This game is to RP your characters as the antithesis of a stereotypical horror/drama/action movie character, playing the reality of their behaviors. For instance, having Jason chase after his victims by walking slowly and guess what, he always loses them. Or have you know the good guy take on twenty equally or more powerful men and you have his ass kicked. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tony Stark…is that what they called him? The alcohol induced haze blurred his mind as he stumbled through the streets, the heavy metal suit awkwardly banging off street poles and mail boxes. Slamming into an elderly woman, he fell forward his face smashing the ground as he crushed the woman’s leg from the force and weight of the metal.

Iron Man…that’s what some called him. The reality was, he was just a drunk and this was just another night after a binge. By now the screams of the woman had attracted a crowd and Stark struggled to his feet. But he need not worry, he was the Iron Man and the Iron Man could accomplish all.

Saluting the crowd, he took off, but not before crashing into the side of the building aside of him, knocking himself unconscious from the impact of his brain slamming against his skull with the sudden stop.

Blain Cooper was big, a Vietnam veteran, he had seen all there was too see when it came to combat. He carried an M134 minigun he called Ol’ Painless and moved through the jungle with his team and team leader they called Dutch. Their mission was to save a presidential cabinet member kidnapped by Guatemalan guerrillas in Val Verde Guatemala. The team approached the town and were ambushed by jungle sentries.

Blaine fired his minigun, the recoil spinning him in a circle killing all of his team mates.