prevent the three from cooperating.

The deadline for candidate nominations on the 1st of February marks when candidates will officially start canvassing their party’s constituencies to draw voters, likely alongside Representatives seeking re-election. All candidates still in the running by March will attend the debates and dicussions held by the Office of the Cabinet and moderated by the honorable Second Minister Escuerdo. After these events on the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th, the public will vote on the 22nd of March. This will inform the Assembly on how to vote on the 23rd. As always, Representative and Bailiff votes count for two, and Lord votes count for one. The new Prime Minister will be invested into office on April 1st.

Antoran Union of Journalists
Corric Daily Post
Codexian Print - 3 January 2022

Landmark State Visits with Cryria

Liedenstad- The Kingdom of Cryria and the Constitutional Corric Kingdom have passed a milestone in their relations with two meetings between the nations. His Grace the King, Sebastián II, travelled to the Cryrian capitol of Liedenstad with Her Grace the Queen and His Honor the Prince to meet with the Cryrian Queen, Ulrika II. Simultaneously the Cryrian Prime Minister Stur Lundburg met with the most honorable Prime Minister Orellana in the city of Descarai. With these meetings being the first Corric-Cryrian state visits in the tenure of both monarchs, the Royal Cabinet has touted them as a new step on a path to closer national friendships.

His Grace the King arrived in Cryria to a grand display of royal ceremony, greeted by Her Majesty the Queen and Cryrian honor guards. In what has been described as “the most chivalric example of foreign relations in recent memory” by several attending reporters, the Paladins of the Royal Body and the Wardens of the Royal Household completed the Rite of Sovereign Protection with no hesitation on the part of the Cryrian guard. While both the Paladins and Wardens are members of the Royal Corric Guard, it is traditional for some of the responsibility of protecting the Corric Monarch be ceremonially delegated to the host country during state visits. The preparedness of the Cyrian Protocol Captain and the Guard in completing the Rite are making waves online. Many members of the Corric Pigeon community have expressed interest in meeting the Protocol Captain face to face.

His Grace the King and the Royal Family will remain in Cryria for several days to facilitate discussions between the heads of state. Topics on the agenda were not released to the media, though the sequestering of the King in Tvillingblom Castle suggests that the talks will be extensive and sensitive in nature. The Cryrian media has similarly released limited information on the meetings.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Orellana hosted Prime Minister Lundburg in Descarai, where he is expected to stay for two to three days. Portions of the Royal Corric Heritage Trust property, the Castle Réal, were set aside for the event. The most honored Prime Minister indicated she would be touring her counterpart around the city’s metropolitan area for a “cultural appreciation session.” Discussions are expected afterwords with many senior and junior members of the Royal Cabinet’s Ministries.

Topics on the agenda were released in a limited list including economic development cooperation, further import/export negotiations, industrial exchanges, and joint regional interests. An anonymous source from the Prime Minister’s office also indicated to the Corric Daily Post that the Prime Ministers would be touching on the practical implementation of the matters discussed by the monarchs in Cryria.

Antoran Union of Journalists
Corric Daily Post
Codexian Print - 3 January 2022

Constitutional Corric Kingdom Wins Aldanics Bid

Iravala- With a successful bid for Iravala to host the 2022 Summer Aldanic Games, Casilló y Réal has finally achieved their 60-year long dream. The most honorable Prime Minister Gabriella Orellana released a statement praising the Corric Aldanic Committee, the District Assembly of Málama, and the Duchess of Iravala for “their steadfast work in cooperation with each other and the Royal Cabinet in this tremendous endeavor.” First participating in Aldanic bidding in 1965, Casilló y Réal has never hosted any Games before this.

The city of Iravala, located on the coast of the Málama district and with a population of 492,103, is widely considered prime beach real estate and a tourist town. The games will take place within the Duke Víctor de Jugo Sports Complex to the north of the city. The Ayuntamiento and Mayor’s Office have indicated plans are being drawn up in cooperation with the Duchy, District, and Royal Cabinet to expand the facilities necessary. A possibility that some events will be co-hosted with the Kingdom of Cryria has been mentioned by the Corric Aldanic Committee, citing a lack of infrastructure and a desire to further ties between the nations.

Qualifiers for the Aldanics will take place throughout the months of May and June, with a recovery period in mid-July. The Games are set to begin their pre-event warmups in late July, with the competitions taking place on 10 through 17th of August.

Antoran Union of Journalists
Corric Daily Post
Codexian Print - 22 January 2022

Royalists Pledge Support for Nuclear Recovery

Quenco- In a surprise move, the Royalist party has announced that they were donating $178,000 SHD to the Novaris Aid and Development Office to be distributed to groups and government services currently addressing the nuclear accident in Vesienväl. Senior party member Oier Uluri personally contributed $30,000 SHD to the fund, which he called “the moral, ethical, and honorable thing to do. The health and safety of the continent is in danger and we will not be found wanting when help is required.” Señor Uluri was joined in donating by twelve prominent Royalist political personalities and both Assembly Representatives for the party, Señor Iker Muggriveto and Señora Jana Cuellar.

As the first political reaction to the nuclear incident, which has been difficult to find information on due to conflicting online reports and a government blackout in Vesienväl, the Royalists donations appear to have stirred the rest of the nation’s parties. The Antoran Progress Party and the Environmental Stewards have released sparse statements, only hours after the Royalist announcement, that they would be providing a total of $18 million SHD to the NADO. The Royal Cabinet has not yet released a full statement on the matter, only saying they are “monitoring the situation and will respond accordingly.” Duke Francisco Javier de Ferreira, First Minister of the Environment, spoke to the Daily Post on the condition his statements were taken as individual opinion.

“I will be joining the Royalists in donating portions of my personal finances to the recovery cause. Despite our differences, it is clear that the dangers to the health of our continent, people, and nature is potentially dire. As long as we can agree that the chivalrous among us will answer this horrible situation, then perhaps there is potential in the future to come to further accords.”

The situation remains tense both domestically and abroad. While the Royalist party is classified as “monarcho-fascist,” their spot as the first major political faction to support the recovery efforts has cast doubt on the honor of the other parties who have yet to speak on the nuclear incident or pledge funds. The government in Vesienväl, meanwhile, has consistently portrayed the incident as “minor” and under control. Posts on Pigeon indicate evidence of a major meltdown in the heart of a populated city, while the deployment of CBRN units from Sarvimaa and other socialist-aligned nations provide further doubt on whether the situation is indeed, under control.

Antoran Union of Journalists
Corric Daily Post
Codexian Print - 25 January 2022

Assembly Subpoenas Mining Industrialists

Eleçeron- The House of the Populace issued formal Summons to the Courts today for the executive board members of the Anbareza Corporation, Antora Mining Limited and Kimaneó Holdings companies for their investments and activities within the Borean state of Nystatiszna. The House of the Nobility issued their own Demand for Honorable Justification only minutes after. The Summons requires the boards of the three companies to appear and testify under oath to the House of the Populace by January 30th or face fines and possibly arrest. The Demand, meanwhile, traces its roots to the customs of House Duels, and requires the executives to prove under oath that their actions within Nystatiszna comply with both Corric law and the Precepts of Chivalry. Failure to satisfactorily prove this will result in imprisonment and possibly forefieture of assets. The deadline for the executives to appear before the House of the Nobility is February 5th.

The three companies being summoned are the first, second, and fifth-largest entities in the mining sector domestically. With a combined output of several million tonnes of raw material and employees numbering into the hundreds of thousands, the AC, AML, and KH corporations represent a significant economic contributor to the Corric GDP. Their stock prices dipped sharply this afternoon upon the issuing of summons. It is unknown at this time what will happen to the companies if the executives are found in contempt of the law. It is possible their assets will be siezed, auctioned, or nationalized, or the government will transfer control of the boards to new persons.

The honorable Helena Labrador, First Minister of the Economies, spoke on the matter briefly with the AUJ’s Channel 18 News Today: “The actions of the Anbareza, Antora Mining, and Kimaneó executives deserves serious scrutiny. Their activities within Nystatiszna need serious oversight. They establish their own relations and their own operations without regulatory approval, in a country that is regarded by many as one of the poorest, most dangerous, most under-developed, and oppressed places on Urth. The IF already sanctions this country, as do we. The employees and equipment already in Nystatiszna will have to be seriously reviewed, as well as the business practices currently in place regarding compensation, safety, and reimbursement.”

Antoran Union of Journalists
Corric Daily Post
Codexian Print - 26 January 2022

Experts Recommend Expansion of Novaris Transportation Network

Badajoz- Corric engineers, social scientists, and logistics experts have joined together to submit a proposal to the Novaran Transportation Commission to further expand the rail and road connections across Novaris. The think tank, calling itself the Corric National Lobby for Transport and Trade, counts many prominent economists and infrastructure development specialists as members. Their proposal to the NTC includes plans for sustainable construction methods and materials and ways to integrate infrastructure into the existing environment. With over 200,000 miles of roadway and 450,000 miles of rail, it is the most expansive Corric infrastructure plan in decades.

Professor Guilliam de Foeurst, Associate Dean of Civil Engineering at Badajoz Engineering University, described the proposal as “a uniquely-cost effective infrastructure concept. With the ways that the CNLTT have combined travel and power, the roads and rails in this plan could provide electricity to the regions they pass through with minimal effort. I am looking forwards to seeing how it fares in the NTC.” One of the notable features proposed is a solar cell roadway. The manufacture of the materials would be costly, but estimates suggest that a fully-solar road network could pay for itself in electricity several times over by 2030. Other parts of the proposal deal with conforming the infrastructure to the natural shape of the land, and installing hydroelectric systems in large bridges.